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Public urged to keep eyes and ears open for children at risk during COVID-19 With the closure of schools and nurseries during the COVID-19 crisis, a national child protection group is urging everyone to keep their eyes and ears open for children who may be at risk during this time. Child Protection Committees Scotland, a national grouping of child protection professionals, supports all efforts by the Scottish Government, local authorities and the third sector to keep children safe from harm during the enforced break in normal routine. Highland Child Protection Committee recognises the impact a significant change in day-to-day life may have on vulnerable children. “Schools and nurseries in Highland play a central role in contributing to the safety of all local children, especially those who may be at risk of abuse and neglect. When children are not at school we lose the ability to monitor their wellbeing on a daily basis, and we are making every effort possible to support those children and families who may need it during these demanding times.” However, Highland Council stresses the need for the public to join efforts to protect potentially vulnerable children during the Coronavirus outbreak. Chief Social Work Officer, Karen Ralston urges everyone to play a part to keep local children safe: “The onus of care has now shifted from schools to local communities, and we’re asking everyone to keep their eyes and ears open. Local people always provide a significant protective factor for children and that’s even more important at a time when families may be under significant additional stress. If you’re at all worried about a child’s welfare, it’s much better to say something than do nothing.” Highland Child Protection Committee urges everyone to take action if they’re concerned about a child or young person. If you’re worried don’t hesitate to seek help. Full contact details for social work and other professionals are available on the website If you are worried a child or young person may be at immediate risk of harm, please phone 999.

Highland Council Advice & Guidance on COVID – 19 and Scams

Highland Trading standards advice and guidance on COVID-19 and scams The Highland Council’s Trading Standards is providing advice and guidance to businesses and consumers affected by COVID-19 at David MacKenzie Trading Standards Manager said: “We are currently providing information for consumers and businesses on cancelled bookings for accommodation and services; hand sanitiser products; and financial protection for small businesses at present. We will add to our website as more intelligence and information becomes available to us.” Cancelled bookings for accommodation and services Many Highland tourist businesses face the problem of cancelled bookings. Consumers are unable to travel due to the COVID-19 restrictions and many businesses are forced to temporarily close. These are uniquely difficult times for Highland businesses, and we want to ensure that they are aware of all the options available to assist in these situations. We think that it is reasonable for businesses to make their customers aware of these options. For example: • If the consumer has paid using a credit card and the amount is over £100, they may be able to claim their money back from their card provider under “Section 75” equal liability rules. • If the payment was by debit card, the consumer may be able to make a claim from their card provider under the banking system’s “Chargeback” provisions. • The consumer may be able to make a claim on holiday insurance, e.g. an annual policy, more information is available from the Financial Conduct Authority • Any dispute that a consumer has with a financial company over insurance, credit cards or debit cards can be raised with the Financial Ombudsman Service. This is a free-to-use and highly regarded dispute resolution system. • It may suit both consumer and business to arrange a rebooking for a later date. • Detailed information for tourist businesses can be accessed from VisitScotland. Hand sanitiser products (not soap-based etc.) • Hand sanitiser products are in huge demand and some products are no longer available. Demand has led to some businesses (e.g. spirit distillers) diversifying into producing hand sanitising products. Products which are manufactured with the final intention of “destroying, deterring, rendering harmless, preventing the action of, or otherwise exerting a controlling effect on, any harmful organism” are currently controlled under the European Biocidal Products Regulations 2012 under a category defined as Product-type 1: Human hygiene. Biocidal products in this group are used for human hygiene purposes, applied on or in contact with human skin or scalps for the primary purpose of disinfecting the skin or scalp. • Trading Standards enforce these regulations in shops, but the current rules surrounding the manufacture and approval of these products need to be checked with the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) • Hand sanitisers made for your own personal use are excluded from the Regulation, however if it is supplied to third-parties then the law applies, and advice should be sought from the HSE. • Soap-based or hand softener gels and creams with an antibacterial effect are regulated under cosmetic regulations. • Advice from the Cosmetic, Toiletry and Perfumery Association. Financial protection for small businesses • Individuals buying goods or services over £100 and less than £30,000 using a credit card are given additional protection if there has been a breach of contract under “Section 75” equal liability rules. Businesses who use ordinary (non-business) credit cards facilities may also benefit from the same protections even if it is in relation to items or services bought for the business. Card users should speak to their provider if they wish to make a claim. If a business has a right to make a claim and this is not honoured by the card provider, small businesses may be able to raise this matter with the Financial Ombudsman Service. The Scottish Government has also issued general advice to businesses, visit:


Highland Council to launch e-vouchers for free school meals Highland Council will be providing e-vouchers to families to support access to free school meals from week commencing 30 March 2020. This innovative and easy-to-use service will ensure over 4,000 school children will continue to receive support for school meals while schools are closed. For the majority of pupils, this will be delivered digitally through e-vouchers for food in local supermarkets. Enabling choice will provide flexibility and also help to reduce waste, as food can be purchased according to need or preference in the household. Some restrictions do apply as the e-vouchers cannot be used to purchase age restricted products such as tobacco, alcohol, lottery tickets and fuel. The impact of Coronavirus has caused many vulnerable families additional hardship and this process will ensure that the most vulnerable children can get food. Highland Council continues to investigate other ways of providing food across the Highlands for vulnerable groups within the rapidly changing environment. This includes working closely with High Life Highland, Eden Court and our many partners including the Third Sector. Further information will be provided in due course. Cllr John Finlayson, Chair of the Education Committee, said: “The provision of school meals is a priority service that we are committed to delivering including during when schools are closed in the current times. I applaud the Highland Council staff who are working hard to implement this service as quickly as possible and for e-vouchers to be issued next week”. A helpline number has been set up for anyone who is struggling and needing urgent help during this crisis. The single line number – 0300 303 1362 – will connect callers to relevant Council specialist teams and will operate Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm. All calls are free.


That’s our first week of online learning done! You have all done amazing in completing our activities and engaging with the posts.

We have loved looking at the pictures and videos that you have posted, making all the teachers super proud. You all look like you have been super busy, creating your rainbow pictures, doing your daily exercise, completing jigsaws and being great choar champions.

Keep up the good work and we will be back in 2 weeks to do some more fun activities. Thank you and keep safe!

Key Worker Hubs

If/ when any of our pupils are allocated a place at the Key Worker Hubs being set up within Highland, can you please ensure they take along their learning pack provided by us, device (if possible) and materials to write with. We also ask children to continue to register as they have been doing on their Google Classroom each day. Parents/ carers can you please email the school on to let us know if/ when your child is allocated a place for our information.

Thanks to every one of you for supporting us with helping to provide continuity for your child’s education and ensure their safety.

ELC – Classroom

Google Classrooms

You should by now have received communication from your child’s key worker with login details for Google Classroom. If you have not received an email, please let us know and email as it may have been noted down incorrectly or it could be in your junk mail.

A big thanks to those of you that have engaged with our online learning so far, the teachers have loved seeing your posts.

Free School Meals Available

Reminder regarding free school meals for next week for any of our pupils entitled to this provision.

This is the extract from the letter posted on our blog on Friday. Please share.

Free School Meals
For the week beginning Monday 23rd March, a takeaway ‘Grab & Go’ option will be available for all young people who are entitled to a free school meal. This includes all P1-P3 pupils and all other pupils from P4 and above who are already entitled to this. These will be available from the local Secondary School for your Associated Schools Group (i.e. Inverness Royal Academy for our area) and can be collected between 11am and 2pm.
The plans for how this will look after the Easter break will be communicated to you separately, once further arrangements are in place.
There is no need to reapply but for new applications please see the link

Our Plan for Lochardil Primary Education during Closure

Please see a copy of the letter that was sent home today through school bag mail.

With the announcement of school closures from today, Friday 20th March, our commitment at Lochardil Primary School continues to be the education and safeguarding of all our pupils, and to sustain strong links with our learners, parents/ carers, and local community during this time.

We have worked to provide a system which will support continuity of education, and in line with Highland Council provision to support this.

Thank you everyone for your continued support for our Lochardil family, keep in touch & stat safe!

Highland Council Update

Thursday, 19 March 2020
Highland Schools will close at end of school day on Friday 20 March
As communicated by the First Minister yesterday, we can confirm that all schools in The Highland Council region will close at the end of the school day on Friday 20th March. Pupils should not return to school on Monday 23rd March.
The Chief Executive of The Highland Council, Donna Manson said:
“Having received a letter from the Scottish Government at 2:45pm today, immediate and extensive work will be required to make sure that we can assess the implications of the Government’s requirements in terms of the provision of learning and care for the children of key worker groups. It is hoped that these arrangements will be in place from Friday 27th March.
“Further information will be communicated as the Council engages with a range of partners to ensure that we support the Highland effort to reduce the spread of coronavirus and the work of the emergency services as set out in the Civil Contingencies Act.
“Another key piece of work will be the continued and adapted provision of food, care, support and protection to our vulnerable children.
“With regards to the week beginning Monday 23 March, I am confident that our education staff across the Highlands are in a position to provide families with an education package for all our children at home, during this first week of school closures in these exceptional circumstances.
“Schools have been in contact with parents and the Council has set up access to online resources via the educational improvement team at: .”
“Any parent or carer enquiries should be directed to schools on Friday 20 March. From Monday 23 March Highland Council Education Helpline details will be communicated publicly in helping parents and carers with enquiries.
“Your support in these unprecedented times is greatly appreciated.”


With the recent announcement of school closures from Friday our commitment at Lochardil Primary School continues to be the safeguarding and education of our pupils, and sustain communication with our learners, parents/ carers, and local community. Home learning packs have been sent home today with each pupil. The contents within each pack will support your child to continue to learn during this school closure period. A letter to fully explain how we plan to provide and support our learners with their education through these packs and our digital Google Classrooms for every class from ELC – P7, will be shared tomorrow when we can include the support also provided from Highland Council. Our online classrooms will commence from Monday 23rd March – Friday 27th March. We will enjoy a break during our school holidays as planned then re-open online from Tuesday 14th April until further notice. A parent/ carer or nominated contact of any pupil that has been absent from school can collect their pack between 2pm-2.30pm or arrange for this to go home with a friend to collect from. Please email if you need support with this. Please check the blog tomorrow for updates. Thank you for your strength, support and understanding at this time.


18 March 2020 For immediate release Highland Council focuses on delivering statutory services The Highland Council is planning for greatly increased staff absence levels over the coming days and weeks. National modelling estimates that councils will see absences of at least 50% over the months ahead. We are no longer operating under business as usual, in order to focus on priority and statutory services. Today (18 March 2020) a number of Highland Council staff who are at a higher risk from coronavirus (COVID-19), have been advised to follow self-isolation measures, in line with current government advice. This group of people include those who are pregnant or have a specific underlying health condition. Anyone with any of the coronavirus symptoms is also advised to stay at home for 7 days and their other family members for 14 days. In addition to this group, many Council staff are also parents and staff will have additional child care responsibilities, due to the national decision to close all schools and nurseries from the end of this week. All these factors will significantly impact on the Council’s and our partners’ capacity to carry out our core functions and we ask that everyone is patient and understands that we have urgent priorities in resilience. The Council will continue to focus on our statutory duties under the Civil Contingencies Act. To enable this, the Council is suspending responses to enquiries or complaints about our current service provision and will instead be focusing our efforts to prioritise our statutory services, caring for the vulnerable, cooperating with our Resilience Partners and supporting economic recovery. We are aware that many people are keen to do what they can to support communities, within the constraints of the complex and unprecedented situation we are in. We are awaiting further national community resilience guidance and will ensure this is promoted to communities so that people are clear where to get help and how they can help themselves. In the meantime, Highland Council, along with partners and the voluntary sector, are engaging with community councils and other groups to assist the coordination of support to vulnerable people within Highland communities.


The First Minster has just made an announcement closing schools after Friday this week. Donna Manson, Chief Executive of The Highland Council said: “Highland Council will need time to assess the impact of this announcement on our workforce, and our communities as well as on the provision of support for our young people. “Further information will be forthcoming tomorrow, and please be assured that our central education team have been working extensively on providing learning materials for use at home. “More detail will be given to parents and carers and pupils from the Council later this week. “As was intimated by the First Minister, details about free school meals will again be forthcoming in the days ahead. “Thank you for your understanding on this matter. “We are expecting further information from the Scottish Government on what will be happening for older pupils regarding exams and the Council will provide further updates as they come. “Thank you for your understanding on this matter.” Regards Donna Manson Chief Executive The Highland Council

P7 Loch Insh Trip

Cancelled Loch Insh trip – Please know we await an update on further information on this with regards to payments/ refunds/ rescheduling of dates. There are a number of schools in a similar situation due to the current situation, so we will update parents/ carers as soon as we find out the information. Thanks for your understanding at this time.


Latest Update from Highland Council It has been announced by the UK/Scottish Government that as of 16 March anyone developing symptoms consistent with COVID-19, however mild, should stay at home for 7 days from the onset of symptoms as per existing advice. In addition, it is now recommended that anyone living in the same household as a symptomatic person should self-isolate for 14 days. The most common symptoms of COVID-19 are recent onset of new continuous cough and/or high temperature. Information for the public on COVID-19, including stay at home advice for people who are self-isolating, can be found on NHS Inform. Further, people are advised to take social distancing measures to help reduce the transmission of COVID-19. In particular, this is strongly advised for people aged 70 or over, people with underlying medical conditions and pregnant women. Further advice on these measures will be available on NHS Inform shortly. The Highland Council, local education authority and Highland Schools are following national government and public health guidance. For further information please refer to the national guidance: For school closures in Highland please refer to the schools closures website at

Aldi Sports Kit

We received our Aldi Sports Kit today. It included bibs, cones, balls, beanbags, relay batons, finish line and “eggs” with spoons!

Thank you to everyone who donated tokens for this collection. Looking forward to sunny weather to enjoy this bag of goodies!


In line with the latest guidance from The Highland Council as a precaution all parents evenings and afternoons have been postponed until further notice, as have school trips, including off-site lessons such as swimming.

For us at Lochardil School this means that for the foreseeable future our clubs that are held after school will be cancelled:

OJ Sports


Cross Country


Highland Youth Theatre (performance due to be held 20.03.20 also cancelled)


Football coaching

Lion King Trip to Edinburgh

P3 UHI trip

McRobert Cup & Baillie Cup Sporting Events

Loch Insh Residential Trip


P5a – Scottish Opera

Rodger from Scottish Opera came to complete a singing masterclass with us all. He taught us how to improve our timing and dictation. The children have worked so hard to learn the words and tunes of the songs and they have done a fabulous job! Well done everyone!


Please see below information recieved this afternoon.

POSTPONEMENT OF MCROBERT CUP CROSS COUNTRY EVENT 2020 You will be aware the First Minister announced that the Scottish Government is advising that as of next week, gatherings of more than 500 people should be cancelled. High Life Highland is aware that the Scottish Government will be issuing further guidance over the weekend, however having given the matter serious consideration a decision has been made that the McRobert Cup will be postponed until a future date. This decision has not been easily reached; however HLH is of the view that to leave the decision until the start of next week, pending the additional information from the Scottish Government would not be fair to those participating; family members; supporters and helpers. We hope you will appreciate at this stage we are unable to give any indication as to when any rescheduled event will be held but we will be back in touch once we have a clearer understanding of when business-as-usual is re-established and we can look to put the event back in the calendar. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause to you, your family or organisation but hope you will understand that in the current climate circumstances are very much out with our control.

P2A & P2B walk

We enjoyed a walk around our local area yesterday and we looked at many different styles of houses. Lochardil House Hotel was very interesting and we were able to work out how old it is. We passed many of our own houses and ones where other members of our family live. Fortunately we missed the rain showers!

P3 – Open Morning Postponed

Open Morning – our school open morning, which was due to take place tomorrow, has been postponed.

Sports Relief – on Friday the school will be raising money for Sports Relief. Children are welcome to come to school in sports clothes for a donation of £1. A Zumbathon will also be taking place on Friday lunchtime with Mrs Fisher!

Learning Pathways – all learning pathways are due to be returned by Wednesday 11th March.

Thank you for your continued support. Mrs MacLelland.

Corona Virus Advice

Public Health England gateway number: 2019253

Staff, students and pupils who have returned from Category 1 risk areas for COVID-19 within the last 14 days should self-isolate, and NOT attend education or work for 14 days, even if they feel well.

You can find information about affected areas on the HPS website:

Staff, students and pupils who think they have been in contact with someone infected with coronavirus should NOT attend education even if they are well, but should first contact their GP or NHS24 (111) for further assessment and advice. See

P5B Post

Working hard this week ahead of the Scottish Opera performance, and celebrating World Book Day!

On Wednesday our very talented liaison person Rodger from Scottish Opera came and ‘sorted them out!’

The children did us proud, and it seemed that all of them knew the words. Rodger was very complimentary about singing AND behaviour, so well done all!

We had lots of funny characters reading in our class on World Book Day. Don’t panic! They didn’t have to dress up- only if they wanted to!

The children went around the school to different classes to share some Book Day activities too.

In my class we were shocked to discover a murder had taken place! Mrs Irving had completely molicated Bart Simpson! The children had to find out who the murderer was using clues around the class

Remember to come along to our Open Morning on Wed 11th if you can make it. We’d love to see you! 9:20am

For some of the Caley Thistle team , World book day was spent at Lochardil promoting The SPFL Trust 4-4-2 reading programme with all our children encouraged to take part and get their reading card from the local library (read 4 books, collect 4 stamps, get 2 tickets*). Class leaders in each group helped explain to their classmates what was involved. The offer is open to all primary aged children. * Inverness Caledonian Thistle FC are offering a family ticket for anyone who successfully collects 4 stamps.

Help required – Bikeability Training

Would you be interested in helping our pupils to learn about safe cycling?

on the roadsWe rely on parent/carer volunteers to help deliver Bikeability Training to our Primary 6 classes.

We have been advised of a training event for Cyle Training Assistants to be held at Milton of Leys primary school on Tuesday 17th March 9am – 5pm.  If you would like to attend this training, or would like more information about becoming a training assistant, please contact the school office who will be able to help.

P1-7 Clothing, Jackets & Changes of clothing

Could we please ask that children have a change of clothing in their school bags for those unforseen accidents and playground incidents.  Due to the very recent bad weather, we have used lots of the clothing we hold in school for such eventualities.  but we do not have enough, or indeed the right  to go round – or the space to store it!

If your child does come home wearing clothing (trousers, skirts, jumpers pants, socks etc) supplied by the school, could you please ensure it is laundered and returned to the school office as soon as possible. 

Book Fair March 4th – 9th 2020

Our Book fair is back!

Classes have signed up to come along to visit the Book fair. They can use their £1 World Book Day token. We have set up a competition for the classes and we will announce the winners on Tuesday. We have 5 £5 book tokens to give away.

The book fair will be open after school until 3.15pm.

Thank you for supporting us.

Pr 7A Bookfair Team (Brogan, Jayden, Josh and Harry B)

Beetle Drive

No unaccompanied children please. 

Baking donations & raffle prizes greatly received. Baking donations to be brought along on the day or handed into the office on Fri 28th February. Raffle prizes can be handed into the office anytime. 

If you can’t make it but want raffle tickets, please put your name and phone number and money into an envelope clearly marked for the Beetle Drive and hand into the office. (Tickets £1 a strip). 

Whole School Sports Event

Remember to wear your sports clothes tomorrow (footlball strips are included)!

Ruthven House Captains and Vice Captains have planned a whole school event to focus on wellbeing (including both physical and mental wellness.

“We are trying to promote that everybody has the right to their own interests and should be free to their own opinions.  Everyone should be treated the same despite their race, gender, religion, beliefs etc.  Every child has the right to play and exercise and to take part in activities.”

P2B Updates

In numeracy this week we have moved on to learning our 5 times table. All the children are trying very hard with their times tables and they are enjoying learning them. ‘Hit the Button’ is a great game to help practise them at home.

In literacy, our sound this week is ‘bl’. We are also having a big focus on letter formation in the class and spelling our common words. Continue to practise these at home also.

Our topic is well under way and over the past 2 weeks we have been learning all about different types of houses and maps. We created a giant map of the school in our classroom too!

Finally, a huge well done to Indi, Phoebe and their team who won these amazing trophies at a competition last weekend!

P3 Aigas Field Centre Visitors

Today Keri and Rachel from the Aigas Field Centre came to do a workshop with us on climate change. We enjoyed playing games that helped us understand a bit more about what climate change is. We all planted a conker which hopefully will grow into a horse chestnut tree as trees help to reduce climate change .

Enrolment for Early Learning & Childcare Session 2020-21

Enrolment for Early Learning & Childcare for Session 2020-21 takes place week beginning 10th February. 

Parents of children with birth dates between 01.03.16 – 28.02.17 (4 year olds) or 01.03.17 – 28.02.018 (3 year olds) should complete an enrolment on the HIghland Council website

If you are unable to enrol on line please contact the chool office to request an enrolment form. 

OOSC – 27.01.2020

We had a week full of fun in Out of School Club this week! We got the Hamma Beads out and the children were concentrating hard to make these lovely bead pictures.

Concentrating hard on our hamma bead pictures

We also enjoyed playing Twister!

Some of the boys also enjoyed building some impressive race tracks for the cars.

Reporting from P6B on The Australian Bushfires

We now have some of our Australia work displayed. We have some pictures to finish off and articles to print but we have all worked so hard on this. You can read our articles on our chrome-books. Some people still have to finish off. This topic of work has enabled us to incorporate and develop : reading, writing, research, digital, creative, emotional and social skills, to name just a few. We will share our final display soon.


Parent’s evening slips were handed out yesterday confirming the date and time of your appointment. Hopefully you all got the slip, but if not, please double check your child’s bag. Anyone who can not find their slip, feel free to get in touch to confirm.

Our focus sound for spelling this week is ‘ph’.

In Maths, we are continuing to learn multiplication with a focus on the 2 times table before moving on to the 10 times table in the coming week.

We have also been learning all about Chinese New Year, why it is celebrated and how it is celebrated. We are making some brilliant dragon art – pictures to follow later this week!

Enrolment – New P1 intake for August 2020

Will your child be 5 before the end of February 2021?  Yes?  Then it’s time to enrol them for school!

Enrolment takes place next week, Monday 27th – Friday 31st January.

Children who already attend our Early Learning & childcare will receive forms this week.  Please check these carefully and then return them to the school office, in person, during the days and times stated on the letter.  Proof of Council Tax is required at this time.

Children who do not currently attend our ELC should complete the enrolmnent form on the Highland Council website, or telephone the school office to request a form.  Birth certificate and proof of council tax are also required.

If you live outwith our catchment area and wish your child to attend Lochardil, you must enrol your child at your catchment school .  A placing request form to request a place at Lochardil should also be completed and submitted to the Area Education Manager. 

Thursday 16th Jan. Parent Evening E Safety Workshop Reminder

Just a reminder that we are hosting an Information evening on Thursday 16th January ( THIS WEEK) at 6pm, in our hall. The workshop will be looking at how to keep children and young people safe online, whilst also embracing the many exciting opportunities for digital learning.

This session will be a chance to explore some of the current threats and challenges that exist online but also look at a bank of resources which can be used to help improve digital parenting. Please arrive for a 6pm start. No need to book.

Broom Goes Pants and says “Thanks”!

The Broom House Captains would like to say thank you for the donations we received for the charity “Smalls for All” as part of our House event last term. We can send away 15 packets of underwear to their office in Livingstone.

We hope that we have raised awareness of the different situations which children face and help us to appreciate and value the lifestyles we enjoy.

UNCRC Article 28: Every child has the right to an education.


Welcome back to Term 3! I hope you all had a lovely time over the holidays.

Homework this week will be reading, and Sumdog if you can access this from home. Spelling and regular maths homework will commence next week.

We are back to PE as usual on a Wednesday and Friday so please do ensure your child has a FULL PE kit with them on these days, including a change of shoes.

Show and tell will take place again each Friday, with the class being split into 3 groups:

Group 1 – Surnames from A – Macd.

Group 2 – Surnames from Mack – P.

Group 3 – Surnames from R – Z

This week, it will be the turn of Group 1. If your child wishes to bring something in for show and tell on their week, please ensure nothing breakable or valuable is taken in.

As always, should you have any questions/queries/concerns, feel free to contact me.

Miss Cockburn.

Bellfield Park Tennis Club

Over the last couple of months Bellfield Park Tennis Club have visited many schools coaching indoor mini tennis.  We had a great time and would like to offer some classes for children aged 5-9yrs at various venues around the city so everyone can have a go.  Classes are discounted for members but open to all and if you would like to know more about our membership and our club just go to our website

Venue Day & Time No. of weeks Dates Cost
Inshes Primary School Mon 4-5pm 5 13/1/20 – 10/2/20 £20 n/m £18 m
Charleston Academy   Mon 5-6pm 5 13/1/20 – 10/2/20 £20 n/m £18 m
Inverness Royal Academy Tues  6-7pm 6 7/1/20 to 11/2/20 £30 n/m £28 m
Holm Primary School Wed 4-5pm 5 15/1/20 to 12/2/20 £20 n/m £18 m
Avoch Primary School Wed 6-7pm 5 5/2/20 to 4/3/20 £20 n/m £18 m
Cradlehall Primary School Thurs 5-6pm 5 16/1/20 to 13/2/20 £20 n/m £18 m

All equipment is provided at sessions please just bring a drink.  The coaches will work on skills, balance and coordination but the main aim is to have FUN!

To book your place email stating which venue you would like to attend and I will forward the link to book and pay.  If you have any queries at all please get in touch with us.  Hope to see you soon. 

Primary 5B Last Post of 2019!

Lots of photos so here we go!

Human Decimals…..good prop for multiplying decimals!

Thank you so much to all who came and helped us with our snowflakes!

We had a super party and the children looked so beautiful!

We had lots of fun sledging in the snow!

So have a wonderful time over the holidays! Festive Cheer from p5B!

Kelpies, Sulkies and Dragons – National Trust for Scotland

Are you looking for something magical to do on Hogmanay?

Between December 31st and January 2nd Abertarff House on Church Street, Inverness, will be having a special storytelling event on for children ages 3 to 8 covering some of the mythical creatures told in Scottish folklore; Tame the infamous Kelpie, take on a mighty Scottish Dragon, and transform with the beautiful Selkie.

If you wish to attend you can book online at

ELC – Wee Mac’s – Week 4

We had a such a lovely day at Wee Mac’s this week. We were so lucky to have a visit from Spokes for Folks who came and took us and a couple of the Mackenzie Centre clients to it and about and thank goodness the rain stopped long enough for us to stay dry !! They wool us to the Drummond duck pond where we were able to feed the ducks who came right over as soon as they saw the bikes. When we arrived back it was time for story and lunch. The children have been fabulous with engaging with the clients and enjoying their time together.

P1 & P2 Nativity

Thank you to all who came to watch our Nativity. We had such good fun and hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did.

P3/4 Science

The P4s had a brilliant time making their own Buzz the Wire game to finish off their science topic ‘Electricity’.They have enjoyed learning with Mr MacKenzie and we thank him for all his support.The P3s were looking at different objects to explore what materials they were made from then went on a material hunt around the classroom.


Thank you so much to everyone who came to see us in our Nativity over the last 2 days – we have all had such a fantastic time! The children have all put so much effort in since the start of term and I am extremely proud of each and every one of them, as I’m sure you are too.

A reminder that tomorrow is school Christmas lunch and pupils can also wear a Christmas jumper to school if they wish. We also have our open afternoon on Friday (13/12) from 2-2.45pm. We are looking forward to seeing lots of faces in to join us for this as well.

Finally, another big thank you for all of your continued support so far this year!

Miss Cockburn

Pr 7A Horrid Herod at the Craigmonie!

We were deilighted to share our Christmas play with the 6,7,8 Club yesterday. We were their Christmas entertainment as they enjoyed their meal.

“We were good at our lines.”

“We enjoyed doing something different.”

“We should phase the music in and out a bit more instead of stopping it so quickly.”

Well done everyone – a great performance. Thank you to the 6,7,8 Club for making us feel so welcome and for the box of sweets we will be sharing later!

Pr 7 Transition Ceilidh /Lochardil Party

We have been invited to the IRA for a Ceilidh on

TUESDAY 17th DECEMBER. (9.30 am – 10.45 am)

Clean , non marking indoor shoes should be worn . Pupils can take a water bottle. Please wear appropriate clothing for the weather conditions.

We have issued our Party Food letter via school bag mail. Thank you for supporting us with a few treats. Please remember we are a nut free school.

Pr 7 Party THURSDAY 19th DEC 1 pm – 3 pm


We had a visit from Vincent, from the SSPCA.
He taught us about the work of the SSPCA and brought along owl robots for us to build and programme. Fabulous learning for our STEM skills and great fun too!
Oscar was delighted to meet Oscar the Owl!

Here a few things we learned about the work of the SSPCA
That the most common animal helped by the SSPCA are seagulls.
Most SSPCA workers go to college or university to complete a course to help them learn about animals and how to look after them. Vincent studied Zoology.
Seals can be the most dangerous animals to help, as they are likely to bite and cause an infection.
The SSPCA help domestic, wild and farm animals.


Last week, Maria, Katie and Josh spoke to us all about the tennis competition they competed in. Well done to the three of you!

Last week, Andrew was on stage performing with his drama group. They performed Snow White. It was such an enjoyable performance and Andrew did a brilliant job!


Congratulations to Erin, who is our Pupil of the Month! She is our Pupil of the Month for her fabulous teamwork and gymnastic skills while creating a group gymnastic routine in PE. Well done Erin! She also won a trophy at the weekend for her fantastic dancing!

Just a reminder that school will be closed to all pupils from ELCC – P7 on Thursday 12th December as we are being used as a poling station.

Our open afternoon will be held from 2:00pm-2:40pm on Friday 13th December.

Digital Learning and E- Safety Parent and Carers Workshop

We will be hosting an Information evening on Thursday 16th January at 6pm, in our hall. The workshop will be looking at how to keep children and young people safe online, whilst also embracing the many exciting opportunities for digital learning.

This session will be a chance to explore some of the current threats and challenges that exist online but also look at a bank of resources which can be used to help improve digital parenting.

Broom Goes Pants!

Each term the House Captains host a whole school event.

The Broom House Captains are highlighting the need for all children to have an education. Some children can’t go to school because they do not have any underwear.

Broom would value your support for a Scottish charity called “Smalls for All”. The charity collects underwear and distributes to communities where this is a problem.

Donations of new pants would be welcome please.

The collection box wil be in reception until the end of term.

Pantastic Pantolympics! MONDAY 9 DECEMBER Sports activities with a pants linked theme!

Join the Broom House Captains for some fun in the MUGA at breaktime and lunchtime.

Thank you for your support

Article 28: All children have the right to education.

Sports Volunteers Wanted

Do you have skills or an interest in a particular sport? Tuesdays are going to be Football Free Field days . A number of staff are going to be running sports stations at lunch time that children can take part in. If you would be willing to come into school and share your skills on a Tuesday lunch time, please get in touch with Mrs Fisher (PSA) to find out more.

Out Of The Box at The CCC

“Out of the Box” are putting on a Christmas musical, with puppets, at the CCC on Wednesday 11th December 2019. It is from 6pm to 7pm. Everyone is invited to stay for the free performance.

Lost Property

Lost property has been cleared out today from Terms 1,2.

All named items will be returned to pupils. Of the 37 Lochardil sweatshirts and polo shirts in the Lost Property boxes, only nine were named. The unnamed items are washed and sold at our “Uniform Shop” which runs on our Open Parent Sessions.

The Blysthwood Clothes and Recycling bank in our Staff Car Park received several bagfuls of jackets, t-shirts, trousers and hats.

PLEASE put names on clothing and lunchboxes.

It will help to reduce our waste and save families money.

Thank you for your cooperation.