Baillie Cup 2017

What an exciting day we had at the Baillie Cup last Thursday! Team Lochardil finished in second place overall. This Athletics Competition is for children in Primary 1 to Primary 4, with three girls and three boys from each year group selected to run either 70m, 150m or 600m for P2-P4 and 60m, 120m 0r 400m for P1. There were also two new events for P4 this year, long jump and ‘javelin’. Every member of the team ran, jumped or threw to the best of their ability, showing real determination and pride in their school. Thank you very much to all the parents who came along on the day to help out with the team, your help was very much appreciated and it was lovely to see you all!

The team were Ava Young, Grace Watt, Sarah Hunter, Daniel Clayton, Iain Macleod and      Harry Marshall from P1; Lillie MacLachlan, Erin Anderson, Tyla Watson, Robbie Bremner, Thomas Coutts and Ryan Elsie from P2; Lyla Bain, Freya Soden, Melissa Smith, Finn Munro, Cian MacKenzie, Calum Douglas, from P3; Emma Alderson, Mia Haywood, Ciara MacKenzie, Jayden Jackson, Michael Miller, James Knight, Toryn Eaglesham and Ellis Morrison from P4.

Well done to you all!