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I can’t believe that we have just had our last full day of P5!

Thank you so much for being such a wonderful class! I have loved teaching each and every one of you! You have worked so hard and been great fun! Thank you so much for all the wonderful memories! It has been a tough year for you all but you have shown such great resilience and strength throughout. I am so proud of you all. 

I know that you will be great in P6!

For those of you staying with me, I am delighted to be teaching you again!

For those of you who are moving to Miss MacDonald’s class, you are in brilliant hands! I know that she will look after you all brilliantly!

-Keep working hard

-Keep your positive attitude

-Look after yourselves

-Be kind to each other

Remember that a little kindness can transform someone’s world!

I would also like to say a huge BIG thank you to your families at home. I cannot thank you all enough for the support you have provided throughout our period of online learning. You made sure the learning kept going at home which helped with a smooth transition back to the classroom. 

Tomorrow, to celebrate Lochardil achieving another Eco Green Flag, is a dress down day!

You can also bring in games if you want, so long as they are not electronic devices.

I am looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow!


Congratulations to Mia! She is our Star of the Week for her brilliant sportsmanship and fabulous performance in PE! Mia is always so supportive and encouraging to those in her team! Well done Mia!

What a wonderful day we had a Whin Park! The weather was just perfect and we had so much fun!

P5 – Virtual Open Morning

P5 have made a slideshow for you to share what they have learned this year with regards to their health and well-being. We have included some activities for you to take part in too! We hope you enjoy them!

The slideshow has been posted on our Google Classroom. Click on the following link to find it! You will be able to watch it any time that suits you. An exit poll will also be posted at 10 am and we would be very grateful if you would leave us feedback too.

Thank you!

Love from P5 and Miss MacArthur


We have been learning about all the different food groups and what a balanced diet means!

We have completed our animals, adapted for survival! We are preparing and practising talks which describe our unique animals to present to the class!
We have created our own success criteria, so we know what will make a great talk!

I was not in last Friday, but Miss MacLeod very kindly sent me this lovely photo of Grace! She was our Star of the Week for her fabulous topic work and her great sportsmanship during Sports Day! Well done Grace!

Fraser was our Star of the Week this week for his fabulous team work! He is always so kind, helpful and supportive to others in his group!

P5 – Virtual Open Morning

Tomorrow we will be having a virtual open morning with a health and well-being focus!
We have created a Google Slideshow to share with you some of our learning with regards to our physical health, emotional well-being and mindfulness.
We have really enjoyed creating the PowerPoint for you and we hope you enjoy watching it and taking part in some of the activities too!

Our Virtual Open Morning Google Slideshow will be posted at 9am tomorrow on our Google Classroom. You will be able to see any time after that, at a time that suits you.


Sports Day was great fun! We have videos and photos of the races themselves and we are working on a way of sharing them with you all!

Tomorrow is Miss MacLeod’s last day with us.
We would like to say a huge congratulations to her for her successful placement! She will begin her career as a teacher in August!
Good luck for your new job Miss MacLeod! Your new class in August will be very lucky to have you!
We would also like to say a huge thank you to her for all her hard work and for all that she has taught us!
We will miss you!


We are delighted with the conservation areas we are creating! We have being learning about how ecosystems depend on each other and the importance of protecting habitats!

Congratulations to Layla and Joshua!
They are our ‘Stars of the Week!’
Layla is our Star for her fabulous reading and maths work! Her confidence is growing as a result of all of her hard work which is so lovely to see!
Joshua is our Star for his fabulous maths work! He has been working really hard on Times Tables and percentages!


We have been practising our throwing skills in athletics! Javelin and shot put is great fun!

We have been learning about sustainable ecosystems and we are designing our our conservation areas!

Congratulations to Abigail and Eilidh! They are both our Stars of the Week!
Abigail is our Star of the Week for her fabulous descriptive writing!
Eilidh is our Star of the Week for her fabulous effort and concentration in reading tasks this week!
Well done to you both!!


We had a visit from our Active School Coordinator this week and it was great fun!

Congratulations to Ava and Rohan! They have put so much hard work and effort into their work on equivalent fractions this week and they are both Stars of the Week! Well done to you both!


Trust walks!
We have been working on team work and communication skills in PE and it has been great fun! The boys and girls did a fabulous job of giving clear instructions and showed brilliant listening skills too!

Congratulations to Daniel and Harry! They were both ‘Stars of the Week’ for their brilliant hard work, concentration and effort in Numeracy!


Welcome back everyone!!! It has been so lovely to be back! We have had a great first week back. We are particularly proud of our work on fractions this week! Everyone has worked so hard and we are feeling so much more confident about identifying fractions and finding fractions of quantities.
Huge ‘Congratulations!’ to Isla! She is our ‘Star of the Week’ this week for her fabulous Literacy work. Her effort and enthusiasm for writing, reading and spelling tasks is consistently brilliant! Well done Isla!

We are very excited to have Miss Mcleod join us for 9 weeks. She is joining us from UHI and we are really enjoying having her with us!

P5 update

We have had such a busy exciting time in P5! Tristan was our Star of the Week for his fabulous Literacy work. He has put in so much hard work and effort into his reading, writing and spelling. Well done Tristan! Rudi was nominated for a special award at our Virtual Easter Assembly. Rudi was nominated for being really hard working, being great at maths and for being a fabulous kind and caring friend. Well done Rudi!

We have been learning about our emotions with regards to Lockdown. We have made a display using words to describe our emotions, the effect our emotions had on our behaviour and the strategies that helped us to feel better.
We created Egyptian Good Luck charms out of clay too!

World Book Day 2021 – £1 Book Tokens!

World Book Day is back with their fabulous selection of £1 books!  To find out more information about the selection of books available this year, please visit:

Normally, we would be distributing £1 book tokens in school, which can be exchanged for one of these brilliant books, or £1 off any other book of your choice.

This year, World Book Day are making digital book vouchers available for all pupils. In order to get a digital voucher, you will need to download the attached PDF and print the voucher off. It can then be used in any participating retailer. The tokens are vaild from Thursday 18th February – Sunday 28th March.

There is also a fabulous selection of ideas and activities related to both story telling and the £1 books available on the World Book Day website. Have fun enjoying the magic of books!

Thank you message for all the food donations from Lochardil Larder!

Please see the presentation below for our thank you message for all the food donations from Lochardil Larder!


We have had great fun in PE this week! We have been learning about our heart and about exercises which can strengthen our muscles!

We have been learning that our spelling words are all adjectives and we have been creating fun sentences with our spelling words to help us remember what they all mean, and what they might be describing!

Rebecca has passed her piano prep test! Congratulations Rebecca! We are very proud of you! We would love to hear you play the piano!
Congratulations Sam! Sam is our Star of the Week for his fabulous maths work! He always works hard and challenges himself! Well done Sam! We are very proud of you!
Sam got creative during lockdown and learned how to make this! Well done Sam!


We have raised a fabulous £533 for Children in Need so far!!! Well done to all of P5 for organising such fun activities today! It was so lovely to see the whole school on our live virtual quiz too! I am so proud of the boys and girls who were such fabulous question masters! Well done everyone! You are all my Stars of the Week this week!!
Thank you to you all for you kind and generous donations!

Blythswood Shoebox Appeal

Thank you so much to everyone who has donated to the Blythswood Shoebox Appeal! Thanks to your kindness and generosity we have collected 61 boxes along with donations of money and gifts. It is really appreciated!

Children in Need 2020!

This Friday is the big fundraising show for Children in Need and Primary 5 have been working hard to help everyone take part safely and have lots of fun while raising money for this great cause!

This Friday will be a Dress Down Day. This year’s CiN theme is ‘Wear Yellow’ but any dress down clothing is fine!

The activities, which have been organised by Primary 5, will take place virtually within your child’s classsroom.

We are not charging specified amounts for taking part in either the Dress Down Day, or the activities. Any donations would be greatly appreciated though! Please hand in all donations to school on, or before, Friday the 13th of November. Thank you very much!

From Primary 5 and Miss MacArthur!


We have been learning all about the work of Poppy Scotland this week. We had fun learning about the effect of light and colour while creating poppy artwork too!

Congratulations to Rebecca! She is our Star of the Week for her fabulous maths work! She is incredibly motivated and always challenges herself! Well done Rebecca!

We made Blythswood boxes in school for the Blythswood Appeal! We have learned that there are children (and adults too!) in Eastern Europe who do not have things that we would call necessary, so we wanted to help make Christmas special for them this year. We also made cards for the boys and girls who would be receiving our presents too.
Thank you to all of you who donated a shoebox for the appeal, and to all of you who donated gifts for the appeal too. It is much appreciated! Blythswood are coming to collect them all on Monday.

Blythswood Shoebox Appeal

A huge thank you to all of you who have donated to the Blythswood Showbox Appeal.
Please can we have all donations in by tomorrow. We are very grateful for any donations, whether it is a filled shoebox or items that can be included in a shoebox.

Thank you!
From P5 and Miss MacArthur


Happy Halloween everyone!

We had a fabulous dress down/dress up day today. Thank you so much to everyone who kindly donated to the foodbank. Your kind donations will be used to help and support families in our local community. We had a great time completing Halloween problem solving activities, multiplication problems, writing spooky Halloween poems (with impressive use of adjectives) and creating our own Halloween dances today! It was great fun!

Congratulations to Caitlin! She is our Star of the Week for her fabulous and speedy times tables work! Well done Caitlin! You always work so hard and we are very proud of you!

This week, we had a video phone call from Elma Mackay from Blythswood! We learned all about the work of the Blythswood shoebox appeal, the Foodbank and the Daniel Centre. We learned that Elma loves tennis, macaroni and Indian food too!

Blythswood shoebox appeal

Blythswood Shoebox Appeal

Primary 5 are organising this year’s Blythswood Shoebox Appeal!

The Blythswood Shoebox appeal helps make Christmas a special time to those in need.

You have been given a leaflet, which tells you all about the Blythswood Shoebox appeal, how to make your shoebox and a checklist of things to include.

There are extra leaflets available at the office for anyone who needs.

We would be very grateful for any donations of filled shoeboxes, or any items which could help to fill a shoebox.

Please hand in all items and shoeboxes by Friday the 6th of November.

Thank you very much!

Love from Primary 5!


We have been learning ways in which to manage our emotions and choosing ones which suit us!

We have been learning that CS Lewis was a Christian and many of his books were inspired by stories from the bible! Here are the characters from the bible who are represented in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe!

We have finished our posters about our beliefs and we are very proud of them! We have been exploring our own beliefs and learning to respect the beliefs of others.