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P7B – Week 7

Emotion Works

Our topic, based on “The Nowhere Emporium”, is full of emotions. The week we explored different scenes in the book and looked at the different emotions the key characters were feeling during these. We discussed the different body sensations and behaviours that we might feel when experiencing these emotions, and came up with strategies to regulate ourselves when these emotions become out of control.

One Point Perspective Art

This we we finished a 3 week art project using one point perspective. We created a street scape using the technique, and also used some shading using coloured pencils to add further 3D effects to the buildings and tress. Take a look below at some of the fantastic pieces of art!

P7B – Class Novel

This week will see us finishing our class novel, and topic focus for the term, “The Nowhere Emporium” by award winning Scottish author Ross Mackenzie. We have all thoroughly enjoyed the novel, with many asking if we can read the next instalment, “The Elsewhere Emporium”.

The book that we have just read is the first in a 3 part series. I have purchased the remaining two books for our class library for pupils to read in class. I thought it might be useful to post the names and covers of the two sequels on the blog in case your child is looking for a new book to enjoy at home!

P7B – Sumdog National Contest

To link in with Maths Week next week our class will be taking part in the Sumdog national challenge. Schools across Scotland compete, and there are some great individual and class prizes to be won.

Please ensure that your child brings their Chromebook to school every day, fully charged in order to take part. This is also a reminder that Chromebooks should be brought to school charged fully every day.

P7B – Week 5


This term, our PE focus on a Wednesday is basketball. We have enjoyed having use of the MUGA to practise our passing, dribbling and shooting skills and are now beginning to play some short games in teams. There has been some really great teamwork displayed this week; not to mention some healthy competition!

REMINDER the PE is still to take place outdoors under current government guidelines. As the weather begins to get colder and wetter please ensure that your child come to school with a PE kit, appropriate footwear and a jacket.

Art and Design

Our current art and design focus is how to create depth and 3D elements into a picture using one point perspective. We started last week by drawing a number of 3D shapes so that we could get used to the technique.

This week we were able to draw a one point perspective street scene. Although some of us found it quite challenging we are all really proud of our final results (have a look at a couple of these below). Next week we will be using watercolours to paint our pieces.

P7B – Term 1 Week 3

I cannot believe that we have come to the end of week three of the first term back; time definitely flies when you are having fun and working hard!

We are now feeling very settled in our new class and have gotten used to our routines. I have been incredibly impressed at the positive attitudes, hard work and motivation each pupil has shown in their return to school; it is already shaping up to be a great Primary 7 year.

We have been busy over the last couple of weeks thinking about our Class Charter (see picture) and the rights we want to be respected in our class. For the pupils there was a big focus on feeling safe, learning and having time to relax in class. We have agreed on our the actions that need to be taken by both pupils and adults to ensure that these rights are being met.

I have also been enjoying getting to know everyone in P7B, both as a class and as individuals. We created some getting to know you work to help share information about ourselves with the rest of the class.

It has been a great first few weeks in P7B; well done to everyone for their hard work!

Miss McLean