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P5/4 Weekly Blog

As usual, we have been up to lots of things this week. Mostly we have been revising all the things we have learnt this year, but we have had time to do some other shenanigans too!

We were learning a new trick shown to us by Goblinda!

Playing ‘The Noisy Game’ to practise our tables…

Making a Mouse Coding Challenge, for our Escape Room…

…and continuing this amazing suit of armour, by Cameron and friends!

We are hoping to take a Corona friendly trip to the park for a picnic at the end of term. Hopefully on the 25th May, for all who would like to walk down with us, or meet us there. More details to follow.

Primary 5/4 Weekly Blog

We have been having a lot of fun with the Scottish Opera’s ‘The Last Aliens!’ as the choreography is fab. We can still only whisper sing though!

There was a terrible crime in our class this week, Ziggy the monkey was kidnapped! Fortunately he had time to leave us some clues as to whodunnit!

We were looking at ‘Greater than’ and ‘Smaller than’ in Algebra.

The children showed off their magic skills this afternoon. Superb!

Finally I have attached the Termly Overview for you to have a wee look at.

P5/4 Weekly Blog

What a fun week back it has been in p5/4.

We were looking at Information Handling or Statistics in maths.

We firstly collected leaves and put them together to make our ‘Raw Data’ collection, but soon discovered that this was not ideal for getting information easily or quickly.

The p5s made Tally Charts or Frequency Tables to make some order out of various raw data scenarios. They took pictures of their work…and got a bit carried away with the camera!

We were working out direction as well. Using our direction finders and some chairs and cuddly toys, we worked out instructions that we will be able to use when we are coding this term.

We are able to access Scottish Opera using our ipads. The online show this year is called, “The Last Aliens!” and we are going to be doing this each week for the next wee while. Then we do a performance of the piece along with the Scottish Opera professionals. We are not allowed to sing or do movements in class yet…but we can whisper/sing AND do movement if we are outside!

I will post our Termly Overview here and on Google Classroom next week.


Primary 5/4 Weekly Blog

What a long, hard term this has been for all concerned….BUT we made it. The fabulous primary 5/4 have risen to every challenge and we should all be so proud of them.

This week we were finishing off the marvellous Charlotte Holmes mystery. We have had such fun with this resource that I bought the next adventure from this imaginative and resourceful puppet theatre company (The BigTiny) called,’Balthazar Snapdragon!’ We have looked at the welcome video, and we can’t wait to discover the rest of the mysteries next term.

Mrs Scotston made us a challenging Easter Trail round the school with QR codes. What a lot of fun the children had finding all the eggs.

We had great fun with drama today. The children had various drama activities to get them loosened up, (not that they need it, as they are lovely, confident children I’m happy to say!) then we reenacted some of the scenes from the Charlotte Holmes adventure. Very imaginative!

Finally, congratulations to Nathan who got Pupil of the Month. Nathan is such a hard worker. and he always has a smile! (or half a one like this photo…..blame the photographer!)

Have a fabulous holiday!

P5/4 Weekly Update

Another week! This one went quickly for me. We made a Lockdown emotion wall this week. A great idea from Miss Macdonald, who is very good at this kind of thing…

The trigger of the emotion was Lockdown 2 and this is represented by the sun. The flowers are the children’s emotions, and the blades of grass show the behaviours that these feelings made them show. Finally the clouds have the children’s coping strategies on them. Clever!

Our Charlotte Holmes mystery is cracking along at a fair old pace, and all the children have their own theories about who did the crimes. Ioan was the hero of the day when he worked out the solution to the mystery of who stole Sir Jeremy’s favourite ring. Alice the Maid was able to walk free! We had to decode morse code and work out a shift code too.

The Charlotte Holmes information display looks better and better, as we add more clues.

We were working on coordinates revision too, with some fairly complex Bart and Lisa Simpson coordinate grids.

Have a super weekend!

P5/4 Weekly Blog! We’re Back!

So lovely to see the children again! We have had a very full week of activities, and because of this, especially the baking, I didn’t manage to get the usual post up on Friday. But here it is on Monday. I hope you will keep looking at our page, as it’s a good record of all the shenanigans we get up to in class. (That’s if I remember to take the camera….or then remember to take photos!)

Firstly we had a fabulous treat from Mrs K on Monday, to celebrate us all being back together again. MMMMMMMM! Mieles!

The children were really enjoying just simply being with each other, so they made names for their groups, and worked as a team to colour them in. Compromising and making sure no one got left out……very important!

We went outside to make 2D shapes. The triangles are all three different types, as well as some attempts at 3D building! I don’t really know why Cameron has such a HUGE stick!?

During lockdown I came across a fantastic resource from the Batley Theatre Company in England. People are so resourceful! This company has started making mystery boxes for families in lockdown. A box arrives in the post, and you and your family have a brilliant 7 day adventure with our intrepid hero Charlotte Holmes. It is such a fabulous resource, I ordered it for us!

We have been learning card games with Charlotte……

And baking! This is what’s called EXTREME TEACHING! 24 children 3 different recipes! And I didn’t do any of it. The children were BRILLIANT!

That’s all for now, but keep looking each week!

World Book Day 2021 – £1 Book Tokens!

World Book Day is back with their fabulous selection of £1 books!  To find out more information about the selection of books available this year, please visit:

Normally, we would be distributing £1 book tokens in school, which can be exchanged for one of these brilliant books, or £1 off any other book of your choice.

This year, World Book Day are making digital book vouchers available for all pupils. In order to get a digital voucher, you will need to download the attached PDF and print the voucher off. It can then be used in any participating retailer. The tokens are vaild from Thursday 18th February – Sunday 28th March.

There is also a fabulous selection of ideas and activities related to both story telling and the £1 books available on the World Book Day website. Have fun enjoying the magic of books!

P5/4 Blog

What a fun party! Lots of games and lots of prizes!

Callan is upset because he couldn’t join in with his favourite dances!

The rest of them SAY they are not having fun….but can I draw your attention to the smiles on their cheery wee faces. Well…..some of them!

Pass the Parcel….with forfeits of course!

A HUGE Merry Christmas from myself, Mrs H and Mrs F. We will see all you wonderful children again after Christmas. Hope you have been good!!!!! (Don’t worry, I sent Santa very good reports about you all from school.) Happy Holidays!

Thank you message for all the food donations from Lochardil Larder!

Please see the presentation below for our thank you message for all the food donations from Lochardil Larder!

P5/4 Weekly Blog

Nearly there! We made some lovely Christmas cards with beautiful new pastels.

In writing, we were doing instructions on how to make the said Christmas cards. We looked at instructions from books, and followed instructions on how to make a paper aeroplane. We then had a flying competition.

Have a look where Mia’s landed! She got the prize for highest…and longest in the air!

We’re loving social dancing!

And our class is looking more and more Medievally……

Party on Tuesday. Remember to provide your child with a nice party snack if you can.

So get ready to swing your party pants! Can’t wait!

P5/4 Weekly Blog

Hurrah!!!! It’s social dancing! The children’s favourite. Hee hee! To be honest…they pretend they don’t like it, but when you look at them dancing they all have big grins on their faces, and there is much hilarity! In the following pictures, I captured Eliza and William doing a perfect Gay Gordon’s turn. Great job you two!

We have been rehearsing our Christmas song for the BSL Christmas Song Bonanza.

Can the children please bring in something Christmassy to wear on Monday as we will be recording our song on Monday, or Tuesday. Anything at all.

The classroom transformation has begun. Some super collaborations, compromises and problem solving going on. They are in charge…I’m only the facilitator…and the one who says, ” No that’s actually impossible,” if anything gets a bit OTT!

Have super weekend.

P5/4 Weekly Post

Primary 5/4 Weekly Blog

Last week’s blog wasn’t working for me as my google account went bonkers. However, I caught up on Monday so last week’s pictures etc will be there if you look at the p5/4 blog.

We shifted topic from ‘time’ this week, and had a look at ‘angles.’ The children are using a right angle measure that they made themselves, to find right angles in the room.

We were looking at Op Art in class, and made an optical illusion of our own.

You will be delighted to read our battle scenes that we have been working on all this week. The children are trying to tick ALL the writing boxes, for this piece of work that’s going home!

Have a lovely weekend!

P5/4 Weekly Post (late!)

I had issues with chrome on Friday, but happily these have been resolved. Photos from the week as promised…

We played a crazy game invented by children called, ‘The Noisy Game.’ (Named by an adult…) Ask your child how to play it. It’s quickfire and funny, and involves frequent trips on ‘The Train of Shame!’

We have been working hard on our imaginative stories. We’re doing them stage by stage, and collaborating with various friends, to get the best use of vocabulary and writing ‘special effects,’ that we can.

The P7 Broom House Captains and friends, gave us a super KAHOOT quiz on Friday which Jack won! Well done Jack!

Finally, we were working on clock times with a very tricky puzzle.

Sorry again for the delay.

Blythswood Shoebox Appeal

Thank you so much to everyone who has donated to the Blythswood Shoebox Appeal! Thanks to your kindness and generosity we have collected 61 boxes along with donations of money and gifts. It is really appreciated!

Children in Need

Thank you so much to everyone who donated to Children in Need today! So far we have raised an amazing £533! Thank you so much for your generosity and kindness. We had so much fun and it was really lovely to see our friends in other classes virtually during our school quiz!

P5/4 Weekly Blog

We started medieval weaving this week, which is great fun! The children are able to do the weaving whilst listening to our class book – Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.