P3/4 Model Making

Thank you to everyone who has started to bring in boxes for our castle modelling. I have searched my stocks and found some spare boxes which can be used by anyone who needs a shoe box. I will provide tin foil and lollipop sticks too. All we need is smaller boxes and tubes for towers and any items they want to bring in for other features the children might want to add. I plan to start the castles on Tuesday 28th January . Happy hunting!

ELC – 17.01.20

This week the children have had a lot of discussions around animals that hibernate. We would be grateful if anyone has any resources relating to any animals that hibernate, for example, puppets, any material, books, toy, dvd etc.

We have also been very busy outside making bird feeders and hanging them in the nursery garden as we are aware “it’s cold for the worms to come out so birds will be hungry and we need to make them bird feeders” (Megan).

Week 2 update

The second week in Term 3 has already finished and P6  are getting enthused about many things on their timetable.  P6 are practising for the Scottish Opera event in March where they will sing songs from Warriors (The Emperor’s Incredible Army).  This week P6 have complete some fabulous artwork inspired by Andy Warhol. 

Homework has been handed out today and pupils know that all homework is to be handed in by Wednesday the following week.

Just a reminder that  if there are any outstanding KAT artwork, could you please ask your child to return them to school as soon as possible. Also there are still many places available for Swimming which will commence in February – the cost £20.

Wishing you all a very relaxing weekend.

Mr Lallah (P6 Teacher)

P6 Swimming – Parent Helpers Required

Our P6 pupils are due to go swimming,on Friday afternoons over 10 weeks, from the 7th February. However, unfortunately we have yet to secure any parent helpers. If we are not able to get parent helpers for each of these weeks we will be unable to take the P6 pupils swimming. If you are able to help for any of the dates, please get in touch with Miss MacDonald in P6B. Parents will not be required to swim, simply accompany and supervise the pupils.

Thank you for your support and cooperation in enabling us to provide an enhanced curriculum for our children here at Lochardil.

Scouts in P6

Neil, our local scout leader came into school today to tell us all about the skills we could be developing and the fun and experiences we could be having by joining scouts. He forgot to bring in all his information leaflets so he is going to drop them off at school this week. He said that Scouts is on every Monday evening in Green Drive Hall from 7pm-9pm.
Miss Mac Donald


What a busy first week and a half we have had this term! We are all working hard and learning lots of new things!

Our sound of the week is ‘oa’, and this week in maths we have been learning all about times tables. We started off learning about ‘sets’ and are now on to learning our 2 times table. If you have time at home, it would be great to practice this with your child up to ’12 x 2′.

We have had a bit of a mix up with polo shirts recently. We have had a good look in class so please do check all of your polo shirts at home to make sure you have your own, as we have had one go missing.

Thanks, Miss Cockburn

ELC – 14.01.20

This week we have started to talk about animals that hibernate and at the art area we have made our own hedgehogs  by using paint and forks to make spikes. We have also started having more jobs to do in nursery, we get to be a snack champion who gets to chop up fruit and prepare the snack table. We have an oudoor champion  who has to check that our outside area is safe to play. Also the special helper now assesses the tidying in their base room.

Thursday 16th Jan. Parent Evening E Safety Workshop Reminder

Just a reminder that we are hosting an Information evening on Thursday 16th January ( THIS WEEK) at 6pm, in our hall. The workshop will be looking at how to keep children and young people safe online, whilst also embracing the many exciting opportunities for digital learning.

This session will be a chance to explore some of the current threats and challenges that exist online but also look at a bank of resources which can be used to help improve digital parenting. Please arrive for a 6pm start. No need to book.

P3/4 Cool Castles

As part of our topic the children have been set the challenge of making a castle. Today they looked at the different features of a castle and made a design of their ideas. The plan is to build the castle at school, so we would be very grateful if you could send in any old cardboard packaging such as biscuit boxes, kitchen roll tubes, etc you are throwing out. It would be great if every child could bring in a shoe box sized box for the basic structure too. The criteria for the model is that it has 4 walls, at least one tower and a moving drawbridge or portcullis. I’m looking forward to seeing their Cool Castle!


Our topic for this term will be Scotland. The boys and girls have been looking at maps of Scotland and have been learning the names of some Scottish towns and cities. We have also learned about the Scottish flag and have designed our own tartan!

Phonics – our sounds this week are sh and oo.

Show and Tell – the class have new seats but we have decided that the girls and boys who sat at the Brain Boxes and the Super Stars last week will do Show and Tell this week (keep an eye out for the reminder in the reading record!).

Tennis Coaching – the class have started a 4 week block of tennis coaching. This will take place on a Friday morning.

Parents Night – please return your slip to book a parents evening appointment. We will try our best to accommodate suitable times and days for everyone.

P 7A Parent Appointment letter

Parent Appointment letters were sent home yesterday via schoolbag mail. Please return next week.

Appointment times will be on Wednesday 29th and Thursday 30th from 3.30pm onwards.

Thank you.

We are back into the routine and look forward to our World War 2 topic using our Chromebooks for homework a bit more now we have them at home.

Thank you to everyone for providing a case for the devices.

P7B – Welcome Back

Happy new year and welcome back! I hope that everyone had an enjoyable and restful break.

Term 3 has got off up a great start. Pupils have been focussed and hard working all week which has been great to see. Keep it up! I will post the term 3 learning overview on here next week so keep an eye out for that!

On Thursday morning we had Miss O’Boyle from the IRA English department come in to visit and give us a taster of critical analysis writing using the PEAR structure. We all successfully wrote a paragraph about our favourite food using PEAR. She will be back in 2 weeks time to introduce us to using PEAR to analyse poetry.

Parent appointment slips went home in school bags yesterday. Please ensure that these are returned by Tuesday 14th January indicating your appointment preferences so we can try our best to accommodate your requested day/time.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.
Miss McLean

P5 weekly post

It sounds from the children like everyone had a super time over the festive period! I will put the Termly Overview with information about our class and dates for events, on the blog next week, but meanwhile I’m putting on pictures from this week’s work.

We were really delighted to receive visitors from Feis Rois. They taught us about tone and dynamics in music. And we had a go at some fun, nonsense songs with actions.

We were working in groups to create ‘scales’ for a Chinese dragon.

Learning about equivalent fractions is really fun and we’re using a cool resource called, ‘Maths Whizz’ to see how good we are…

Broom Goes Pants and says “Thanks”!

The Broom House Captains would like to say thank you for the donations we received for the charity “Smalls for All” as part of our House event last term. We can send away 15 packets of underwear to their office in Livingstone.

We hope that we have raised awareness of the different situations which children face and help us to appreciate and value the lifestyles we enjoy.

UNCRC Article 28: Every child has the right to an education.

All Hail Qin Shi Huang…

the first Emperor of China, destined to rule his Empire forever. After all, didn’t he drink the Elixir of Life, a potion that promises immortality? Not such a great promise when that elixir turns out to be a deadly poison. Now the afterlife awaits, but even a dead Emperor needs an army. So, over many years, he’s gathered a vast hoard to watch over him after death – 8,000 soldiers, horses and chariots, all armoured and armed to the teeth. And every one of them moulded from clay…

This term we will be working alongside the other P5 and P6 pupils in partnership with Scottish Opera to tell the  true story of Emperor Qin’s incredible 2,000 year old terracotta army, and the clay warriors that continue to amaze and delight millions all over the world to this very day.

The timing of Scottish opera has worked out well for us as Our topic this term is CHINA ??. You will be able to come alongand see our performance in March. I will share dates for your Diary,in our term overview, next week.

Story Mapping – Reporting the Real World

In P6B We have been researching the Australian Bush Fires and reading news reports to help us write our own report, next week. Yesterday we made pictorial story maps to summarise one of the articles that we read .

Bushfires have been burning since September and haveintensified over the past week. People have had toevacuate dueto high temperatures and strong winds causing the fires to spread.More than 20 people havedied and habitats have beendestroyed. New South Wales has been worst affected.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you all and welcome back to term 3!

We hope you all had a lovely holiday. The children have all come back refreshed after a very exhausting end to term 2! They have already been very busy and are enjoying getting back into the swing of things once more.

We are very lucky this term to be receiving some indoor tennis coaching. This will take place over the next 4 weeks, with our first session taking place this Friday. Gym kit (everything named please) will be required for this, so please remember to send this in if you haven’t already done so. Thank you.

Also, Show and Tell will begin this Friday for the Busy Bees and Clever Caterpillars. Next Friday will be the turn of the Fabulous Frogs and the Brilliant Butterflies and alternate Fridays thereafter.

Our learning overview for this term will be posted shortly. Watch this space…!

Thankyou, Mrs. McArthur and Mrs. Sutherland.

P3/4 Science

Today the children were finding out about the properties of materials .Mrs Sutherland made a bag from paper and asked the children to fill it with water. They were able to explain that the paper bag was not waterproof and let the water pass through.


Welcome back to Term 3! I hope you all had a lovely time over the holidays.

Homework this week will be reading, and Sumdog if you can access this from home. Spelling and regular maths homework will commence next week.

We are back to PE as usual on a Wednesday and Friday so please do ensure your child has a FULL PE kit with them on these days, including a change of shoes.

Show and tell will take place again each Friday, with the class being split into 3 groups:

Group 1 – Surnames from A – Macd.

Group 2 – Surnames from Mack – P.

Group 3 – Surnames from R – Z

This week, it will be the turn of Group 1. If your child wishes to bring something in for show and tell on their week, please ensure nothing breakable or valuable is taken in.

As always, should you have any questions/queries/concerns, feel free to contact me.

Miss Cockburn.

P1A Welcome Back!

Welcome back to term 3! We hope you all had a lovely holiday.

Phonics – our sounds this week are qu and ch.

Homework – reading homework only this week. Letter and number formation homework will begin as normal next week.

Show and Tell – it will be the turn of the Whizz Kids and the Bright Sparks!

ELC – 20.12.19

We have had a very busy last few days. Well done to all children who showed great confidence, good singing and great action at our sing a long on Thursday. Thank you all for coming along and supporting us. We also had great fun at our Christmas party today, filling our tummies with party food and dancing to Christmas songs. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year love form us all at ELC.

Bellfield Park Tennis Club

Over the last couple of months Bellfield Park Tennis Club have visited many schools coaching indoor mini tennis.  We had a great time and would like to offer some classes for children aged 5-9yrs at various venues around the city so everyone can have a go.  Classes are discounted for members but open to all and if you would like to know more about our membership and our club just go to our website www.bellfieldparktennis.co.uk

Venue Day & Time No. of weeks Dates Cost
Inshes Primary School Mon 4-5pm 5 13/1/20 – 10/2/20 £20 n/m £18 m
Charleston Academy   Mon 5-6pm 5 13/1/20 – 10/2/20 £20 n/m £18 m
Inverness Royal Academy Tues  6-7pm 6 7/1/20 to 11/2/20 £30 n/m £28 m
Holm Primary School Wed 4-5pm 5 15/1/20 to 12/2/20 £20 n/m £18 m
Avoch Primary School Wed 6-7pm 5 5/2/20 to 4/3/20 £20 n/m £18 m
Cradlehall Primary School Thurs 5-6pm 5 16/1/20 to 13/2/20 £20 n/m £18 m

All equipment is provided at sessions please just bring a drink.  The coaches will work on skills, balance and coordination but the main aim is to have FUN!

To book your place email hello@bellfieldparktennis.co.uk stating which venue you would like to attend and I will forward the link to book and pay.  If you have any queries at all please get in touch with us.  Hope to see you soon. 

ELC – Thank you for joining us…

We would like to say a big thank for such a fantastic attendance for our singalong this morning. We are delighted that so many of you could join us to see all the children’s hard work come together as they sang their Christmas songs.

We would also like to thank the residents of Ach an Eas and the Mackenzie Centre and to Spoke for Folks for once again helping in getting them there !!

ELC- Ach an Eas Christmas Party 2019

Miss Kelman and some of the children were kindly invited to Ach an Eas for the residents Christmas party with their families. We had so much fun dancing with the residents, even Miss Kelman and the parents got involved! It was so lovely to hear the manager speaking so highly about the children and saying that we are part of the Ach an Eas family. We wish them all a very Merry Christmas and are looking forward to seeing some of the residents at our singalong this morning! (Check out the photos and videos below)

ELC – Christmas Singalong

To confirm times for tomorrow Christmas singalong;

Doors open – 10am

Singalong Starts – 10:15am until 11am

If your child is usually attends an afternoon session or has been invited in, please drop them to the school hall via the side door. You will be asked to join everyone else at the main doors until children are seated on the stage.

If your children usually attends a morning or all day session, they will go to nursery as usual.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.

ELC – Christmas Singalong

A polite reminder for our Christmas singalong on Thursday morning. Children have either selected to be an angel or a shepherd and requested outfits were a follows;

Angel – white clothing and a length of tinsel

Shepherd – shirt, tea towel and tie

If you have any queries, please speak to a member of staff. Thank you.

Primary 5B Last Post of 2019!

Lots of photos so here we go!

Human Decimals…..good prop for multiplying decimals!

Thank you so much to all who came and helped us with our snowflakes!

We had a super party and the children looked so beautiful!

We had lots of fun sledging in the snow!