P1A Welcome Back!

I hope you all had a lovely holiday. There are lots of things happening this week so here are some important dates for your diary!

The school photographer will be in school on Tuesday and Wednesday (27th and 28th of October). Family photos will be taken on Tuesday and individual photos will be taken on Wednesday.

As we will not be having our usual fancy dress disco this year pupils are welcome to come to school in fancy dress or dress down (no school uniform) on Friday 30th October. We kindly ask that instead of a £1 donation, pupils make a food donation which will be given to our local food bank.

A leaflet went home today about the Blythswood Shoebox Appeal. If you would like to donate a shoebox to the appeal, please follow the instructions on the leaflet and hand it in by Friday 6th November.

Many thanks 🙂

Pr 7A School Photographs, Book fair and Dress Down Day

Welcome back! We hope you all had a super break. Week 1 updates and reminders – thank you for all your ongoing support.

School photographer

Photos tomorrow (Oct 27th) and Wednesday (Oct 28th).

Family groups on Tuesday and Individual photos on Wednesday.

BOOK FAIR from Thursday 29th Oct – Tues 3rd Nov. If any pupils wish to order something from the book fair can they please send in cash or a cheque in an envelope and on the front of the envelope details of their order, name and class. Their orders will then be available for them to collect at some point that day. The leaflet is being shared online. Classes will not be visiting the Bookfair as in previous years.


As we are not able to run our Fancy Dress Discos this year, pupils are invited to come dressed up/ come as you please on Friday 30th Oct to enjoy the seasonal spirit and support our health and wellbeing culture.  A food donation e.g. tins/ cereal/ items with a long shelf life etc. would be appreciated instead of bringing in £1. The school could then offer the food items to the local food bank or be used locally.


Could all shoe boxes be handed in by Friday 6th November. The pupils have received their leaflet today with all the relevant information. (One shoebox per family)

Lochardil Parent Council Fundraising

Lochardil Parent Council Fundraising

Due to the Covid Pandemic Restrictions Lochardil Parent Council faces new challenges with regards to fundraising.

This term we would really appreciate your support with the Christmas cards the children are designing themselves. Last year this raised approximately £500 for the PC funds which was excellent but we’re hoping to smash that target this year! Look out for the form coming home with your child and follow the instructions to place your orders online.

Another way that Lochardil PC can raise money is through ‘Easy Fundraising’. This is a scheme anyone can sign up for.  Every time you shop online at a wide variety of retail outlets (including eBay, John Lewis, M & S, Sainsbury’s, booking.com and many more), a donation is made to the school.  Please visit www.easyfundraising.org.uk and support ‘Lochardil Parent Council – Inverness’.  One you have registered it is a very simple system to use and basically boosts our funds throughout the year.  Please consider using this service and encouraging Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents and friends to register too, as we recognise in the current climate and the run up to Christmas, more shopping will be done on line than ever before.

We have a Parent Council Fundraising Subgroup.  This small group of parents have been looking at fundraising ideas during the covid pandemic, like online quizzes or a virtual scavenger hunt.  Claudia would please like parents to email her any fundraising ideas or suggestions to claudiawills@hotmail.com.

There is an ethos within the Parent Council that money raised will be spent that academic year so it can directly benefit your children at the school. Thank you for your ongoing support.

ELC – Our Last Week

We have have been having great fun in nursery this week. From dancing, to counting and sorting, drawing and getting creative with tape !! We have loved seeing the children completing their personal learning steps and recapping what we have learnt from our Book study.

Happy Holidays everyone. Have a lovely time together and we look forward to seeing back on Monday 26th October! ?


We have been learning ways in which to manage our emotions and choosing ones which suit us!

We have been learning that CS Lewis was a Christian and many of his books were inspired by stories from the bible! Here are the characters from the bible who are represented in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe!

We have finished our posters about our beliefs and we are very proud of them! We have been exploring our own beliefs and learning to respect the beliefs of others.

We are very proud of our ‘the Lion, the Witch and the wardrobe!’ display!

Congratulations to Sarah and Lily! They are our Star Writers for their fabulous biographies about CS Lewis!
Their biographies contained brilliant facts, written in their own words! They were also written in chronological order and in formal language! Well done girls!

Congratulations to Sarah and Ava! They are our Stars of the Weeks for their fabulous detailed artwork! Because it was so detailed, it look them a long time and it was hard work, but they stuck at it and the results were fabulous! Well done girls!

P6 Term 1 – It’s A Wrap

Wow! I can’t believe We are in October and at the end of term one already. It has been a great start to P6 being back together again. We have done lots of learning, had tonnes of fun and made many memories.

The final week of term one has been a busy one . This week we got the skipping ropes our at PE . We all had a great time. We finished our class novel: Wonder and watched the film . It’s very emotional. We thought about peer pressure and how to o we come it and gave everyone a little confidence boost by completing a “wonder page” for each person in our class

. In maths we ALL aced our end of unit test by getting more marks than the start of term test. We also explored a little algebra and put our lateral thinking to the test in problem solving .

Have a fantastic Holiday and I look forward to continuing our learning adventure in Term 2.

Miss MacDonald

P5/4 Weekly Post

What a fun week! Full of poems and puppets!

We were listening to lots of poems by different poets. From Benjamin Zephania (Dis Poem), to Michael Rosen (The Car Journey), and from Charles Causley (Timothy Winters) to Margaret Hamilton (Lament to a Lost Dinner Ticket). This last one we copied carefully into our jotters (in pen!!!!) for handwriting practice this week. Here is Eliza’s lovely version. Great job Eliza!

You’ll probably have to get the children to interpret. (and I think it’s a slightly ruder word than BUN!!!)

Next we had fun with Conkers from the horse chestnut tree near my house. Very exciting to open up! I can’t walk past a lovely chestnut on the ground without picking it up…FACT.

In maths we were filling in the other sides of shapes to make symmetry. Quite challenging. We also made symmetrical Hallowe’en shapes.

We had great fun with the puppets. Not sure the world is ready for the premiers yet….but here are some press shots of the performers!

A huge thanks to all for your support in this tricky first term. You have put up with the nonsense! They are a super class and I can’t wait to get going on next term.

Don’t mention Christmas…….!

P4 learning journey

We made it to the holidays! 

What a busy term we have had getting to know each other and taking part in lots of fun, educational activities

We have continued to develop or addition and subtraction strategies. Last week we were using chimney sums to help us add and subtract bigger numbers. P4 absolutely LOVED this and were asking for more. 

We have been developing our French vocabulary weekly and recently have been going over our numbers and greetings. 

We took part in the Ness book fest and managed to read silently for a whole 20 minutes!!! Feedback from the kids was great. They loved the peaceful environment to enjoy their stories. 

Our fun phonics groups have been working super hard revising their sounds and taking part in lots of fun activities with our super PSA, Mrs Macdonald. 

As part of our health and well-being lessons we have been learning all about kindness and self esteem. We had to write down all the things we love about ourselves, what we are good at and what makes us unique! 

Miss Graham came back to a lovely message on her computer from the class so it was only right that I gave the class a nice surprise with my note the next day. 

I meant every word! 

Take a look at our fabulous artwork inspired by Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s Glasgow Rose. Isn’t it great! 

Here we are in PE working on our fitness

P1A What we have been up to this week!

P1A have had a very busy last week of term! We have been learning about the seasons and what types of things we can spot during Autumn. We made some lovely Autumn trees using red and yellow paint.

The girls and boys have also been learning the months of the year. They had lots of fun making birthday cakes!

In science we have been learning all about the 5 senses!

Car Parking around the school area

We are appealing to all our local community for support.  We would like to remind everyone to please park considerately when dropping off and/or picking up around the school area, and also following the Scot Gov. guidance on social distancing.

Unfortunately, some of our local residents are again experiencing issues in the streets nearby the school including cars being parked across driveways, on corners, near crossings etc., and also people not social distancing or where this is not possible there is no use of a face covering (for those that can).

As a school we value the positive relationship we have with our immediate school community and also local community members and as a Gold Rights Respecting School we would hope that parents/carers and children alike respect the rights and property of others and that there is mutual respect and consideration shown at all times.

Thank you for your continued support.

Highland pupils, eligible for free school meals, to receive vouchers if they are asked to self-isolate

Highland school pupils asked to self-isolate from school during term time, through Test & Protect, who are eligible to receive means-tested free school meals, will receive vouchers to cover their isolation period.

The Council will automatically pay £15 per pupil per week. Vouchers are paid to P1-3 pupils in receipt of school clothing grants and P4-S6 pupils in receipt of free school meals.

Highland Council’s Welfare Support Team can support low income families who may be eligible to apply but have not already claimed free school meals and school clothing grants.

They can be contacted on 0800 090 1004 or by email to welfare.support@highland.gov.uk

OOSC – 06.10.2020

Over this last week, we have gradually moved inside as the weather has been slightly more cold and wet. Please remember to ensure your child has adequate clothing for outdoor conditions, and perhaps even a change of clothes over the coming winter months. Thankyou!

We have been up to loads of fun things over the last week! We have been doing arts and crafts with Miss V, lego, air hockey and drawing!

Shona is concentrating on a masterpiece….
Working hard, girls!
Wow, great spaceship, Gregor!
What are you making with Miss V, Ruby?
Who’s winning at air hockey?
Who are these two beautiful unicorns?
Great job, Janet! Beautiful pom pom flowers!
Who’s that behind the mask?

We have a growing number of items that have been left behind in our Room 12. There are some pictures below. If you recognise anything, or think something belongs to your child, please let us know.

Some water bottles left behind
Do you recognise any items?

Hope you all have a good week!

ELC – Nature Alphabet

Please check out the latest home link task on our google classroom. We need your help to create a visual loose parts alphabet.

You could use items you find on a walk such as pine cones, twigs, stones, leaves, conkers or shells. Alternatively use something from around your home such as dried pasta, buttons, lego, toys or as we have been chatting about recycling how about using something from the recycling bin.

Please take pictures of just the letters you create so we can make our own alpahbet line to display in nursery.

Thank you.

Displaying 5 Oct 2020 at 16:47.png

ELC – Wet Weather

As we are coming into wet weather please could we ask that your child comes to nursery with a change of clothes (or two). If you also have wet wether gear such as puddle suits, sallopettes, waterproof jackets and wellies, please also provide these. Due to current guidelines we are unable to share the red suits, so are having to wash them more often between wears and we cannot do this and have them dry in time for the next session.

Thank you in advance.

See the source image

P1B love books!

We love having a story read to us every day and we also like to have a wee quiet read by ourselves sometimes.

We really enjoyed the story ‘Cock-a-doodle Don’t You Dare’ which we read this term for our book study.
Poor Robbie the Rooster found it hard to crow and all the animals on the farm made fun of him. However, his friend Steve the Swan helped Robbie and we liked that the story had a happy ending. The power of friendship…

P3A – Update

What a busy week it was! We have been learning about fiction and non-fiction texts, doing yoga and working on adding strategies. We have an area of the school garden to look after that has a few small raised beds in it. For outdoor learning, the class have chosen to grow food and flowers in them. We hope to start planting next week. I have some daffodil bulbs I can bring in and if you have anything at home – cuttings, plants, bulbs or seeds you don’t need we will gratefully receive them!! We are almost at the end of our Book Study. Plop’s mother has been a good role model, giving us strategies to try when we are afraid of something or worried. Looking at the stars made Plop less afraid of the dark and he even taught us a few star constellation names. The children were very creative and designed their own constellations. Aren’t they fabulous? Have a lovely weekend everyone!


We are very proud of Clara! Clara raised £191.94 by running a bake sale for the Highland Hospice! Well done Clara!
Well done Fraser! We are very proud of you for qualifying for the IMG World Golf Championships!
He will represent GB in SAN Diego next year! We are very proud of you!

Congratulations to Isla! She is our ‘Star of the Week’ for her fabulous and infectious enthusiasm for reading! Well done Isla! We are very proud of you!

We took part in Ness Book Fest ‘The Big Read!’

P6 and P6/5 Wonder film showing

This term, P6 and P6/5 have been studying the book Wonder by R J Palacio. Next week, we are planning to show the film Wonder to compare the film and the book, and to explore the interpersonal relationships we have studied in the book. The film is a PG and we need permissions from parents before we can show the film. Please complete the Google Form below to indicate whether or not you are happy for your child to watch the film.

P5/4 Weekly Blog

We have been working on symmetry this week and have copied some shapes and marked lines of symmetry.

Connor brought in his fabulous rocks and fossils collection. His favourite was the real fossilised dinosaur tooth!

We are working, with our lovely neighbours in the class next door, on a display all about kindness. We have managed to get everyone’s hands onto two big hearts. More about this to follow.

Lastly, the children are working hard on their puppet shows. The puppets are a bit worse for wear from overuse in rehearsals….so fingers crossed they make it to the actual performance!

Have a super weekend!

ELC – Recycling

We have been discussing all things recycling this week.  From sorting out our rubbish into the correct bins, junk modelling and litter picking.  We have been discussing where our recycling and rubbish goes and what happens to it after it gets taken away.

Finlay S – ‘It could get used to make into an iron bridge’
Zane – ‘It gets recycled.  Makes it into something else’
Finley C – ‘The bottle can change into new ones’
Katherine – ‘It goes to the recycling place’

Next week, we will be talking about why we recycle and how it helps us.

P7B – Week 8

Sumdog Contest

This week we have been working extremely hard on our maths while taking part in the Sumdog National Contest. We were off to a flying start on Friday when the contest started and all our efforts since then meant that overall we placed 29th out of 3428 classes across Scotland. We are very proud of where we placed and will enjoy a reward next week for being ranked within the top 30 in Scotland.

Ness Book Fest Reading Record Attempt

We had a very relaxing start to our morning today as we took part in the Ness Book Fest reading record attempt. From 9.15am to 9.30am we had silent reading time in class.

Appropriate Autumn/Winter Clothing

This week has seen a real change in the weather, with it becoming wetter and colder. This is a reminder that pupils should be coming to school with a jacket, change of shoes and even a change of clothes if they wish. We are spending an increasing amount of time outside due to current restrictions so having these things would be a great help.


We have been exploring our own beliefs and learning to respect the beliefs of others.

Congratulations to Rebecca! She was our Star of the Week for her fabulous maths work! I was so impressed by the fact that she never gave up, even when parts of it got tricky! Well done Rebecca! You should feel very proud of yourself!

P3B Cauliflower Cards

The children have been enjoying creating Christmas card images. They will bring home a form with their creations and details of how to order cards and other products with their image on them, if you wish, through Cauliflower Cards. Please note that ordering should be completed online and the box ticked in section 2 if you have placed an order. If you place an order please return the form to the school before the school holidays so we can forward it on to the company. Many thanks.

OOSC – 29.09.2020


Over this last week, we have been so lucky that we are still able to go outside for Out of School Club – the weather is definitely feeling cooler though!

Hopefully you score a goal, Kenny!
Ellie’s found a big worm!
Louis has been practising his numbers. Great job!

As you can see, we have found plenty of things to do outside, and they are having fun.

Pr 7A Maths Week Scotland

As well as trying to catch Miss McLean’s Pr 7B class on the SUMDOG leaderboard, we are enjoying some outdoor maths this week. We played Ladders with a maths “twist” which ended in a draw. A tie-breaker was required!

We split into 2 groups. One group were recording and researching data (Is Faster Better?) using the cars in the staff car park. The other group were measuring and analysing speed and distance relative to our heights, shoe size and stride length. (Make a Bolt for it)

School Meals Update

From Monday 5th October we will be serving 1 hot meal option and 1 cold option for school meals. 

This is a week earlier than originally planned as we shared at the start of term we would be serving hot meals from Term 2 onwards for here at Lochardil Primary. 

All classes will transition to eating lunch back in the dining hall from tomorrow (Tuesday 29th Sept).  This will still consist of a ‘Grab & Go’ option for this week and packed lunches. 

Please support all children with independent learning skills such as using cutlery, opening packaging etc., table manners, and ensuring they recycle any waste where possible.  This will support a smooth system for dining to operate.

Please see the attached temporary 4 week menu for Lochardil Primary.

ELC – Ach an Eas

As we are still unable to visit our friends at Ach an Eas, we have been busy getting some bits together to send to them. We thought it would be a lovely idea to supply all the things they need to have a tea party. So with a little help from the children, Miss Kelman has done a fantastic job of creating bunting, making cards, getting their favourite biscuits and taking pictures so the residents can see what we have been up to !! She has also prepared a wee art activity to match the one that we have been doing in nursery alongside our Rainbow Fish book study.

We hope to be able to share photos with you all of their artwork and enjoying themselves at the tea party !!

ELC – Talking & Thinking Floorbooks

Absolutely fantastic learning this week in nursery. From talking about feelings and how sea-life might feel if their homes were full of rubbish. To where rubbish should go and why. We talked about the big word ‘Pollution’ and will be moving on to talk more about this and what happens when our rubbish gets taken away.

All of the things we have talked about and learnt about has come from our book study on The Rainbow Fish. The children have shared their own thoughts and feelings and the staff have loved seeing what ideas the children have and where we will go next !!

P5/4 Weekly Post

We were up to a lot this week as usual. Here’s a taster…

The children used chalk to create these spooky White Witch’s castle pictures. They look effective against the black.

We used a game called Target Boards to practise numeracy.

Although they look a wee bit like slices of pizza (!) these are actually Lions! The bunting is for the school bunting for change challenge. We chose to do Aslan from our topic book on one side of the bunting, and the red flower adopted by the people of Belarus on the other.

We were thinking that the people of Belarus had a bit of a problem with a dictator in charge…who won’t be moved…just like the White Witch!

Have a great weekend!

P7B – Week 7

Emotion Works

Our topic, based on “The Nowhere Emporium”, is full of emotions. The week we explored different scenes in the book and looked at the different emotions the key characters were feeling during these. We discussed the different body sensations and behaviours that we might feel when experiencing these emotions, and came up with strategies to regulate ourselves when these emotions become out of control.

One Point Perspective Art

This we we finished a 3 week art project using one point perspective. We created a street scape using the technique, and also used some shading using coloured pencils to add further 3D effects to the buildings and tress. Take a look below at some of the fantastic pieces of art!


In Primary 4 we have started our learning journey in addition and subtraction. We have been looking at a range of different strategies to help us when adding and subtracting big numbers. 

We have also enjoyed doing the daily 10 to develop our mental math. 

In PE this week we were working on our hand eye coordination and throwing skills. We had to take our time to get the beanbag into the hoop and earn points for our team. 

This was great fun! 

We completed our first session of resilient kids and everyone loved it. I keep being asked when our second session is! 

We looked at positive and negative emotions and related these to real life contexts. 

In these photos you can see us using facial expression to show different emotions. 

Over the next couple of weeks we will be doing a lot of work on kindness. We have discussed the positive emotions we feel from being kind. 

We have even created our own posters to display in the school, showing others how they can spread kindness. 

P7B – Class Novel

This week will see us finishing our class novel, and topic focus for the term, “The Nowhere Emporium” by award winning Scottish author Ross Mackenzie. We have all thoroughly enjoyed the novel, with many asking if we can read the next instalment, “The Elsewhere Emporium”.

The book that we have just read is the first in a 3 part series. I have purchased the remaining two books for our class library for pupils to read in class. I thought it might be useful to post the names and covers of the two sequels on the blog in case your child is looking for a new book to enjoy at home!

Pr 7A Invite to Parent Council Meeting

The office bearers have agreed to remain in place for another year to support the school and community during the Covid 19 situation. We are very grateful to our parents/carers for this. The 1st virtual meeting of this session will be held on Wednesday 30th September at 7pm using Google Meet. You are welcome to join us for the meeting. The link will be shared the day before the meeting. Thank you