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African Drumming

Today we took part in a fun drumming workshop with a band from Ghana called Kakatsitsi Drummers. Here are some comments from the children and some photos.

“That was awesome” – Antek

“It was exciting!” – Ben

“I Liked the noise” – John Hector

“My hand was hurting afterwards.” – Ioan

“I thought it was really good.” – Nathan M

P3 Ultimate Frisbee

P3 had a great time learning how to play Ultimate Frisbee!

We were very good at throwing and catching the frisbee and we used those skills to play a game. Thank you to Roddy’s Dad and Scott for coming in to show us how to play!

P3 Open Afternoon 07/06/19

P3 Open Afternoon 07/06/19

We look forward to welcoming you along to our open afternoon on Friday.

BLOG UPDATE: We have had a few blog issues over the last 2 weeks and the posts have been going onto the main school blog. Fingers crossed this has been fixed!

P3 Junior Jobs Day

P3 had a visit from Richard and Fiona, from the Energy and Sustainability Team at the Highland Council, as part of our Junior Jobs Day. They told us about their jobs and they skills they use at work. We got to use heat imaging cameras to find hot and cold spots around the room! Richard and Fiona use these special cameras to find out if a building is insulated properly.

We also enjoyed looking at our faces on the camera! Most of them glowed white and red which meant that they were warm!


P3 Tennis

P3 had a great tennis session today!

P3 Trip

Here are our photos from our trip to the Scottish School of Forestry! We got to try lots of different activities. We even got to make a bird box for our playground.

The event

will be running tomorrow if you would like to go along and try the activities. Check out the UHI website for more details.

P3 Trip Information

Just a quick reminder that P3 pupils will need to have suitable outdoor clothing and footwear for our trip tomorrow. We will be outside all morning and the woods might be muddy! Pupils will also need a snack and a bottle of water.

Library Packs are also due back tomorrow.

P3 Roots of Empathy Visit

We had another visit from Isla today! We learned about what types of food she likes to eat, her favourite food is mince and tatties. We also got to watch her try a slice of pepper for the first time! She enjoyed chewing on it but preferred to eat the chopped banana.

P3 – Parent Helpers Required

P3 are looking for parent helpers to join us for the Easter service at the CCC. The service will be held on Thursday 4th April. We will be leaving the school at 1pm and will return at approximately 2:30pm. If you are able to help us, please contact Miss Melville or Miss Ross.

P3 Science

P3 created colourful rain in science. Ask us how we did it! We have also completed our quiz for Science Week!

P3 Maths

P3 have been estimating and measuring length. The class had to find things that were 1 metre long. Here we are measuring with our metre sticks!


P3 World Book Day

This afternoon P3 had a special assembly for World Book Day. Some girls and boys came in dressed as their favourite book character. Check out our photos!

Bookfair Photo Competition Winners

Congratulations to our winners! Book tokens to spend at the Book Fair are being shared out to some very keen readers!

Emily and Lauren from Pr 6/7 – playing squash

Clara Pr 3 – up a tree

Roddy Pr 3 – brushing his teeth in the shower

Ava    Pr 6 – at her Judo class

Thank you to everyone who took part.

BOOKFAIR OPENS TODAY. Use your World Book Day Token and enjoy a great story.

Collaborating with Chromebooks Information Evening for Parents – 27.03.19

The Digital Dynamos pupil group would like to invite all parents/carers to their ‘Collaborating with Chromebooks’ Information Evening on Wednesday 27th March from 6-7pm in our school gym hall.  

The Digital Dynamos will be presenting throughout the evening and everyone will get a chance to use, learn and play with our new Chromebooks and Chromebook tablets, as well as other mobile devices we have available at school.  More details are intended to follow regarding this exciting family learning event!

Attention All Parents!!

Important E-safety Information for Parents

It has become apparent in a number of classes across the school, that there has been a significant amount of discussion regarding the ‘Momo Challenge’.  As a school, we are keen to promote digital safety and encourage our pupils to stay safe whilst online, at both school and home, by making responsible choices.  This also encompasses our core values as a school and we therefore try to promote and encourage our pupils to share concerns and be responsible in their online usage.

Many parents/carers may already be fully aware from national media coverage that this is a challenge presented on certain social media outlets that many of our children use frequently.

We are always working hard to ensure online safety, and in light of current topics in the media we have attached some parent information as support below for you to peruse:

What Is the Dangerous Momo Challenge on Social Media? (Parent Video)

We hope you find all of this information useful in supporting your children and all our pupils and ultimately keeping them safe online.

The Lochardil Team.

P3 UHI STEM Hub Visit

P3 visited the UHI STEM Hub to learn how to be a good scientist! We had to observe what happened to a liquid when we added an indicator. Some liquids changed colour! We also had to spot if a chemical reaction had taken place. We all loved wearing our lab coats and felt like real scientists!


Book Fair March 6th – 11th

Celebrate World Book Day on March 7th with a new book from the Scholastic Book fair. 

March 6th – 11th. Books are in the open area outside Room 10. 

Pupils can buy books through the day or after school until 3.15.

COMPETITION TIME! Win  a £5 book token to use at the Book Fair. Bring in a photo of yourself reading  a book. Prizes go the most unusual location/place/idea!

Entries to the office by Tuesday 5th March. Have fun reading out and about or even upside down!


P3 Museum Trip

P3 learned lots of interesting things on our trip to the museum! We looked at different Viking artefacts and made our own Viking runes!

P3 Our final talks!

P3 Our final talks!

This morning we heard the last of our class talks. Archie told us all about swords with lots of details and information on his poster. Emilia had an amazing longship and told us lots of facts. Lewis made an amazing longship using lots of recycled materials.


P3 Fascinating Class Talks

P3 Fascinating Class Talks

We heard some more class talks this morning. Connor told us all about longships complete with lots of pictures. Rebecca had made her own book all about Viking children. Rudi had his home made shield and sword to tell us all about weapons. Tristan had a very detailed model longship for his talk  and Ollie had a life size sword for his talk on weapons. Callan shared his sword and axe to give us more information about weapons.

Well done P3 you are amazing!

P3 Some more Viking talks!

P3 Some more Viking talks!

This afternoon Roddy explained all about Viking houses complete with a model. Harry shared his shield and axe to tell us about Viking weapons. Sarah had designed a powerpoint presentation about Viking children and Fraser had made his own book “Who were the Vikings?”

A super day of talks in P3!


P3 The talks continue……..

P3 The talks continue……..

We enjoyed some more amazing Viking talks. Lily showed us an amazing model longship complete with the sea.  Iain had a real Viking helmet for his talk on weapons. Caitlin was well prepared for her talk on Viking homes and Cameron gave us lots of information on Viking long houses. Aimee told us all about longships when she shared her model. Cullen had drawn amazing pictures of Viking gods and Ava had some fabulous  weapon designs.

Good work P3

P3 Viking Talks

P3 Viking Talks

We started our class talks this morning. Sarah spoke about longships complete with an amazing poster. Layla had a model lego longship to go with her talk. Joshua told us all about Viking clothes with amazing pictures. Clara had a wooden model longship and Daniel made one complete with moving oars. Alexander had made a shield and sword foe his weapons talk. Hannah told us all about the runes she had seen in Orkney.

Well done everyone.

P3 Science

P3 had lots of fun learning about floating and sinking! We learned about buoyancy and tested objects to see if they would float or sink.

P3 Maths

P3 have started learning about weight. Today we were learning about kilograms and had to estimate the weight of 1 kilogram. Maybe you could find some objects that weigh 1 kilogram in your kitchen?

P3 Parent/Carer Teacher Interviews

P3 Parent/Carer Teacher Interviews

We look forward to welcoming parents/carers at the teacher interviews on Wednesday & Thursday night. Please remember to complete the P3 questionnaire (located on the table at the top of the stairs)

Thank you!

Change of date – Please note the next Open Morning is now due to take place on Tuesday 12th March from 9.15-10

P3 Book Awards

P3 Book Awards

We have made a poster for the Lochardil Reading Awards 

We had to come up with our favourite author,  favourite fiction text,  favourite poem and favourite non-fiction text.

TESCO Tokens – Lochardil comes first!

We are delighted to share that Lochardil has received the most number of tokens in the recent round of  the TESCO Community Awards Bags for Life Scheme. Our Wise About Waste application should now be more achievable and we look forward to using the money (£4,000) effectively.

A big thank you to everyone who supported us.


P3 Emotion Works

P3 Emotion Works

As part of our online safety we have been discussing situations where we have felt nervous and uncomfortable. We then used our Emotion Works cogs to come up with the different body sensations and behaviours.


P3 Science

P3 had fun this afternoon learning about dissolving! We added different materials to water to see if they dissolved.

P3 Open Afternoon

A big thank you to everyone who came along to our open afternoon! We hope you enjoyed listening to our singing and playing our dreidel game! Dreidels and a set of rules will be sent home tonight.

Christmas Dinner and Christmas Jumpers!!

Just a quick reminder, the children will be receiving their Christmas dinners in the dining hall for lunch tomorrow if they have ordered them and all children and staff are encouraged to wear their finest Christmas jumpers if they so wish!  Please do not go out to buy a jumper especially for the occasion, it is the company and the wonderful atmosphere that we are all looking forward to tomorrow!

Many thanks, The Lochardil Team

P3 Science

P3 have been learning about freezing and melting. Yesterday afternoon we used thermometers to measure the temperature of icy water and found out that water freezes at zero degrees celcius!