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P1A Week One Information

We hope all of the boys and girls in P1A enjoyed their first day of school! We got to have lunch with our P7 buddies and listened to a story about a little boy’s first day at school.

Our PE lessons will take place on Wednesday and Friday morning. Could all pupils please bring suitable clothing and footwear, which can be kept in a bag on your child’s peg.

The Inverness Courier will be visiting to take our P1 photo on Tuesday 27th of August at 1:30pm.

Thank you

A HUGE thank you to all the parents/carers of P1A and P1B for all the lovely gifts we have received. We have thoroughly enjoyed our year with your children and wish them all the best for Primary 2.

Have a super summer, enjoy time as a family and hopefully, the sun will shine!

Mrs McArthur, Miss Munro and Mrs Sutherland.

P2, Food Glorious Food

The children enjoyed preparing and eating their healthy wraps! It was the perfect way to finish off our ‘Food Glorious Food topic’. 

They’ve been a fantastic class! 

I hope you all have a lovely, relaxing holiday.  Enjoy. 

Mrs Beattie x

P4/5 New Lanark Trip

Some photos to share from our very exciting but very exhausting trip. Thank you so much to everyone who helped us, and for all of you for getting them there on time! They were so well behaved the whole day. I’m very proud of them all!

Butterflies in Primary 1!

For the last few weeks Primary 1 have been looking after our caterpillars. Over this time we have them grow very large after munching on lots of food and we got to see them make their chrysalis. Over the weekend our caterpillars emerged as butterflies. After a lovely few days getting to watch them and making sure we fed them lots of lovely fruit we set our butterflies free in the secret garden. It was amazing to see them spread their wings and fly up into the sky!

What a lovely way to end an absolutely fantastic year in Primary 1A. Thank you for all your hard work and we wish you a lovely holiday and all the best going into Primary 2!

Miss Munro and Mrs McArthur 🙂


Outdoor Learning!

Over the past 4 weeks we have had a Friday focus on outdoor learning and Primary have absolutely loved it! We have reading and listening to stories outside. We explored the secret garden and tried to find things using our five senses. We were outdoor detectives as we went on bug hunt where we made friends with Sammy the Snail. We also used chunky chalk to practise our reading words out on the playground before finishing with a bubble party!

We have loved using the outdoors to help us learn new things and we can’t wait to keep exploring when we return after the summer holidays!

Miss Munro and Mrs McArthur (P1A & P1B).

Natural Tie-Dying

This week, both P5 and P5/6 have been investigating natural dyes as part of their topics. We created three dyes using beetroot (red), Onion skins (yellow) and Red Cabbage (purple) and tried tie dye with cotton material. The results were really surprising, with the onions skins producing the most striking results! Great creative outdoor learning guys!

Primary 5’s Close Encounter!

Primary 5 finished off their Great Outdoors topic today with a visit from Duncan from Cairngorm Creatures. He brought some fascinated creatures with him for us to learn about and handle. We learned that Giant African Land Snails have 200 teeth that act like a cheese grater, that bearded dragons have a third eye on top of their heads to look for the shadows of birds above them, and that corn snakes don’t eat corn, and taste the air with their tongues. Although some young people were a bit nervous, everyone at least touched something, even Mrs Scotson who conquered her fear of snakes.

P1 & P7 Buddy Event – 01/07/19

The Primary 7 pupils would like to invite their P1 buddies to a Teddy Bears’ Picnic on Monday 1st July. P7 pupils will be bringing in their teddies and their favourite book to share, along with some juice and biscuits as part of the picnic. It would be great if all the P1 pupils could please take in their own teddy bears and one of their favourite story books on Monday too!

Let’s hope the sun will shine!

P2 – Baby Fraser


Primary 2 have been learning about the tasks required to look after a baby. A big thank you to Hazel’s mum who came into class this week with baby Fraser. We were all delighted to meet him!

Mrs Beattie

P2 Outdoor Learning


Another gorgeous day for some outdoor learning. Using chalk and sticks we made our own clocks in the playground. We then challenged each other to tell the time.

P 7 IRA feedback

Well done Pr 7 for a very positive transition experience this week at the IRA. You have all come back feeling good about moving on. You made new friends, enjoyed some very exciting lessons and met some great teachers. Only a few more days to go here now.

Thank you to Brodie for playing his bagpipes so expertly today at our Rights Respecting Schools Gold Award Ceremony. What a treat – it helped to make the occasion very special.

We hope to share our WW2 learning with you on Thursday 27th June at 9.30 am – 10.00am in the hall. All welcome.

Drummond School Sports are now on June 27th so we will be attending to support the pupils in the afternoon.

P3 Ultimate Frisbee

P3 had a great time learning how to play Ultimate Frisbee!

We were very good at throwing and catching the frisbee and we used those skills to play a game. Thank you to Roddy’s Dad and Scott for coming in to show us how to play!

P1/2 Outdoor Learning Fun

P1/2 were having a wonderful time on a scavenger hunt using all of our senses on Friday. We then joined in some fun with bubbles with P1A and P1B to celebrate finding all the items from our hunt outdoors!

P3 Gardening

We made our first visit to the polytunnel today but one of the flower beds was damaged so we could not start our gardening. Fingers crossed for next time!