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Indoor Shoes

Just a polite reminder to all parents that children should have a pair of indoor shoes, as well as a different pair for outdoor use. Especially with this wet weather, carpets can quickly become damp and covered in grass. Changing our shoes ensures the carpet is kept as clean as possible for us to sit on.

Thanks, Miss Cockburn

ELC – 06/09/19

Another fun week over, learning more about ‘What the ladybird heard’. We have introduced two new makaton signs cat and horse.

A reminder that our Forest Sessions are starting on Monday the 9th September. The group going will be all monday morning Buttercups, please remember to dress warm. Have a lovely weekend 🙂


This week has been a very busy and fun week!

We have been learning how to keep ourselves and each other safe during food preparation. We have created information posters, with our own individually designed mascots, to communicate what we know about food hygiene and safety and we are very proud of the result. We are very excited to put our knowledge into practice next week as we begin to design and create our own recipes!

Congratulations to Maria, who is our Star of the Week for her fabulous information poster. It was really informative and beautifully presented. Well done Maria!

P6B Week 3

Another successful week in P6B. Today we learned the myth of Icarus & Daedalus and we began to design our own labyrinths. This week we used the chrome books to write our own mythical stories including some of the characters we have been learning about and we are enjoying our class novel :Percy Jackson and the lightening thief. 

In maths we have been revising place value up to millions and rounding to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000.  

Everyone completed homework for week one and week two homework was issued on Thursday. 

Have a fantastic weekend and I look forward to seeing everyone on Monday . 

Miss MacDonald 

P6 – Wilderness Wars

This week, Primary 6 started looking at work by 3 Scottish creators – the book Wilderness Wars by Barbara Henderson, art by Kate Green and music by Martyn Bennett. We are creating colourful landscape watercolours, concentrating on use of colour and brush strokes. These landscapes are inspired by the setting for Wilderness Wars. We also listened to Bothy Culture by Martyn Bennett, inspired by the landscapes and culture of the west of Scotland.

P5B Weekly Blog

In art we started doing some papier mache but we may have to abandon task! The original lesson needed clay, and our cupboard clay had gone. It was fun to do, but not as good as the clay. Still, the children did learn how to make and apply smooth effective papier mache! We will do it again when the clay comes in. C’est la vie!

We also decided to make some delicious cupcake pictures with pastels. Real pastels are so lovely to work with, and the children had a (messy) ball.

We were working on chrome books, laptops and pcs to try to find interesting ways to follow up our weekly reading book passages. Robert made a moving animation of Rudolf Nureyev flying through the air in a beautiful jetee in a field using our fabulous 2Simple programme.

Finally this week we were playing a clapping and rhythm game called, ‘Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.’ Ask your child how it’s played BUT you need a lot of people to play!

Pr 7A 6.9.19

Just a reminder for next week…

Packed lunches only for Thursday 12 September please. We leave for World of Work at 11.45 am so need an early lunch. Canteen lunches not available that early.

We require one adult helper for that visit. Please let us know if you can help.

PE – Wednesdays and Thursdays. Full change required.

We have been workiing on our Alcohol leaflet which is part of our Health and Wellbeing key assessment task.

We played touch rugby with Mrs Chisholm and studied areodynamics with Mrs Scotson.

P7B – One Point Perspective Art

This term we as focusing on how to make our art work look more realistic, experimenting with line and perspective. Our first art project has been to create one point perspective pictures. We found this quite tricky to begin with but after a little practise we are delighted with our results so far. Today we worked on adding in the finer details and used watercolours to bring our pictures to life. We are hoping to have our finished results next week. For now take a look at our progress so far!

Friday, Sept. 6th in P1B

Just wanted to share with parents/carers that I will be out of school tomorrow and the class will be covered by Mrs. Farqhuar. Also, Show and Tell will be for the Busy Bees and Clever Caterpillars this week and The Fabulous Frogs and Brilliant Butterflies will have their turn next week.

Thank you and have a super weekend when it arrives!

Mrs. McArthur

P1 – P7 Flu Immunisation Forms

The Fluenz Immunisation forms were issued via the school bag mail last week.

Please ensure that your child’s form is returned to the school office by Friday 7th September.  If you do not return a form your child will not receive the flu vaccine.

If your child has lost their form please contact the school office.

P1A Science

We have been learning all about germs and how we can help to stop them spread by washing our hands properly! To show how germs spread we covered our hands in glitter and had to shake hands with each other. This quickly spread the glitter round the class, the same way germs would be spread! We also practised washing our hands correctly.

P1A Show and Tell

The class will begin Show and Tell on Friday! This is a great opportunity to develop our listening and talking skills.

Each Friday morning a different table will get the chance to bring in a small object from home which they can talk about to the class. We will let you know if it is your child’s turn by putting a note in the homework pack. This week will be the turn of the Whizz Kids and the Bright Sparks!

The object could be a favourite book or toy. We kindly ask that valuable items and electronic devices are not taken in for Show and Tell.

Miss Ross and Miss Munro

Your Parent Council needs you!

Hello and welcome back to school for the year 2019/2020. We hope you all enjoyed the summer break and children, staff and parents are settling back into the swing of things nicely.

The first Parent Council Meeting of this school session is on Wednesday the 11th September at  7pm in the school staff room. We usually finish by 9pm.

All parents and carers are welcome to attend. We try to make the meetings as relaxed and informal as possible. This is your chance to be more involved with what is going on at the school for the benefit of your child/children.

  • Dates for the meetings this academic year:
  • • Wednesday 11th September 2019
  • • Thursday 14th November 2019
  • • Wednesday 22nd January 2020
  • • Thursday 19th March 2020 (AGM) •
  • Wednesday 13th May 2020

If you have any issues you would like us to discuss please make contact via the school office, the Lochardil Primary Parent Council Facebook page or

Kind regards Amy, Ian and Pauline.

PS There was a typo in the school calendar and the meeting is definitely on the 11th September (Not the 18th).

P2B Show and Tell

Now that we are into our third week of Primary 2, and we are settled into our class routines, we will be beginning show and tell. If your child wishes to take something small in to talk about, we will take time each Friday for show and tell. Please bear in mind that accidents can happen, so it is suggested that fragile/valuable items are not taken in. Items such as a small toy, photograph etc. are perfect.

Miss Cockburn


We have had a fabulous and busy week in P5a. Our highlights have been learning about food hygiene and safety, increasing our heart rates while having a great time in PE, learning about place value and learning how to use our Chromebooks.

Congratulations to Andrew, who was our ‘Star of the week’ for his fabulous reading work. Well done Andrew!

ELC 30/08/19

Our story bags have been confidently explored. The children and parents have worked hard in creating some characters from the story.

Just a reminder to please take a jacket each day as the weather is so unpredictable. Have a lovely weekend 🙂

“These are my paper dolls”

P5B Weekly Blog

A good week this week, with lots of establishing roles and expectations. We were looking at addition and subtraction, with a lot of practice of chimney sums.

In handwriting, the children were looking at basic joins. They are in a state of shock as I threatened to send back again, and again, any non-joined writing!!! Evil!

We were also making a poster designed to point out Health and Safety issues around our project of FOOD.

Short and sweet this week!

Hope you have a super weekend!

Term 1 Week 2 30.8.19

We had a big Lost Property clear out this afternoon. Bags of items had appeared at the end of last term. One of our Pr 7 jobs is to sort Lost Property every week.

Our reading group routine was established this week and we are getting into our new books. Ask us about our unusual group names!

Great start to spelling and getting homework done on time. Keep it up.

The Tungsten group were our group winners this week and we have also had a few successful “Secret Students”.

P1A Homework Packs

Just a note to say that the pupils will not get their homework packs home on a Friday. So do not worry if one did not come home in the schoolbag today!

Phonics – we have had a busy week practising our new sounds s,a and t. Check out the apples and turtles that we have made!

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Ross and Miss Munro

ELC – 29/08/19

We have been exploring the ‘What the Ladybird Heard?’ story by Julia Donaldson as the children have been interested in bugs and insects. This week we have found a ladybird in our garden which we were able to look closer at by using the magnifying glass…”They are red and has black spots”.

Theme Park Budgeting in P6B

Today we were using our maths and problem solving skills to work as part of a team in order to design our own theme park. We were given a budget of £5000 and a cost sheet . We knew the area that each thing would take up(eg a cafe was 4 cm2) and how much each item would cost to run in a day. We all managed to create our theme parks within budget and within the space given. We had some really creative ideas.

P1A Homework Packs

We hope you all enjoyed sharing the reading books that went home yesterday! We ask that pupils take in their homework pack every day, making sure that they include the reading book, word booklets and red jotter. This will mean that we can keep you up to date with the reading activities that you will need to do at home.

We also have a number of items of lost property that have not been labelled. If you are missing anything please pop in to see us or check the lost property boxes at reception.

Many thanks!

Miss Ross and Miss Munro

Primary 1 Phonics

We have started learning our initial sounds during phonics activities in primary one this week. So far we have covered the ‘s’ and the ‘a’ sound. We have practised our new sounds using our jolly phonics songs and actions. A list of the sounds and actions can be found in your child’s read reading record. You can access the jolly phonics songs we have been using by clicking on the following links:

Jolly phonics song for ‘s’

Miss Munro and Miss Ross

Pr 7A Welcome Back

We have all settled in and are geting into the school routine.

An overview of our plans wil be added to the blog at the end of this week to give you a bit more information about how what we will doing over the term.

We all enjoyed supprting our buddies last week. It was lovely to meet their parents and give them a “Welcome to Pr 1” card we had made. We will keep an eye on them in the playground for the next few weeks.

We have made our class charter and have our new homework jotters covered and ready for action!

P2 – Welcome Back!

A big welcome to the Primary 2 blog! We hope you all had a lovely summer. The children have settled in nicely to their new class and they’ve been working very well together.

We will be updating this blog with a Termly Overview next week, which will hopefully give you all the information you need.

Looking forward to an exciting term ahead!

Mrs Fraser and Mrs Beattie

We wish you a very warm welcome to P3 life! This week we made our class charter using our rights and we chose our class reps. Photos to follow next week.

Our project this term is an Enterprise Activity. To help prepare us, we had a team-building afternoon where the aim was to build a bridge to hold a toy car. Each team member could only touch their material and together plan and build the bridge. Every team was successful in the build and could talk about how they got on working as team.

Team Building


This week the upper school started Explore classes: our new outdoor learning lessons (p3/4 will have this next week). All 250 kids had the chance to say what they thought Explore should be about and what they wanted to learn. All the classes started making class totem poles! To quote one P5, “This sounds amazing!”

P5a – Our fabulous first week back!

We have had a brilliant first week back. We are really enjoying our class novel ‘The Secret Island’ and we have been improving our summarising skills. We thought our weekly poem ‘The Veggie Lion’ was really funny and we had a great time creating our own versions of it. Thank you to Lily and Ayla for bringing in your ‘About me’ bags. We are loving getting to know each other better!

Callum was our ‘Star of the Week’ for fabulous concentration, hard work and effort. Well done Callum!

We have loved having a secret student every day too! Who knows who the secret student will be next…?

Thanks for a great week everyone.

Letters went home with regards to our ‘Hopes and Dreams’ meetings next week. Please get in touch if the times do not suit or if you have not been given an appointment but would like one.

Have a great weekend!

Love from P5a and Miss MacArthur

Home Link – Story Bag

Lochardil ELC is excited to introduce to you our new story bags. Each child will be given the opportunity to take home the bag where they will be able to share a story and some activities with their families. Please return these by the date given and in the condition that they were provided. Thank you, Lochardil ELC

P6B End of week 1

Well we survived week one ! We has lots of fun today ! We challenged each other in a game of basket ball and netball and we started to learn a new morning motivation song (we had a little boogie too). We got stuck into our reading books and created comic strips to summarise and retell our stories so far and we got brand new photos for our lunch orders (these were very cute P1 photos and everyone has grown up so much) . I hope you all have a fabulous weekend and look forward to meeting everyone who has requested an appointment, next week. If you’ve not received a slip with an allocated time please just send me a message and let me know. 

Miss M

P6B Class charter – a promise to each other

Today was a great first day. We created our class charter (Still a few bits to add). Here is our promise to each other, created by the children. 

“We promise to respect everyone and their rights and to listen and offer help when we can. We will believe in ourselves and motivate each other, taking pride in all we do. Our teacher will keep us safe, Educate us and help us to have fun whilst we learn . We promise to be kind and nice and love each other. We will say sorry and forgive whilst being honest . We will care for each other and include other people. We share responsibility of helping our classroom be a happy place . The year ahead is exciting . We will be friendly, kind and always challenge ourselves to be the best we can be. We won’t stop until we are proud” 

Our promise to each other was made up from words, actions and ideas that the children thought were important to having a good classroom ?

Welcome Back :)

A warm welcome to our new children joining Lochardil ELC and welcome back to our returners. We hope you all had a fun break. We were enjoying hearing all your lovely stories today and cannot wait to hear more this week. Just some reminders to please make sure all items (clothes, shoes, toys etc) are labelled and that there is a new toy tub, where we would like children to place their own personal toy/teddy in to be kept safe. The staff and children loved being visited during break and lunch by our Primary 1 friends. Today we have been confident at exploring and investigating all areas and resources in the ELC.

P1A Week One Information

We hope all of the boys and girls in P1A enjoyed their first day of school! We got to have lunch with our P7 buddies and listened to a story about a little boy’s first day at school.

Our PE lessons will take place on Wednesday and Friday morning. Could all pupils please bring suitable clothing and footwear, which can be kept in a bag on your child’s peg.

The Inverness Courier will be visiting to take our P1 photo on Tuesday 27th of August at 1:30pm.

P1 Courier Supplement

The Inverness Courier will be in school to take the P1 photo for the supplement on Tuesday the 27th August 2019.  The Supplement will be published on 27th September,  an order form will come home in your child’s school bag which will allow you to order a copy of the paper and a print / digital copy of the photo.  Complete the tear off section and return with money enlosed.  Please ensure cheques are made payable to the Inverness Courier.

Welcome to P6B

Just a quick hello and welcome back to all Primary 6B pupils and parents. I am looking forward to our first day in P6B tomorrow. Please can all pupils bring their smile and best self . We will be updating our dojo page and the blog with a Termly Overview next week.

Keep your eyes on our class dojo and blog for daily and weekly updates. Hopefully this will give you any information you need, but if you would like to speak to me personally about anything regarding your child, just phone the office, and they’ll put you through directly to my class phone or just ping me a dojo message. I will be offering voluntary “Hopes and Dreams” meetings, next week which will give us the chance to meet in person and identify your child’s hopes and dreams for the year ahead. 

I look forward to seeing all pupils at 0850 tomorrow . 

Chloe MacDonald 

P6B Class Teacher 

P5B Weekly Blog

Just a very quick welcome back to all Primary 5B parents. I will be updating this blog with a Termly Overview next week.

I generally put all necessary info on the blog, as much as I can, every Friday. Hopefully this will give you everything you need, but if you would like to speak to me personally about anything at all affecting your child, I’m here most days till 5 and am here early in the morning, so just phone the office, and they’ll put you through directly to my class phone.

As I say, more about the coming term next week. Very exciting!


Anne Prentice

Free event – Royal Society of Edinburgh@Inverness

Please find below details of the next RSE @ Inverness FAMILY Event


Booking Details –          Tel: 0131 240 2780


We look forward to seeing you there! Please feel free to share this with family, friends and colleagues!

ELC – Thank You

Thank you so much to all parents and carers who made it along to the singalong today. It was such a lovely morning celebrating the children’s hard work throughout the year. We wish all those off to Primary One, good luck and we look forward to seeing our returners after the summer.

Thank you again from all the staff and happy holidays ?

Thank you

A HUGE thank you to all the parents/carers of P1A and P1B for all the lovely gifts we have received. We have thoroughly enjoyed our year with your children and wish them all the best for Primary 2.

Have a super summer, enjoy time as a family and hopefully, the sun will shine!

Mrs McArthur, Miss Munro and Mrs Sutherland.

P2, Food Glorious Food

The children enjoyed preparing and eating their healthy wraps! It was the perfect way to finish off our ‘Food Glorious Food topic’. 

They’ve been a fantastic class! 

I hope you all have a lovely, relaxing holiday.  Enjoy. 

Mrs Beattie x

P6 Mock election

P6 have created their own school political parties and developed their own political manifestos for how they would improve the school with a given budget. They have been campaigning really hard and we had a fabulous mock election in Friday. Thank you to all who came to vote. Congratulations to L.S.S. who were our winning party! All our political parties had fabulous ideas for improving the school, which are being passed on to Mrs Kellacher. Well done everyone!

Butterflies in Primary 1!

For the last few weeks Primary 1 have been looking after our caterpillars. Over this time we have them grow very large after munching on lots of food and we got to see them make their chrysalis. Over the weekend our caterpillars emerged as butterflies. After a lovely few days getting to watch them and making sure we fed them lots of lovely fruit we set our butterflies free in the secret garden. It was amazing to see them spread their wings and fly up into the sky!

What a lovely way to end an absolutely fantastic year in Primary 1A. Thank you for all your hard work and we wish you a lovely holiday and all the best going into Primary 2!

Miss Munro and Mrs McArthur 🙂


ELC- Ach an Eas, 2nd July 2019

For our final Ach an Eas visit of the year the children and residents were delighted to head out for another trike ride with Cycling Without Age. We took a trip to Whin Park to feed the ducks and went along the canal to try and spot some boats. We have had so much fun on these trips and are so thankful to Cycling Without Age for allowing these trike rides to go ahead. We look forward to continuing to develop our partnership with Ach an Eas in the new school year!

ELC – Health and Well-being Event

What a fantastic response we had to our health and well-being event last week. The children thoroughly enjoyed all the activities and being able to share these experiences with parents and carers. Thank you to everyone who was able to make it along and join in the fun.

There are lots of photos that will be added so be sure to check back for updates !!

A Thank You from the Lochardil Parent Council Committee!

A huge thank you to all pupils, staff, parents, families and friends who joined us at the Lochardil School Summer Fun Day on the 22nd of June.  The sun shone, fun was had and money was made…..lots of it!  The day was a great success and we raised £2,136.01 for the Parent Council Funds.  This money will go directly towards projects and initiatives to benefit the children at the school.

A special thank you to Pam O’Hara and all the parents and teachers who volunteered their time and energy to help organise such a super day.

From The Parent Council Committee