21/06/18 Parent Helpers Required

We are looking for two parent helpers to come with us to the end of term service at the CCC next Thursday morning. If you think you might be able to help us out, please pop a note in reading records.

21/06/18 Junior Jobs Day

P3A enjoyed a workshop with staff from Santander! They told us about saving money and how to budget. Lots of people came in dressed as what they would like to be when they grow up, take a look at some of the costumes! Miss Ross was glad to see that lots of the pupils had dressed up as teachers, they got to do the important job of taking the register!

18/06/18 Ask The P4 Experts

This morning as part of our transition activities we interviewed some of the P4 children. We had a list of questions to find out the information we wanted.

15/06/18 Football Stars!

A huge thank you to Mr McKellach for an amazing football training session.

14/06/18 Frankie and Lola’s

The class braved the wind and rain to make it to Frankie and Lola’s! The weather did not put us off though! Everyone had a great time!

13/06/18 Sports Day!

A big well done to everyone who took part in this years sports day!

11/06/18 Trendy Trainers

We were designing trainers this afternoon.

Fingers crossed for a sunny sports day on Wednesday!

08/06/18 Soccer Aid Stars


07/06/18 Soccer Aid

A quick reminder that we will be taking part in Soccer Aid tomorrow (Friday). Pupils can wear sports clothes to school for a donation of £1.

05/06/18 Anyone for tennis?

We enjoyed our tennis taster session with Mrs Burke this afternoon.

01/06/18 Open Morning

30/05/18 Symmetry

We have been learning about symmetry! We made flags that were symmetrical, in preparation for the World Cup!

29/05/18 Tae Kwon Do

We enjoyed our taster session of Tae Kwon Do- it was awesome. A huge thank you to the black belt Mr MacLachlan!

28/05/18 Amazing Eyes

We have been finding out all about eyes. We looked at our own eyes in a mirror and then tried to copy these complete with curly eyelashes.

28/05/18 Song writers of the future!

Today with Mr Josie we had a go at writing our own music.

28/05/18 Open Morning

Just a reminder that our next open morning  is on Friday 1st June from 9.15-10. Are you able to join us?

Hopefully we will have lots of sunny days ahead so remember hats, suncream etc for when we are outside for gym and at breaktimes.

25/05/18 Hip Hop Stars!

We had a hip hop taster session today as part of our topic. Check out the cool moves!

25/05/18 Do you need a helping hand?

We all get worried sometimes so we have been thinking of all the different strategies we could use.

22/05/18 Active Bodies Are Fit & Healthy!

We made silhouette pictures of different sports.

21/05/18 Do you have a healthy heart?

We have been busy finding out lots of facts about healthy hearts.

21/05/18 Walk to school week

We have a chart in class to record all the times we walk to school.

17/05/18 Recipes

Here are all of the recipes from the workshop. Happy Cooking!

Quorn_KidsRecipeCard_KeemaCurry_digitalA4_03 Quorn_KidsRecipeCard_SausageTwists_digitalA4_03 (3) Quorn_KidsRecipe Card_SweetNoodle_digitalA4_03

17/05/18 Quorn Kids Workshop

We had lots of fun at the Quorn Kids Workshop! We learned more about the Eat well plate and had to identify different types of vegetables. We also helped cook some Quorn recipes and got to taste test them too!

15/05/18  P3 Olympic Gymnasts!

A huge thank you to Mrs Finnigan for our gymnastic taster session.

14/05/18 Amazing Designs

We have been designing our own pack lunchboxes complete with a working handle!

09/05/18 The Eatwell Plate

P3A have been learning about food groups and the Eatwell Plate.


 08/05/18 Awesome Athletics

We had an awesome athletics session!

08/05/18 Problem Solving

Today we were problem solving

04/05/18  Giving Compliments!

Today as part of our Resilient Kids we were  discussing how to make new friends. One of the games we played was all about giving compliments to others.

03/05/18 Writing

P3A had fun creating their own comic strips!

30/04/18 Learning Overview – Term 4

P3A Learning Overview Term 4 2017-18

26/04/18 Plastic!

The class have been spreading the word about using less plastic. We have made posters to give people advice on how to cut down on the amount of plastic they use!

26/04/18 Class Photo

A quick reminder that our class photo will be taken tomorrow (Friday 27th April).


21/03/18 MacRobert Cup

A big well done to the girls for competing in the MacRobert Cup! They took part in a cross country running race. We look forward to finding out the results!

21/03/18 Homework

A little change to homework this week! Maths has been handed out as normal. Fact finders has also been handed out today and is due in on Friday!

20/03/18 Open Afternoon

Thank you to everyone who came along to our open afternoon! The girls and boys enjoyed showing off their work. We hope you enjoyed looking at our book study display, which was part of our learning for sustainability. Here is a photo of our display for those who were not able to come along. 


International School Meals Day

We enjoyed a tasty selection of food from around the world to celebrate International School Meals Day!

13/03/18 Spring Has Sprung!

We enjoyed star jumps in the Spring sunshine.

12/03/18 P3A Composers

For our final session of Kodaly with Mr Josie we were composers creating our own music.

09/03/18 Send My Friend to School

We have been discussing Make Schools Safe as part of Send My Friend to School. We created our own safe schools declarations and then designed our own back packs to display them.


Open Afternoon

On Tuesday 20th March 2018 from  3-4 pm parents/carers and children are invited to look at the corridor displays in the school as part of our Global Goals  and Rights of the Child work. We look forward to seeing you then.

7/3/18  Inverness Museum Visit

This morning  we looked at evidence from the past and talked about what we can learn from the evidence – what it tells us today. It was really interesting. We even saw some Viking artefacts.



06/03/18 Action Packed PE

An exhausted P3A following an action packed PE session.

02/03/18  World Book Day 

27/02/18 Super Hero Mini Me

We have been creating our own Mini Me Superheroes. These are ready to fly into action if we need help.

27/02/18 P3A Zumba Kids

We enjoyed a fun zumba session – getting fit the P3A way!

26/02/18 Fearsome Figureheads!

We designed fearsome figureheads for a Viking longship. We used metallic crayons in gold, silver and bronze to add details.


Book Club visit – we have a time to go to the visiting book club on the afternoon of Monday 12th March. 

26/02/18 Lemon lime keep in time!

We were playing lemon lime keep in time with Mr Josie at Kodaly this morning.

23/02/18 Viking Longship

Our longship is taking shape and will soon be ready to launch!

12/02/18 Keep the beat!

We welcomed back Mr Josie for our next block of Kodaly. We are looking forward to lots of new songs and games. We are really good at keeping the beat.

09/02/18 Whale and Dolphin Conservation

We found out lots of information about how to protect whales and dolphins at the workshop this morning.

07/02/18 Maths!

We had fun estimating the weights of different objects in our classroom!


05/02/18 An amazing day of talks!

Ava told us all about Viking clothes with some amazing pictures to share. Brooklyn had made a very detailed poster display of weapons. Ruby had made a model house to show and Murray gave us some more house facts complete with pictures. Maisie told us about longships with a very detailed picture she had drawn. Samuel had created a canvas wall display of longships. Ewan wore a VIking helmet to tell us about his Viking homes poster and model house. Keira gave us lots of weapon facts. Well done P3A!

05/02/18 Fascinating Facts

For his talk Dylan told us lots of facts about longships with some great pictures. Sienna had made her own longship book complete with a map. Jessica also spoke about longships giving us a lot of information. Robbie told us all about weapons with some super facts. Hannah told us about Viking clothes and even had some bees wax to show how this helped to waterproof material. Jennifer also spoke about clothes with an amazing picture.


05/02/18 The talks continue…..

We had some more amazing talks this morning. Amellie told us all about longships complete with her amazing model. Ayden also spoke about longships with a fabulous picture he had drawn. Ava had made a spectacular Viking house model with a thatch roof of spaghetti. Samantha had taken in a wooden oar as part of her longship talk. Darcy told us all about Viking clothes and even had a homemade loom. Max gave us more longship information with pictures to illustrate. Hanna spoke confidently about Viking homes and Russell had a very realistic Viking sword for his talk on weapons. Well done everyone!

02/02/18 Class Talks

We have been busy preparing our class talks for next week. Caelan was keen to do his this morning and presented an amazing talk on Viking weapons and battles. Well done Caelan!

01/02/18 Viking Ships

We finished our Viking longship pictures! We used water colours to paint the background and white crayons to create the waves.


30/01/18 Fact Or Opinion?

In Text Explorers we are working on the difference between fact and opinion.  We are using the book “Viking Adventure” to help us with this.


29/01/18 Viking Warriors

We have been busy creating very fierce Viking warriors


We had an amazing morning with the team from Aigas Field Centre. We were finding out all about migration, hibernation and adaptation. Check out our amazing hedgehog homes.

25/01/18 Writing In Runes

22/01/18 Prayer Space Activities

This afternoon we worked with Lorna and Simeon on lots of different prayer space activities. We enjoyed trying them all out.

18/01/18 Viking Weapons!

P3A have had lots of fun making Viking weapons. Here they are pretending to be Vikings. What a scary bunch!

16/01/18 Weaving is Wonderful!

We are busy weaving away.  I wonder what we are going to make?

15/01/18 Viking Homes

We are finding out all about Viking homes today. We used charcoal to design the stone walls and paper straws for the grass roof. The charcoal was very messy to work with!


As part of our Global Goals work we have been talking about Clean Water


Nurdles are small plastic pellets about the size of a lentil. Countless billion are used each year to make nearly all our plastic products but many end up washing up on our shores.

12/01/18 Viking Raider in P3A!

Ewan was dressed as a Viking in class today. He made the helmet, shield and sword and looked very fierce.

10/01/18 Viking Brooches

We had fun making Viking brooches this afternoon!

09/01/18  P3A Term 3 Learning Overview

Check out our learning overview for all the exciting things we are doing this term.

P3A Learning Overview Term 3 2017-18

08/01/18 Are you feeling hungry?

We have started reading “Charlie & The Chocolate Factory”

Today we were designing our own chocolate bars with different exciting and unusual flavours.


08/01/18 An exciting new year ahead

Today we have been discussing our new topic. We have decided to find out all about the Vikings. We have been discussing  what we know, what we want to find out and how we are going to do this.

Sounds exciting so if you have any information about the Vikings then please let P3A know.



19/12/17 PARTY FUN


We were busy making decorations for our party.

19/12/17 PARTY DAY FOR P3A 

18/12/17     Carols and Mince Pies the P3A way!

We had an amazing afternoon with our families who came along to share our Christmas songs and some mince pies.

14/12/17 Talent Show

A big well done to the Reindeer Girls for taking part in the school talent show! They did a great job, well done girls!


13/12/17 Christmas Jumper Day!

Everyone looked very festive in their Christmas jumpers!



12/12/17  A Reindeertastic Afternoon in P3A

We are having an amazing afternoon totally reindeertastic!

We are using our hands to design the antlers and then estimating how big the head should be to fit the antlers!


07/12/17 Open Afternoon

A big thank you to everyone who came along this afternoon, it was lovely to meet you all! We hope you enjoyed our maths themed activities and having a look at our work from this term.

Miss Ross


We are taking home our Learning Pathways today. We hope you enjoy sharing them and finding out all about our shape work.

Just a reminder that our Open Afternoon is on Thursday 7th December 2.00-2.45 so we hope you can join us.


The countdown begins. Have your Christmas song, joke or dance ready in case you are chosen from the Santa bowl!

30/11/17   Science Visitor

The class received a visit from a scientist this afternoon! Mrs McColl came in and we looked at photos of some weird and wonderful sea creatures. She also told us what happens to rubbish when it ends up in the ocean.Did you know that a plastic carrier bag takes up to 20 years to break down and a plastic bottle can take up to 450 years to break down! We can help by recycling as much of our rubbish as possible. 

Image result for seahorse and cotton bud photo



We have been looking at our Read, Write and Count book bags. There are lots of fun activities there. We think the story dice looks fun!

 We think that learning is amazing.


The P3A Christmas Choir coming soon…..

Christmas Songs invite

STEM Hub Visit

We had such a fun morning at the STEM Hub! We learned all about microscopes. We got to use different types of microscopes to look at different samples, including insects, plants, arachnids and special rocks! We also got to make our own slide to have a look at under the microscope. We all looked like professional scientists with our lab coats on too!

Please have a look at our photos.



This afternoon we worked in teams of 4 to design and build a snow shelter. Some great team work and amazing designs.


We have begun some of our Emotion Works activities. We read “Giraffes can’t dance” and then came up with lots of different emotion words for happy and sad. We then  worked out the different body sensations that go with the emotions. Super team work in P3A!


We used different painting techniques to create our coral reef scenes.


P3A had fun this afternoon learning about dissolving! We had to predict which materials would dissolve and explain how we could tell when a material had dissolved. Maybe you could try out your own dissolving experiment at home!




The P3A choir are busy rehearsing for our Christmas sing-along. Further details to follow.


We used a cylinder for a body and then added lots of wing details to make our skuas. We have a skua attack on our class wall!

Float or sink?

Yesterday in science we were experimenting with floating and sinking


Well done to Mrs Armstrong for winning PSA of the year!


We painted icy backgrounds ready to stick our penguins on tomorrow







We will be visiting the book stall in school on Monday 6th November.

P3A are Text Explorers

Today we have been busy as Text Explorers. We were working with a partner as a reader or reporter and playing Blankety Blank.  We had to put new exciting words into a Halloween story.

Penguin’s Progress

We are reading Penguin’s Progress by Jill Tomlinson. We have a huddle of penguins joining us for the story.

Our Final Kodaly Session

Today we had our final Kodaly session with Mr Josie. We were working on “ta, te and rest” as well as beat. We look forward to welcoming Mr Josie back again in February.



Today we having been looking at some real lava from a volcano in Iceland.



P3A have been learning about Diwali, the Hindu festival of light. Have a look at the Diwali lanterns we made!

P3A Class Learning Overview Term 2

What an exciting term we have ahead in P3A.

If you have anything to contribute then please let us know. Thank You!

P3A Learning Overview Term 2 2017-18

Around the World

We had fun this afternoon using an atlas to find different countries.  We were amazed how small a country Scotland is compared to the rest of the world!






We have decided to find out all about the Blue Planet. We will be visiting the Arctic and Antarctic and finding out all about the creatures that live there.

Have a look at what we already know and what we want to find out.

Sounds fun!


Check out the podcast we made on our visit to MFR


Today we started work on our times tables. We practised counting in 2,5 and 10. We used the internet to boogie on down to some times tables songs. Why not have a go at home?








Our MFR Trip was amazing

A huge thank you to everyone at MFR for making us so welcome!

Ness Book Fest

The class enjoyed an extra session of reading today, as part of the Ness Book Fest. The class have loved listening to (and reading along with) The Twits, so asked if they could use this time to hear more of the story. Here is a picture of them listening to the story!



A busy open morning in P3A




















We made £93.68 at our coffee morning for Macmillan Cancer Research!

A huge thank you to everyone who came along to join us.























Cooking Pizza!

P3A had a great morning with Joy from Asda! She taught us how to make some healthy pizzas. 

We were allowed to take our pizza home, just pop it in the oven for 10 minutes. Yum!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


P3A Recipe Book On Sale Friday!

We have made up a recipe book complete with individually designed covers to sell at our Macmillan Coffee Morning on Friday 29th September. These will be available for a £1 donation to Macmillan Cancer Research.



We hope that you will be able to join us for our open morning on

Tuesday 3rd October 11-11.45. We look forward to sharing all our learning experiences.


Mr Josie joined us today for our new block of Kodaly. We were singing songs, keeping the beat and exploring different rhythms


This morning we enjoyed the Hopscotch Theatre production about the “Rights of the Child”




Article 39

Today we were looking at Article 39 – You have the right to help if you are hurt

We used the UNICEF Launchpad to watch the story “Dogger” by Shirley Hughes. We then worked in trios to discuss what this means to us.


P3A spent their afternoon learning about hand washing! We learned when to wash our hands and how to wash our hands. We used a special UV light to help us see the germs on our hands.

We used what we had learned, to help us make a prediction about an experiment.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



MORAY FIRTH RADIO TRIP  Friday 6th October 

As highlighted on our P3A learning overview issued in August our trip to Moray Firth Radio is as below

“Friday 6th October – P3A Class Trip to Moray Firth Radio”


COMING SOON P3A Macmillan Coffee Morning

Please check out the details below for our coffee morning on Friday 29th September. We hope you can join us.



We are busy working on our night sky pictures. We think they look amazing!

Painting is great fun!

We were busy this afternoon using shades of red, yellow and orange to create an amazing sky. Next week we will be adding the silhouettes of buildings. Watch this space!


As part of our science we are finding out all about the skeleton. We made amazing skeletons using cotton buds.

Marvellous Medicine

We created our own medicine bottles complete with sparkles!

Some of the class are also reading along with the book. We are trying to use lots of expression to make it sound exciting.


P3A had a great afternoon learning about the skeleton! Here are some photos of us working out where all the different types of bones belong.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

P3A Learning Overview Term 1

Please check out our termly overview to find out all the exciting things we will be getting upto.

P3A Learning Overview Term 1 2017-18


We enjoyed action packed PE outside today and managed not to get wet!



In class we are reading “George’s Marvellous Medicine” by Roald Dahl.

If you have the book at home then why not bring it into school to read alongside.


P3A Update

Just to let you know we will be sending out our class overview next week when our PE days have been confirmed.

Miss Melville is in class Monday, Tuesday & Friday

Miss Ross is in class on Wednesday & Thursday

Our PSA staff are Mrs Armstrong & Mrs Anfield

Keep checking our blog for all the exciting things we get upto in P3A


P3A Class Charter

We made our class charter. We think it is important to respect others and our property.

A fun first day in P3A

We had an amazing day in our new class. It was good getting to know old and new friends.


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