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ELC – Ach an Eas

As we are still unable to visit our friends at Ach an Eas, we have been busy getting some bits together to send to them. We thought it would be a lovely idea to supply all the things they need to have a tea party. So with a little help from the children, Miss Kelman has done a fantastic job of creating bunting, making cards, getting their favourite biscuits and taking pictures so the residents can see what we have been up to !! She has also prepared a wee art activity to match the one that we have been doing in nursery alongside our Rainbow Fish book study.

We hope to be able to share photos with you all of their artwork and enjoying themselves at the tea party !!

ELC – Talking & Thinking Floorbooks

Absolutely fantastic learning this week in nursery. From talking about feelings and how sea-life might feel if their homes were full of rubbish. To where rubbish should go and why. We talked about the big word ‘Pollution’ and will be moving on to talk more about this and what happens when our rubbish gets taken away.

All of the things we have talked about and learnt about has come from our book study on The Rainbow Fish. The children have shared their own thoughts and feelings and the staff have loved seeing what ideas the children have and where we will go next !!

ELC – Cauliflower Cards

Sorry but someone has to mention it… Christmas !! ???

The children will be bringing home their Cauliflower Cards design sheets. Please complete these at home and order through the website before returning the completed form to nursery. The deadline for these in order to receive in time for Christmas Card delivery is Friday 23rd October.

If you have any questions, please speak to a member of staff.

ELC – Emails and Google Classroom

Just a reminder that key workers will be sending out weekly/fortnightly emails to parents documenting learning pathway observations and personal learning steps. Other important information may be shared this way also so please do check inbox’s and spam folders.

Please also check the google classroom for home link tasks that we would love for you all to get involved with.

If you have any questions, please speak to a member of staff.

ELC – Reduce Reuse Recycle

We have been talking about things in the sea that shouldn’t be there and how we can help to keep rubbish and other things out of the water. We are aware that some things cannot be reused but yesterday we did our bit of recycling after afternoon snack. Taking our yoghurt pots we took them up to the blue bin to be taken away and made into something else. We could also see the what other things could be recycled.

ELC – Class Charters

Our Class Charters are finished !!

The children have been working so hard on designing their own indvidual scales, colouring, writing and taking beautiful pictures! We are so proud of what they have done to make our class charter a wonderful bright wall display.

Our class charters talk about our rights. We have featured the following articles;

Article 19 – The right to be safe
Article 27 – The right to a home
Article 28 – The right to go to school
Article 31 – The right to rest and play

The children are enjoying seeing their work and their pictures on the wall and discussing the meanings of these rights and more.

ELC – Google Classroom

We have now got our new session google classroom up and running. All children will have received an invite to join via email. Please log in using the deatails supplied to you. We have lots of home link activites (as we cannot send things home just now) and family engagement information.

If you are having issues logging in, please let us now and we will be able to assist.

We will be using the google classroom along side the blog. We have the first home link activity and family engagement task up today.

We cant wait to see the classroom filling up with your fantastic pictures.

Have fun!

ELC – Bike to School Week

Bike To School Week is a week-long programme of activities that celebrates all the fantastic things schools are doing to promote cycling to school. It takes place between 28 September and 2 October 2020.

As pupils return to school and nursery following lockdown, active travel is more important than ever to help pupils get to school safely and healthily.

We will do a tally daily, to see how many children took part in the challenge.

Bike to School Week 2019 23-27 Sept

ELC – Family Engagement

Please see the link to our Family Engagement calendar which runs from August to December. Please note events may be added or cancelled dependent on the Covid – 19 guidance at the time.

Your child’s key worker will be in touch to arrnage a time for ‘Hopes and Dreams’ google meet if you would like this.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

ELC – Learning Wall

The children have loved talking about the characters in our story ‘The Rainbow Fish’ and how they feel. They have their own ideas about why they might feel the way they do and have made amazing contributions to our mind map.

Next we will be talking about our feelings and what makes us happy or sad.

ELC – Week 4

We have had lots of fun exploring and discussing different things in the ocean. The children have been learning numbers with our octopus numeracy game, playing games togther and taking tunrs with out sea creature matching game, making our own rainbow fish with coloured stones and fishing in our ‘fish pond’ outside. We have also been working hard on our class charter, we can’t wait to show you!

We have also been talking about our book ‘The Rainbow Fish’ and discussing the feelings of the different characters and adding our thoughts to our mindmap.

ELC – Field Gym

Today we enjoyed gym outside on the field. We played the traffic light game and the aeroplane game. The children were so good at listening to instructions, changing their body shapes to take off, fly and land. We also played duck, duck, goose where all the children were super at taking turns and cheering for one another. Alfie treated us to some meditation at the end of our session to cool our bodies down!

ELC – Our Learning Wall

The children have been talking about the characters from our book The Rainbow Fish and how they fit into the story. We will now be talking about the emotions of the characters and how they may feel throughout the story. Our floor books will be on display on the window just along from the nursery front door. Be sure to check it out through the week to see the children’s thoughts.

ELC – Paperwork Update

We have now been advised that it is OK to send paperwork home for updates, further information etc, as well as children’s work. If you are not happy to accept anything home at the moment due to the current conditions, please speak to your child’s key worker who will be able to arrange alternative contact measures.

Thank you.

ELC – The Rainbow Fish

This week the children have been interested in the story The Rainbow Fish.

Following on from this, we will be talking about the characters in the story, about other animals under the sea, emotions of the characters and taking part in lots of different fishy activities.

We will also be completing our class charter in The Rainbow Fish style, so we are very excited to show once this has been completed!

ELC – WOW Wall

Our WOW wall is looking a little bit bare. We would love to share all the fantastic accomplishments on the board in our hallway.

Our motto from our WOW wall is :

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
You tried your hardest now here you are!

Perhaps you have learnt to ride your bike, slept in a big bed, got dressed by yourself, remembered to hold your grown up’s hand when walking on the pavement, counted up to 10, tried a new food or taken part in a virtual activity. Anything that has made you feel PROUD, we would love to hear about it !

It could be a a picture of you doing the activity or maybe something you have won like a certificate or a medal (we can take a picture and return the original to you).

We can’t wait to see/hear all about your achievement(s).

ELC – Sun Cream

As we are experiencing some rather hot and delightful weather at the moment, which we hope will continue for little bit longer, could we please ask you to hand in sun cream to one of our team at drop off or pick up or pop into your child’s bag. We would be grateful if sun cream could be applied before arriving to nursery and staff will be able to re-apply if necessary/requested. We will label each sun cream and it will only be used for your child.

Also, please could children have changes of clothing and clothing appropriate for wet weather in their bags as it can change very quickly and they may need a jacket for outside play or a change in case of any accidents.

Thank you in advance.

The ELC Team

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