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P7B – World of Work: Bionic Arm

Today we visited Skills Development Scotland for our first ‘My World of Work’ session.

The focus of today’s visit was based all around the advances assistive technology related to prosthetic limbs for people with disabilities. We discussed the types of jobs that might be involved in this line of work; these included engineers, doctors and biologists.

We then got to have a go at building our own bionic limb, using Lego and computer programming. It was a challenge but with a bit of team work and imagination we think we did a pretty good job! Thank you to Julia’s mum for assisting us on the trip.

P7B – One Point Perspective Art

This term we as focusing on how to make our art work look more realistic, experimenting with line and perspective. Our first art project has been to create one point perspective pictures. We found this quite tricky to begin with but after a little practise we are delighted with our results so far. Today we worked on adding in the finer details and used watercolours to bring our pictures to life. We are hoping to have our finished results next week. For now take a look at our progress so far!


This week the upper school started Explore classes: our new outdoor learning lessons (p3/4 will have this next week). All 250 kids had the chance to say what they thought Explore should be about and what they wanted to learn. All the classes started making class totem poles! To quote one P5, “This sounds amazing!”