Our topic this term is Titanic – The Unsinkable Ship. This week we have got stuck into learning about the social classes and their accommodation on board the ship.

Each pupil was randomly given a 1st, 2nd or 3rd class ticket and had to find their “accommodation” in the classroom.

First Class

The first class pupils had plenty of room to work and were treated like royalty by the teachers; they were given refreshments, their work was written by the teachers and they were being fanned down as it was a hot afternoon!







Second Class

The second class pupils were treated as always and had a good amount of room to work. They didn’t get much special treatment but they were treated well and offered basic refreshments.








Third Class

The third class pupils found themselves crammed round a small table and were given very little attention from the teachers. The first class passengers took chairs and other resources from them and they had to make do with what they had.







The pupils really enjoyed getting a small insight into how life and where you ranked in society affected how you were treated in the early 1900s – we were shocked that so many people were treated in ways that we now found unacceptable and were a clear violation of rights.

Here are some quotes from some of our “passengers” after their trip on the Titanic:

“It was luxurious and I wouldn’t have wanted to go to any other class” (Lauren – 1st class passenger)

“I would rather jump in the ocean that live in 3rd class” (Elisha – 3rd class passenger)

“I was comfortable – not amazing but it was enjoyable” (Sean – 2nd class passenger)

“I had to give my chair up for someone in 1st class and had to sit on my knees. it was unfair” (Libby – 3rd class passenger)

“I enjoyed ti but felt bad for 3rd class and when Libby had to sit on the floor” (Francine – 1st class passenger)