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Primary 1A Star of the Week!

In Primary 1A our star of the week is Emma! Emma was so caring and supportive of her friends during our UniCef flood simulation on Thursday. She was reassuring those around her and offering her help and encoruagement. It was absolutely wonderful to see and she helped put her classmates at ease.

Well done Emma for being such a caring and kind friend!

Have a lovely long weekend and I hope you all get up to lots things that make you smile! 🙂

See you on all bright eyed and bushy tailed on Thursday!

Miss Munro 🙂

Last week – P1a star of the week!

A big well done to Primary 1As star of the week for last week – Struan!

Struan has been working really hard in his maths where we have been learning about time. Struan confidence in being able to tell the time using a clock has been great and he is even able to identify the time when it is half past.

Keep up the good work Struan ! 🙂


Miss Munro

Lunch time craft club

Some of primary 1s decided to come along to Mrs Armstrong’s lunch time craft club today. We had a lovely time making tooth fairy pouches to put under our pillows for the tooth fairy! As it turns out a few of us have wobbly teeth so hopefully we will be able to put the pouches to good use soon!

Miss Munro

Chinese New Year!

Primary 1A were learning all about Chinese New Year today. We noticed the similarities between Chinese New Year today and the new year we celebrated in January such as eating big meals with families and watching fireworks.

We talked about the Zodiac calendar and how Chinese New Year is celebrated. We read a story called Dragons in the City where we learned that families like to watch street festivals where people make big decorated dragons move around using long poles.

We had a go at making our own smaller versions of the dragons!

Happy Chinese New Year!


Miss Munro 🙂

Primary 1A – Star of the Week!

Primary 1A’s star of the week is Alexis!

Alexis has been working really hard on learning how to tell the time in maths. She has also been amazing in our science lessons this week, sharing lots of information about her Dad’s job at the wind farm. We learned so much about electricity is made from the windmills.

Well done Alexis! 🙂

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Munro

Nessie Hunters!

Primary 1A have been learning about Scotland for topic this term. We had lots of fun making our own model Loch Ness Monsters out of clay. We had to make sure they were nice and dry before painting them this afternoon.

Miss Munro


Primary 1A – Star of the Week!

Primary 1A Star of the Week this week is Cameron Grant. Cameron has been working so hard since we have come back to school over Christmas. His listening skills have been amazing and he always gives super answers during our circle time discussions. Cameron has also challenged himself in his Maths this week and has been absolutely amazing in our telling the time lessons!

Well Done Cameron!

Primary 1 have all been working extra hard this week. Yesterday we listened to some poetry by Robert Burns and we wrote our very own invitations to a Burns Supper.

We also had a go at saying the Selkirk Grace that people like to say before they eat their haggis on Burns Night.

Some Folk hae meat that canna eat,

And some can eat that want it;

But we hae meat, and we can eat,

So let the Lord be Thanket!

Have a lovely weekend and enjoy your haggis this evening!

Miss Munro 🙂

TESCO Tokens – Lochardil comes first!

We are delighted to share that Lochardil has received the most number of tokens in the recent round of  the TESCO Community Awards Bags for Life Scheme. Our Wise About Waste application should now be more achievable and we look forward to using the money (£4,000) effectively.

A big thank you to everyone who supported us.


P1A Star of the week!

Indi was primary 1As star of the week for always looking after her friends and taking the time ti help others.

Well done Indi!

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

Miss Munro 🙂

P1A – Charlie McCoo

Primary 1A had a super time this afternoon making our own version of Scottish artist Steven Brown’s painting of the highland cow – Charlie McCoo.

We loved the use of bright, rainbow colours used in all of Steven Brown’s artwork and we couldn’t wait to try out our own!

What an amazing job Primary 1! 🙂

Miss Munro


Primary 1A – Week 1


Primary 1A have had a fantastic first week back at school!

I am so impressed with how hard they have all been working and how raring to go and full of beans they have all been since coming back to school on Monday.

I have loved having them all back in my classroom and it has been a joy to hear everything you have been getting up to over the Christmas break.

We have got a big and busy term ahead of us and we will be cramming lots of fun and exciting things in.

This we did a lot of talking about what we did in the holidays. We talked about Christmas day and we wrote thank you letters to Santa. We also talked about New Year and what that meant. To celebrate it being a new year we got very messy and made lovely new year fireworks using our hand prints!

We have also been making sure we still remember our phonics sounds from before the holidays so we played a game where we sorted lots of words into their initial sound group. I was so impressed with how well Primary 1 worked together to sound out each of the words. Very well done!

I hope you all have a lovely relaxed weekend and you do lots of things you love doing!

I will see you all bright eyed and bushy tailed on Monday morning!


Miss Munro 🙂


Star of the Week – Primary 1A

Primary 1A star of the week for our first week back is Tobi! Tobi has worked really hard all week on his word building and finding the numbers that go before and after up to 10.

Tobi has given super answers and ideas during all of our circle time discussion this week on being healthy and exercising, our new Scotland topic and when we talked about the stars in science!

He also spent time helping others in the class when he had finished his own work. 🙂

Well Done Tobi!

Miss Munro

P1A – Science

Today P1A were learning about patterns of stars called constellations.  We were finding out about The Plough.  Can you see The Plough if you look up into the sky tonight?