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P5/4 Weekly Post

We were up to a lot this week as usual. Here’s a taster…

The children used chalk to create these spooky White Witch’s castle pictures. They look effective against the black.

We used a game called Target Boards to practise numeracy.

Although they look a wee bit like slices of pizza (!) these are actually Lions! The bunting is for the school bunting for change challenge. We chose to do Aslan from our topic book on one side of the bunting, and the red flower adopted by the people of Belarus on the other.

We were thinking that the people of Belarus had a bit of a problem with a dictator in charge…who won’t be moved…just like the White Witch!

Have a great weekend!

p5/4 Weekly Blog

Our problem solving task today was based on a crossword, but with numbers. Cullen, Connor, Mia and Niamh got it ALL correct. Tricky!

We were continuing on our journey with MACBETH! the musical. The one we’re doing is a jazzy wee number! But Connor is clearly loving it!

We did these gorgeous pictures with Mrs Scotston…

Finally …finishing with a lovely picnic in the class. (We needed the tables pushed back for Macbeth!)

Have a wonderful weekend!

P5/4 Weekly Post

We watched a Roald Dahl Day special by Puffin Schools presented by Radzi Chinyanganya. There were games, a reading by Stanley Tucci (!) and the children got to copy the work of illustrator Dapo Adeola in a live drawing session.

We also did problem solving with Roald Dahl characters. It was a competition, and Ava M and Orchid won! Great job girls!

P5/4 Weekly Blog

Lots of fun today making puppets. Jack made Aslan, and Erin made the Evil White Witch’s servant. We will be using them for performances before the end of term!

We also did competitive problem solving. How fast can you work out the answers to this?

Cullen and Connor were superfast. They worked out a pattern and applied it to each number, then looked at the numbers that weren’t the same! Great job boys!!!!!