This week, we will join thousands of children across the country celebrating the benefits walking brings.

We know that walking to school makes children feel healthier and happier, while reducing congestion and pollution outside the school gates. Yet less than half of primary school children, in Britain, currently walk to school.  We want to reverse this decline and see every child that can, walk to school.

The JRSO team have provided each class with challenge packs which we hope will motivate all pupils to walk all or part of the way to and from school. This year’s challenge will take pupils on an imaginary journey from the dramatic skylines of the city, via rolling countryside, to charming coastal areas. Each day, activities and games will enable pupils to explore key features of each environment, whilst also enjoying the many benefits of a daily walk to school.


On the Tuesday (16th May)  of Walk to School Week,  we invite pupils, parents and teachers to wear their “happy shoes” in order to bring attention to our feet and promote walking.

Your happy shoes can be: Shiny, decorated, colourful, cartoon, gorilla feet, Dads slippers, sleek runners- whatever brings that smile on your walk to school. No Studded shoes/boots or wheelie shoes please.