…And Breathe

Well, We did it!  The end of lock-down learning !

I know that Sunday is mothers day but I think every single one of you parents deserve to put your feet up this weekend and feel proud of what you and your children have achieved whilst the world has been turned upside down.

There was an extra special little message on our virtual science classroom from Mrs Scotson and me today just to say we are so proud of each and every child.

I am so excited to see them all back in our classroom next week. We will work on building our team back up and continuing with our learning journey.

Thank you for everything you have done at home and for never giving up. Thank you for supporting me to support your children during these challenging times and for staying positive.  Hopefully the toughest times are behind us and there are bright times ahead.

Thank you to every child for keeping me busy, smiling and positive during lock-down learning. They continue to make me smile every day!

P.S: Can pupils please remember to take your PE kit and a pair of indoor shoes to change into for Monday.

You are all heroes!

Miss M – P6