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Very busy p5B week!

We were up to loads this week……read on…

We were reading fabulous books, and working on rounding and estimating.

Our art work this week was copying fruit and veg in minute detail. Next week we will colour them in, using a variety of media. Much more successful than our bowls….BUT we do have clay now!

We played netball on Tuesday in our MUGA gym session, which was great fun. Great game netball!

Robbie was such a star. He got this trophy for being the Scottish 8-9 year old Trial Bike Champion! Congratulations Robbie. A lot of commitment and skill, and very dedicated parents!!! We are very proud of you Robbie!

In French we were doing colours in French and BSL. The children had to give me the French and the sign, when they pulled a colour from the feely bag. It has been fun revising french, and adding the BSL sign. It’s another tool to help the memory perhaps?

For Golden Time a lot of the children like to dress up…….here are some of the crazy kids!

Finally, our first winner of the Pupil Achievement Award is…..Keira Robertson. Well done Keira!

P5B Weekly Blog

In art we started doing some papier mache but we may have to abandon task! The original lesson needed clay, and our cupboard clay had gone. It was fun to do, but not as good as the clay. Still, the children did learn how to make and apply smooth effective papier mache! We will do it again when the clay comes in. C’est la vie!

We also decided to make some delicious cupcake pictures with pastels. Real pastels are so lovely to work with, and the children had a (messy) ball.

We were working on chrome books, laptops and pcs to try to find interesting ways to follow up our weekly reading book passages. Robert made a moving animation of Rudolf Nureyev flying through the air in a beautiful jetee in a field using our fabulous 2Simple programme.

Finally this week we were playing a clapping and rhythm game called, ‘Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.’ Ask your child how it’s played BUT you need a lot of people to play!

P5B Weekly Blog

A good week this week, with lots of establishing roles and expectations. We were looking at addition and subtraction, with a lot of practice of chimney sums.

In handwriting, the children were looking at basic joins. They are in a state of shock as I threatened to send back again, and again, any non-joined writing!!! Evil!

We were also making a poster designed to point out Health and Safety issues around our project of FOOD.

Short and sweet this week!

Hope you have a super weekend!


This week the upper school started Explore classes: our new outdoor learning lessons (p3/4 will have this next week). All 250 kids had the chance to say what they thought Explore should be about and what they wanted to learn. All the classes started making class totem poles! To quote one P5, “This sounds amazing!”

P5B Weekly Blog

Just a very quick welcome back to all Primary 5B parents. I will be updating this blog with a Termly Overview next week.

I generally put all necessary info on the blog, as much as I can, every Friday. Hopefully this will give you everything you need, but if you would like to speak to me personally about anything at all affecting your child, I’m here most days till 5 and am here early in the morning, so just phone the office, and they’ll put you through directly to my class phone.

As I say, more about the coming term next week. Very exciting!


Anne Prentice