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Love and Hate poems in P6

we have been working on creating detailed “show don’t tell “ descriptions to use in our writing. Last week we were thinking about the feelings: love and hate. We worked together to create a list of things we love and a list of things we hate, on padlet by writing “what sentences” eg: What I love about ………… or What I hate about …….is …… Then we helped each other to think of really good descriptions to fill in the blanks . We put our favourite ones on our working wall and used these to help us write an opposites poem. and are going to use these to write an opposites poem. We will share these soon.

Facing Fears in P6

Today we read Bogtrotter by Margaret Wild. This is a story of a creature who has a very rigid daily routine and is anxious about stepping outside his comfort zone . We are going to use this as our model text for writing over the next few weeks. Today we explored The theme of facing a fear and discussed emotions such as anxiety, fear and nervousness. This text. will help us write our own @Talk4Writing “facing a fear” story. Here is some of our teamwork on Our first Working wall that we will use to structure and support our writing .

P6 Term 1 Learning Overview

We have had a great start to our time in P6. By the end of week two some of us were hanging on by our finger tips but we made it with smiles on our faces.

Please find attached a copy of our term 1 overview. Keep your eyes peeled on our blog and class dojo pages for lots of pictures of our learning, next week.

Here are some very flattering pictures of our teacher, Miss MacDonald:

Some more adventures…


P6 Chromebook Information

Article 28: Every child has the right to an education

Article 13: Every child must be free to express their thoughts and opinions and to access all kinds of information, as long as it is within the law.

Dear Parent/Carer

Today, P6 pupils took home Chromebook Agreements that need to be signed and returned to school.

Chromebook Use At Home

In P6 and P7 pupils will have access to a personal Chromebook. We are hoping to have new chrome books allocated to our P6 very soon. This will support learning in school and allow pupils to extend and continue their learning at home.

It is hoped that pupils will use the devices to finish schoolwork, to work on personal projects and to complete assigned homework.  Pupils will need to bring their charged device to school with them each day to use in class.

In order to protect the devices between home and school, each child will need a cover for their Chromebook (11.6”) before it can be sent home.  The recommended option is a neoprene sleeve style case to protect the device in school bags and when not in use.  These can be purchased at relatively low cost online.  Once your child brings a case to school, they will be able to take their Chromebook home, once they have been allocated.  If there are any issues around providing a case, including financial concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your class teacher.

Please note that as these are council devices, our Acceptable Use Policy applies at home as well as in school.  A copy of the Acceptable Use Policy is available on the school blog, along with safety information regarding charging the devices at home.   

If you have any questions please contact the class teacher.