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P2/3- Viking Bread

Today we made Viking bread.  First we mixed flour, bicarbonate of soda, salt and  warm water together. Next we had to knead it for a while which was hard work. Then we sprinkled oats on the top and baked it for 40 minutes. Finally we got to take some home to try. I hope it’s tasty. Another 2 groups will make their bread tomorrow.



P2/3 Fruity Fractions

We are looking for 2 parent helpers who are free next Thursday morning, 4th April 2019, to join us walking to CCC for the Easter Assembly.  

We have been cutting apples and oranges into fractions  – halves and quarters.

P2 have been making  things from snails to sausages, with play dough, and cut them into halves and quarters. 



P2/3 Poetry

On World Poetry day we listened to some funny poems by Shel Silverstein, we made up a class poem about our rights and worked with partners to create our own poems. 


P2/3 McRobert Cup


Here are a happy Grace and Orchid after they ran in the McRobert Cup competition today. The girls said they had lots of fun, with Grace coming  in 5th and Orchid coming in 13th out of millions of runners! Well done girls! 

The rest of us were active in the gym working on jumping using our ankles to spring up and our arms to get us jumping higher. Some of us had to work on the squishy landings! 🙂 

Here are a couple of video clips.

IMG_2286 IMG_2287 IMG_2288





P2/3 French Partnership

We received cards with lovely messages from our partner school. With a little help from my friend Aimee, who is a secondary Modern Languages teacher, we translated them!  The boys and girls were thrilled with their messages! We received a lovely Eiffel Tower keyring from Teddy! He brought a Nessie one with him to France at Christmas. 

Teddy travels between the 2 countries too and he carries a USB in his backpack.

We are learning colours, simple greetings and number to 20 in French. Here are our letters ready to go. Teddy has video clips and photos from Burns Day to show this time. 



7/3/19    World Book Day

Today we played a game called Who Am I? Each person was a book character. It was good fun trying to guess who we were!

Can you guess which book character everyone was today? There were some fabulous costumes!

Thank you so much to you all for the wonderful pictures, models etc you have made for the Viking class talks this week.  I have heard 7 fabulous talks. Great job everyone! (There should be a wee feedback sheet in the schoolbags.)

P2/3 Viking Artwork

We have been enjoying our topic on the Vikings this term. Here are a few photos of some of the amazing artwork we have done. You will be able to see all the work we have been doing on the Vikings at the open morning next week.

Collaborating with Chromebooks Information Evening for Parents – 27.03.19

The Digital Dynamos pupil group would like to invite all parents/carers to their ‘Collaborating with Chromebooks’ Information Evening on Wednesday 27th March from 6-7pm in our school gym hall.  

The Digital Dynamos will be presenting throughout the evening and everyone will get a chance to use, learn and play with our new Chromebooks and Chromebook tablets, as well as other mobile devices we have available at school.  More details are intended to follow regarding this exciting family learning event!

P2/3 Thank You!

Thank you all for bringing in something that makes you happy, yesterday. I wore my pyjamas to work and that made me happy!

Also a big thank you for bringing in painted stones. They look amazing! Will post some photos when they are varnished. 


P2/3 UHI STEM Hub Visit

28/2/19         P2/3 visited the UHI STEM Hub to learn how to be a good scientist.

  1. 1. First, we had to observe what happened to a liquid when we added an indicator. Some liquids changed colour. 

2.  Then we  had to spot if a chemical reaction had taken place. 

3.  Finally, we added drops of water to a felt pen spot and watched the different colours appear.

There  were lots of new words for us to learn today!

We all loved wearing our lab coats and felt like real scientists, especially Robert, Lily’s Dad!



Attention All Parents!!

Important E-safety Information for Parents

It has become apparent in a number of classes across the school, that there has been a significant amount of discussion regarding the ‘Momo Challenge’.  As a school, we are keen to promote digital safety and encourage our pupils to stay safe whilst online, at both school and home, by making responsible choices.  This also encompasses our core values as a school and we therefore try to promote and encourage our pupils to share concerns and be responsible in their online usage.

Many parents/carers may already be fully aware from national media coverage that this is a challenge presented on certain social media outlets that many of our children use frequently.

We are always working hard to ensure online safety, and in light of current topics in the media we have attached some parent information as support below for you to peruse:

What Is the Dangerous Momo Challenge on Social Media? (Parent Video)

We hope you find all of this information useful in supporting your children and all our pupils and ultimately keeping them safe online.

The Lochardil Team.

Book Fair March 6th – 11th

Celebrate World Book Day on March 7th with a new book from the Scholastic Book fair. 

March 6th – 11th. Books are in the open area outside Room 10. 

Pupils can buy books through the day or after school until 3.15.

COMPETITION TIME! Win  a £5 book token to use at the Book Fair. Bring in a photo of yourself reading  a book. Prizes go the most unusual location/place/idea!

Entries to the office by Tuesday 5th March. Have fun reading out and about or even upside down!


P2/3 Future Dates

20.2.19          There are a few up-coming events to share with you.

27th February 2019 – Happiness Day at school. Dress down day. Bring in something that             makes you happy!

27th February  2019 – 6.30pm-8.00pm  – Health and Well-Being evening at the school.

28th February 2019 – Visit to UHI for Science Experiments – am – £2.50 cost.

1st  March 2019 –  bring in a painted stone about the size of your fist, by today. (Have stones at school for each child in the class and happy for the painting to be done in class, if that’s a help. ) 

P2/3 Museum Visit

14.2.19                   Inverness Museum Visit

Today we had a top morning at the museum.  

We were looking for evidence that the Vikings really did come to Scotland – a great opportunity to use the class Sherlock Holmes hat and magnifying glass!

We have taken a box of Viking artefacts back to school with us.

This afternoon  some of us dressed up as Viking  boys and girls …..

looking good!



Today 3 rangers from Aigas Field Centre came to the school to do a workshop with us. We learned about where our food comes from,  what decomposers do and the dangers of plastic in the seas and oceans. We played lots of games and had a lot of fun.

P2/3 Burns Supper

25/1/19  Burns Day 

This morning the cook prepared a Burns Supper for us.

1. First we said The Selkirk Grace written by Robert Burns.

Click below to see the video.


2. Then we listened to the bagpipes playing “A Man’s a Man for A’ That”.


3. Then we ate. 

Click below to watch some video clips. 

IMG_1750 IMG_1745 IMG_1746 IMG_1747 IMG_1749

A big thank you to everyone who wore tartan – you looked very smart!


TESCO Tokens – Lochardil comes first!

We are delighted to share that Lochardil has received the most number of tokens in the recent round of  the TESCO Community Awards Bags for Life Scheme. Our Wise About Waste application should now be more achievable and we look forward to using the money (£4,000) effectively.

A big thank you to everyone who supported us.


P2/3 Cosmic Kids and Outdoor Play

23.1.19 Cosmic Kids

P.E today was an active Yoga session requiring much flexibility!  Everyone had a good go. You could try it at home too.


We took some photos outside today to show our snow clothes, and the weather, -2 C, to our French penpals. Thought you might like to see them too!



P2/3 Outdoor Maths

Remote-controlled Robots 

We played a game where one person moved from the start following instructions like  forwards, backwards, left, right, 1/4 turn, 1/2 turn  to get to the end.  It was a bit tricky!  The general consensus was “It was easier to move someone than being the person moving.”  Something to practise.

P2/3 Burns Supper

P2/3  Burns Day 2019  


On Friday, 25th January 2019, we are planning a wee Burns Supper in class. We will listen to the bagpipes, say the Selkirk Grace, sample the food and say  a Burns poem. If you have any tartan clothes or accessories – kilts, skirts, dresses, sash, bows etc please take them in on Friday,  as we are hoping to FaceTime our Pen-pals in France then too!


Thank you in advance.

 Mrs MacLelland

P2/3 Indoor Shoes

17.1.19   Indoor Shoes/P.E Reminder

Please send in a pair of indoor shoes for your child if they haven’t got already. They can be old shoes/trainers or plimsols. Outdoor footwear cannot be worn in the classroom, especially at this time of year. 

PE this term will continue to be on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Please ensure your child has a change of clothes  – t-shirt, shorts, gym shoes etc so your child can participate fully.  Thank you for your continued support. 


P2/3 Topic

10/1/19   Today we worked a bit more on  maps and we watched a  video clip that told us       more about the Vikings. 


The longships were made of oak.

They used to name their swords ( just like a family member). One was called Fearsome Leg-Splitter. Next week we are starting to make swords and will name ours too,  just like the Vikings did! 

If you have any  cardboard tubes from kitchen roll, foil, clingfilm or wrapping paper inserts, please save them and we can use them for our swords. I have about 1/2 a dozen but we do need more. Just send them in anytime from now on. Thanks! 

P2/3 What we’ve been up to!

9/1/19  We sprung into life this morning with another active gym session. Ava was delighted to shoot 5 baskets in a row!

In Maths we were moving our teddy bear clock-wise and anti-clockwise, left and right and 1/4 turn and  1/2 turn. 


We started off our Viking topic, finding out who the Vikings were and where  they came from.  We used maps to help us see where places are.  More tomorrow!

Viking means pirate raid – Mac

Vikings didn’t wear horns in their helmets – Robbie

P2 Christmas Party 2018























































Welcome back to our new term in P2/3. We hope you all had a great break and wish everyone a very happy and healthy 2019.   Parent interviews are on the 30th and 31st of January 2019 and letters went home in the schoolbags today.

P2 Christmas Party


Today P2 had their Christmas party. Everyone had lots of fun! We played Musical Statues,Pass the Parcel,  The Grand Old Duke of York and much more! Thank you for all the food contributions. 

Christmas Dinner and Christmas Jumpers!!

Just a quick reminder, the children will be receiving their Christmas dinners in the dining hall for lunch tomorrow if they have ordered them and all children and staff are encouraged to wear their finest Christmas jumpers if they so wish!  Please do not go out to buy a jumper especially for the occasion, it is the company and the wonderful atmosphere that we are all looking forward to tomorrow!

Many thanks, The Lochardil Team

P2 Nativity

Well done everyone! What a fantastic show the children put on today. They worked really hard to learn their lines and all the songs. Everyone was really impressed by their performances. Here are some behind the scenes photos.


The Primary 1s and Primary 2s were absolutely super during their Nativity performances over the last few days. All the children have worked really hard learning all the songs and their lines and we couldn’t be happier with all their fantastic performances!

A big thanks to all the family and friends who took the time to come and see the children perform, you were a super audience and we absolutely loved having you!

The countdown to Christmas is now officially on!

Miss Munro, Mrs McArthur, Mrs Wilson, Mrs MacLelland, Mrs Sutherland, Mrs Beattie & Mrs MacIver.



P2/3 Open Afternoon


 On Thursday 13th December 2018, from 2.00-2.45pm, we have an open afternoon where the focus is on Expressive Arts/RME. We have some Christmas craft planned for you to join in with and maybe even a song or two!  We look forward to seeing you if you are free.  


P2/3 Christmas Parties

5/12/18       Just a reminder of the Christmas party arrangements.

On Tuesday 18th December 2018 the P3’s will party with P3 next door.

On Wednesday 19th December 2018 the P2’s will party with all the other P2’s.

Letters will follow with catering plans.

P2/3 Christmas Service


5/12/18    We are looking for  2 parent helpers to join us on Thursday 20th December 2018 to go to CCC for our Christmas service. The service starts at 10am so we will be leaving by 9.30am.

P2/3 Novel


We are enjoying listening to The Penguin Who Wanted to Find Out by Jill Tomlinson which is all about Otto a baby Emperor penguin. We have learned a lot of facts about Emperor penguins from this book.

P2/3 Topic Update


We have been enjoying looking at polar animals and learning what it is like in the Arctic and Antarctic. We used thermometers to measure temperature and have made arctic foxes and penguins. Today we wrote facts in pairs about Arctic animals and listened to an informational song about penguins which we really liked, listen to it at home.   

P1 and P2 Nativity

As you will be aware we have started rehearsals for the P1 and P2 Nativity. A letter has gone home with the performance dates and you should return the slip requesting tickets as soon as possible. The P1s are angels and the P2s are shepherds and we would very much appreciate your help with the costumes. A letter has gone home detailing the items to bring in to school though please note for some of the P2 pupils (the main characters ) the school is providing  their costumes. The children know who need to bring in costumes.

A letter for those wishing to have Christmas Lunch has also been sent home and the slip should be completed and returned to the school.

P2/3 Sumdog


This week Sumdog logins were taken home in the school bags. Hopefully you have seen them. If you have any questions or difficulties getting logged on, please let us know. Sumdog is a resource that we are using to develop maths skills. It can be used on any device and as often as your child wishes. We will continue to use it at school too. 

Friday Cinema Trip and Children in Need.

A wee reminder that tomorrow morning P1A, P1B, P1/2, P2/3 and p3 will be visiting Vue cinema to see The Giant Pear.

We are really looking forward to a fun day at the cinema.

Just a reminder that it is also Children in Need tomorrow so the children are allowed to dress down for the day. Please remember to bring in your £1 donation for dressing down as well as extra pennies if you would like to donate to take part in any of the wonderful games that will be on offer.

See you all tomorrow!

Miss Munro 🙂

Friday 16th of November Cinema Trips and Dress Down Day

Good Morning!

We have had a lot of parents asking across p1A, P1B, P1/2, P2/3 and P3 regarding what the children should be wearing on the cinema trip this Friday.

As it is Children in  Need this Friday the school is having a dress down day to support the charity – where you will bring £1 to school as a donation.

We are happy for the children who are attending the cinema in the morning to also show their support for Children in Need by dressing down. The children will be wearing their high vis vests over their clothes for the trip so there is no need for them to also have a Lochardil jumper.

Please come dressed down on Friday with your £1 donation! We are very much looking forward to our cinema trip. 🙂


Miss Munro

P2/3 Remembrance Day


Today we enjoyed hearing from Lily, Abigail and Harvey from our class about another uniform they wear and why.  Rory, Chelsea and Orin from P7 joined us to share why they wear their uniforms. We heard about World war 1 from P5 and P6/7 at assembly and every boy and girl in our school made a poppy that is displayed outside in the playground.

P2/3 French Visitor – Ooh La La!


Exciting news!  We are  going to have school “Pen Pals”  from France!

Meet Nathalie who visited us today and gave us a beautiful photograph of her class.

She very kindly brought us some gifts – stickers, biscuits and nougat from France. The children wrote us postcards to introduce themselves too.

P2/3 In the Garden


This afternoon we went out to the Sensory Garden and hung our wind spirals all around. They are a lovely, colourful addition to it.  Next windy day we will be out to see which direction they are blowing….probably won’t have to wait too long for that!! 


P2/3 Book Fair


There has been a happy vibe in the classroom since we started back this week. I’m sure it’s extra- curricular??! 

Well done to The Pumpkins Team – Rohan, Ellie, Lily and Abigail who won our spooky class quiz today!

Next Tuesday, 6th November 2018, the class have a slot to visit the visiting Book Fair. It is open everyday after school if anyone wants to have a wee look in advance.  

Fancy Dress Disco 30.10.18

Come along to our Fancy Dress Disco


ELC – Pr 1               5.00 – 5.45 pm

Pr 2, Pr 3                 6.15 – 7.15 pm

Pr 4,Pr 5, Pr 6         7.45 – 9.00 pm

£3 entry

Please collect  your child from the hall. 

P2/3 Topic Posters


This morning we used collaborative learning  “1 stay 1 stray” to share our topic posters about Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.  We designed the posters in pairs and took turns to tell someone else about our poster. We just need to remember to try our best to do it all now, me included! 

Happy Holidays!

Mrs MacLelland

P2/3 Future Dates


  • Wednesday 10th October 2108,  Waste Awareness Workshop – Freya Connell to visit our class.

  • Tuesday 30th October 2018, 6.15 – 7.15pm, Fancy Dress Disco. 

  • Friday 16th November 2018 – 10am –  Into Film Vue Cinema Trip

Visit to Lochardil Woods and endangered animals workshop to be re-arranged for next term,  due to illness.


P2/3 Open Morning


It was so lovely to have that buzz in the classroom this morning. Excited children looking forward to their families popping in. If you were unable to come today please speak to us to arrange another time. 

P2/3 Outdoor Learning – Symmetry

4/10/18      Ness Book Challenge

Here are some snaps of the boys and girls taking part in the Ness Book Challenge today. We enjoyed 20 minutes of reading our class novel together and reading our own book quietly.


This morning we used materials from the school garden to make symmetrical designs. We had great fun. Aren’t they fabulous? 

P2/3 Waspital


Today we had a VERY active day at school!  At P.E we had fun playing our new game Waspital,  where today’s health challenge, suggested by Ava Young, was to do 5 burpees.

After that we worked in groups on a sequence to include a roll, bounce, kick, throw and catch, using a ball.

Later we took part in the fun run where EVERYONE did a fabulous job! A huge well done!

Lots of fit but tired boys and girls at the end of the day!

P2/3 Open Morning Invitation

Tuesday 9th October 11.00 am – 11.45 am 

All welcome to our Literacy Open Morning with a Reading Focus. Come and see the materials we use for our reading sessions and some of the activities we do to develop our reading skills. There will be a feedback comment sheet about “What’s Working Well” and “Even Better If”  about literacy/reading for you to fill in,  if you have time,  before you leave. We look forward to having you along.


P2/3 are Running.


Tomorrow morning we are taking part in  the school fundraiser 20×10 where we run on the grass field. Please make sure you have your gym kit/suitable running /walking clothes for outside. 

P2/3 Tiling

27/9/18  2D Shape

We have been looking at shapes that tile and shapes that cannot tile.

“Top Marks” and “Maths Learning Centre” websites have some good apps/games to practise on.

P2/3 Wind Spirals


This afternoon we reused our plastic bottles, turning them into fabulous, colourful, waterproof wind spirals! 

Next they will be used outside in our school grounds. 


P2/3 are Creatively Reusing

19/9/18     We have reused Mrs MacLelland’s (washed out) egg shells to grow cress seeds in. Tomorrow we are reusing the plastic bottles. Thank you for donating them.  Check in to see what we’ve used them for.


P2/3 Love Books

Thank you for bringing in your favourite stories. We are really enjoying reading them. 


We have finished reading The Lorax and had a go at identifying the main ideas of the text and why Dr Seuss might have written the book.

Today is Roald Dahl’s birthday so we began reading Mrs MacLelland’s favourite Roald Dahl book – James and the Giant Peach. Some of the  children decided to play Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spiker at lunchtime!