Busy week in P4/5

Lots on this week!

We were looking at the amazing 9 times table, and discovering some of the very cool patterns that you can find.

As you can see, the children got so into it, that I was having difficulty stopping them!

Our fabulous primary 5 children were performing alongside the Scottish Opera people. They did us all proud. We don’t have pictures, but hopefully you managed to get along to see it.


We also had our Unicef simulation event.

I have attached the letter that Unicef issue after the simulation. Being the ‘Best Class in the School’ really helped! They were very sharing and supportive. They went through a whole range of emotions, and came out the other side much more aware of what it feels like to be in an emergency situation. Lots of super discussions.

Parent info letter Unicef Simulation Day (updated)

We also did a bit of technology. The children had to design and build a bridge that would hold 1kg. There was also a prize for the prettiest bridge which Kyla won.

Have a lovely holiday, and see you back at school on Wednesday.