Welcome back to a new school year!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday. We have had a brilliant first week back and a lovely start to our P6 year.

Below I have attached a copy of our curriculum overview to share with you some of what will be happening in class over the coming term. Please get in touch if you have any questions or queries.

P6 Curriculum Overview – Term 1

Our topic for this term is ‘A Really Short HIstory of Nearly Everything,’ based on the book by Bill Bryson. We have started this topic by learning about the earth’s structure. We made a wall display displaying the facts we have learned about the layers of the earth and we are learning a rap about it too.

We will have PE on Mondays and Wednesdays. We completed metafit fitness training today and were exhausted by the end of our PE session. We took selfies of ourselves after our workout session today and we hope you like them. They made us smile after our hard work!

Our Dojo winner fo the week!

congratulations to Shaw who won our Dojo Challenge this week!

Our Star of the week!

Congratulations to Iona who was is our Star of the week for her excellent reading work!


Ccontinental Drift

We are a few facts we have learned about continental drift.

James: The plates sometimes move away from each other and sometimes move closer to each other.

Gavin: The movement of the plates can cause earthquakes and volcanoes

Rorie: The plates move at the same speed that our fingernails grow!

We are some video recordings of facts we have learned!






Our Dojo winner!

Congratulations to Elisha who won this weeks Dojo challenge!


Our Star of the Week

Congratulations to Louis who is our Star this week for his excellent concentration and listening skills

Chemical Reactions

We have been experimenting with vinegar and bicarbonate of soda.

We put 200 ml of vinegar and mixed 2 teaspoons of bicarbonate of soda.

The bicarbonate of soda and vinegar fizzed and we saw lots of bubbles. We could see that a reaction was happening. Then the balloon blew up! The bottle felt really cold around the mixture. After a while the mixture stopped fizzing and the balloon stopped expanding.

We learned that the reaction produced a gas called carbon dioxide.

We tried adding 3 teaspoons of bicarbonate of soda, instead of 2. We learned that using more bicarbonate of soda creates a bigger reaction and a lot more CO2!

Outdoor Art

We looked at examples of outdoor art, in particular those of Andy Goldsworthy and we had a go at making our own outdoor image with natural materials. We used round shapes and swirls to create the effect of movement in space.



Life on Land

Our ‘Learning for sustainability’ Global goal this term is ‘Life on Land’.

We have been looking at reducing waste. We looked at our packed lunches and recorded the amount of packaging waste that we produced in just one week. We were surprised by just how much waste we produced!

We thought that refilling water bottles, using plastic tubs and putting food waste in a compost bin were good ways of helping reduce the amount of waste we produce.

Congratulations to Grace, Megan, Sophie and Sean who did a wonderful job representing the school on Thursday 5th October at the Interschool Cross Country event. Particular congratulations go to the P6 and P7 boys team who came second. Well done everyone!

Term 2

Welcome back everyone!

Here is our curriculum overview, detailing class routines and our learning targets for the coming term.


Children in Need Fundraising events

We are really excited to be organising Lochardil’s Children in Need fundraiser!!

Thank you to you all for all the support and donations we have received already.

“Education must develop every child’s personality, talents and abilities to the full. It must encourage the child’s respect for human rights, as well as respect for their parents, their own and other cultures, and the environment” UNCRC Article 29

This year, Primary 6 are organising games, stalls and activities to raise money for Children in Need.  On Thursday 16th November, there will be the following stalls, games and activities available during morning interval and lunch time:

Bake sale – Various prices                                                      Beat the goalie – 20p a go

Guess Pudsey’s birthday – 20p a go                                         Face painting – 50p

Stack the buttons – 20p a go                                                 Nail painting – 50p

Pin the bandage on Pudsey – 20p a go                                               Lucky dip – 20p a go

Guess the number of sweets in the jar – 20p a go                        Hoopla – 20p a go

On Friday 17th November, there will be a whole school dress down day for a £1 donation. Any leftover baking will also be available to buy on the Friday.

We would be very grateful of baking donations for our bake sale. For home baking, please provide a list of ingredients used for the benefit of those with food allergies. Please hand in donations by 9 am on Thursday 16th November.

Thank you very much for your support!

From Primary 6 and Miss MacArthur


Blythswood boxes

We have been learning about the work of Blythswood as a charity, the countries in which it works in and the ways in which it helps others. We have been learning about the ways in which we can get involved and we have made shoeboxes to support the Blythswood shoebox appeal. We made 4 four boxes in total as a class.


Blythswood collection

Thank you to everyone who contributed to our Blythswood appeal. As a school we gave 80 boxes to help make this Christmas an extra special for those in need.


Children in Need

Thank you so much for your help and support with our Children in Need appeal. We raised an amazing £670!!

Note from Miss MacArthur: Well done P6! You should be very proud of yourselves. You worked really  well as a team to organise and manage the fundraising events. You were so enthusiastic and conscientious as you ran the events and you made sure that everyone had a great time.


Welcome back to a new term!

It’s so lovely to see everyone again after the holidays 🙂

Here is the curriculum overview for Term 3. Please get in touch if you have any questions.



We created our own fitness training circuits. It was great fun trying them all out.




We have finished our class novel, Once and we would like to tell you about it.

This book is set in Poland during World War 2.

The main character is called Felix. Here is our class summary of the plot:

  • Felix is a Jew who is being looked after by nuns in an orphanage
  • Felix runs away from the Orphanage to find his parents, who have vanished.
  • Meanwhile, Nazis are taking control of Poland.
  • Felix makes friends with an orphan girl call Zelda and they are looked after by a dentist called Barney.

This book made us feel sorry for Felix and very grateful to be living in times of peace. Some of the characters were inspirational and heart-warming. This book has a lot of facts about the World War in it and a lot of the events are based on real life. Felix has a lot of determination and the characters are inspiring. It deals with the events of the Holocaust in a sensitive way. It is exciting and imaginative. It also has massive cliff hangers which leaves you desperate to find out what happens next. Felix uses his imagination to help him make sense of and to cope with the circumstances he is living under. Humour is used to break tension and makes it enjoyable. We liked the humour in this book and would love even more of it! We think it is suitable for children ages 9+


Our new class novel is called The Breadwinner. We are really enjoying it so far and can’t wait to see what happens. We have lots of predictions as to what will happen next.

Here are some of our predictions so far:

Parvana and her family will try and grow their own food, so that they won’t starve.

They will they dress up as men to escape the house and get a job and run the errands they need.



There are a few exciting events this week that I would like to make you aware of:

Tomorrow is our Masterclass with Scottish Opera, in preparation for the big day on 14/03/18. It’s a wonderful opportunity and the advice we get for our singing is always super!

This Thursday is World Book Day! All pupils may come dressed up as their favourite book character, if they wish!


We are learning all about the Romans and this week, we have been learning about Roman fashion. Thank you to everyone who brought in a sheet to help us dress up in togas. We learned that they were quite uncomfortable, difficult to move in and difficult to tie! We all needed to all help each other to get dressed. We had a great time though!


We had our Scottish Opera Masterclass today. The singing was fabulous, as was the volume, effort and energy given by everyone. We are looking forward to the real show now!



We had a brilliant time today celebrating books and our love of reading for World Book Day. We had a really inspiring workshop and book reading from Barbara Henderson and we learned about her journey to become an author. We also enjoyed dressing up as our favourite book characters! Thanks to everyone for such a great effort!


Thank you all for your support for our amazing trip to London! We crammed so much into our two days, we were all really tired arriving home, but it was brilliant!

Well done to all our McRobert Cup participants! Your dedication with training has really paid off and you should be really proud of yourselves. Special mention goes to the boys P6/7 team who came 1st overall in the large school section!

Next Wednesday, 28.03.18, we will be having our Easter Assembly at CCC. We will be leaving school at about 1 pm and returning for 2:45 pm.

If anyone is available to accompany us, I would be very grateful if you would let me know. Thank you everyone for all your support.


Welcome back everyone!

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday. It’s lovely to see everyone back, refreshed and full of energy after the holidays 🙂

P6 would love to welcome you, friends and family, to our open morning on Friday 27th April. This is for our class, to share what we have been learning about the Romans. You should have received a handwritten invitation today, but here is an electronic copy of the details


You are invited to our Roman Morning! We would love to share some of our learning with you on the Romans. Come and visit and learn all about Roman life! Family and friends, all are welcome!

Where: Classroom 9 (Primary 6 classroom) in Lochardil Primary School

When:10:45 am on Friday 27th April 2018


Term 4 – Curriculum Overview.

Here is an overview of the learning planned for this term in P6. As always, please get in touch if you have any questions or comments.


Just a reminder that the Parent Council AGM is on Wednesday 25th April, at 7pm -9pm. All welcome



Thank you to everyone who joined us for our Roman Morning. It was a pleasure to have you all!

Bikeability will be starting on Thursday 3rd May and will last for 6 weeks. Consent letters will be going out on Monday. Here is an electronic copy for your information. Thank you very much to Miss Marshall and the JRSO team for organising this.

BikeAbility consent form


Roman Morning

Thank you so much to everyone who came to our Open Morning on Friday. It was a pleasure having you all!

Well done to all the children who spoke so well on their chosen topic of Roman Life.

Thank you to you all who left the children such lovely feedback!

“Lots of lovely and interesting work. The children have been working really hard. Well done!”

“Very interesting. Well done on all the hard work you have put in.”

“Thanks! Really great to see all the fine work. Excellent atmosphere.”

“Well done P6, what a huge amount of work you have put in. Very interesting and I have learned some new facts today.”

“Well done P6. Very interesting and educational. Everyone enjoyed what they were showing.”

“An excellent exhibition and very well told by P6. How hard they must have worked and I learned a lot.”

“Excellent displays and everyone was very enthusiastic. I loved Kyle’s helmet!”



We have had no offers of help for Drummond thisweek. Unfortunately, due to lack of supervision,Mrs Kellacher has taken the decision to postponethis week’s visit to Drummond. We hope to be ableto reschedule it for next week. If you would beable to accompany us to Drummond next week,please let us know as soon as possible. Thank you


In case any of you have not heard, Primary 6 would love to share with you that the ‘Send my Friend to School’ campaign has been successful. On the 19th of April 2018, Boris Johnson released a statement saying thatthe UK Government will support and sign the Safe School Declaration.

Well Done P6! Your voices were heard in Westminster!


Please join us this Friday 01/06/18 at 9:15 am –10:00 am for our Open Morning. The children will be sharing what they have learned from their trip to London and our topic ‘Scotland and Leadership’


Congratulations to all who took part in Interschool sports on Saturday.

Well done to our medal winners, Evie and Grace!


Open Morning

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our Open Morning today. The children really enjoyed sharing their learning with you.

I am sorry to say that we had to postpone this week’s Drummond visit due to lack of helpers. We have a parent helper for next week and there is still plenty time for our last group to visit 3 times before the end of term.

Sports Aid

Thank you to everyone for supporting Sports Aid on Friday. Everyone had a great time with lots of important life skills being learned!

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