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*REMINDER* Registration for School Age Childcare (SAC) (Out of School Club and Breakfast Club)

Just a reminder for all parents to require School Age Childcare (SAC) – formally known as Out of School Club and Breakfast Club to register their children for next term.

All children need to be re-registered for each school term, and each child needs a separate form.

The Google form can be found at

Thank you

Out of School Club 21.05.2021

Hello everyone!

This week, we have spent some time outside where some of the girls did some litter picking in the back field – photos below on how much they picked up. Massive well done girls!

We have also been enjoying some quiet reading time, using the air hockey, drawing and crafts, and construction.

OOSC – 19.03.2021 – Welcome Back!

Hello everyone!

We wish to welcome back everyone to a more “normal” OOSC! While we have been open to provide key worker childcare, it is nice to have a larger group of children back with us. More friends for everyone to play with!

We have been enjoying the nice weather outside this week. The children have been using chalks to draw on the slabs outside, and others have been doing some ‘gardening’ up at the hedge.

Some lovely artwork!
What a lovely afternoon!

Thank you message for all the food donations from Lochardil Larder!

Please see the presentation below for our thank you message for all the food donations from Lochardil Larder!

OOSC – 15/12/2020

Hi everyone!

Well, that’s us in our last full week before Christmas. In Out of School Club, we have managed out to the MUGA a few times, and have been playing games inside like Twister, Marble Run and Guess Who.

Miss Watson has made some Christmas crackers using some art sets (which were very kindly donated!) with some of the children. She hopes to get some more children involved this week.

Making Christmas Cards

OOSC – 24.11.2020

Hello everyone!

This week, we have spent a little more time inside due to the decrease in temperature. We did manage out to the MUGA last week which the children enjoyed!

We have been doing a lot of pictures, including doing some Christmas cards!

Please remember to make sure that children have appropriate clothing and potentially a change of clothes too. During the day, the field is open to be played on and the children can get (very) muddy while they play.

OOSC – 03.11.2020

Wow, here we are in November already!

This week, we have been building with Lego, magnetic tubes and the PlusPlus blocks, as well as playing with the lovely Autumn leaves which have fallen in the playground.

Blythswood shoebox appeal

Blythswood Shoebox Appeal

Primary 5 are organising this year’s Blythswood Shoebox Appeal!

The Blythswood Shoebox appeal helps make Christmas a special time to those in need.

You have been given a leaflet, which tells you all about the Blythswood Shoebox appeal, how to make your shoebox and a checklist of things to include.

There are extra leaflets available at the office for anyone who needs.

We would be very grateful for any donations of filled shoeboxes, or any items which could help to fill a shoebox.

Please hand in all items and shoeboxes by Friday the 6th of November.

Thank you very much!

Love from Primary 5!

OOSC – 27/10/2020 – Welcome back!

We wish to give you all a big welcome back after the October holidays! We hope you all had a lovely time!

Here are a few snaps from before the holidays and from yesterday too! We look forward to having more fun in the lead up to Christmas in Out of School Club with some craft activities but still having some time outside when we can – so make sure your child has appropriate warm clothing! Thanks.

OOSC – 06.10.2020

Over this last week, we have gradually moved inside as the weather has been slightly more cold and wet. Please remember to ensure your child has adequate clothing for outdoor conditions, and perhaps even a change of clothes over the coming winter months. Thankyou!

We have been up to loads of fun things over the last week! We have been doing arts and crafts with Miss V, lego, air hockey and drawing!

Shona is concentrating on a masterpiece….
Working hard, girls!
Wow, great spaceship, Gregor!
What are you making with Miss V, Ruby?
Who’s winning at air hockey?
Who are these two beautiful unicorns?
Great job, Janet! Beautiful pom pom flowers!
Who’s that behind the mask?

We have a growing number of items that have been left behind in our Room 12. There are some pictures below. If you recognise anything, or think something belongs to your child, please let us know.

Some water bottles left behind
Do you recognise any items?

Hope you all have a good week!

OOSC – 29.09.2020


Over this last week, we have been so lucky that we are still able to go outside for Out of School Club – the weather is definitely feeling cooler though!

Hopefully you score a goal, Kenny!
Ellie’s found a big worm!
Louis has been practising his numbers. Great job!

As you can see, we have found plenty of things to do outside, and they are having fun.

OOSC – 22.09.2020

Hello again, everyone!

Over the last week, we have been playing outside a lot. We found some worms in the field, a big one and a ‘baby one’. We had a chat about worms, where they like to live and what other creatures live in the ground. The boys were also playing a bit of football, and catch as well.

That’s a tiny worm, Bethan!
Are there any worms in there, Lily?
Who’s going to catch the ball?

Out of School Club – Week beginning 15/09/2020

We have had lots of fun in Out of School Club over the last week. Some of the children have been doing some lovely pictures, and our Arts and Crafts Wall is filling up!

Artwork being created…
Our Arts and Crafts wall is filling up!

We have also spent some time outside, playing some games like ‘Duck, Duck Goose!’ and ‘What’s the time, Mr. Wolf?’ It was fun to play all together!

“What’s the time, Mr. Wolf?!’

We have also been building tall towers, and catching up with friends.

Wow, that’s a tall tower!
Smiles while chatting with friends…

Please remember to return the registration forms we gave out over the last week – we would be very grateful!

Looking forward to seeing you all back tomorrow after our inservice days!

Out of School Club – 8th September 2020

We have been enjoying Out of School Club over the last week.

We have been doing some dance routines to Youtube videos, building towers almost as tall as ourselves, and playing outside. Luckily the weather has been holding out for us!


We will be giving consent forms over the next few days. These include important information about allergies, consent for photographs to go online (like this blog) and emergency contact information – please fill these out and return them to us as soon as possible. Thankyou


We wish to welcome everyone to Out of School Club, returners and new faces alike! We are delighted to be up and running again.

Over these last couple of weeks, we have been adjusting to the changes which these strange times have guided us to make.

We always try to make as many toys available as possible to all our boys and girls, but due to cleaning and required quarantining this means that we are now working on a more rotational basis when it comes to toys and resources.

In Out of School Club, we have been taking advantage of the lovely weather and going outside (clinging on to the last of the summer sunshine!). It has been great to see the children playing together and getting reacquainted with their school pals they perhaps haven’t seen for a while.

Over the coming weeks, we will give you updates on what we have been up to.

Again, a huge welcome back to everyone – it is lovely to see you all.