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Well done Clara!
Clara is our Star of the Week for her fabulous descriptive writing! We were writing our own versions of the story ‘The King is the Fishes,’ and Clara used amazing similes and adjective phrases to describe her characters and setting. She did a great job of describing her characters emotions too! Well done Clara!


Congratulations to Rohan! He is our Star of the Week (11.09.20) for his fabulous maths work this week! He put in so much hard work and effort into rounding numbers to the nearest 10 and 100! He didn’t give up, even when it got tricky! Well done Rohan! You should be very proud of yourself!

We are loving our class novel ‘The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe!’
We are desperate to find out whether Peter, Susan and Lucy will make it safely to the stone table to meet Aslan! We are also very excited to find out what happens to Edmund as he enters the White Witch’s house!
We have been creating the magical world of Narnia in our classroom! The forest is looking great and we had so much fun making it! Well done boys and girls!

We are very proud of our finished emotion portraits! We learned that colours are linked to our emotions.

Congratulations to Sarah, who was our Star of the Week 04.09.20 for her fabulous reading work! She worked hard to read new and unfamiliar words in her new reading book! Well done Sarah! You have done brilliantly!

P5 – Our fabulous week

It has been brilliant being back! We have had such a lovely week. This week we have been writing poems, practising place value, reading and getting creative with emotions artwork. We discussed how colours are linked to our emotions and chose the colours in our artwork as a result. They look great! We also created our Classroom Charter to make our classroom a fabulous place to learn in!

Congratulations to Emilia! She is our Star of the Week for being so kind, caring and such a great friend! We will miss you very much, but we know your new school will be great too! Good luck!