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That’s our first week of online learning done! You have all done amazing in completing our activities and engaging with the posts.

We have loved looking at the pictures and videos that you have posted, making all the teachers super proud. You all look like you have been super busy, creating your rainbow pictures, doing your daily exercise, completing jigsaws and being great choar champions.

Keep up the good work and we will be back in 2 weeks to do some more fun activities. Thank you and keep safe!

ELC – Classroom

Google Classrooms

You should by now have received communication from your child’s key worker with login details for Google Classroom. If you have not received an email, please let us know and email as it may have been noted down incorrectly or it could be in your junk mail.

A big thanks to those of you that have engaged with our online learning so far, the teachers have loved seeing your posts.

ELC – 16.3.20

Coronavirus Update! Please note that the following will NOT go ahead for the foreseeable future: Ach an Eas visits Mackenzie Centre visits Easter Eggstravaganza – Numeracy session (Thursday 26th March) Easter Singalong (Friday 27th March) Tooth brushing (daily) Forest Sessions will be continuing as normal. Drop off and Pick up: We appreciate your co-operation so far with handwashing, however due to new guidance we will be asking parents to remain outside at drop off and pick up. Staff will sign in and out on your behalf. Thank you for your understanding and co-operation. ?

ELC- Ach an Eas, 11th March 2020

This week at Ach an Eas the children and residents participated in making their own play dough. They helped to add the ingredients, mixing them together. The children and residents explored the play dough using cutters, stamps and their imagination to create different objects. The children kindly made some of their creations for the residents. We finished off the session by singing some of our Easter songs in the lounge.

ELC – 13.03.20

we have our Easter Number Extravaganza coming up on Thursday 26th of March. A letter with all the information you need has been put in each child’s tray, children who don’t attend on a Thursday are invited in and a time is highlighted on their letter. If you have any questions please ask the ELC team.

ELC – 13.03.20

We have had a busy week looking at where do we buy food. Most children discussed that we get food from Tesco and other shops and some were able to share that “you get meat from a butchers” Teddy. Therefor next week we are going to continue to look at shops and we would appreciate if you are out shopping at any shop, bakery or butcher to please send us a picture. We have also been busy at developing our ball control skills at gym this week and looking at money. Also we would be grateful if you could please donate some tissues to us as we are running low.

ELC – Family Science Engagement

Thank you to everyone who came along and support our science evening. It was great to see everyone so engaged mums, dads, and siblings. We discovered lots of fun things and seen how fun and simple science can be. A huge thank you to Donnie for coming along and supporting us in learning even more and sharing his enthusiasm of science. We look forward to seeing how your cress grow and your homework.

ELC – 06.03.20

This week we have been exploring where does food come from, discussing that we get food from shops but also learning that food comes from plants and animals. Next week we are going to explore where can we buy food, eg Tesco, Butchers and Bakers. We have also been exploring money this week, identifying different numbers. Have a lovely weekend ?

ELC – 05/03/20

Today we have been looking and discussing our favourite books for World Book Day, some of us also dressed as our favourite characters. Also a reminder, if you could please hand back our Science event letter which takes place next Thursday 12th March so we know how many are attending please.

ELC – Forest Session 2

we had our second visit to the forest! It was a great action packed afternoon and all children loved it. We got a little bit muddy but a muddy child is a happy child and we could defiantly see that yesterday some of the children enjoyed making mud angels others showed more confidence as they explored in the mud jumping and splashing.

We then measured trees using ourselves we all found a tree and joint hand to see how many kids it took to measure the tree. Ryan “this one needs 4 children” We noticed some trees we could just put our two hands round because they were so small! Why not try this and get them to teach you on your next forest visit we’d loved to see your photos. They can be sent to Miss Paul. Maybe you even have a tree in your garden or way to school?

On our way back to our meeting point we found a tree we could swing in some children even managed to write letter using sticks and mud and acorns. What a great day!

ELC – 28.2.20

Marks and Spencer’s have a competition on, where children are invited to draw their dream garden for the chance to win 80 seedling kits to plant at your local school. Also every £20 you spend you get a box of seedling. As we are looking at where our food comes from and how things grow it would be greatly appreciated if you wish to enter the competition or donate a box of seedlings. We are also looking for donations of milk bottles to help build our green house.

Congratulations to Louis for receiving pupil of the month certificate for being super caring and kind at Wee Mac’s, well done louis! We hope you have a lovely weekend

ELC – 27.02.19

Parents booking forms are now available on the MOL ELCC blog and Milton of Leys Primary blog. Parents will be required to complete a booking form, All About Me forms and Childcare Registration forms to enable their child to attend the Easter holiday provision at MoL. The deadline for parents returning forms is Friday 6th March 2020. with places confirmed by Friday 13th March 2020.

ELC- Ach an Eas, 20th February 2020

Last week the children split into two groups again for the second Spokes for Folks trip. Miss MacLeod spent time at Ach an Eas making music shakers with Eliza, Ella, Liam and some of the residents. Koen, Louis, Amelia and Sophie headed out on the bikes with Miss Kelman and Alec, Etta and Helen from the care home. We cycled along the river and up to the High Street. Alec enjoyed pointing out familiar shops to the children. When we pulled into the Care Home Louis said “that was a fun ride”.

ELC Forest Session 1

The children had lots of fun exploring the forest in the snow yesterday. We had hot chocolate and pancakes in the forest then enjoyed rolling down the hill in the snow. We found a new swing while exploring and enjoyed some muddy puddles.

Seth “this is lots of fun”

Eliza “I love it”

Alfie “be careful”

Selfies became a fun game!
Nobody wanted left out!
Jenny “and me”

ELC – 25.02.20

This week we have started to explore where food comes from. We had a visit from a lady from The Royal Highland Education Trust Highland Countryside Initiative , showing us pictures of what happens on a farm. She also discussed how butter was made and showed us how to grind seeds to make flour. All children showed good listening and learned a lot about what happens on a farm. Today we made our own pancakes and we got to try them at story time being able to describe how they taste, “Mine is so yummy in my tummy” Eliza. We are also continuing discussions on spring and have been making our own daffodil pictures at the art table.

ELC- Ach an Eas, 13th February 2020

Unfortunately due to the weather our trip with Spokes for Folks was cancelled so all the children stayed at the care home to participate in a Valentine’s Day craft activity. The residents and children spent time decorating love hearts with tissue paper and a selection of buttons. The children kindly gifted some of their love hearts to the residents. We then had story time and songs in the lounge which was lovely as more residents could join us. Some of children demonstrated increasing confidence as they sang independently in the lounge.

ELC- Ach an Eas, 6th February 2020

This week Miss MacLeod headed out on the Spokes for Folks bikes with three residents, Bethan, Eliza, Ella and Liam on an exciting trip to Whin Park. The children were delighted to share what they had been up to when they returned. Miss Kelman spent time playing ‘Winter Picture Bingo’ and ‘Ice Cream Pairs’ with Amelia, Sophie, Koen, Louis Py and some of the residents. We then played a game that Koen introduced us to- ‘Guess the Food’ where the children were developing their descriptive skills. We ended the session back together reading ‘The Smartest Giant in Town’. Next week Miss Kelman will head out on the bikes with her group.

ELC- Ach an Eas, 30th January 2020

Last week to follow on from our Scottish theme we made tartan pictures with the residents. We decorated strips of paper and threaded them through to create a tartan effect. We then spent some time playing with some table top games. One group played ‘ice cream pairs’ and the others played the ‘shopping list game’. The children were great at helping and reminding the residents when it was their turn in the game.

ELC – 06/02/20

Apologies, we haven’t managed to update you on what we have been busy with the past two weeks as the Blog system has been down. We have been super busy continuing discussions on hibernation and matched each animal to their correct habitat when playing our sorting and matching maths game. This week we are looking at why animals come out of hibernation, inviting children to discuss the changes in weather and season. Last week we explored Robert Burns and we were given the opportunity to try haggis neeps and tatties. We also tried on a kilt, discussing tartan and then we practiced some Scottish dancing.

ELC Date to remember 31st January

A letter has been put in each child’s tray with details on our Books and Buns Session.

We will be hosting a family learning session for you and your child from 1:15pm – 2:15pm in room 12 next to the ELC Building. we will be providing parents and carers with an insight on how we conduct Book reading and story time with our children here at lochardil ELC. We will share with you how Books and Storytelling has many wonderful benefits such as building their confidence in speech, language and social skills. During the session you will have the opportunity to read with you child and enjoy some refreshments in an informal setting.

ELC – 21/01/20

This week we have begun to discuss hibernation in more detail looking at different animals that hibernate and how they hibernate. We have created our own nests at the art area and have covered our climbing frame to make our own hibernation area. We have been role playing animals that hibernate by using puppets and dressing up costumes, knowing that “they sleep for a long time” Arran.

ELC – 17.01.20

This week the children have had a lot of discussions around animals that hibernate. We would be grateful if anyone has any resources relating to any animals that hibernate, for example, puppets, any material, books, toy, dvd etc.

We have also been very busy outside making bird feeders and hanging them in the nursery garden as we are aware “it’s cold for the worms to come out so birds will be hungry and we need to make them bird feeders” (Megan).

ELC – 14.01.20

This week we have started to talk about animals that hibernate and at the art area we have made our own hedgehogs  by using paint and forks to make spikes. We have also started having more jobs to do in nursery, we get to be a snack champion who gets to chop up fruit and prepare the snack table. We have an oudoor champion  who has to check that our outside area is safe to play. Also the special helper now assesses the tidying in their base room.

ELC – 20.12.19

We have had a very busy last few days. Well done to all children who showed great confidence, good singing and great action at our sing a long on Thursday. Thank you all for coming along and supporting us. We also had great fun at our Christmas party today, filling our tummies with party food and dancing to Christmas songs. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year love form us all at ELC.

ELC – Thank you for joining us…

We would like to say a big thank for such a fantastic attendance for our singalong this morning. We are delighted that so many of you could join us to see all the children’s hard work come together as they sang their Christmas songs.

We would also like to thank the residents of Ach an Eas and the Mackenzie Centre and to Spoke for Folks for once again helping in getting them there !!

ELC- Ach an Eas Christmas Party 2019

Miss Kelman and some of the children were kindly invited to Ach an Eas for the residents Christmas party with their families. We had so much fun dancing with the residents, even Miss Kelman and the parents got involved! It was so lovely to hear the manager speaking so highly about the children and saying that we are part of the Ach an Eas family. We wish them all a very Merry Christmas and are looking forward to seeing some of the residents at our singalong this morning! (Check out the photos and videos below)

ELC – Christmas Singalong

To confirm times for tomorrow Christmas singalong;

Doors open – 10am

Singalong Starts – 10:15am until 11am

If your child is usually attends an afternoon session or has been invited in, please drop them to the school hall via the side door. You will be asked to join everyone else at the main doors until children are seated on the stage.

If your children usually attends a morning or all day session, they will go to nursery as usual.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.

ELC – Christmas Singalong

A polite reminder for our Christmas singalong on Thursday morning. Children have either selected to be an angel or a shepherd and requested outfits were a follows;

Angel – white clothing and a length of tinsel

Shepherd – shirt, tea towel and tie

If you have any queries, please speak to a member of staff. Thank you.

ELC – Wee Mac’s – Week 4

We had a such a lovely day at Wee Mac’s this week. We were so lucky to have a visit from Spokes for Folks who came and took us and a couple of the Mackenzie Centre clients to it and about and thank goodness the rain stopped long enough for us to stay dry !! They wool us to the Drummond duck pond where we were able to feed the ducks who came right over as soon as they saw the bikes. When we arrived back it was time for story and lunch. The children have been fabulous with engaging with the clients and enjoying their time together.

ELC- Ach an Eas, 11th December 2019

We braved the weather this morning to head to Ach an Eas for our last session of this block. The children and residents were busy making Christmas cards for each other and their families. Summer helped to deliver a little Christmas gift to the staff and residents. Miss Kelman had a chat with Rosetta who said “Will you tell the parents that the children are a credit to them, and to you. They are so lovely. I love bairns, it lifts me” when they visit and “the residents adore them.” It was lovely to hear such an amazing feedback from one of the residents about our visits to their home.

ELC – 11.12.19

Well done to all the children who did fantastic singing and actions at the CCC today for the older people, all the teachers are very proud of you!

Also a reminder that their is one more Stay and Play session left if you fancy coming to play and see your childs learning – Wednesday 18th December.

ELC – 11.12.19

Dates to Remember ? Monday 6th January – Schools back ?

Tuesday 21st January – “Coffee and Chat” – Parent Focus Group time TBC ?

W/B Monday 27th January – Primary 1 enrolment week ?

Friday 31st January – Literacy family event “Books and Buns” 1:15pm – 2:15pm ?

W/B Monday 10th February Early Learning and Childcare enrolment week ?

Monday 17th February – School Holiday, School Closed ?

Tuesday 18th February – School Holiday, School Closed ?

Wednesday 19th February – In-service day – School Closed ?

Thursday 19th March – Parent Council AGM 7pm ?

Thursday 26th March – Family learning event (Numeracy) Time TBC ?

Friday 27th March – Last day of school for the Easter Holidays ?

Monday 13th April – Easter Monday – School Closed ?

Tuesday 14th April – Schools first day back ?

Friday 8th May – May Day Holiday – School Closed ?

Monday 1st June – School In-service day – School Closed ?

Thursday 4th June – Family HWB event time TBC ?

Thursday 11th June – School Sports Day – P4 – P7 9.30am – P1 – P3 1.30pm ?

Friday 12th June – ELC Sports (AM and PM) Times TBC ?

Thursday 2nd July – Last day of school closed at 12pm

ELC – 10/12/19

Reminder to wear christmas clothing tomorrow Wednesday 11th December for christmas lunch. Also we are closed Thursday 12th december.

If anyone has had their child go home in nursery clothes could you please make sure you return them asap as we are running low, thank you. Also in relation to clothes, please could you put your child’s name on every item of clothing, shoes, gloves, bags etc, as a few things have gone home with the wrong child/things have gone missing. Thank you!

ELC – Wee Mac’s

We had such an exciting day at Wee Mac’s today. Not only did we have a new group of children who were able to explore the resources and surroundings, the weekly fire pit with marshmallows, but we were able to join the clients of the Mackenzie Centre for their annual Panto visit, ‘Handsome & Gretel’. The children were so engaged and really loved the performance. 

ELC- Ach an Eas, 4th December 2019

This morning the children headed down to Ach an Eas to perform our Christmas songs. They were super sensible when walking with their partners to and from the care home. The staff are so proud of the children as their singing was amazing! The residents loved joining in with the familiar songs, especially our last song ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas’. The staff provided us with a delicious snack of sandwiches and biscuits before walking back to nursery.


Forest session – Monday 9th December. This is the last forest session for the Monday AM Rainbows in the woods and we would like to invite parents to come and join us on our last session. If you wish to come and join us please meet at Lochardil woods for 9am Monday 9th December. Hopefully see you there.

ELC – 03/12/19

ELC Christmas Party Friday 20th December 9:30am – 11am OR 1pm – 2:30pm. If your child attends on a Friday their regular slot will remain the same. However, if you child does not attend on a Friday they will be invited in, please see note in your child’s tray 🙂

A Christmas party food list has been pinned up on the wall to the left of the lunches; we would appreciate if you would sign up to taking in an item please.

Also a big thank you for coming along to our MacMillan Coffee Morning we are delighted to tell you we raised £90.44. Thanks again!

ELC – Santa’s Grotto

Two of our cheeky little elves (Miss Paul & Miss Allardice) have been busy today getting ready for a special arrival. They have transformed our quiet room into Santa’s Grotto, compete with roaring fire, Santa’s chair and fairy lights galore. Fingers crossed he can fit us into his busy schedule before he does his Christmas deliveries !!

ELC – Mackenzie Centre – Week Two

Another great couple of days at the Mackenzie Centre this week. The children enjoyed toasting marshmallows over the fire pit, making mud pies, using the exploration table, playing games in the hut, dancing, singing with the clients in the Mackenzie Centre and even a bit of meditation !!

We are looking forward to taking a new group of children next week and showing them what we do at the Mackenzie Centre.

ELC – 29.11.19

A reminder that next Wednesday 4th December all Wednesday AM children will be going to Ach an Eas for Christmas sing along. Children are welcome to wear a Christmas jumper.                Also Wednesday the 11th December the children are performing their Christmas songs at the Culduthel Christian Centre at 11:40am. Children are invited to wear Christmas jumpers.                                                                                                                                                                          At the end of this week children have been getting into the festive spirit by helping put the Christmas trees up. Please remember to have a look through our lost property box.              Have a lovely weekend 🙂 ?

ELC – Story Bags

Could we kindly ask that all story bags are returned by the date stated in the book.  Due to the Christmas stories included we are hoping that we can give all children the opportunity to enjoy them at home with their families.  If they are not returned in time, this could mean that another child will miss out.

If you have any queries, please speak to Miss Paul.  Thank you for your understanding.

ELC – 26/11/19

Last week and this week, the children have been looking at form of transport in relation to the Police. The children have marked/written on the Police floor book to show different types of transport that police use. We have also been discussing how to travel safe, beside the road, in a car etc., and the children created their own zebra crossing and traffic light to role play how to travel safely.

ELC – ‘Wee Mac’s’ Session 1

What a fantastic first morning we had at Wee Mac’s. The children had a great time exploring the great outdoor space and new resources that we have there. From tent building to the mud kitchen, sandpit to fire pit, learning rules and interacting with clients that attend the Mackenzie Centre and singing Christmas songs. The end of the day bought us to story time around the fire then inside for lunch. We can’t wait for next week !!

ELC- Ach an Eas, 20th November 2019

This week the group enjoyed another fab session with Spokes for Folks. We headed out with the same residents as last week. We started off going along the river and across the bridge to Whin Park, where unfortunately there were no ducks! After a quick spin around the pond we went along the new bypass and headed back to Ach an Eas. Our amazing pilots managed to tackle Stratherrick hill and dropped us off at the school entrance!

ELC 15.11.19

Today we showed good listening when discussing Pudsey day, showing awareness that Pudsey “helps children who are sick and put a bandage on them like Pudsey’s eye patch” (Maybel). We also made our own Pudsey Patches putting lots of different coloured spots on them.

 We wish you all a nice weekend 🙂  ?

ELC- Ach an Eas, 13th November 2019

The chidren were very excited to go on their first trip with Spokes for Folks yesterday. We braved the frosty morning and headed out with the residents. Yesterday’s route included heading along to Tesco Ness-side, following the new bypass to the canal and lastly stopping off at Whin Park to feed the ducks. Finlay C said “We went to the park” to feed the ducks “with Alec”.

ELC – 13.11.19

World Nursery Rhyme Week, beginning Monday 18th November – Due to the 2 in-service days (Closed Thursday 21st November and Friday 22nd November) we are going to postpone nursery rhyme week. Therefore we will be celebrating this from 25th November.

The ‘Rhyme a Day’ challenge will focus on each rhyme in the following order: ? Monday 25th November: ‘Baa Baa Black Sheep’ ? Tuesday 26th November: ‘Down in the Jungle’ ? Wednesday 27th November: ‘Incy Wincy Spider’ ? Thursday 28th November: ‘Row Row Row Your Boat’ ? Friday 29th November: ‘Two Little Dickie Birds’ If your child does not attend on a certain day then please feel free to take part in the “Rhyme a Day” challenge at home.

Kind Regards Clare Mackenzie Childcare Manager

ELC – 13.11.19

Apologies for the link not working, hopefully it works now. Thank you

Dear parents/carers of our ELC Children We value our partnership with parents/carers to help us improve our service. Please follow the link below to complete a questionnaire by selecting the appropriate answers and feel free to add any comments in the box provided. We would really appreciate your participation with the questionnaires to enable us to develop our service. All responses to be in by Thursday 3rd October 2019.  

Many thanks ELC Team  

UNCRC Birthday Celebrations!

To celebrate the 30th birthday of the United Nations Rights of the Child, please enjoy a special day at school on Wednesday 20 November.

Come to school in your party clothes if you want to dress up!

Play some fun party games

Enjoy a special Celebration assembly with UNIKIDS.

Let’s have some fun as we remember all the UNCRC articles that we enjoy.

ELC – 12.11.19

This week we have been discussing Remembrance Day, thinking of the brave men and women who look after our country. The children showed respect by participating in a 2 minute silence in the ELC setting and also in the Forest. . We also explored different material to make our own Poppies to remember all the soldiers who fought for our country.

Also this week we have continued with discussions on police which has lead us to explore what technology police use…”they have walkie talkies to speak to other people” Koen, “ They have a torch to see in the dark for bad guys” Finlay. S.

In the woods this week the children have been busy learning the rules around a fire to prepare them for cooking on the fire next week.

Blythswood Shoebox Appeal 2019

A huge thank you to everyone who donated to our Blythswood Shoebox Appeal! We have collected a fantastic 52 boxes this year. These gifts are really treasured by those who receive them.

From Primary 5a

ELC – Delivery

The delivery of stones has arrived !! We are so grateful to Jewsons who donated this bag of gravel so we can replenish our outdoor construction area and as you can see Ben was very excited too !!

Again if anyone is able to help on Monday around 3pm, we would very much appreciate your help.

ELC – 08/11/19

We have had a busy week with discussions on how to keep safe around a bonfire which then led us onto looking at how police keep us safe. The children then investigated what police officers wear and drew around each other to create their own Rainbow and Buttercup police officers. We wish you all a lovely weekend 🙂

ELC- 8th November 2019

We would like to congratulate Spokes for Folks on their amazing achievements last night at the Highland Heroes award night. Not only did they win ‘Charitable Organisation of the Year’, they also came away with the ‘Overall Hero of the Year’ award. We are so proud to work with Spokes for Folks during our intergenerational sessions and cannot wait to continue the partnership!

Help wanted

ELC are requiring the help of some willing parents to come and move a new delivery of gravel to our construction area. If you could come along tomorrow at 3pm with a wheelbarrow and spade or just yourself to help us move the stones we would be grateful. Many hands make light work. If you can help us out please speak to a member of the ELC.

Blythswood Shoeboxes

A massive thank you to everyone who has donated to the Blythswood Shoebox appeal so far. Please can we have all donations into school by Friday. Thank you very much!

From P5a and Miss MacArthur

ELC – 29/10/19

A chilly welcome back after the October holidays. We have loved seeing the home link sheets and listening to your holiday news. This week we have been discussing Halloween , finding out how people celebrate the festival.We have also created our own ghosts and skeleton pictures at the art area, and tonight we worked hard as a team to create our own spooky pumpkins.

Just a reminder, school dress up party is tomorrow from 5pm-5:45pm.

Blythswood Shoebox Appeal 2019

This is an advance notice that we will be supporting this year’s Blythswood Shoebox Appeal.

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported us in the past. Last year we collected 55 shoeboxes and we would love to make this an extra special Christmas for those in need again this year.

This year Blysthswood will be collecting our filled Shoeboxes on Friday November the 8th. We would be very grateful if all donations could be handed into school by then. A checklist of suitable Christmas gifts to include in your shoebox will be going home on the first week of term.

Please help us to spread love and hope this Christmas.

Thank you!

ELC – 09/10/19

This week the children have been discussing ‘How do the Police help us to stay safe? And most children confidently shared that,

“Police stop the traffic” Seth

“They can find your bike” Teddy

“They take you back to your Mummy” Lewis

“They can help us cross the road” Cori

The children have also been busy exploring the art area creating their own police hats.

ELC – 09/10/19

As you are aware, we are now exploring the Police role in the community and we were very lucky to have a visit from PC Grant and his Police van. All children showed good listening when finding out information on how police help us. The children also did great turn taking when getting the opportunity to go inside the van.

“The police keep us safe and find us if we get lost” Eliza
“Its a cage for all the bad guys”

ELC- Ach an Eas, 8th October 2019

Yesterday for the group’s last session at Ach an Eas the children and residents made musical instruments using yogurt pots, cups, “pasta and stones” (Maeve). They drew and wrote on label stickers to decorate their shakers. Finlay S said “I did a little bull and cows.” Maeve said she made a new friend yesterday called “Nan”. Before we left the care home we said “bye-bye and gave them a hug” (Harrison).

Achievement Board – Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. You tried your hardest now here you are!

Here at Lochardil ELC we want to recognise and celebrate all of the children’s achievements big or small. Therefore, a new look achievements board has been created in our hallway and we ask for your help to make this shine!

Has your child recently learnt to ride their bike, taken part in a event/competition or achieved anything that has made them and you really proud?  If so, please let us know by either emailing us with a photo or your child can take along a medal/photo/trophy to show to their friends.

ELC – 03/10/19

Dear parents/carers of our ELC Children We value our partnership with parents/carers to help us improve our service. Please follow the link below to complete a questionnaire by selecting the appropriate answers and feel free to add any comments in the box provided. We would really appreciate your participation with the questionnaires to enable us to develop our service. All responses to be in by Thursday 10th October 2019.

Many thanks ELC Team

ELC – 01/10/19

We would like to thank everyone who has had the story bag. The children and their parents have worked hard in creating their own characters from the stories. This is their hard work displayed on our Story Bag wall.

Lost Property

A little reminder to please check our lost property…here is what is in it so far :)?

ELC- Ach an Eas, 1st October 2019

This morning the children and residents had an exciting trip on the bikes with ‘Spokes for Folks’. We wrapped up in blankets and set off to Whin Park to feed the ducks! We were very lucky that the sun came out for us during our trip! Erin said “I liked going to Inverness and going on the bike.” Check out ‘Spokes for Folks’ Facebook page to see some more of our adventure!

ELC – MacMillan Coffee Morning

Our annual coffee morning in aid of Macmillan will take place tomorrow in the Buttercup Room from 9:30 – 10:30am.  Parents and carers are more than welcome to attend with children to look through their Learning Pathways with them. 

We are also still accepting donations of baking which can be brought into the Buttercup room either today or tomorrow morning.  Please remember the ‘No Nuts’ rule.  Thank you to all of those who have already donated.

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

ELC – 25/09/19

Dear Parents/carers of pupils in school, ELC & OOSC

Nuts & nut products. Please be reminded of the school policy of absolutely no nuts or nut products to be eaten or brought in to school. This includes items such as cereal bars, peanut butter, chocolate nut spread etc. Please also be aware that some products state on the packaging that they are made in factory where nuts may be present.

We have children in school with severe nut allergies where they only need to be in the vicinity of nuts and they can have a severe reaction. We all have a duty of care to ensure that they are not put in any danger.

Yours sincerely Mrs A Kellacher

Thank you for your co-operation in ensuring a safe environment where all our children are kept safe and healthy.

ELC- Ach an Eas, 24th Sep 2019

Today at Ach as Eas the children were excited to make pizzas with the residents. Harrison said “we made it with cheese, tomato sauce, some ham and dough.” It went in the “oven” to cook and “then it was so hot no one could touch it.” He then said “it tasted good.” Whilst our pizzas were cooking the children demonstrated good turn taking skills as they played some table top games; pairs and shopping list. We finished off the session by singing some songs in the lounge.

ELC – 24/09/19

Flu Vaccine.

This autumn/winter, the flu vaccine will be offered to all children in Scotland aged 2-5 years (and not yet in school) at their GP practice (children must be aged 2 years or above on 1 September 2019 to be eligible). It is also offered to all primary school children at school. For more information visit

This week chilcdren are continuing to vote for what they would like to learn about by mark making on the mindmap, some children showing good writing skills.

Forrest Session.

This week in the Forrest, children were introduced to fire pit. The children showed good listening when finding out how to keep safe around the fire. When exploring the woods the children confidently identified signs of Autumn and used their creativity skills to make their own stick men.