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P6 – Ness Book Fest

P6 – Ness Book Fest – Let’s Break a Record!

Today, Primary 6 participated in the Ness Book Fest primary challenge ‘Let’s Break a Record!’

Everyone was completely engrossed in their reading, so the books must have been good! Great job everyone! #NessBookFest


Our first week in P6

Our first week in Primary 6!

Congratulations to all of P6 who are all ‘Stars of the Week!’ Everyone has settled in really well to a new class and a new school year and we have had a fabulous first week back.

Here are some of our highlights:

“I enjoyed writing about my holidays.”  (Ryan)

“I enjoyed learning about drumming. The rock music was great!”  (James)

“I enjoyed doing mental maths and learning ways to add quickly.” (Josh)

“I enjoyed doing fitness in PE.” (Alice)

“I enjoyed learning about adjective phrases.” (Charlotte)

“It’s been great being in a new class with new friends. Everyone has been really nice and kind.” (Harry Y and Ewan)