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P3 Our final talks!

P3 Our final talks!

This morning we heard the last of our class talks. Archie told us all about swords with lots of details and information on his poster. Emilia had an amazing longship and told us lots of facts. Lewis made an amazing longship using lots of recycled materials.


Enrolment for Early Years – week beginning 25th February

Enrolment week for our Early Years setting is week beginning 25th February 2019.

For all new pupils, an online enrolment form should be completed on the Highland Council website

If your child currently attends our ELC, an update form will be sent home this week for you to check.  This should be returned to the school office during enrolment week, along with the preference of hours form. We also require a current council tax bill for your residential property.

Funded Early Learning and Childcare for Session 2019/20 is available for 3 and 4 year olds within the eligibility dates below:

August 2019

Eligible 4 year olds – 1 March 2015 – 29 February 2016

Eligible 3 year olds – 1 March 2016 – 31 August 2016

January 2019

Eligible 3 year olds – 1 September 2016 – 31 December 2016

April 2019

1 January 2017 – 28 February 2017

If your child’s birthday falls within any of these dates you must enrol during week beginning 25th February.







P5 and P6 Pupils – Scottish Opera

Just to let you know we have been able accommodate all requested tickets that have been previous asked for, for our performance tomorrow . At this point we are expecting a full house so will not be able to accommodate any further ticket requests. We will not be handing out paper tickets so please just come along  for a prompt start at 2:15pm and enjoy the performance . If children have been given permission, they will be able to be dismissed from the CCC. If we have not received permission, children will return to school for around 3:15.

Bikeability Training – Your school needs you!

Bikeability is the road safety training pupils in our P6 classes receive each year.   Through the one day Cycle Training Assistance (CTA) course, Cycling Scotland train volunteer parents/carers to deliver the training to pupils.

We are fortunate to currently have 2 volunteers who carry out this training with pupils, but as their children move on to secondary school this year, we lose their services.

We are now looking for new faces to step in to the breach to deliver this vital training to our pupils!  (Your child does not need to be in P6 for you to volunteer!).  Once CTA training is complete, the course is normally delivered to the pupils over a few weeks during school hours.

Provisional dates for volunteers to receive the one day training in the Highland area are week commencing 25th March or 1st April 2019.

If this is something you could help with, please contact the school office AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, so we can arrange for you to attend training.

Please help keep our children safe on the roads.

Thank you.


As a school, we have purchased an Apple Tree and aim to create a stone circle/pathway with the tree at the centre in memory of Mrs Martin-Hodgson, to celebrate her life, and what she meant to us as a teacher and valued colleague here at Lochardil Primary School.  

We therefore kindly ask for each child in school to paint a stone with a nature theme on it and to bring their creations into school.  The stone should aim to be fist sized or slightly bigger, and fairly flat.  Could all pupils please bring in their nature themed painted stones in for varnishing by Friday 8th March.

Thank you so much in advance for your support.

The Lochardil Team.

P3 Fascinating Class Talks

P3 Fascinating Class Talks

We heard some more class talks this morning. Connor told us all about longships complete with lots of pictures. Rebecca had made her own book all about Viking children. Rudi had his home made shield and sword to tell us all about weapons. Tristan had a very detailed model longship for his talk  and Ollie had a life size sword for his talk on weapons. Callan shared his sword and axe to give us more information about weapons.

Well done P3 you are amazing!

Primary 6/7 Updates

Here is an update of some of our learning and news over the past few weeks – sorry we have been so quiet on the blog recently!

Mr Hendry

Firstly I would like to extend a warm welcome to Mr Hendry who started working with our class last week. He will be spending five weeks with our class in total. He has gotten to know the class so well already and we are looking forward to experiencing some more learning with him in the coming weeks!


As we are studying Natural Disasters as our topic this term we decided to make our own volcanoes and use these to simulate our own volcanic eruption. Find out more about this in March’s Learning Pathway.

Scottish Opera

Our Primary 6 pupils have been working very hard over the last couple of terms to prepare for their Scottish Opera performance on Wednesday 13th February. the Primary 7s are looking forward to seeing the performance and to cheer on their class mates!

P7 Fundraiser

Primary 7 have organised a fundraiser on Friday 15th February to help raise money for the upcoming Edinburgh Trip. Thank as always for your support with these events! Pictures to follow on Friday.


Primary 7 Fundraiser Fun

Image result for fundraiser

This Friday (15th February) Primary 7 pupils will be holding a fundraiser to help raise money for their upcoming Edinburgh trip in Term 4.

There will be a selection of stalls to visit, including: beat the goalie; bake sale; face painting and much more!

Stalls cost around 20p and will be running at both break and lunchtime.

As always we appreciate your support and hope to see many of our pupils join in with the fun this Friday!


We were delighted to receive first place in the Junior Apprentice Competition yesterday. We shared our presentation about our Lochardil Industries Rocks n Crosses business before 4 judges and the other 4 schools who were taking part. The event is run in partnership with the Social Enterprise Academy and is sponsored by Tailormade Moves. The money collected by each business is donated to the Highland Hospice.

Thank you to everyone for supporting us with our Developing the Young Workforce enterprise. We raised £568.27. Well done Brodie, Sam, Sophie, Anya and Toby!


P3 Some more Viking talks!

P3 Some more Viking talks!

This afternoon Roddy explained all about Viking houses complete with a model. Harry shared his shield and axe to tell us about Viking weapons. Sarah had designed a powerpoint presentation about Viking children and Fraser had made his own book “Who were the Vikings?”

A super day of talks in P3!


P3 The talks continue……..

P3 The talks continue……..

We enjoyed some more amazing Viking talks. Lily showed us an amazing model longship complete with the sea.  Iain had a real Viking helmet for his talk on weapons. Caitlin was well prepared for her talk on Viking homes and Cameron gave us lots of information on Viking long houses. Aimee told us all about longships when she shared her model. Cullen had drawn amazing pictures of Viking gods and Ava had some fabulous  weapon designs.

Good work P3

P3 Viking Talks

P3 Viking Talks

We started our class talks this morning. Sarah spoke about longships complete with an amazing poster. Layla had a model lego longship to go with her talk. Joshua told us all about Viking clothes with amazing pictures. Clara had a wooden model longship and Daniel made one complete with moving oars. Alexander had made a shield and sword foe his weapons talk. Hannah told us all about the runes she had seen in Orkney.

Well done everyone.

P1B Show and Tell

Show and Tell with the Brilliant Butterflies, the Busy Bees and a very attentive audience!




Super numberwork partners…



…and Marley  completely focused!


P6 – Our Spanish Superstars

P6 – Our Spanish Superstars!
We are the Spanish group and we have been working really hard to get our lyrics, pronunciation,timing and melody correct for our Scottish Opera performance on Wednesday. We are every excited and looking forward to the big show on Wednesday!

Thanks to Roger from Scottish Opera who gave us a fantastic singing masterclass on Wednesday!

P2 at PE lesson

Over the last three weeks the children have been learning a variety of jumps in their PE lesson. They are brilliant and as you can see, they were so fast it was incredibly hard to catch their jumps on camera.

Lunch time craft club

Some of primary 1s decided to come along to Mrs Armstrong’s lunch time craft club today. We had a lovely time making tooth fairy pouches to put under our pillows for the tooth fairy! As it turns out a few of us have wobbly teeth so hopefully we will be able to put the pouches to good use soon!

Miss Munro

ELC – Safe Strong and Free Workshops

For parents with children in their pre-school year, the Strong and Free workshops will be starting on Tuesday 26th February.

Letters are going out to advise of your child’s allocated days/times to attend.

Please note if you do not wish your child to participate in these sessions, please let us know beforehand.

If you require any further information please visit or speak to a member of ELC staff.

Thank you.




P3 Science

P3 had lots of fun learning about floating and sinking! We learned about buoyancy and tested objects to see if they would float or sink.

Pr 7 Updates Feb 13th/Feb 15th


We have been invited to watch the Pr 5 and Pr 6 Scottish Opera Dress Rehearsal  Performance at the Culduthel Christian Centre. (1.30 pm)

Once that is finished we are walking to the IRA for a PE session with Mrs Chisholm. We will be dismissed from the IRA at 3 pm. Pupils must have a full change of PE kit and clean indoor trainers.


Edinburgh Trip Fundraiser: The pupils are running  stalls which will run at break time and lunchtime. Baking from all pupils would be appreciated.

Thank you for supporting us with these events


P2 Maths

Primary 2 have been learning about volume.  We know that we can compare volumes by pouring to find out which containers hold more/ less.  We can also put containers in order of volume.  


P1/2 Parent Interviews – Re-arranged dates

Just a quick reminder that the P1/2 Parent Interviews will now take place next week on Wednesday 13th February and Thursday 14th February 2019.  It is hoped that parents will be able to keep the same time as was originally planned for last week.  However, if this is not the case, Mrs MacIver is more than happy to arrange a more suitable time for you. 

P1B and ELC

Sharing our  number activities with  children from ELC and being super role models…










Activities in P1B

Activity time after a hard day’s work…











ELC- Ach an Eas 5th February 2019

During yesterday’s visit to Ach an Eas the children spent time decorating digestive biscuits with the residents, demonstrating good turn taking when helping to make the icing. They used icing tubes and sprinkles to create a pattern on their biscuits. The children and residents then enjoyed their tasty biscuits whilst having their morning tea break. Just before heading back to Lochardil we popped in to visit Mary and sang her a few of our favourite songs.

Due to the sessions starting later than planned  we will be extending them until Tuesday 5th March. A polite reminder to parents/ carers of children attending Ach an Eas, please ensure your child is wearing appropriate clothing and footwear as we will be walking in all weather conditions, thank you.

Happy Chinese New Year P5/6

Happy Chinese New Year ? 

???? / ???? (G?ngx? f?cái)

‘Happiness and prosperity!’

Today is the Chinese New Year (Spring Festival). It is the oldest traditional festival in China.Many existing customs and activities of the festival can be traced back to the story of the Monster Nian, which helps to explain why and how the festival is celebrated. P5/6 learned about the story and wrote their own editions of “The Legend of The Nian Monster,” We also did some Chinese problem solving and celebrated with fortune cookies. We also learned about how the Chinese Zodiac was formed and which year we are part of .




Chinese New Year!

Primary 1A were learning all about Chinese New Year today. We noticed the similarities between Chinese New Year today and the new year we celebrated in January such as eating big meals with families and watching fireworks.

We talked about the Zodiac calendar and how Chinese New Year is celebrated. We read a story called Dragons in the City where we learned that families like to watch street festivals where people make big decorated dragons move around using long poles.

We had a go at making our own smaller versions of the dragons!

Happy Chinese New Year!


Miss Munro 🙂

ELC – Parent Focus Meeting

Parent/Carer Focus Group

Friday 1st March 9:15am – 9:45am – Room 12 (Next to ELC)

As part of our ongoing parental engagement we are organising another parent/carer focus group session. This will be an opportunity to informally meet to discuss the ongoing work of the ELC. Our current focus is Ongoing Profiling and the Lochardil Learning Pathways. We are currently evaluating the effectiveness of the Pathways to support children’s learning and the range of experiences we provide in the Lochardil ELC.

We look forward to welcoming you and sharing your thoughts and suggestions. Please note we are unable to accommodate younger siblings on this occasion.

Thank you ELC Team  


Scottish Opera Workshop for P5 and P6 pupils – please bring a snack.

Could all P5 and P6 pupils please bring a morning snack and drink with them to school on Wednesday of this week. We have our first Scottish Opera workshop in which representatives from Scottish Opera are coming to prepare us for our performance. The workshop will run from 10:00 – 11:30 which means that snack from the canteen will not be available on this day.

Primary 1A – Star of the Week!

Primary 1A’s star of the week is Alexis!

Alexis has been working really hard on learning how to tell the time in maths. She has also been amazing in our science lessons this week, sharing lots of information about her Dad’s job at the wind farm. We learned so much about electricity is made from the windmills.

Well done Alexis! 🙂

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Munro

p4/5 new post 01.02.19

This week I’m going to give a little insight into some of the maths we have been doing. 

Last week we were looking at money. I gave them a budget of £50 and they had to find three items from a catalogue, that were as close to the budget as they could get….but not a penny more. The winners were the pair who got the closest to £50. 








Robbie and Jay were victorious! They got dead on £50. Everyone else had difficulty with the prices ending in 99p!


This week we have been looking at fractions – you’ll probably have guessed that from the homework – both spelling and maths! We’ve been working on equivalence, and next week we’ll be working out fractions of an amount. Primary 5 will be looking at percentages too, and working out the relationship between fractions, decimals and percentages.






In french we were using the words we have learnt so far such as classroom objects, colours, prepositions and instructions – to make up little commands, such as ‘put the yellow pencil under the red table’ etc.

It was a very strange lesson, and I’m glad Mrs Kellacher didn’t walk in when Cameron was put in the bucket by Max, and Siyana was put in the sink by Julia….with a little help!




Thank you for coming along to the Parent/Teacher interviews. Remember, you don’t have to wait for these, you are welcome to come and see me any time if you have any concerns at all. No matter how trivial they may seem, they can sometimes mean a lot to a child.


Mrs P

P3 Maths

P3 have started learning about weight. Today we were learning about kilograms and had to estimate the weight of 1 kilogram. Maybe you could find some objects that weigh 1 kilogram in your kitchen?

ELC- Midwife Visit 31/01/19

Yesterday the children had a very special visit from a midwife. Eilidh explained her job role to the children, discussing how she helps the babies once they are born. “She puts name tags on them so they don’t get mixed up.” (Angus J).  “She feels their heart with a stethoscope.” (Rebecca).  Scott recalled that she “bathed them with her hands and just clean water. He said she used a towel and rubbed it very carefully.”

P2 Community Walk

It was a snowy day but we were all keen to go out for our walk in the community to discover the different features of our community and look for patterns and shapes. The children were thinking about how our needs are met in the community and from their learning about children’s rights they were able to identify whether the features were something we ‘need’ or ‘want’. They developed their skills in taking photographs and here are some examples of their work. Apologies for the lack of photos of the children,  I got so carried away with their enthusiasm in using the cameras I forgot to take photos of the children!!

Nessie Hunters!

Primary 1A have been learning about Scotland for topic this term. We had lots of fun making our own model Loch Ness Monsters out of clay. We had to make sure they were nice and dry before painting them this afternoon.

Miss Munro


P1A – Tuesday

On Tuesday P1A enjoyed thinking of different ways to travel across a mat in the gym hall.

In the afternoon we were learning about wind turbines and solar panels.  Our solar panel made electricity to power a bulb and a buzzer.


Mrs Munro 🙂

Forest Session Week 4

Lots of fun in the snow this weeks!!

We had lots of fun in the forest this week.  We found lots of new dens in the forest to explore. Then we made a fire and cooked pizza some Pizza.

. Innes said “They were very nice”


P3 Parent/Carer Teacher Interviews

P3 Parent/Carer Teacher Interviews

We look forward to welcoming parents/carers at the teacher interviews on Wednesday & Thursday night. Please remember to complete the P3 questionnaire (located on the table at the top of the stairs)

Thank you!

Change of date – Please note the next Open Morning is now due to take place on Tuesday 12th March from 9.15-10

P3 Book Awards

P3 Book Awards

We have made a poster for the Lochardil Reading Awards 

We had to come up with our favourite author,  favourite fiction text,  favourite poem and favourite non-fiction text.

ELC- Ach an Eas 29th January 2019

Today at Ach an Eas we made bird feeders with the residents to use in the Ach an Eas grounds. “We had coconut oil. We had seeds. We put our hands to the bowl and put all the coconut oil together.” Ruby

Lotte described how the mixing technique felt- “It feeled slimy.”

Netball at Gordonstoun School

On Monday evening the Netball Club visited Gordonstoun School for a friendly Netball Tournament. We had a lot of fun, and the long drive was definitely worth it.

A HUGE thanks to all our parents who helped in so many ways to make it happen. The children were punctual and fed, as well as picked up on time by all. The drivers were amazing, giving up their time, and showing so much enthusiasm. It was super to have the court-side support and we were over the moon to be able to transport every child in the club, who wished to come. 4 teams!!!

Thank you once again,

Mrs A and Mrs P

(and our wonderful 3rd year helpers Abi and Louisa!)



PIB and ELC4 transition

The boys and girls of PIB have enjoyed having the nursery boys and girls come to visit the classroom during number time. They have had fun together, singing some number songs  and working on lots of different number activities. Our class have felt very grown-up and responsible and have been super role-models. Thank you Primary 1B!


Today 3 rangers from Aigas Field Centre came to the school to do a workshop with us. We learned about where our food comes from,  what decomposers do and the dangers of plastic in the seas and oceans. We played lots of games and had a lot of fun.

Calling all parents


Calling all Parents & Carers

The Parent Council bank balance is running low so it is time to pull together for some fundraising activities.  The money raised is used to help fund projects at the school.  For example, equipment, trips and outings, playground painting, sports kit, the year seven yearbook and much much more.



Please join us for a relaxed, informal and sociable meeting at the Lochardil House Hotel, at 8pm on Tuesday 5th February to discuss ideas and make plans.  We will be brainstorming ideas for the forthcoming Spring Fayre (date to be confirmed, but likely the Saturday 30th March) as well a future events.

You do not need to attend the Parent Council Meetings in order to be involved in this fundraising subgroup.  All help would be gratefully appreciated. 

Kind regards

The Parent Council 


Primary 1A – Star of the Week!

Primary 1A Star of the Week this week is Cameron Grant. Cameron has been working so hard since we have come back to school over Christmas. His listening skills have been amazing and he always gives super answers during our circle time discussions. Cameron has also challenged himself in his Maths this week and has been absolutely amazing in our telling the time lessons!

Well Done Cameron!

Primary 1 have all been working extra hard this week. Yesterday we listened to some poetry by Robert Burns and we wrote our very own invitations to a Burns Supper.

We also had a go at saying the Selkirk Grace that people like to say before they eat their haggis on Burns Night.

Some Folk hae meat that canna eat,

And some can eat that want it;

But we hae meat, and we can eat,

So let the Lord be Thanket!

Have a lovely weekend and enjoy your haggis this evening!

Miss Munro 🙂

P2/3 Burns Supper

25/1/19  Burns Day 

This morning the cook prepared a Burns Supper for us.

1. First we said The Selkirk Grace written by Robert Burns.

Click below to see the video.


2. Then we listened to the bagpipes playing “A Man’s a Man for A’ That”.


3. Then we ate. 

Click below to watch some video clips. 

IMG_1750 IMG_1745 IMG_1746 IMG_1747 IMG_1749

A big thank you to everyone who wore tartan – you looked very smart!


ELC – Tissues

It’s the time of year for coughs and colds and we are quickly running out of soft tissues to blow little noses with.

We are kindly asking for donations of boxes/packs of tissues to help us get through this wintry period. 

Thank you in advance from the ELC Team.

Image result for tissues

TESCO Tokens – Lochardil comes first!

We are delighted to share that Lochardil has received the most number of tokens in the recent round of  the TESCO Community Awards Bags for Life Scheme. Our Wise About Waste application should now be more achievable and we look forward to using the money (£4,000) effectively.

A big thank you to everyone who supported us.


ELC Ach an Eas – Session 2


The children and residents had great fun at Ach an Eas Care Home for our first visit of session 2 on Tuesday. We were all wrapped up for the brisk walk where the children were very road aware and well behaved.

Both the children and some residents took part in an art activity using coloured paper to make a tartan pattern. We also sang some lovely songs in the lounge. Their oldest resident Cathy who is 104,  was delighted with the children’s lovely singing.

P2/3 Cosmic Kids and Outdoor Play

23.1.19 Cosmic Kids

P.E today was an active Yoga session requiring much flexibility!  Everyone had a good go. You could try it at home too.


We took some photos outside today to show our snow clothes, and the weather, -2 C, to our French penpals. Thought you might like to see them too!



Forest Sessions Week 3

Week 3 at the Forest.

This week we had snow in the forest. Some of the children used sticks to mark make.

Together we made a camp fire to stay warm.  Innes said “We need to stay safe around the fire.  We don’t want to get hurt.”

Everyone had lots of fun playing in the snow this week.  Making snowballs and playing with our friends.

p4/5 weekly post

Another busy week in p4/5!

We have been working on learning British Sign Language these past few weeks. We have been learning about the importance of facial expressions….






We went on a listening walk…


We learnt the differences between BSL and mime….










We studied the ‘Legs Proform’ and ‘Person Proform’…. (a proform is a commonly used sign that represents a lot of things, but you have to think about how you are using it……..ask the kids!)


We will be looking at regional variations, and how to express intensity of feeling next week. All very interesting, and no alphabet to be found….yet!

In other news…We played a game where you had to find your partner by asking questions that could only be answered with a yes or a no. Very tricky!











See you all at Parent/Teacher Interviews!






P2/3 Outdoor Maths

Remote-controlled Robots 

We played a game where one person moved from the start following instructions like  forwards, backwards, left, right, 1/4 turn, 1/2 turn  to get to the end.  It was a bit tricky!  The general consensus was “It was easier to move someone than being the person moving.”  Something to practise.

P2/3 Burns Supper

P2/3  Burns Day 2019  


On Friday, 25th January 2019, we are planning a wee Burns Supper in class. We will listen to the bagpipes, say the Selkirk Grace, sample the food and say  a Burns poem. If you have any tartan clothes or accessories – kilts, skirts, dresses, sash, bows etc please take them in on Friday,  as we are hoping to FaceTime our Pen-pals in France then too!


Thank you in advance.

 Mrs MacLelland

Save The Date – Health and Well-being Event

Save The Date

The  Health and well-being working group, are organising  a Family Learning event on Wednesday 27th February from 6.30pm-8pm.  This will include partners/ businesses such as Sensatherapy, Mindfulness tutor, Yoga, Educational Psychologist, Primary Mental Health worker, CHiP+, charity organisations, Inverness Caledonian Thistle FC community department, local children’s chef, Emotion Works learning stand, learning groups, Highland One World, and more. These organisations and groups will be presenting their services, ideas and support and some offering presentations/talk for you to attend on the night.  Further information to follow.