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Congratulations to Mia! She is our Star of the Week for her brilliant sportsmanship and fabulous performance in PE! Mia is always so supportive and encouraging to those in her team! Well done Mia!

What a wonderful day we had a Whin Park! The weather was just perfect and we had so much fun!

*REMINDER* Registration for School Age Childcare (SAC) (Out of School Club and Breakfast Club)

Just a reminder for all parents to require School Age Childcare (SAC) – formally known as Out of School Club and Breakfast Club to register their children for next term.

All children need to be re-registered for each school term, and each child needs a separate form.

The Google form can be found at

Thank you


It has been a fun week in primary 4, making our learning as festive as possible!

We have made beautiful 2021 calendars to hang in our bedrooms and in the process of creating clay snowmen. These will look AMAZING when completed!

Eddie has been up to more mischief in our class AND we have been enjoying our daily advent calendar.

In maths we have been learning to write the date in both short and long form. To do this we looked at the different months of the year and also learnt how many days are in each month.

After this, we looked at calendars and completed a fun partner task!

2 more school days to go, can you believe it!!!

P4 Christmas party

We had lots of fun playing many different covid friendly games at our party!! We managed to play pass the parcel using a number generator instead of passing round the object. This was just as much fun for everyone

A lot of sweeties were consumed!!!

Good Luck Miss Cowie

P6 have been lucky enough to have Miss Cowie , a student teacher, working with us for the past seven weeks. It was her last day with us on Friday. We have really enjoyed having her as part of our class and we have had lots of fun learning with her. Thank you Miss Cowie and Good Luck in your teaching adventure .

from P6 and Miss MacDonald


Another busy week in Primary 4!

We have been learning to tell the time using analogue clocks and 12 hour digital. We have learnt o’clock, quarter past, half past and quarter too. Nearer the end of the week we played some consolidation team games. Take a look at some of our learning activities…

As part of our topic we have been learning all about Christianity and Islam. We looked at places of worship, beliefs, religious stories and discussed the similarities and differences. We took part in a little quiz and even tried out some Islamic geometric patterns..

This is an example of our morning starter to help us with number and writing sentences..

Our classroom is beginning to look very festive. We created our own baubles to give our tree a personal touch. We also welcomed a special visitor.. our class elf Eddie, who arrived with a special letter for us

As well as all of this we are continuing to work on spelling the p4 common words correctly and implementing emotion works into our weekly lessons.

Have a lovely weekend everyone 🙂


This week we have started to plan our own warning tales. Some of our ideas are super exciting!

We used a boxing up template to plan out each paragraph.

This week’s resilient kids session focused on feeling left out and included. We discussed how each makes us feel and shared some of our own ideas and experiences. We really enjoyed acting out scenarios of individuals feeling left out and showing ways we could help make them feel included.

In our class novel, Joe Spud’s dad used to make his birthday and Christmas presents out of toilet roll tubes. We got creative this week and came up with our own ideas for presents using toilet rolls. Take a look..

P4 learning journey

It has been a very busy week for P4.

We have been working hard on our story maps to help us retell a story. They are looking great!

We are focusing on division in numeracy and spent some time looking at fact families to help us understand the link between multiplication and division

In PE we had lots of fun and laughter with the parachute!!

On Wednesday we had 2 minutes of silence to remember all the people who fought for our Country. We designed our own poppies using pointillism. They turned out great..

As part of our topic we have been learning about different religious beliefs. This week we have been learning about Christianity. We looked at a famous story from the bible called ‘The Good Samaritan’ Take a look at our comic strips that sequence the story in order.

We have been learning about the different types of bullying and looked at how this can affect our emotions. P4 came up with some great emotion words for our display. We know the importance of being kind to each other and including everyone

Finally… We had a fantastic day today for children in need 2020. We watched Joe Wicks this morning as he completed his 24 hour fitness challenge. What an inspiration he is! P5 also worked super hard at creating lots of activities for us to take part in. We LOVED the live quiz!


We have been learning ways in which to manage our emotions and choosing ones which suit us!

We have been learning that CS Lewis was a Christian and many of his books were inspired by stories from the bible! Here are the characters from the bible who are represented in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe!

We have finished our posters about our beliefs and we are very proud of them! We have been exploring our own beliefs and learning to respect the beliefs of others.

We are very proud of our ‘the Lion, the Witch and the wardrobe!’ display!

Congratulations to Sarah and Lily! They are our Star Writers for their fabulous biographies about CS Lewis!
Their biographies contained brilliant facts, written in their own words! They were also written in chronological order and in formal language! Well done girls!

Congratulations to Sarah and Ava! They are our Stars of the Weeks for their fabulous detailed artwork! Because it was so detailed, it look them a long time and it was hard work, but they stuck at it and the results were fabulous! Well done girls!


We are very proud of Clara! Clara raised £191.94 by running a bake sale for the Highland Hospice! Well done Clara!
Well done Fraser! We are very proud of you for qualifying for the IMG World Golf Championships!
He will represent GB in SAN Diego next year! We are very proud of you!
Congratulations to Isla! She is our ‘Star of the Week’ for her fabulous and infectious enthusiasm for reading! Well done Isla! We are very proud of you!

We took part in Ness Book Fest ‘The Big Read!’


We have been exploring our own beliefs and learning to respect the beliefs of others.

Congratulations to Rebecca! She was our Star of the Week for her fabulous maths work! I was so impressed by the fact that she never gave up, even when parts of it got tricky! Well done Rebecca! You should feel very proud of yourself!


Well done Clara!
Clara is our Star of the Week for her fabulous descriptive writing! We were writing our own versions of the story ‘The King is the Fishes,’ and Clara used amazing similes and adjective phrases to describe her characters and setting. She did a great job of describing her characters emotions too! Well done Clara!

Wonderful Artwork in P6

We have been reading the book “Wonder” and The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse. It made us think about how little we can tell about a person, just from their appearance. It is what is inside that really counts. We thought about our strengths, passions and qualities we would like other people to notice and surrounded ourselves with them.

P5/4 Weekly Blog Post

We have been up to lots this week…

We tasted sardines, just like the Pevensie children in The Lion. the Witch and the Wardrobe. Some children liked it so much that they wanted thirds! Other children spat it into their paper towel as soon as it hit their tongue. I don’t think Ioan’s keen. He could be a spitter!

We also were trying very hard with joining up handwriting. Easy to do in your jotter during a handwriting lesson….not so easy when you are writing in ‘real life!’

Enjoy-A-Ball – P1B

Some pictures from our Enjoy-A-Ball session in school this week.

open morning in P1B

Thank you to all the parents/carers who attended our open morning yesterday. It was lovely to see you all and I know the children were so proud of all their work and really enjoyed showing it to the ‘grown ups’! Thank you for your continued support.

African Drumming

Today we took part in a fun drumming workshop with a band from Ghana called Kakatsitsi Drummers. Here are some comments from the children and some photos.

“That was awesome” – Antek

“It was exciting!” – Ben

“I Liked the noise” – John Hector

“My hand was hurting afterwards.” – Ioan

“I thought it was really good.” – Nathan M

Friday, Sept. 6th in P1B

Just wanted to share with parents/carers that I will be out of school tomorrow and the class will be covered by Mrs. Farqhuar. Also, Show and Tell will be for the Busy Bees and Clever Caterpillars this week and The Fabulous Frogs and Brilliant Butterflies will have their turn next week.

Thank you and have a super weekend when it arrives!

Mrs. McArthur

P1A Week One Information

We hope all of the boys and girls in P1A enjoyed their first day of school! We got to have lunch with our P7 buddies and listened to a story about a little boy’s first day at school.

Our PE lessons will take place on Wednesday and Friday morning. Could all pupils please bring suitable clothing and footwear, which can be kept in a bag on your child’s peg.

The Inverness Courier will be visiting to take our P1 photo on Tuesday 27th of August at 1:30pm.

Thank you

A HUGE thank you to all the parents/carers of P1A and P1B for all the lovely gifts we have received. We have thoroughly enjoyed our year with your children and wish them all the best for Primary 2.

Have a super summer, enjoy time as a family and hopefully, the sun will shine!

Mrs McArthur, Miss Munro and Mrs Sutherland.

P2, Food Glorious Food

The children enjoyed preparing and eating their healthy wraps! It was the perfect way to finish off our ‘Food Glorious Food topic’. 

They’ve been a fantastic class! 

I hope you all have a lovely, relaxing holiday.  Enjoy. 

Mrs Beattie x

Butterflies in Primary 1!

For the last few weeks Primary 1 have been looking after our caterpillars. Over this time we have them grow very large after munching on lots of food and we got to see them make their chrysalis. Over the weekend our caterpillars emerged as butterflies. After a lovely few days getting to watch them and making sure we fed them lots of lovely fruit we set our butterflies free in the secret garden. It was amazing to see them spread their wings and fly up into the sky!

What a lovely way to end an absolutely fantastic year in Primary 1A. Thank you for all your hard work and we wish you a lovely holiday and all the best going into Primary 2!

Miss Munro and Mrs McArthur 🙂