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Pr 7A Maths Week Scotland

As well as trying to catch Miss McLean’s Pr 7B class on the SUMDOG leaderboard, we are enjoying some outdoor maths this week. We played Ladders with a maths “twist” which ended in a draw. A tie-breaker was required!

We split into 2 groups. One group were recording and researching data (Is Faster Better?) using the cars in the staff car park. The other group were measuring and analysing speed and distance relative to our heights, shoe size and stride length. (Make a Bolt for it)

School Meals Update

From Monday 5th October we will be serving 1 hot meal option and 1 cold option for school meals. 

This is a week earlier than originally planned as we shared at the start of term we would be serving hot meals from Term 2 onwards for here at Lochardil Primary. 

All classes will transition to eating lunch back in the dining hall from tomorrow (Tuesday 29th Sept).  This will still consist of a ‘Grab & Go’ option for this week and packed lunches. 

Please support all children with independent learning skills such as using cutlery, opening packaging etc., table manners, and ensuring they recycle any waste where possible.  This will support a smooth system for dining to operate.

Please see the attached temporary 4 week menu for Lochardil Primary.

ELC – Ach an Eas

As we are still unable to visit our friends at Ach an Eas, we have been busy getting some bits together to send to them. We thought it would be a lovely idea to supply all the things they need to have a tea party. So with a little help from the children, Miss Kelman has done a fantastic job of creating bunting, making cards, getting their favourite biscuits and taking pictures so the residents can see what we have been up to !! She has also prepared a wee art activity to match the one that we have been doing in nursery alongside our Rainbow Fish book study.

We hope to be able to share photos with you all of their artwork and enjoying themselves at the tea party !!

ELC – Talking & Thinking Floorbooks

Absolutely fantastic learning this week in nursery. From talking about feelings and how sea-life might feel if their homes were full of rubbish. To where rubbish should go and why. We talked about the big word ‘Pollution’ and will be moving on to talk more about this and what happens when our rubbish gets taken away.

All of the things we have talked about and learnt about has come from our book study on The Rainbow Fish. The children have shared their own thoughts and feelings and the staff have loved seeing what ideas the children have and where we will go next !!

P5/4 Weekly Post

We were up to a lot this week as usual. Here’s a taster…

The children used chalk to create these spooky White Witch’s castle pictures. They look effective against the black.

We used a game called Target Boards to practise numeracy.

Although they look a wee bit like slices of pizza (!) these are actually Lions! The bunting is for the school bunting for change challenge. We chose to do Aslan from our topic book on one side of the bunting, and the red flower adopted by the people of Belarus on the other.

We were thinking that the people of Belarus had a bit of a problem with a dictator in charge…who won’t be moved…just like the White Witch!

Have a great weekend!

P7B – Week 7

Emotion Works

Our topic, based on “The Nowhere Emporium”, is full of emotions. The week we explored different scenes in the book and looked at the different emotions the key characters were feeling during these. We discussed the different body sensations and behaviours that we might feel when experiencing these emotions, and came up with strategies to regulate ourselves when these emotions become out of control.

One Point Perspective Art

This we we finished a 3 week art project using one point perspective. We created a street scape using the technique, and also used some shading using coloured pencils to add further 3D effects to the buildings and tress. Take a look below at some of the fantastic pieces of art!


In Primary 4 we have started our learning journey in addition and subtraction. We have been looking at a range of different strategies to help us when adding and subtracting big numbers. 

We have also enjoyed doing the daily 10 to develop our mental math. 

In PE this week we were working on our hand eye coordination and throwing skills. We had to take our time to get the beanbag into the hoop and earn points for our team. 

This was great fun! 

We completed our first session of resilient kids and everyone loved it. I keep being asked when our second session is! 

We looked at positive and negative emotions and related these to real life contexts. 

In these photos you can see us using facial expression to show different emotions. 

Over the next couple of weeks we will be doing a lot of work on kindness. We have discussed the positive emotions we feel from being kind. 

We have even created our own posters to display in the school, showing others how they can spread kindness. 

P7B – Class Novel

This week will see us finishing our class novel, and topic focus for the term, “The Nowhere Emporium” by award winning Scottish author Ross Mackenzie. We have all thoroughly enjoyed the novel, with many asking if we can read the next instalment, “The Elsewhere Emporium”.

The book that we have just read is the first in a 3 part series. I have purchased the remaining two books for our class library for pupils to read in class. I thought it might be useful to post the names and covers of the two sequels on the blog in case your child is looking for a new book to enjoy at home!

Pr 7A Invite to Parent Council Meeting

The office bearers have agreed to remain in place for another year to support the school and community during the Covid 19 situation. We are very grateful to our parents/carers for this. The 1st virtual meeting of this session will be held on Wednesday 30th September at 7pm using Google Meet. You are welcome to join us for the meeting. The link will be shared the day before the meeting. Thank you

P2B – Emotion Works 5-Cog Model

P2B have been doing a lot of good work on our emotions since we have come back to school. Here we are using the emotion works 5-cog model to break down each emotion into the correct coloured cog. Lots of discussion on what triggers each of the emotions; what each emotion feels like inside our bodies that nobody sees; what each emotion looks like outside our bodies and what we do when we feel a certain way; and finally what we can do to make ourselves feel better with some of the emotions we may have.

P1A What We Have Been Learning

We have been continuing to work on our counting and number recognition, as well as practising our number formation.

We have also had lots of fun with the nursery rhyme ‘Hey Diddle Diddle’. We came up with our own actions for retelling the nursery rhyme, then we made our own versions of Hey Diddle Diddle using a story map to help us!

The girls and boys have also been busy learning how to blend their sounds together!

OOSC – 22.09.2020

Hello again, everyone!

Over the last week, we have been playing outside a lot. We found some worms in the field, a big one and a ‘baby one’. We had a chat about worms, where they like to live and what other creatures live in the ground. The boys were also playing a bit of football, and catch as well.

That’s a tiny worm, Bethan!
Are there any worms in there, Lily?
Who’s going to catch the ball?

Pr 7A Refugee Safe Place Game

We were able to understand some more about the issues faced by refugees and asylum seekers through playing the “Refugee” game. We each had a different situation to have dealt with and why we needed to escape to safety. We then had to make our way around the board facing setbacks, helping hands and even disasters. We picked 6 items we could take with us for our luggage but some of us lost everything as our boat capsized at the start.

P7B – Sumdog National Contest

To link in with Maths Week next week our class will be taking part in the Sumdog national challenge. Schools across Scotland compete, and there are some great individual and class prizes to be won.

Please ensure that your child brings their Chromebook to school every day, fully charged in order to take part. This is also a reminder that Chromebooks should be brought to school charged fully every day.

Love and Hate poems in P6

we have been working on creating detailed “show don’t tell “ descriptions to use in our writing. Last week we were thinking about the feelings: love and hate. We worked together to create a list of things we love and a list of things we hate, on padlet by writing “what sentences” eg: What I love about ………… or What I hate about …….is …… Then we helped each other to think of really good descriptions to fill in the blanks . We put our favourite ones on our working wall and used these to help us write an opposites poem. and are going to use these to write an opposites poem. We will share these soon.

P7B – Week 5


This term, our PE focus on a Wednesday is basketball. We have enjoyed having use of the MUGA to practise our passing, dribbling and shooting skills and are now beginning to play some short games in teams. There has been some really great teamwork displayed this week; not to mention some healthy competition!

REMINDER the PE is still to take place outdoors under current government guidelines. As the weather begins to get colder and wetter please ensure that your child come to school with a PE kit, appropriate footwear and a jacket.

Art and Design

Our current art and design focus is how to create depth and 3D elements into a picture using one point perspective. We started last week by drawing a number of 3D shapes so that we could get used to the technique.

This week we were able to draw a one point perspective street scene. Although some of us found it quite challenging we are all really proud of our final results (have a look at a couple of these below). Next week we will be using watercolours to paint our pieces.

Parent Council Meeting – Wed 30th September

The first Parent Council Meeting of 2020/21 is on Wednesday 30th September at 7pm.

Due to the social distancing restrictions currently in place, this will take place virtually through Google Classrooms. The link for the meeting will be posted in due course.

All parents and carers are very welcome to join in.

If you have any questions or points you would like to raise, please email them to prior to the meeting.

Dates for the next meetings are 25th November and 3rd of March (AGM).

Kind regards

The Parent Council Committee


Well done Clara!
Clara is our Star of the Week for her fabulous descriptive writing! We were writing our own versions of the story ‘The King is the Fishes,’ and Clara used amazing similes and adjective phrases to describe her characters and setting. She did a great job of describing her characters emotions too! Well done Clara!

p5/4 Weekly Blog

Our problem solving task today was based on a crossword, but with numbers. Cullen, Connor, Mia and Niamh got it ALL correct. Tricky!

We were continuing on our journey with MACBETH! the musical. The one we’re doing is a jazzy wee number! But Connor is clearly loving it!

We did these gorgeous pictures with Mrs Scotston…

Finally …finishing with a lovely picnic in the class. (We needed the tables pushed back for Macbeth!)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Pr 3B Wee Flags for Change Bunting

We thought about all the ways we could help our world to become a better place. We made some bunting to share as part of the Wee Flags for Change campaign after finding out about the Sustainable Development Goals. There will be a display of the flags at Eden Court in October.

SDG 2 Zero Hunger
SDG 16 Peace, Justice and Strong institutions
SDG 1 No Poverty
SDG 6 Clean Water and Sanitation, SDG 2 Zero Hunger

Pr 7A Wee Flags for Change

We raised our awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals today by making some bunting for the Wee Flags for Change event. This is aimed at helping us to make a pledge to achieve change by 2030. The 17 SDG’s are a way to help and protect our world. We chose an SDG we had a strong connection with and wrote our promise on the back of the flag. There will be a display at Eden Court in October.

Loch Insh Refund

I am so pleased to be able to share that Loch Insh refunds have been issued today. If your child has a sibling still at Lochardil school you will find an envelope home with them today otherwise they have been posted for your attention. If you have not yet returned the form requested on the 13.08.20 please do so or get in touch with the school office directly. Apologies once again for the delay and thank you for your patience.

ELC – Cauliflower Cards

Sorry but someone has to mention it… Christmas !! ???

The children will be bringing home their Cauliflower Cards design sheets. Please complete these at home and order through the website before returning the completed form to nursery. The deadline for these in order to receive in time for Christmas Card delivery is Friday 23rd October.

If you have any questions, please speak to a member of staff.

ELC – Emails and Google Classroom

Just a reminder that key workers will be sending out weekly/fortnightly emails to parents documenting learning pathway observations and personal learning steps. Other important information may be shared this way also so please do check inbox’s and spam folders.

Please also check the google classroom for home link tasks that we would love for you all to get involved with.

If you have any questions, please speak to a member of staff.

ELC – Reduce Reuse Recycle

We have been talking about things in the sea that shouldn’t be there and how we can help to keep rubbish and other things out of the water. We are aware that some things cannot be reused but yesterday we did our bit of recycling after afternoon snack. Taking our yoghurt pots we took them up to the blue bin to be taken away and made into something else. We could also see the what other things could be recycled.

ELC – Class Charters

Our Class Charters are finished !!

The children have been working so hard on designing their own indvidual scales, colouring, writing and taking beautiful pictures! We are so proud of what they have done to make our class charter a wonderful bright wall display.

Our class charters talk about our rights. We have featured the following articles;

Article 19 – The right to be safe
Article 27 – The right to a home
Article 28 – The right to go to school
Article 31 – The right to rest and play

The children are enjoying seeing their work and their pictures on the wall and discussing the meanings of these rights and more.

Active Schools online club

Please see the link below to Inverness Royal Active Schools Facebook page where you can find details of activities run by the Active Schools Co-ordinator.

Recently they have started an online active schools club on a Tuesday & Thursday -details of which can be found on their facebook page.

Out of School Club – Week beginning 15/09/2020

We have had lots of fun in Out of School Club over the last week. Some of the children have been doing some lovely pictures, and our Arts and Crafts Wall is filling up!

Artwork being created…
Our Arts and Crafts wall is filling up!

We have also spent some time outside, playing some games like ‘Duck, Duck Goose!’ and ‘What’s the time, Mr. Wolf?’ It was fun to play all together!

“What’s the time, Mr. Wolf?!’

We have also been building tall towers, and catching up with friends.

Wow, that’s a tall tower!
Smiles while chatting with friends…

Please remember to return the registration forms we gave out over the last week – we would be very grateful!

Looking forward to seeing you all back tomorrow after our inservice days!

P4 learning journey

We have been working very hard at our 3 times tables. We have been doing this in lots of different exciting ways. This was one of our favourites. Look at all those smiles…

This week we finished our class novel. It seems that everyone really enjoyed it and learnt a lot from it. We are developing our confidence in talking about our feelings and have made real life connections through the characters feelings.

As part of our writing task we created a new chapter of the story.

Take a look at our clay owls.. We will spent time this week painting them. Don’t they look great!

In numeracy this week we have been working hard on our rounding skills.

We have been rounding to the nearest 10 and 100.

We took part in a live lesson for Ronald Dahl day with was very exciting! Following on from this we did some tricky Roald Dahl problem solving, comprehension on Roald Dahl’s life and created our own mouse characters.


P6/5 have been enjoying using the Chromebooks and iPads to write stories about facing a fear. They worked with a partner to provide feedback and suggest edits for each other’s stories.

We chose new table names this week. I was very impressed when the Bald Eagle group decided to write down all their suggestions and have a vote to decide on their table name.

In PE, P6/5 worked through a circuit of different exercises which worked muscles in the whole body and released lots of endorphins!

Catching up on Newsround while eating lunch.


Congratulations to Rohan! He is our Star of the Week (11.09.20) for his fabulous maths work this week! He put in so much hard work and effort into rounding numbers to the nearest 10 and 100! He didn’t give up, even when it got tricky! Well done Rohan! You should be very proud of yourself!

We are loving our class novel ‘The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe!’
We are desperate to find out whether Peter, Susan and Lucy will make it safely to the stone table to meet Aslan! We are also very excited to find out what happens to Edmund as he enters the White Witch’s house!
We have been creating the magical world of Narnia in our classroom! The forest is looking great and we had so much fun making it! Well done boys and girls!

We are very proud of our finished emotion portraits! We learned that colours are linked to our emotions.

Congratulations to Sarah, who was our Star of the Week 04.09.20 for her fabulous reading work! She worked hard to read new and unfamiliar words in her new reading book! Well done Sarah! You have done brilliantly!

P5/4 Weekly Post

We watched a Roald Dahl Day special by Puffin Schools presented by Radzi Chinyanganya. There were games, a reading by Stanley Tucci (!) and the children got to copy the work of illustrator Dapo Adeola in a live drawing session.

We also did problem solving with Roald Dahl characters. It was a competition, and Ava M and Orchid won! Great job girls!

ELC – Google Classroom

We have now got our new session google classroom up and running. All children will have received an invite to join via email. Please log in using the deatails supplied to you. We have lots of home link activites (as we cannot send things home just now) and family engagement information.

If you are having issues logging in, please let us now and we will be able to assist.

We will be using the google classroom along side the blog. We have the first home link activity and family engagement task up today.

We cant wait to see the classroom filling up with your fantastic pictures.

Have fun!

ELC – Bike to School Week

Bike To School Week is a week-long programme of activities that celebrates all the fantastic things schools are doing to promote cycling to school. It takes place between 28 September and 2 October 2020.

As pupils return to school and nursery following lockdown, active travel is more important than ever to help pupils get to school safely and healthily.

We will do a tally daily, to see how many children took part in the challenge.

Bike to School Week 2019 23-27 Sept

Out of School Club – 8th September 2020

We have been enjoying Out of School Club over the last week.

We have been doing some dance routines to Youtube videos, building towers almost as tall as ourselves, and playing outside. Luckily the weather has been holding out for us!


We will be giving consent forms over the next few days. These include important information about allergies, consent for photographs to go online (like this blog) and emergency contact information – please fill these out and return them to us as soon as possible. Thankyou

ELC – P7 Ventilation in classrooms

Please see attached letter from Nicky Grant, Executive Chief Officer regarding ventilation in classrooms.

At Lochardil we encourage all pupils in Primary 1 – 7 to wear school uniform as normal, but would also advise to wear additional layers of clothing as the weather gets colder. An additional jumper or fleece can be kept in their schoolbag for use in the classroom if required.

We thank you all for your continued support as we find our way through this unprecedented situation.

ELC – Family Engagement

Please see the link to our Family Engagement calendar which runs from August to December. Please note events may be added or cancelled dependent on the Covid – 19 guidance at the time.

Your child’s key worker will be in touch to arrnage a time for ‘Hopes and Dreams’ google meet if you would like this.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

ELC – Learning Wall

The children have loved talking about the characters in our story ‘The Rainbow Fish’ and how they feel. They have their own ideas about why they might feel the way they do and have made amazing contributions to our mind map.

Next we will be talking about our feelings and what makes us happy or sad.

Wonderful Artwork in P6

We have been reading the book “Wonder” and The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse. It made us think about how little we can tell about a person, just from their appearance. It is what is inside that really counts. We thought about our strengths, passions and qualities we would like other people to notice and surrounded ourselves with them.

P5/4 Weekly Blog

Lots of fun today making puppets. Jack made Aslan, and Erin made the Evil White Witch’s servant. We will be using them for performances before the end of term!