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P5/4 Blog

What a fun party! Lots of games and lots of prizes!

Callan is upset because he couldn’t join in with his favourite dances!

The rest of them SAY they are not having fun….but can I draw your attention to the smiles on their cheery wee faces. Well…..some of them!

Pass the Parcel….with forfeits of course!

A HUGE Merry Christmas from myself, Mrs H and Mrs F. We will see all you wonderful children again after Christmas. Hope you have been good!!!!! (Don’t worry, I sent Santa very good reports about you all from school.) Happy Holidays!

Thank you message for all the food donations from Lochardil Larder!

Please see the presentation below for our thank you message for all the food donations from Lochardil Larder!

P5/4 Weekly Blog

Nearly there! We made some lovely Christmas cards with beautiful new pastels.

In writing, we were doing instructions on how to make the said Christmas cards. We looked at instructions from books, and followed instructions on how to make a paper aeroplane. We then had a flying competition.

Have a look where Mia’s landed! She got the prize for highest…and longest in the air!

We’re loving social dancing!

And our class is looking more and more Medievally……

Party on Tuesday. Remember to provide your child with a nice party snack if you can.

So get ready to swing your party pants! Can’t wait!

P5/4 Weekly Blog

Hurrah!!!! It’s social dancing! The children’s favourite. Hee hee! To be honest…they pretend they don’t like it, but when you look at them dancing they all have big grins on their faces, and there is much hilarity! In the following pictures, I captured Eliza and William doing a perfect Gay Gordon’s turn. Great job you two!

We have been rehearsing our Christmas song for the BSL Christmas Song Bonanza.

Can the children please bring in something Christmassy to wear on Monday as we will be recording our song on Monday, or Tuesday. Anything at all.

The classroom transformation has begun. Some super collaborations, compromises and problem solving going on. They are in charge…I’m only the facilitator…and the one who says, ” No that’s actually impossible,” if anything gets a bit OTT!

Have super weekend.

P5/4 Weekly Post

Primary 5/4 Weekly Blog

Last week’s blog wasn’t working for me as my google account went bonkers. However, I caught up on Monday so last week’s pictures etc will be there if you look at the p5/4 blog.

We shifted topic from ‘time’ this week, and had a look at ‘angles.’ The children are using a right angle measure that they made themselves, to find right angles in the room.

We were looking at Op Art in class, and made an optical illusion of our own.

You will be delighted to read our battle scenes that we have been working on all this week. The children are trying to tick ALL the writing boxes, for this piece of work that’s going home!

Have a lovely weekend!

P5/4 Weekly Post (late!)

I had issues with chrome on Friday, but happily these have been resolved. Photos from the week as promised…

We played a crazy game invented by children called, ‘The Noisy Game.’ (Named by an adult…) Ask your child how to play it. It’s quickfire and funny, and involves frequent trips on ‘The Train of Shame!’

We have been working hard on our imaginative stories. We’re doing them stage by stage, and collaborating with various friends, to get the best use of vocabulary and writing ‘special effects,’ that we can.

The P7 Broom House Captains and friends, gave us a super KAHOOT quiz on Friday which Jack won! Well done Jack!

Finally, we were working on clock times with a very tricky puzzle.

Sorry again for the delay.

Blythswood Shoebox Appeal

Thank you so much to everyone who has donated to the Blythswood Shoebox Appeal! Thanks to your kindness and generosity we have collected 61 boxes along with donations of money and gifts. It is really appreciated!

Children in Need

Thank you so much to everyone who donated to Children in Need today! So far we have raised an amazing £533! Thank you so much for your generosity and kindness. We had so much fun and it was really lovely to see our friends in other classes virtually during our school quiz!

P5/4 Weekly Blog

We started medieval weaving this week, which is great fun! The children are able to do the weaving whilst listening to our class book – Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

We took part in a cool class quiz organised by the p5 class for Children in Need. They did a super job of the quiz. It was just so nice to see everyone again!

We have been finding lots of homophones for our Homophone Wall. The children’s suggestions are sometimes interesting….as are my drawings!

Ala made a display of some of our Hallowe’en Kennings:

And Finally, we have really got stuck into our topic about the Scottish Wars of Independence. William Wallace was apparently 6 foot 7! That’s taller than our Mr Grant. No wonder he needed such a big sword!

A lovely parent of ours made this replica of his sword to actual size a couple of years ago. I’ve never had to use it yet…….

Have a super weekend!

Children in Need 2020!

This Friday is the big fundraising show for Children in Need and Primary 5 have been working hard to help everyone take part safely and have lots of fun while raising money for this great cause!

This Friday will be a Dress Down Day. This year’s CiN theme is ‘Wear Yellow’ but any dress down clothing is fine!

The activities, which have been organised by Primary 5, will take place virtually within your child’s classsroom.

We are not charging specified amounts for taking part in either the Dress Down Day, or the activities. Any donations would be greatly appreciated though! Please hand in all donations to school on, or before, Friday the 13th of November. Thank you very much!

From Primary 5 and Miss MacArthur!

Primary 5/4 Weekly Blog AND Termly Overview

Lots of fun in PE this week. We were playing with the parachute and having a tug-o-war. It’s amazing what you can find in the gym cupboard when you really look.

The children have requested that we continue with netball, as they were just getting really good at it. Usually we would be doing social dancing this term, but because of corona we have to do PE outside, and netball is more suited to this. HOWEVER I will somehow slip in a Dashing White Sergeant if it kills me!!!

We were trying out the confusing homophones to, two and too in class and at home.

We were also practising the 5 times table using a game called ‘ladders’. Fast paced and competitive, you’re lucky to come out alive!

Thank you to Mrs Fisher for all the lovely photos. What a beautiful autumnal day!

Please find attached, the Termly Overview for our class.

Blythswood Shoebox Appeal

A huge thank you to all of you who have donated to the Blythswood Showbox Appeal.
Please can we have all donations in by tomorrow. We are very grateful for any donations, whether it is a filled shoebox or items that can be included in a shoebox.

Thank you!
From P5 and Miss MacArthur

p5/4 Weekly Blog

Lots of spooky fun this week!

We had flying lessons at the start of the week.

Some children took off like rockets!

We also had close encounters with some scary ghosts for one of our PE session this week. Trying to catch them was exhausting!

The Hallowe’en costumes on Friday were superb. (I don’t actually completely fill the panda suit…Jack took me at a funny angle….honest!)

Eliza kept those lovely teeth in all day!

Finally, we had a visitor from the mysterious Land of Questor. Funnily enough ….I’ve never met him or her (or it) but the children are helping this person on a mission….apparently?

Blythswood shoebox appeal

Blythswood Shoebox Appeal

Primary 5 are organising this year’s Blythswood Shoebox Appeal!

The Blythswood Shoebox appeal helps make Christmas a special time to those in need.

You have been given a leaflet, which tells you all about the Blythswood Shoebox appeal, how to make your shoebox and a checklist of things to include.

There are extra leaflets available at the office for anyone who needs.

We would be very grateful for any donations of filled shoeboxes, or any items which could help to fill a shoebox.

Please hand in all items and shoeboxes by Friday the 6th of November.

Thank you very much!

Love from Primary 5!

P5/4 Weekly Post

What a fun week! Full of poems and puppets!

We were listening to lots of poems by different poets. From Benjamin Zephania (Dis Poem), to Michael Rosen (The Car Journey), and from Charles Causley (Timothy Winters) to Margaret Hamilton (Lament to a Lost Dinner Ticket). This last one we copied carefully into our jotters (in pen!!!!) for handwriting practice this week. Here is Eliza’s lovely version. Great job Eliza!

You’ll probably have to get the children to interpret. (and I think it’s a slightly ruder word than BUN!!!)

Next we had fun with Conkers from the horse chestnut tree near my house. Very exciting to open up! I can’t walk past a lovely chestnut on the ground without picking it up…FACT.

In maths we were filling in the other sides of shapes to make symmetry. Quite challenging. We also made symmetrical Hallowe’en shapes.

We had great fun with the puppets. Not sure the world is ready for the premiers yet….but here are some press shots of the performers!

A huge thanks to all for your support in this tricky first term. You have put up with the nonsense! They are a super class and I can’t wait to get going on next term.

Don’t mention Christmas…….!

P5/4 Weekly Blog

We have been working on symmetry this week and have copied some shapes and marked lines of symmetry.

Connor brought in his fabulous rocks and fossils collection. His favourite was the real fossilised dinosaur tooth!

We are working, with our lovely neighbours in the class next door, on a display all about kindness. We have managed to get everyone’s hands onto two big hearts. More about this to follow.

Lastly, the children are working hard on their puppet shows. The puppets are a bit worse for wear from overuse in rehearsals….so fingers crossed they make it to the actual performance!

Have a super weekend!

P5/4 Weekly Post

We were up to a lot this week as usual. Here’s a taster…

The children used chalk to create these spooky White Witch’s castle pictures. They look effective against the black.

We used a game called Target Boards to practise numeracy.

Although they look a wee bit like slices of pizza (!) these are actually Lions! The bunting is for the school bunting for change challenge. We chose to do Aslan from our topic book on one side of the bunting, and the red flower adopted by the people of Belarus on the other.

We were thinking that the people of Belarus had a bit of a problem with a dictator in charge…who won’t be moved…just like the White Witch!

Have a great weekend!

p5/4 Weekly Blog

Our problem solving task today was based on a crossword, but with numbers. Cullen, Connor, Mia and Niamh got it ALL correct. Tricky!

We were continuing on our journey with MACBETH! the musical. The one we’re doing is a jazzy wee number! But Connor is clearly loving it!

We did these gorgeous pictures with Mrs Scotston…

Finally …finishing with a lovely picnic in the class. (We needed the tables pushed back for Macbeth!)

Have a wonderful weekend!

P5/4 Weekly Post

We watched a Roald Dahl Day special by Puffin Schools presented by Radzi Chinyanganya. There were games, a reading by Stanley Tucci (!) and the children got to copy the work of illustrator Dapo Adeola in a live drawing session.

We also did problem solving with Roald Dahl characters. It was a competition, and Ava M and Orchid won! Great job girls!

P5/4 Weekly Blog

Lots of fun today making puppets. Jack made Aslan, and Erin made the Evil White Witch’s servant. We will be using them for performances before the end of term!

We also did competitive problem solving. How fast can you work out the answers to this?

Cullen and Connor were superfast. They worked out a pattern and applied it to each number, then looked at the numbers that weren’t the same! Great job boys!!!!!