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We were making potions with strange ingredients. The children had to be as accurate as they could, as it was a competition to see how close they could get to precisely the correct amount. Two teams got it spot on! Very tricky so well done, as I measured them with a digital scale!

I also decided to sell the children. They posed as poor Victorian Workhouse children and I put them on the wall, just to see if there was any interest? Nothing so far but I’ll keep on trying. There’s bound to be some unscrupulous factory bosses somewhere…..

These are the images in colour, but you can view the display in black and white on our open morning.

Pr 7 Sports Champions

Well done to everyone for a super sports day today. Congratulations to our Sports Champions: Imogen, Evie and Scott as runners up and Beth and Sam taking home the Sports Champion Trophies. It was lovely to welcome back Mrs Reed to present the medals. Thank you to Mrs Macdonald and Mr Grant for helping to make the event a success.

More photos to follow!


Thank you to Mr Murray Ferguson from Cairngorms National Park and Cheries Dutton from Beggs Shoes “Happy Feet” who shared their skills set and job descriptions with us for our Junior Jobs Day.

We have had the same advice over the year when we have talked about careers and jobs when we have been out and about: “Do something you enjoy!”

Please return the KAT as soon as possible please which links with skills for work and life.


P 7 LOCH INSH info 21.5.19

As we sort out our arrangements for the forthcoming trip please find the attached information plus some top tips!

  1. Packed lunch and drink (no fizzy/energy type) for Monday. Packed lunch box/bag to be used daily.
  2. All items to be labelled especially waterproof trousers and jackets.
  3. No  phones or electronic devices.
  4. Behaviour code and Medical information sheet to be completed and returned asap please
  5. Medicines with accompanying form to be handed in on Monday morning. Forms will be available if you need one.
  6. Please drop off your child(ren) at the Dining Hall on Monday morning. Staff will be there to register and take medicals.Please come round to fire exit door rather going through reception.
  7. Please get in touch if you are unsure of anything.
  8. Copy of Act Prog x 1 8.5.19  Programme may be subject to change.
  9. Loch Insh Behaviour code letter May 2019
  10. Consent form and conduct 2019
  11. HC OE Medical form May 2019

It’s Ok to not feel Ok

Pupils in P5/6 have been thinking about what the phrases “I’m ok” and “I’m fine” can mean. We thought of situations where we said “I’m ok” but that was not what we meant. We used the @EmotionWorks cogs to help us. #mentalhealthawarenessweek #ItsOKtonotbeOK #GlobalGoal2 #Imhere 

P4/5 Weekly Blog

What a lot we’ve covered this week!

We had fun with the Spheros last Friday. They are little mini robots that you can programme to zip around everywhere. The children had them in water, were racing them, they made an arena with their legs and they put them in paint to see who could get the foam to move. They were controlled using the ipads, great fun!

We had a question and answer session using puppets of a factory boss and a poor street girl, all about the working and living conditions of Victorian children. He turned out to be a bit horrible and callous as well as having a very dodgy accent!!!!

Yesterday, the wonderful tennis people came to give us a free tennis lesson, which was glorious in this sunshine!

…and today we had a couple of visitors from the planning department, telling us about their jobs. This fitted perfectly with our project, as we were talking a lot about the Victorian era NOT being very good with children’s Health and Safety. They were lucky to survive at all, and limbs or fingers being lost was relatively commonplace. What a super contrast to today’s welfare practices, so a big thank you to them.



Primary 1A Star of the Week!

Primary 1A Star of the Week this week is Selena! Selena has been awarded star of the week because she has been working very hard on her confidence and skills when speaking aloud in front of others. Selena has grown to become a valued member of group work and she is confident when sharing her ideas with her friends!

Well done Selena!
Health and Wellbeing Learning pathways went home today. Please have a read and complete the home learning comment and return to school.

Just a wee reminder that school sports is a week today on Friday the 24th of May – commencing at 1:30pm.

Please make sure your child has suitable clothing with them – t shirt, shorts/leggings and trainers.

Any outstanding school trip money should be brought in by Monday at the latest.


Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Munro 🙂


P6/7 – Junior jobs Day

Today the whole school took part in Junior Jobs Day, where people and businesses from our community come into our school to teach us about the world of work and different skills and abilities we might require for our future jobs and careers.

First we had Maggie Thompson from the Calman Trust. Her job is to train up young people to work in the Cafe Artysans. She told us all about the different skills that you need to have to work in a customer focused job; confidence, good language skills and  patience to name a few.

In the afternoon we had Mrs Lowe from the nursery come to talk to us about being an Early Years Practitioner. She talked about her training, her day-to-day job and what skills we would need; patience, caring nature and being able to work as part of a team.

We noticed that although the jobs we learnt about were very different they both required similar skills. It has made us realize that the skills that we learn in school will help us in the world of work. Thank you again to our visitors!

P3 Junior Jobs Day

P3 had a visit from Richard and Fiona, from the Energy and Sustainability Team at the Highland Council, as part of our Junior Jobs Day. They told us about their jobs and they skills they use at work. We got to use heat imaging cameras to find hot and cold spots around the room! Richard and Fiona use these special cameras to find out if a building is insulated properly.

We also enjoyed looking at our faces on the camera! Most of them glowed white and red which meant that they were warm!


P6/7 – Edinburgh Trip

Primary 7 had a fantastic couple of days away in Edinburgh this week. We had an action packed schedule which included the National Museum of Scotland and having a go at Europe’s largest climbing wall in Ratho.

The most exciting part of our trip was our visit to the Forth Bridges. We learnt all about the the role and the skills needed to be be a civil engineer. Most excitingly we got to walk across the Forth Road Bridge which saw us clocking up 3 miles and 8000 steps.

Lastly a big thank you to Mrs Veal and Miss Ross for accompanying us on the trip.

Pr 7 Edinburgh 14 – 15 May 2019

We all had a great time on our overnight visit to Edinburgh. The Museum was very interactive with the Energy Wheel and F1 car being among the favourites!

The highlight was the Clip n Climb at the Climbing Arena. Excellent effort by everyone to attempt different heights and challenges.

We were very tired and hot by Wednesday! We walked across the Forth Road Bridge and then had an engineering workshop before heading home.

Thank you to Miss Ross and Mrs Veal for coming along to help us. Now we can’t wait for Loch Insh!


JRSO Training – Eden Court Trip

The JRSO group had a fantastic time last Wednesday at Eden Court for their Road Safety training day. We particularly enjoyed the road safety magic show.

The team would like to remind everyone that next week is Walk to School Week. So if you can manage, its a great time to walk, cycle or scooter to school – whatever takes your fancy! Each class will have a walk to school sticker chart to complete each day.

P3 Tennis

P3 had a great tennis session today!

Sunflower Planting

We planted some sunflowers today. We have put them onto our windowsill and will take turns watering them every day. We hope that they will grow in time for the summer holidays. Some of the pupils from P6 joined us .


Fun in the sun -P1B

We really did have fun in the sun today as we took part in a tennis taster session delivered by the ladies from Inverness Tennis and Squash Club. Some budding Wimbledon stars of the future perhaps?????

Nursery transition in P1B

We have really enjoyed letting the Nursery join in our P.E sessions as part of the Health and Well-being transition activities. We hope they have had fun also and are looking forward to coming to P.1 in August!!

Rugby superstars in P1B

Fredie and Archie showing off the medals they received for playing rugby. Well done to both of you – amazing!

Literacy Cafe

Literacy Cafe

A reminder that our Literacy Cafe is this Wednesday 15.05.19 from 6pm-7pm.

We will be sharing strategies that we use for the teaching of spelling in Lochardil. Staff will be joined by Laura McGinlay, our Literacy Development Officer and there will be the opportunity to ask any questions you may. Refreshments will be served.



P2 – Busy Planting


Primary 2 have been very busy this week.  We’ve been growing plants in different conditions (for example, by varying levels of light, water, air, soil/nutrients and heat) to find out what they need in order to grow and develop.

P6 – Spheros

P6 – Spheros

We have been practising our coding skills using Spheros. Using our Chromebooks, we were learning how to programme these amazing robots to follow our instructions. We could programme the light to change colour too, which we really liked!

P1A Star of the Week

Primary 1A Star of the week is Lexie!

Lexie has earned star of the week due to her continuous super listening in maths. Lexie has been determined to do her very best and has come and leaps and bound when working on takeaway sums.

Keep up the good work Lexie!


Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Munro

P3 Trip

Here are our photos from our trip to the Scottish School of Forestry! We got to try lots of different activities. We even got to make a bird box for our playground.

The event

will be running tomorrow if you would like to go along and try the activities. Check out the UHI website for more details.

P3 Trip Information

Just a quick reminder that P3 pupils will need to have suitable outdoor clothing and footwear for our trip tomorrow. We will be outside all morning and the woods might be muddy! Pupils will also need a snack and a bottle of water.

Library Packs are also due back tomorrow.

Primary 1A – Last week Star of the Week!

Last week’s star of the week in P1A was Isabella! We ran out of time to get our photo done on Friday but we managed to remember to do it today.

Isabella has grown in confidence over the past few months and she contributes some fantastic answers, opinions and stories to our circle time discussions in class!


Keep up the good work Isabella! Well done!


Miss Munro 

P5/6 Update and Term Overview

Click here to view  our term 4 overview: Term 4-2


Just a little note about our trip on Tuesday. Children do not have to wear school uniform, instead they should wear appropriate clothing for being outdoors (depending on the weather). No football strips please. Everyone needs to have appropriate footwear(preferably boots or wellies) and a waterproof jacket. Please bring a rucksack to carry your packed lunch, a water bottle and any other essentials. We are only on the bus for a short time as children should not bring electronics with them. As we are outside all day there is a possibility they could get wet or broken. We have been challenged to take litter free packed lunches with us. Have a think about how you can reduce, reuse or recycle. Any questions then please let me know. May you have a lovely long weekend. 

Miss MacDonald

Thursday 2nd May 2018 

This morning we were practising our research and note taking skills we used the I-pads and chrome books to help us find information about New Lanark and Robert Owen. We made a list of key words that we used to find the information we needed and we shared our favourite websites. We made a list of all the sources that we used to get our information and wrote down our favourite facts in our jotters. Did you know that Robert Owen opened the first ever nursery school in the Uk at New Lanark?

We had lots of fun in PE today, despite not being able to get onto the pitch, due to the weather. Today we were practising long jump and working on our leg and core muscles. We really enjoyed the tea towel races where we had to use or leg muscles to help us moved along the floor. We had lots of laughs practising our squats at the ball seat station too.

Be A Flower

A flower does not compete with other flowers. It just blooms. 

Our new door display reminds us of all the spring flowers and helps us to remember that we are all unique and have different talents and challenges but we can all achieve and grow beautifully. 

P3 Roots of Empathy Visit

We had another visit from Isla today! We learned about what types of food she likes to eat, her favourite food is mince and tatties. We also got to watch her try a slice of pepper for the first time! She enjoyed chewing on it but preferred to eat the chopped banana.

P4/5 weekly blog

As promised!

Termly Overview p4/5

A short one this week as this is the really busy term and it’s a bit mental!

Thought I’d share some of our maths learning this week. First the children had to find things from the playground weighing 15g and 24g.

like the measure lesson, I didn’t help them by showing them weights….yet! Interesting results. Some got very close, and some were way off. Too heavy mostly, but some too light! Hopefully they will have a much better idea of how big a gram is, if they have to do it again.

Then we tried to use the various types of measuring devices to work out the given tasks. 

That’s all for now!





P6/7 – Rotary Quiz

A huge well done to our Rotary quiz team last night who were competing in the second round in Nairn after their victory in the first round earlier this year. We were delighted to come 3rd place! Great team work was shown and we had a lot of fun. Wishing Crown Primary all the best in the finals later this month.

Pr 7 Sphero Fun 2.5.19

We had 4 Sphero challenges to complete today.

Swimming Sphero

Chariot Sphero

Arty Sphero

Long Jump Sphero

All successful and lots of fun!