15th June 2018

P1A have been learning how to share equally with a partner!

15th June 2018

Well done to our Judo superstar who won this trophy earlier this week!


14th June 2018

it has been a rather messy afternoon of learning in P1A today when we created our very own mini beasts out of clay!

13th June 2018

Here we are all excited for the start of the P1-3 Sports Day!

11th June 2018

Bailey Cup Medalists 2018 from P1A!!

8th June 2018

The whole school took part in Soccer Aid activities today and here are a few pictures to  mark the occasion.

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1st June 2018

There was a fantastic turnout of parents and carers at the open morning in P1A today.

29th May 2018

Please see the attached poster, in the link below, regarding Athletics Events for Pre-school and P1 pupils during the month of June.

Athletics Events Poster 2018

28th May 2018

We had an absolutely super time at Macdonald Park this morning and the sun was shining for us to make it such a lovely day. We learned  about bumble bees and how they gather nectar and pollen. We also went on a minibeast hunt around the park and found some unusual creepy crawlies, including a ‘Huntersman’ which we all thought was a spider! Many thanks to  Ioan’s mum, Liam’s mum and May’s gran for volunteering to help us on the trip. It would not have been possible without your  help and it is very much appreciated, as always.


24th May 2018

Just a reminder to all parents and carers that we are having our Aigas visitor coming on Monday 28th May and it will be helpful for all the children to be wearing suitable outdoor clothing and footwear for us going over to MacDonald Park on our minibeast adventure.

23rd May 2018

Our Painted Lady Butterflies are starting to emerge this week and we are learning about what we should be feeding them. we need to give their wings some time to harden and strengthen before setting them free into our playground garden.


15th May 2018

Our minibeast topic is in full swing and here we are making ladybirds and bumble bees for our classroom display.

9th May 2018

Lego Masterclass today saw some groups succeeding in their challenge of holding Mrs MacIver’s heavy sellotape holder. What sturdy bridges you made  boys and girls and super team work too!

Here are pictures from our nursery transition session today where we were doing cosmic yoga!

8th May 2018

P1A have started learning about the Life Cycle of a Butterfly today. They were extremely excited to see our very own caterpillars crawling about and cannot wait to see each of them go into a chrysalis.

3rd May 2018
Our April Pupil of the Month award goes to…

2nd May 2018

P1A have been learning about the different parts of a plant and a flower this week as part of our class topic. Here we are making beautiful flowers out of coloured card.

Pictures from our first Lego Masterclass today.

28th April 2018

To enhance our learning of the ‘ee’  sound we made some fancy bumble bees today.

19th April 2018

Some pictures from our fabulous day hosting the Education Scotland Award for Sustainability Judging Panel

18th April 2018

Here we are making recycled pompoms to greet our Education Scotland judges tomorrow!

17th april 2018

Please click on the link below to give you a brief overview of the the learning we aim to cover in this fourth and final term of Primary 1.


16th April 2018

Welcome back to the final term of P1!  The children showed Mrs MacIver how good they are at word building, even after such a fun filled holiday full of exciting adventures!

27th March 2018

Please find below information about a Mini McRobert Cross Country competition aimed at Primary 1 pupils scheduled for Friday 11th May.

Primary 1 – Mini McRobert Cross Country Tuesday 2 May 4.30PM
23rd March 2018 – Spring Hunt

P1A have been learning about the signs of Spring. We had a look round the playground to see if we could find any! We spotted some daffodils and some buds on the trees!

21st March 2018

P1A are needing some parent helpers to escort us to the Culduthel Christian Centre on Wednesday 28th March for our annual Easter service. We aim to leave  the school at approximately 1.00pm to be at the CCC for 1.30pm.  We hope to be back in time for the end of the school day.


20th March 2018

Thank you to all the parents who came to our open afternoon today. We hope you all enjoyed sharing your child’s learning with them.

19th March 2018

Open Afternoon Tomorrow from 3-4pm

Our Book Study this second half of the term has been on ‘The  Journey Home’ by Frann Preston-Gannon. We are looking forward to showing you all our fabulous emotions work and animal fact files from the story at the open afternoon taking place tomorrow from 3-4pm.

16th March 2018

‘Sh’ is for Shark!!!

P1A were trying to scare Mrs MacIver today with their fabulous sharks that they made to embed their learning of the ‘sh’ sound!

15th March 2018

International School Meals Day!

Our fabulous cooks put an a delightful treat for us today in the form of lunch foods from around the world. We had pizza from Italy, Sausages from Germany, Noddles from China and Gelato from Italy for pudding!

12 & 13th March 2018

P1A have been hard working pupils so far this week as they have been doing super artwork in preparation for our Open Afternoon which is on Tuesday 20th March from 3-4pm. We hope to see a  lot of you there so we can show off all the fabulous work we have been doing with our Book Study during this second part of term 3.


9th March 2018

Mother’s Day

We have been busy making Mother’s Day cards!

8th March 2018

Book Fair

We had a little trip to the book fair this afternoon at the other end of the school.  A lot of the children were interested in some of the books available but did not have enough money to purchase them. Do not worry,  as the book fair will be in school until 12th March so there is still time after school to get the books that you want boys and girls!

7th March 2018

Here are some more photographs of our fantastic class trip yesterday from Mrs MacDonald’s camera.

6th March 2018

Our Class Trip to Inshes Library and Culloden Vet!

The horrible weather today was certainly not going to stop us having a fantastic day on our class trip!  We started the day off with a visit to Inshes Library. We learned what happens in the library and how librarians help us in the local community. Then due to the terrible weather  we managed to squeeze in a visit to Inverness Botanical Gardens where we had our yummy lunch and a tour round the lovely gardens! After lunch we  went on a Gruffalo walk in the cold wet weather and warmed up in Culloden Vets. We met a lovely dog called Izzy who was one of the veterinary nurse’s dogs who was fit and well thankfully. We  saw the operating theatre and got to dress up in some of the gear used for operations. We  learned from Vet Sam how they would look after a dog if they came in to the vet to see them.  We saw a model of dogs teeth and how they should be brushed as well as the type of worms that some dogs may unfortunately get. Thank goodness the worms were  only models in jars! We managed to bandage up a teddy dog’s leg and learned about the protective collars and vests that can be put on dogs to protect their stitches.

HUGE THANK YOU to Ava’s mum and Liam’s mum for supporting us all today, you were both stars!

Also another Lochardil thank you to Inshes Library , all the staff at Inverness Botanical Gardens and all the Staff at Culloden Veterinary Clinic who were so accommodating and have made our day extra special!