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Lochardil LockDown Bee Happy Stone Display!

One of our extremely talented Lochardil Primary Parents has been very busy creating this beautiful “Lochardil Lockdown – Don’t Worry Bee Happy” outdoor display right outside the school gates!

Some children have already been very busy painting stones at home, and what a fantastic job they have made. It is lovely to see such bright and colourful creations making us all smile during lockdown.

We think the stones are looking a bit lonely and thats where you guys come in – our fabulous Lochardil Primary Pupils and Families! We want you to add to our lovely display by getting your hands on some stones and taking the time to paint or colour them in whatever way you choose – and when you are out on your daily walk make sure to add your stone to our collection.

Let’s see how many amazing colourful stones we can get displayed in front of our school gate to make sure that we keep each other smiling during Lockdown.

Have a lovely long weekend!

From stage to screen

As we are unable to watch the Lion King on Stage we plan to watch it on the big screen. On Wednesday we we watch the movie on the big screen in our hall. Pupils can take a cushion and blanket (not bedding) along with some individually wrapped snacks. They can also bring a game or toy to school on Wednesday. We have been looking forward to our day out for a while so we are converting it to an Day in, instead. #positivity The film is a PG. if you would prefer your child not to watch it please get in touch with the class teacher.

P5B Weekly Blog

This week we have been working on getting the place looking good for Open Morning…… BUT unfortunately cancelled! However, here are the photos of some of the art work we have been attempting!

We are in the process of making our Terracotta Army too…(good photos from Dylan!)

…and we’ve been making 3D shapes from nets, and using isometric paper to draw 3D shapes too.

So sorry for the cancellation of the trip, we are truly gutted!

But at least I’ve learned how to change the colour of the text on the new Blog…

P5B Weekly Post

A couple of weeks to catch up on!

We had a week where we had a daily focus on mental health. We did some visualization on the yoga mats, and we had a go at writing ‘I am…. poems.’

We took part in a Health and Wellbeing event organised by the Ruthven House Captains. It was a lot of fun!

We are getting ready for our open morning ‘gallery’…

…and learning a lot about time!

We have been loving the visits from Liam and Alison from Feis Rois

Lots of fun!!!!

P5 weekly post

It sounds from the children like everyone had a super time over the festive period! I will put the Termly Overview with information about our class and dates for events, on the blog next week, but meanwhile I’m putting on pictures from this week’s work.

We were really delighted to receive visitors from Feis Rois. They taught us about tone and dynamics in music. And we had a go at some fun, nonsense songs with actions.

We were working in groups to create ‘scales’ for a Chinese dragon.

Learning about equivalent fractions is really fun and we’re using a cool resource called, ‘Maths Whizz’ to see how good we are…

P5B Weekly Blog

Feeling very Christmassy. The children decorated the classroom! Very tasteful…

We finished the Dragon Eyes. I was really impressed by the children’s attention to detail, and clever use of colour. They look a bit real and quite spooky!

We sprayed the clay angels silver or gold. Even spray painting needs careful preparation, but the children were very good and listened carefully to the safety instructions. And some of them even managed not to spray me…

Don’t forget to join us, if you can, on Friday 13th at 2:oopm. We will sing a French Christmas Song for you and you can help us to make beautiful snowflakes. See you then!

P5B Weekly Blog

Last week we had a lot going on but I didn’t blog so I’m going to do both weeks now. We were at Eden Court for a showing of Wonderpark, and then it was time for the Unicef Rights of the Child 40 year celebrations. With the children dressed up so beautifully, we had lots of cool party games. My activity naturally involved food! The mars bar game was frustrating but fun!

Robbie attempted to show us a card trick, but has still to perfect it!

We started on dragon eyes in art. You can use all sorts of colours for this and the children went wild with imaginative markings.

This week has been fun too. The children did a great listening job when they watched me demonstrating how to make a clay angel. They look very individual and cute. Very angelic!

We were visited yesterday by the man from the RSPCA. He was very interesting and he brought robot owls. What’s not to love!

Please note that events beyond my control have meant that the open afternoon has been changed to the 13th. Sorry if this has caused you inconvenience. 2:00pm start.

Children in Need 2019

A massive than you to everyone who donated money, items and their precious time to help our fundraising efforts for Children in Need. We raised a fabulous £786.58! Mrs Prentice and Miss MacArthur would also like to thank the P5 pupils and P7 volunteers for all their hard work organising and running all the fundraising activities. Well done everyone!

UNCRC Birthday Celebrations!

To celebrate the 30th birthday of the United Nations Rights of the Child, please enjoy a special day at school on Wednesday 20 November.

Come to school in your party clothes if you want to dress up!

Play some fun party games

Enjoy a special Celebration assembly with UNIKIDS.

Let’s have some fun as we remember all the UNCRC articles that we enjoy.

Children in Need 2019

Children in Need is on Friday and P5a and P5b have organised lots of fun activities and games to raise money for this fabulous cause. There will also be a ‘Dress Down Day’ on Friday for a donation of £1. There will also be a bake stall and raffle. Any donations of baking (no items containing nuts please) or items for our raffle would be gratefully received. Please send in any items of baking, or prizes, into school by Friday. Thank you very much!

From P5a and P5b

Blythswood Shoebox Appeal 2019

A huge thank you to everyone who donated to our Blythswood Shoebox Appeal! We have collected a fantastic 52 boxes this year. These gifts are really treasured by those who receive them.

From Primary 5a

Blythswood Shoeboxes

A massive thank you to everyone who has donated to the Blythswood Shoebox appeal so far. Please can we have all donations into school by Friday. Thank you very much!

From P5a and Miss MacArthur

Blythswood Shoebox Appeal

P5a are organising a collection for this year’s Blythswood appeal. We would be very grateful if we could have all shoeboxes handed into school by the 08.11.19.

Leaflets about the shoebox appeal, including a checklist of items, were sent home this week. Please let us know if you need any more information or anymore leaflets.

Thank you so much for your support!

From P5a and Miss MacArthur

Campfire Cooking

This week, classes in Explore have been making things over the campfire. The classes learned about fire safety and used their weighing and measuring skills to make Dampers – sweet bread – over an open fire.

In case you would like to make this tasty bonfire treat, here is the recipe.


  • 250g self raising flour
  • 40g Caster sugar
  • 100 ml water


  • First, put the dry ingredients in a bowl.
  • Add the water a little at a time and mix well.
  • Use clean hands to knead the mixture and bring it together, adding more flour or water as required.
  • Leave to stand for 10 minutes.
  • Find a 50cm stick and cover the end in tin foil.
  • Take a small amount of dough, make it into a sausage shape and coil around the top of the stick.
  • Bake over hot embers for 10 to 15 minutes until it is golden brown and solid to touch. Alternatively, these could be baked in the oven (without the stick!).
  • Fill with butter, jam or chocolate spread.

P5B weekly blog

Just a quick round up of some of the activities this week, as I will be posting the ‘Termly Overview’ with dates and information very soon.

We were finding out about acute, right, obtuse, straight line, reflex and full turn angles. We used an angle generating ‘machine’ to help us…

We also painted some HUGE poppies inspired by a book about Remembrance Day, and by looking at Georgia O’Keefe’s work. The children worked with a partner. I was very proud of how well they all listened to instructions, watched and imitated my demonstration AND didn’t spill the water all over it! As expected, this brilliant class worked together as a team beautifully. (And Cameron is not doing what it looks like he’s doing…he was putting his hand up!)

Watch this space for lots of information on the Termly Overview.

P5B Blog

We have been working on communicating with our partner school in France the past two weeks. Myself and the lovely Mrs MacLelland are going to visit them for a week in Versailles. We will be sampling the local wine culture!

The children were working with primary 3 to make a film. Mrs Scotstoun and I are working on a way to upload this, but there is too much content. We’re trying to make a link… so watch this space. I will put the children’s letters in French on here. Can you translate? Ask the children to help if you get stuck! (or do like I did, and use google translate;-D )

The children used chrome books to write their letters. Great for typing skills.

Have a great holiday!

Blythswood Shoebox Appeal 2019

This is an advance notice that we will be supporting this year’s Blythswood Shoebox Appeal.

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported us in the past. Last year we collected 55 shoeboxes and we would love to make this an extra special Christmas for those in need again this year.

This year Blysthswood will be collecting our filled Shoeboxes on Friday November the 8th. We would be very grateful if all donations could be handed into school by then. A checklist of suitable Christmas gifts to include in your shoebox will be going home on the first week of term.

Please help us to spread love and hope this Christmas.

Thank you!

Very busy p5B week!

We were up to loads this week……read on…

We were reading fabulous books, and working on rounding and estimating.

Our art work this week was copying fruit and veg in minute detail. Next week we will colour them in, using a variety of media. Much more successful than our bowls….BUT we do have clay now!

We played netball on Tuesday in our MUGA gym session, which was great fun. Great game netball!

Robbie was such a star. He got this trophy for being the Scottish 8-9 year old Trial Bike Champion! Congratulations Robbie. A lot of commitment and skill, and very dedicated parents!!! We are very proud of you Robbie!

In French we were doing colours in French and BSL. The children had to give me the French and the sign, when they pulled a colour from the feely bag. It has been fun revising french, and adding the BSL sign. It’s another tool to help the memory perhaps?

For Golden Time a lot of the children like to dress up…….here are some of the crazy kids!

Finally, our first winner of the Pupil Achievement Award is…..Keira Robertson. Well done Keira!

P5B Weekly Blog

In art we started doing some papier mache but we may have to abandon task! The original lesson needed clay, and our cupboard clay had gone. It was fun to do, but not as good as the clay. Still, the children did learn how to make and apply smooth effective papier mache! We will do it again when the clay comes in. C’est la vie!

We also decided to make some delicious cupcake pictures with pastels. Real pastels are so lovely to work with, and the children had a (messy) ball.

We were working on chrome books, laptops and pcs to try to find interesting ways to follow up our weekly reading book passages. Robert made a moving animation of Rudolf Nureyev flying through the air in a beautiful jetee in a field using our fabulous 2Simple programme.

Finally this week we were playing a clapping and rhythm game called, ‘Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.’ Ask your child how it’s played BUT you need a lot of people to play!

P5B Weekly Blog

A good week this week, with lots of establishing roles and expectations. We were looking at addition and subtraction, with a lot of practice of chimney sums.

In handwriting, the children were looking at basic joins. They are in a state of shock as I threatened to send back again, and again, any non-joined writing!!! Evil!

We were also making a poster designed to point out Health and Safety issues around our project of FOOD.

Short and sweet this week!

Hope you have a super weekend!


This week the upper school started Explore classes: our new outdoor learning lessons (p3/4 will have this next week). All 250 kids had the chance to say what they thought Explore should be about and what they wanted to learn. All the classes started making class totem poles! To quote one P5, “This sounds amazing!”

P5B Weekly Blog

Just a very quick welcome back to all Primary 5B parents. I will be updating this blog with a Termly Overview next week.

I generally put all necessary info on the blog, as much as I can, every Friday. Hopefully this will give you everything you need, but if you would like to speak to me personally about anything at all affecting your child, I’m here most days till 5 and am here early in the morning, so just phone the office, and they’ll put you through directly to my class phone.

As I say, more about the coming term next week. Very exciting!


Anne Prentice