29th May 2018

Please find attached to the link below, information regarding athletics events for Pre-school and P1 pupils during the month of June.

Athletics Events Poster 2018

Junior Job Day

Here are our young workers looking just the part.

Dawn Murray, the station manager of MFR, came to visit the class and tell us all about her job.She told us lots of interesting things about MFR and the competitions they have for children.

Star writers 20th June

Our Star Writers are Daniel, Alan, Rebecca and Anthony. Well done for such great stories and lovely handwriting.

End of Term Service

Just a reminder that the End of Term Service is on Thursday 28th June (morning) and a letter will be sent home for parent helpers. If you can help please return to the class.

Star Writers

This weeks Star Writers are  Rhys, Rebecca, Holly and Campbell.Well done!

Sports Day

Just a reminder that Sports Day is this week on Wednesday 13th June in the afternoon.

Star of the Month

Our Star of the Month is Campbell Dickie. Well done!




Also, Ava and Robbie received awards at Out of school events.Well done!

Soccer Aid

What a fantastic time the children had with ICT today. Each of the stations they played at represented one of the Global Goals. Station 17 was all about Global Goal 17 Partnerships for the Goals and pupils were pretending to be tractors and trailers and working together , one dribbling the ball (the tractor) and the other following (the trailer).Their football skills were very impressive.

School Reports

The children will be bringing their School Reports home today(Friday 8th June).Inside there are several important  forms to be completed and returned to the school.Many thanks.

Friday 8th June

We are supporting Soccer Aid on Friday and would be grateful for any donations. There will be lots of activities going on. Bring some pennies if you want to ‘Beat the Goalie’. You can wear your football strip too.


A letter about the Summer Picnic Lunch has gone out today and to be returned by Friday 8th June.

A letter about a Disco will be sent home tomorrow. It is on the 26th June from 5pm to 6.15pm

1st June

What a terrific time the children had on open morning. Thank you all for coming along. Here are some photos of you all working away.

Open Morning

Just a reminder that open morning is on Friday 1st June. I look forward to seeing you then.

Trip out 28th May

What a fantastic day we had at McDonald Park. First we learned about bees and saw samples of honeycombs and beeswax. Lily wasn’t impressed with the smell of the beeswax! Then we played a game to collect pollen using nectar for energy.After we went on a bug hunt and made some bug homes. We managed to fit in a little time to play on the park equipment before we returned hungry for our lunch.

Butterfly Visitors 23/05/18

The children may have mentioned that we had some caterpillar visitors in our classroom. Well, now they have turned into butterflies and today we said goodbye to them when we released them in the garden.Have a look at our photos.

Maths 14th May

Today we started learning about measurement. We were making long  and short necklaces and tall and short towers.


Just a reminder that a letter went out about a visit to Macdonald Park with the team from Aigas Field Centre on 28th May


we learned all about life cycles today. We put the life cycle of a butterfly in order. Then we went for a bug hunt.


We have been thinking about plants and what they need to grow.We decided to do an experiment to find out . Orchid put a seed in a pot with no soil to find out if it needs soil. Lily planted a seed in soil and did not water it to see if it needs water.Daniel planted a seed in soil and watered it then we put it in the cupboard to see if it needs sunlight to grow. We are checking them every day to see what happens.

Parent Overview Term 4

P1B Parents Overview Term 4

Term 4

Welcome back everyone. I hope you all had a fantastic holiday. The children have been very busy already and have been learning about non-fiction books. We found out lots of information about hedgehogs and cut out hand prints to make some prickly hedgehogs of our own.


Well done to Poppy ! Look at the huge trophy Poppy brought into school for being a Hip Hop Champion.


Mrs Farquhar will be teaching the class from Tuesday 13th March .Mrs Sutherland will return on Thursday 22nd March

Thank You

Many thanks for all the packaging you sent into the school for our junk models. The children have enjoyed making their masterpieces.We do not need any more  packaging for the classroom but remember to make  a special model at home and bring it in to class as soon as you can.

Star Writer

Last week’s Star Writers were Robbie, Alex, Beth and  Rhys. What super science reports.

School Trip

It was a fabulous day out at Inshes Library and Culloden Vets.Some of the children borrowed books and if you return them to me by Thursday 22nd March I will return them to the library. We had a surprise visit to the Floral hall for lunch as it was too rainy for the park. Here are some photos of the day.

Star Pupil Award

Well done Tom! You are our Star Pupil this month. What an inspiration your tipper truck is to us all.

World Book Day -1st March

The children looked terrific in their different outfits today.


The children have an entry form in their reading folder for a competition to win a £5 book token for the book fair next week .They have to guess which teacher is reading each book. Have a look at the photos below and put the name of the teacher beside each letter on the entry form.Put your completed entry in the box at reception before Friday 2nd March.

Drumfun 27th February

What fun we had drumming today. Here are some of our photos.


For our topic I would like you to make your own model from recycled packaging. You could make a rocket to fly to the stars, a robot or a board game.Have a look at what Tom made and brought into the class. We can display them for Parent’ Open Afternoon on Tuesday March 20th.


We are doing a book study over the next few weeks. The children have been reading the story Galimoto by Karen Lynn Williams. It is about a little boy called Kondi who makes a car out of old wires. We have been thinking about Recycling, Reusing and Reducing waste in our own lives too. If you have any old packaging (clean) please send it in to the class for our Junk modeling activity. It would really help if you turn it inside out as the paint will stick better.Here are some the children have brought in already.

Lining Up

As there is a lot of congestion at the first door at home time ,from Monday 5th March the children should line up at the middle door at the start of the day and will come out of it at the end of the day too.

We will practice this during break and lunch time this week.

School Trip

Please check the reading bags for a letter about our school trip on Tuesday 6th March  to the library and the vets.

Police visit-26th February

The children enjoyed the visit from Police Officer McPherson today. They thought it hilarious when Mrs Sutherland was put in handcuffs. Then poor Ted was handcuffed!

Friday 23rd February

Here are they children dressed in yellow to support Highland Hospice. Thank you all very much for your donations.

Star Writers 15th February

Well done to Orchid, Robbie, Niall and Mason for writing great stories.

World Book Day

On Thursday 1st March it is World Book Day. Come to school dressed up as a character from your favourite book and we will see if we can guess who you are.


On Monday 26th February the community police officer is coming to visit our class to talk to us about how they help us.

Whale and Dolphin Visitor

This term we have been learning about Global Goal 5:Clean Water and Sanitation and Global Goal 14: Life below Water. We found out our plastic litter is going in the sea and hurting whales and dolphins. We want you to use less plastic and recycle more. We found out how big dolphins, porpoises and whales are and held a whale’s tooth and a dolphin skull.

Super Stars

Well done to Beth, Niall and Isla.

Beth has moved up to Cool Ninja at her Tae Kwon Do class.At Enjoy-a-Ball Niall was champ at Hand Ball.Isla has moved up a swimming class to Back Crawl.

5th February

This week we have been learning to write letters and numbers.What a difference I see already. Everyone is trying hard and really doing their best. Look at Niamh’s lovely letters.

Star Writers

Our Star Writers are Poppy, Tom, Ben and Callan. They wrote wonderful reports on the visit from the firefighters.

Star Pupil

Our Star Pupil for January is Orchid for excellent listening and always trying her best. Well done !

Nursery Visitors

The children have been enjoying visits from the children in the nursery. They have been showing them what it is like in Primary 1.

Class Visitors

Today we had a visit by some firefighters. They showed us their protective clothing and rescued Poppy from a pretend fire. Just 5 minutes before their talk was finished they  were called out to an emergency and the children enjoyed seeing the fire engine with its flashing lights and loud siren.

Star Writers

Our Star Writers are Campbell, Ava and Isla. They wrote lovely stories about losing their teddy.

Term 3 Learning Overview

P1B Parents Overview Term 3


We are having fun learning about the beliefs and traditions of St Andrews Day and Christmas. We enjoyed tasting shortbread and making our own St Andrew’s Cross. I wonder if you can spot any St Andrew’s flags when you are out and about?

We are looking forward to seeing many of you at our Nativity performances to share the Christian story of the first Christmas.

We loved having our families visit to share in our addition learning during the Numeracy Open Afternoon. I hope you enjoyed experiencing some of our addition activities with your own mini ‘tour guides’. Using games and activities with real items to count and add together is great practise for us at home too. It’s important for us to see, feel and count the quantities.


The b b buns were baked, the bookbug bags were in their boxes and the children waited excitedly. Today was bookbug day! Thank you to all the family members and P7 buddies who came along to enjoy the children’s delicious baking and share in the fun of unpacking and reading the new books together. We love having fun with stories in our class and hope the books, advice, ideas and activities in your bag will add to your reading and maths fun at home.

Thank you to star bakers Mrs Paul and Mrs Irvine for assisting our mini bakers yesterday!

Well done to all of you for contributing your brilliant animal ice cream rhymes. They made us all laugh a lot after break! I wonder if you can think of any more at home?

This afternoon we continued the literacy fun at the phonics disco, showing the actions for the sounds and writing the letter shapes with our finger lights. You can practise this at home with a torch. I wonder if you could ‘write’ some extra large letters and words outside in the dark?!

A HUGE thank you to parents Wendy and Kelly for being such fabulous helpers on our trip to see My Neighbour Totoro at Eden Court last week. We all enjoyed the shower of snow, the brilliant bus ride and the fantastic film full of amazing creatures. Our drawings afterwards showed the cat bus was most children’s favourite part of the story.


On Thursday morning we’re off with our friends in P1A to see My Neighbour Totoro at Eden Court. Please remember to bring a snack and your water to enjoy at the cinema.

Mrs Sutherland will be teaching our class on Wednesday and Friday this week whilst Mrs Mudie is out of school.

We are currently collecting Bonne Maman jam jars, corks and small cardboard boxes e.g. from jelly, make up, stock cubes.  In you can help by turning the boxes inside out and sticking them shut they make a better surface for us to create with.

On Friday we explored the story of The Rainbow Fish as part of our anti-bullying week learning. A survey of the older pupils in our school identified that on those occasions when pupils experience bullying behaviours they are most commonly appearance related. Rainbow fish thinks he is better than all the other fish because he is more beautiful with his shiny scales. We discussed this together. After some very interesting thinking we voted and decided that we are all on the side of caring, sharing and being friendly with everyone rather than the side of only playing with children who look cool.

We practise ‘writing’ our letters big scale on partners backs and small on the palms of our own hands so we can feel the route of the correct formation. Try it at home with a grown up.

We love developing our dancing skills to Can’t Stop The Feeling.

When we learned the f sound we each designed our own fantastic Oi fffrog on a log.


Here’s an update on what we’ve been learning recently.

 Room On The Broom has been our stimulus for drama and movement sessions. Can you spy our creeping cats, magnificent brooms and terrifying four headed beasts?

We have also had fun learning to control our bodies and control balls during our PE sessions. We have learned the u sound and lots of us are beginning to blend sounds together to read or make cvc (constanant vowel constanant) words using the sounds we know eg mud, peg, dot. Try to show someone at home how we sound out with our robot arms then ‘push’ the sounds together to blend the word. We are practicing our tricky reading keywords regularly in class, sometimes working with a partner to help us and check that we are correct.

For our fabulous fireworks pictures we created lots of different lines with our chalks and smudged them to make the glowing night sky ready for our collage houses.

Writing the numeral 2 indoors and out, big and small, helps to develop our formation. It’s tricky to keep the bottom straight. We are using the number rhymes which have been added to your red books to remind us how to form the shapes. Please practice at home or outside when you can. We are learning to assess our own work into the ‘traffic light’ trays.

We have begun to add two sets of items together using dice, dominos and materials to count. Mrs Malotz who supports us on Friday mornings helped us to make shapes with Cheerios to use as bird feeders. All the threading practice helps improve our fine manipulation skills.

This book gets the most giggles at story time for it’s nasty rhymes! Making our g g ghosts helped develop our finger muscles as we had to manipulate tricky elastic bands. Wrapping elastic bands/hair bobbles around items at home is a great manipulation challenge!

We practiced forming the numeral 1 in different materials. It’s an easy shape but we have to remember to start at the top. We love creating and working with our friends during soft start. Phonics disco is a great way to practise our groovy moves whilst doing the jolly phonics actions to the sounds we know.

We joined classes around Scotland and our friends in P1A to watch Authors Live online with Kes Gray who wrote one of our favourite class rhyming books Oi Frog. His clever, funny stories made us laugh a lot!


Please have a look at our termly learning overview below to see some of the key learning experiences and outcomes we will be covering this term.

P1B Parents Overview Term 2


Welcome back everyone!

It was lovely to find out everyone’s holiday news this morning. We each drew something we’d enjoyed doing over the break and used our pictures to help us tell our news to everyone.

Remember to tell your grown up that the Halloween Disco is this Thursday. If you didn’t bring your gym kit back today please bring it in asap.


I’m so proud of everyone for a super first term of learning in Primary 1. Well done! It’s been lovely getting to know you all and I’m excited to see what we’ll learn together next term. Many thanks to our student Miss Mackintosh who has helped us all with our learning for the last 4 weeks. Have a happy holiday and remember to ask someone at home to wash your gym kit ready for term 2!

Here are some photos of our busy last couple of weeks….

Taking part in the Scottish schools reading together challenge, looking muddled on dress silly day and making magnificent monkey masks.

Designing our own r for rocking robots, practising accurate counting and numeral recognition and forming huge letter shapes at the finger light disco.

Exploring and learning about our senses of touch and taste with Miss Mackintosh. Can you tell an adult if you made a pongy potion or a perfect perfume when you worked with your partner?

Learning about h and using our sounds to blend cvc words e.g. hen, hip, net. As part of our Marvellous Me topic Mary came to tell us how sugar harms our teeth. Can you tell an adult at home why you should only have sugar at mealtimes and never in your snacks? Why should you not have dried fruit, biscuits, cereal bars, fruit juice or sweet yogurt for your playtime snack? Can you remember why fresh fruit, cheese & crackers or sugar free crisps are better snacks for your teeth?

Making a living graph of our eye colours, learning about children’s rights through the theatre group visit and learning about the sound e for elephant.

Challenging ourselves and co-operating with each other on the trim trail.


What an super week of listening and talking learning we’ve had! We’ve been telling everyone what is special to each of us by sharing our special boxes. It’s been really interesting to find out who is in everyone’s family and what we all enjoy doing and eating! We have all done an amazing job of looking at our audience, using our big voice and listening well. Fantastic work P1B!! Thank you so much to your families for all their help with this project.

We were also very lucky to have an fantastic talk from Dr Rutherford who brought his skeleton, Ryan, to help us learn more about the inside of our body. Can you remember what the heart does and the sound it makes when it’s working properly? Can you tell someone at home where your lungs and kidneys are? Which part of your body makes the poo? A HUGE thanks to Dr Rutherford for helping us with this super learning!

Have a lovely long weekend and see you on Wednesday!


Can you spot any familiar faces in our portrait gallery? We have been developing our understanding of parts of our bodies, inside and out. Drawing round some of the class was great fun!

We are getting quicker at ordering the numeral sequence 0-10 and counting backwards, starting at different numbers. To develop our understanding of graphs we made a cupcake birthday graph.

When we went to the muga for PE we managed to get changed into our gym kit and back without mislaying any clothes! Please continue to practice changing skills at home, especially buttons. We are controlling our bodies well during yoga time.

Our ability to notice rhyming words is developing. We really enjoyed hearing our volunteer, Cameron, read us some rhyming stories. We are also trying really hard to blend the 7 sounds we have learned to make words. With s a t p i n c we found we can make words like nap, cat, pit and even pants!

When we were learning the n sound we made yummy chocolate nests and had to co-operate in teams when we created nests for nightingales outside with P1A.

A HUGE thank you to our P7 buddies who have helped us so much during our transition to P1. We still get to play with them in the playground when we see them and they joined us to read us stories on the 1st.