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P6 Digital Drop In (Virtual Open Morning)

Good Morning,

Welcome to our first virtual open morning. (All info and attachments also on google classroom)

Today we would like to share some of out Health and Wellbeing and IDL work with you. We have been learning all about our planet this term. We have had lots of discussion about real world issues such as Climate Change, diversity, economics and culture. In our video Love Can Change The World , we explore some of these issues and think about ways to make our world a better place, achieve our Global Goals and ensure everyone and everything in our world is respected.

We have had great fun being back together, learning this term. In our Explosive Learning video you will see a little bit of our active learning that has been happening in the last few weeks. We really enjoyed making these videos where everyone got to be included.
I really hope you have enjoyed taking part in ‘Lochardil’s Digital Drop-in Day’ and seeing a little bit of your child’s learning across this final term. I would be ever so grateful if you could complete this quick exit poll, so that we can gauge your valuable opinions and ideas, on how we can make our school even better than it already is!

Many thanks in advance,

Miss MacDonald

Love Can Change Our World –

Explosive Learning –

Parent Exit Poll –

Message for P6

Send you some love this sunny Friday afternoon. Reports have been sent home today. Please feel free to let the children read their own report once you have read it.

?? On Monday Mrs Kellacher has agreed that we can enjoy the experience of Euro 2020. Pupils may dress down or wear their favourite football strip ??

Have a great weekend ??

Politics in P6

Our class political party campaigns are well underway. Each group have written their own manifesto (check them out on google classroom), recorded a political party broadcast and have started to create campaign posters and badges. Our next step is to create some information leaflets that summaries our priorities before our Election Day on Monday.

P6 Active Schools Tuesday

I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend. We are lucky enough to have our active schools coordinator visiting our class each Tuesday this term to help us keep active.

Our scheduled time is 0850-0930. It would be great if pupils could arrive at school in their PE kit (if possible) and bring their uniform to change into afterwards.

Miss M P6

…And Breathe

Well, We did it!  The end of lock-down learning !

I know that Sunday is mothers day but I think every single one of you parents deserve to put your feet up this weekend and feel proud of what you and your children have achieved whilst the world has been turned upside down.

There was an extra special little message on our virtual science classroom from Mrs Scotson and me today just to say we are so proud of each and every child.

I am so excited to see them all back in our classroom next week. We will work on building our team back up and continuing with our learning journey.

Thank you for everything you have done at home and for never giving up. Thank you for supporting me to support your children during these challenging times and for staying positive.  Hopefully the toughest times are behind us and there are bright times ahead.

Thank you to every child for keeping me busy, smiling and positive during lock-down learning. They continue to make me smile every day!

P.S: Can pupils please remember to take your PE kit and a pair of indoor shoes to change into for Monday.

You are all heroes!

Miss M – P6

World Book Day 2021 – £1 Book Tokens!

World Book Day is back with their fabulous selection of £1 books!  To find out more information about the selection of books available this year, please visit:

Normally, we would be distributing £1 book tokens in school, which can be exchanged for one of these brilliant books, or £1 off any other book of your choice.

This year, World Book Day are making digital book vouchers available for all pupils. In order to get a digital voucher, you will need to download the attached PDF and print the voucher off. It can then be used in any participating retailer. The tokens are vaild from Thursday 18th February – Sunday 28th March.

There is also a fabulous selection of ideas and activities related to both story telling and the £1 books available on the World Book Day website. Have fun enjoying the magic of books!

Thank you message for all the food donations from Lochardil Larder!

Please see the presentation below for our thank you message for all the food donations from Lochardil Larder!

P6 Party Reminder

Our Christmas party will be held between break and lunch tomorrow (Monday). We are looking forward to playing fun games, dancing and showing off our festive/party outfits. Remember to bring along a party snack for yourself, if you would like. Maybe a bag of individual crisps and a wrapped cake bar/sweet. You can also take juice in your usual water bottle. See you tomorrow!

Blythswood Shoebox Appeal

Thank you so much to everyone who has donated to the Blythswood Shoebox Appeal! Thanks to your kindness and generosity we have collected 61 boxes along with donations of money and gifts. It is really appreciated!

Children in Need

Thank you so much to everyone who donated to Children in Need today! So far we have raised an amazing £533! Thank you so much for your generosity and kindness. We had so much fun and it was really lovely to see our friends in other classes virtually during our school quiz!

P6 Remember

Today P6 learned about 2 Scottish heroes who were awarded the Victoria Cross medal for their bravery. We spoke about some of our families (past and present) who have been involved in wars or served in the armed forces. There was a lot of pride in the room.
This week we have been learning about Charles Rennie Macintosh and his designs. We were inspired by his rose design to create our own Poppy themed stained glass windows. Some of us chose to do purple poppies to remember fallen animals, white poppies to resemble peace or black poppies to remember those from African and Caribbean communities . Here are just some of the finished examples:

We also took some time to write acrostic poems using the words : Poppy and Remember. Our poems demonstrate our awareness, empathy and pride for those whose lives have been affected by war. Some of us are still working on our poems but here are some that are finished:

Children in Need 2020!

This Friday is the big fundraising show for Children in Need and Primary 5 have been working hard to help everyone take part safely and have lots of fun while raising money for this great cause!

This Friday will be a Dress Down Day. This year’s CiN theme is ‘Wear Yellow’ but any dress down clothing is fine!

The activities, which have been organised by Primary 5, will take place virtually within your child’s classsroom.

We are not charging specified amounts for taking part in either the Dress Down Day, or the activities. Any donations would be greatly appreciated though! Please hand in all donations to school on, or before, Friday the 13th of November. Thank you very much!

From Primary 5 and Miss MacArthur!

“Do more of what makes you sparkle “ P6

Today is outdoor classroom day and we made the most of the opportunity to learn outdoors . This week we are learning all about Robert Louis Stevenson as part of our topic. Today we studied his poem : My shadow, and learned all about similes, metaphors and personification.

We then took our learning outdoors and worked in small groups to describe our school grounds using the techniques we learned . Here are some examples:

As we are not able to go to the fireworks and bonfire tonight we thought we would use our skills to make our own. We filled the playground with positive firework themed quotes to make everyone smile .

We then worked together to create a life sized firework scene in the front playground. We drew round our bodies and our shadows to create a crowd watching the fireworks above .

we ended our day with some hot chocolate around the fire and a little bit of R&R (read and relax) time.

Blythswood Shoebox Appeal

A huge thank you to all of you who have donated to the Blythswood Showbox Appeal.
Please can we have all donations in by tomorrow. We are very grateful for any donations, whether it is a filled shoebox or items that can be included in a shoebox.

Thank you!
From P5 and Miss MacArthur

Learning is a scream in P6

Today we learned about how colour can convey emotion in art. We looked at “The Scream” and learned a bit about expressionism. We are working on our own versions of #TheScream with different emotional themes. We are going to put our own faces on our pictures. Can you guess the emotions we chose ? Finished work coming soon. . .

Blythswood shoebox appeal

Blythswood Shoebox Appeal

Primary 5 are organising this year’s Blythswood Shoebox Appeal!

The Blythswood Shoebox appeal helps make Christmas a special time to those in need.

You have been given a leaflet, which tells you all about the Blythswood Shoebox appeal, how to make your shoebox and a checklist of things to include.

There are extra leaflets available at the office for anyone who needs.

We would be very grateful for any donations of filled shoeboxes, or any items which could help to fill a shoebox.

Please hand in all items and shoeboxes by Friday the 6th of November.

Thank you very much!

Love from Primary 5!

P6 Term 1 – It’s A Wrap

Wow! I can’t believe We are in October and at the end of term one already. It has been a great start to P6 being back together again. We have done lots of learning, had tonnes of fun and made many memories.

The final week of term one has been a busy one . This week we got the skipping ropes our at PE . We all had a great time. We finished our class novel: Wonder and watched the film . It’s very emotional. We thought about peer pressure and how to o we come it and gave everyone a little confidence boost by completing a “wonder page” for each person in our class

. In maths we ALL aced our end of unit test by getting more marks than the start of term test. We also explored a little algebra and put our lateral thinking to the test in problem solving .

Have a fantastic Holiday and I look forward to continuing our learning adventure in Term 2.

Miss MacDonald

P6 and P6/5 Wonder film showing

This term, P6 and P6/5 have been studying the book Wonder by R J Palacio. Next week, we are planning to show the film Wonder to compare the film and the book, and to explore the interpersonal relationships we have studied in the book. The film is a PG and we need permissions from parents before we can show the film. Please complete the Google Form below to indicate whether or not you are happy for your child to watch the film.

Love and Hate poems in P6

we have been working on creating detailed “show don’t tell “ descriptions to use in our writing. Last week we were thinking about the feelings: love and hate. We worked together to create a list of things we love and a list of things we hate, on padlet by writing “what sentences” eg: What I love about ………… or What I hate about …….is …… Then we helped each other to think of really good descriptions to fill in the blanks . We put our favourite ones on our working wall and used these to help us write an opposites poem. and are going to use these to write an opposites poem. We will share these soon.

Facing Fears in P6

Today we read Bogtrotter by Margaret Wild. This is a story of a creature who has a very rigid daily routine and is anxious about stepping outside his comfort zone . We are going to use this as our model text for writing over the next few weeks. Today we explored The theme of facing a fear and discussed emotions such as anxiety, fear and nervousness. This text. will help us write our own @Talk4Writing “facing a fear” story. Here is some of our teamwork on Our first Working wall that we will use to structure and support our writing .

P6 Term 1 Learning Overview

We have had a great start to our time in P6. By the end of week two some of us were hanging on by our finger tips but we made it with smiles on our faces.

Please find attached a copy of our term 1 overview. Keep your eyes peeled on our blog and class dojo pages for lots of pictures of our learning, next week.

Here are some very flattering pictures of our teacher, Miss MacDonald:

Some more adventures…


P6 Chromebook Information

Article 28: Every child has the right to an education

Article 13: Every child must be free to express their thoughts and opinions and to access all kinds of information, as long as it is within the law.

Dear Parent/Carer

Today, P6 pupils took home Chromebook Agreements that need to be signed and returned to school.

Chromebook Use At Home

In P6 and P7 pupils will have access to a personal Chromebook. We are hoping to have new chrome books allocated to our P6 very soon. This will support learning in school and allow pupils to extend and continue their learning at home.

It is hoped that pupils will use the devices to finish schoolwork, to work on personal projects and to complete assigned homework.  Pupils will need to bring their charged device to school with them each day to use in class.

In order to protect the devices between home and school, each child will need a cover for their Chromebook (11.6”) before it can be sent home.  The recommended option is a neoprene sleeve style case to protect the device in school bags and when not in use.  These can be purchased at relatively low cost online.  Once your child brings a case to school, they will be able to take their Chromebook home, once they have been allocated.  If there are any issues around providing a case, including financial concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your class teacher.

Please note that as these are council devices, our Acceptable Use Policy applies at home as well as in school.  A copy of the Acceptable Use Policy is available on the school blog, along with safety information regarding charging the devices at home.   

If you have any questions please contact the class teacher.