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P5/4 Weekly Blog Post

We have been up to lots this week…

We tasted sardines, just like the Pevensie children in The Lion. the Witch and the Wardrobe. Some children liked it so much that they wanted thirds! Other children spat it into their paper towel as soon as it hit their tongue. I don’t think Ioan’s keen. He could be a spitter!

We also were trying very hard with joining up handwriting. Easy to do in your jotter during a handwriting lesson….not so easy when you are writing in ‘real life!’

P4/5 Weekly Blog

New Lanark

Thank you so much to those who have put their names forward for our exciting trip to New Lanark. Are you mad!!!! Joking of course…… We will have to put the names in a hat and pull out the lucky winners! More on that to follow. I’m heading down south this weekend, and will be doing a recce there, so I’ll stop at Ballinluig and get the Kids Menu (they only have the adult one online) so we should be all set with choices soon.

This week in class we have been moving on from liquid volume, to studying volume/capacity using centimetres cubed. The children had to build the structures and count how many cubes were used. The primary 5s had to calculate this, using only the dimensions and the formula: V = lxbxh.

We also used the wonderful Maths Whizz game with the Witch to practise all the measurements we have been looking at.

We are studying the work of William Morris. He was a philanthropist pioneer in the Arts and Crafts Movement who designed exquisite textile patterns that are still popular to this day. He was inspired by nature so we went outside to find things to draw, and to actually draw, as it was a lovely day.

Then we printed our patterns using printing inks, rollers and printing tiles. It was messy, but FUN!

During his lifetime, William Morris also founded, and was part of socialist movements for change to children’s and worker’s rights, just like Robert Owen. I haven’t found a link yet, but I’m sure he MUST have been one of the many important visitors to visit New Lanark!


We were making potions with strange ingredients. The children had to be as accurate as they could, as it was a competition to see how close they could get to precisely the correct amount. Two teams got it spot on! Very tricky so well done, as I measured them with a digital scale!

I also decided to sell the children. They posed as poor Victorian Workhouse children and I put them on the wall, just to see if there was any interest? Nothing so far but I’ll keep on trying. There’s bound to be some unscrupulous factory bosses somewhere…..

These are the images in colour, but you can view the display in black and white on our open morning.

P4/5 Weekly Blog

What a lot we’ve covered this week!

We had fun with the Spheros last Friday. They are little mini robots that you can programme to zip around everywhere. The children had them in water, were racing them, they made an arena with their legs and they put them in paint to see who could get the foam to move. They were controlled using the ipads, great fun!

We had a question and answer session using puppets of a factory boss and a poor street girl, all about the working and living conditions of Victorian children. He turned out to be a bit horrible and callous as well as having a very dodgy accent!!!!

Yesterday, the wonderful tennis people came to give us a free tennis lesson, which was glorious in this sunshine!

…and today we had a couple of visitors from the planning department, telling us about their jobs. This fitted perfectly with our project, as we were talking a lot about the Victorian era NOT being very good with children’s Health and Safety. They were lucky to survive at all, and limbs or fingers being lost was relatively commonplace. What a super contrast to today’s welfare practices, so a big thank you to them.



P4/5 weekly blog

As promised!

Termly Overview p4/5

A short one this week as this is the really busy term and it’s a bit mental!

Thought I’d share some of our maths learning this week. First the children had to find things from the playground weighing 15g and 24g.

like the measure lesson, I didn’t help them by showing them weights….yet! Interesting results. Some got very close, and some were way off. Too heavy mostly, but some too light! Hopefully they will have a much better idea of how big a gram is, if they have to do it again.

Then we tried to use the various types of measuring devices to work out the given tasks. 

That’s all for now!





P4/5 World Fair

Well done to primary 4/5 for a really lovely morning of work. The World Fair was very good, and we received  positive feedback from the classes who came along to see it.

The children displayed their research very effectively, and they did the signing well.

The children of all ages who visited us, were kept interested by the information, food, costumes and fun that the children had on show for them. Thank you to everyone who helped supply some of the fascinating objects and food for the children’s stalls.

It was a long day, but those fabulous children, kept their enthusiasm up, right to the bitter end! I’m super proud of them.

Myself, Anthony and Robert took a lot of pictures, so here they are!!!!

Very bright and colourful!

Have a lovely Easter break, and we’ll see you back on Tuesday 23rd April, ready for the final term, when we’ll be looking closely at the extraordinary life of Robert Owen and his father-in-law, David Dale. 

I feel a trip coming on……..!

P.S. Can you spot the difference between the original art work, and Robert and Anthony’s copy! They’ve got a future in art fraud I think!!!!



P4/5 weekly post

An interesting week for primary 4/5 as ever!

We have moved on to statistics and data handling in maths. We went outside to collect selected leaves from the playground. We put them together and learnt the term ‘Raw Data.’ The children had to stand up and count how many of each leaf there were from this.

We then realised that this way of counting big amounts, is slow and unreliable, so organised the leaves into a graph. Bundling them into 5s helped to make us quicker at counting too.

We did more BSL this week. Katie and Lucy are demonstrating part of the signs for each colour in the photographs. Ask your children to demonstrate the full signs.

We played a game for dojos, where you had to jump onto a colour when the music stopped, then a child with their eyes closed, would do a colour sign. If you were on that colour, you got the points.

In writing we are taking a couple of weeks to do a persuasive essay. Our subject is……..’Should glitter be banned?’ It has certainly got the children talking. To give the opposite view from the environmental one, we invited a  ‘DEVIL’S ADVOCATE!’ Poor Mrs Kellacher had to come and speak to the children all about her glitter addiction. Just to get a balanced view!

But she very kindly judged our Cartesian Divers. She didn’t know whose was whose! The winners were Lexie and Samuel. Super job you two!

Happy Mother’s Day when it comes!



P4/5 Weekly Post

Last week the computers were down, so I’ll share some of last week’s photos too.

Red Nose Day was a hoot. Lots of red nose high jinks and some very good balancing acts…

We have found a good use for the old hose box outside Miss Graham’s class. We’ve put in a french display of classroom objects! Have a look next time you’re in.

Our project stalls are really coming along, and the children have been busy making flags and works of art. How cool is Murray’s tribute to Charles Rennie Mackintosh? What a fabulous job!

For National Poetry Day the whole school has been making up class poems. Ours was  a ‘Haiku’ which is a Japanese form of poetry which has the form – 5 syllables in the first line, 7 in the next and 5 again in the last. The children made this one up as a class about The Rights Of the Child.

Here are some of the other classes’ poems too.

Thank you so much for your help with the Cartesian Divers. They look great, and very child made. Super inventive ideas.

Finally a couple of poems that we read during the week. We were reading the final dramatic chapter of Iron Man by Ted Hughes, and realised that the poem we read was by him too. And a cat poem by the brilliant Eleanor Farjeon….for balance!





Just a quicky…

We were working on coordinates. The brilliant game of Battleships is a great way to practise. The children should know how to play now! 

The children were thinking about the traffic issues around our school, and how to solve them.

Please try to have their Cartesian Divers ready for Monday if possible. 

Open morning is Wednesday 13th 9:15-10;00. The children will be doing a science/technology task.

On Red Nose Day  it’s a dress down day. Merchandise will be available form Monday. We will also be visiting the Book Fayre on Monday, so remember money and tokens if your child wants a book.

Our Fair Trade art has turned out well, but we need some Fair Trade product packaging to fill the baskets. If you have anything, please give it in.





Collaborating with Chromebooks Information Evening for Parents – 27.03.19

The Digital Dynamos pupil group would like to invite all parents/carers to their ‘Collaborating with Chromebooks’ Information Evening on Wednesday 27th March from 6-7pm in our school gym hall.  

The Digital Dynamos will be presenting throughout the evening and everyone will get a chance to use, learn and play with our new Chromebooks and Chromebook tablets, as well as other mobile devices we have available at school.  More details are intended to follow regarding this exciting family learning event!

Primary 4/5 weekly post

There has been a lot happening this week…..again! Do we ever stop??

Last Friday we had Thinking Day for all the organisations. They looked good in their outfits representing Brownies, Beavers and Cubs in our class.

Happiness Day was fun, with all the lovely favourite clothes and colours, and things that make us happy! Thank you so much to everyone who attended the Health and Well-being event on Wednesday as well. It was heartening to see so much support. It meant a lot to the stressed out HWB working group of teachers who organised the daytime and evening events. A HUGE thanks to Miss Graham, Miss Munro and Miss MacDonald!

We made Cartesian Divers in science. The children all have to make one for homework (hence no follow up task for the spelling) this week for a class competition. All the details are in the literature I’m sending home on Friday with your Key Assessment Task. Mrs Kellacher will be judging their efforts. You are encouraged to work together with your child if you wish, but try not to do too much!!!! Very hard…

In sign language we were doing bingo with members of the family, which was a lot of fun. We have learnt the numbers too. Ask the children….it’s really easy!

In Maths the primary 5s are working hard on extending their skills with fractions, decimals and percentages…

…whilst the primary 4s are looking at how to do a chimney  multiplication sum.


The open session for this month is on the 13th March (9:15 – 10:00.) This has been brought forward so our stalls will only be partially ready, as we will be doing the official World Fayre for the rest of the school later in the term. However, as it turns out, I was supposed to be having a science focussed session anyway! So we will show you our Cartesian Divers and you can have a look at what we have got ready, so far, for the Fayre. A work in progress!

The highlight of the week for me, was when we played ‘Teacher Bowling.’

A lowlight was when it took two of them to get me moving……….Hmmmmm









Attention All Parents!!

Important E-safety Information for Parents

It has become apparent in a number of classes across the school, that there has been a significant amount of discussion regarding the ‘Momo Challenge’.  As a school, we are keen to promote digital safety and encourage our pupils to stay safe whilst online, at both school and home, by making responsible choices.  This also encompasses our core values as a school and we therefore try to promote and encourage our pupils to share concerns and be responsible in their online usage.

Many parents/carers may already be fully aware from national media coverage that this is a challenge presented on certain social media outlets that many of our children use frequently.

We are always working hard to ensure online safety, and in light of current topics in the media we have attached some parent information as support below for you to peruse:

What Is the Dangerous Momo Challenge on Social Media? (Parent Video)

We hope you find all of this information useful in supporting your children and all our pupils and ultimately keeping them safe online.

The Lochardil Team.

Book Fair March 6th – 11th

Celebrate World Book Day on March 7th with a new book from the Scholastic Book fair. 

March 6th – 11th. Books are in the open area outside Room 10. 

Pupils can buy books through the day or after school until 3.15.

COMPETITION TIME! Win  a £5 book token to use at the Book Fair. Bring in a photo of yourself reading  a book. Prizes go the most unusual location/place/idea!

Entries to the office by Tuesday 5th March. Have fun reading out and about or even upside down!


Busy week in P4/5

Lots on this week!

We were looking at the amazing 9 times table, and discovering some of the very cool patterns that you can find.

As you can see, the children got so into it, that I was having difficulty stopping them!

Our fabulous primary 5 children were performing alongside the Scottish Opera people. They did us all proud. We don’t have pictures, but hopefully you managed to get along to see it.


We also had our Unicef simulation event.

I have attached the letter that Unicef issue after the simulation. Being the ‘Best Class in the School’ really helped! They were very sharing and supportive. They went through a whole range of emotions, and came out the other side much more aware of what it feels like to be in an emergency situation. Lots of super discussions.

Parent info letter Unicef Simulation Day (updated)

We also did a bit of technology. The children had to design and build a bridge that would hold 1kg. There was also a prize for the prettiest bridge which Kyla won.

Have a lovely holiday, and see you back at school on Wednesday.



TESCO Tokens – Lochardil comes first!

We are delighted to share that Lochardil has received the most number of tokens in the recent round of  the TESCO Community Awards Bags for Life Scheme. Our Wise About Waste application should now be more achievable and we look forward to using the money (£4,000) effectively.

A big thank you to everyone who supported us.


p4/5 weekly post

Another busy week in p4/5!

We have been working on learning British Sign Language these past few weeks. We have been learning about the importance of facial expressions….






We went on a listening walk…


We learnt the differences between BSL and mime….










We studied the ‘Legs Proform’ and ‘Person Proform’…. (a proform is a commonly used sign that represents a lot of things, but you have to think about how you are using it……..ask the kids!)


We will be looking at regional variations, and how to express intensity of feeling next week. All very interesting, and no alphabet to be found….yet!

In other news…We played a game where you had to find your partner by asking questions that could only be answered with a yes or a no. Very tricky!











See you all at Parent/Teacher Interviews!






Primary 4/5

I will put up my ‘Termly Overview’ next week.

Can I say a HUGE thank you on behalf of Mrs H and myself for all the lovely pressies. We were really overwhelmed. Thank you so much!

Thank you also for the prompt return of your requests for a parent/teacher interview. I will get back to you with times as soon as possible.


Anne P


P4 and P5 PARTY!!!!

First we had our Open Afternoon. Thank you to all who could manage to attend. I know myself, it’s not always easy to get here, and sometimes impossible!