We had a visit from our Active School Coordinator this week and it was great fun!

Congratulations to Ava and Rohan! They have put so much hard work and effort into their work on equivalent fractions this week and they are both Stars of the Week! Well done to you both!

P7B – Thank You!

To P7B pupils, parents and carers,

It has been an emotional day saying goodbye to everyone in P7B! I am sorry not to be with you all until the summer but know that you will have a super last 8 weeks with Miss Sutherland.

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with you all this year. It may not be the Primary 7 year that we had all hoped it would be but your hard work, enthusiasm and positivity have made it a year to remember. Whether we were in class or at home, you all worked hard and made this year an enjoyable one!

I have no doubt that you will continue to work hard for your remaining time in P7 and as you move on to secondary school. And I will be back to visit you all before the summer holidays to say hello and introduce you to baby!

Thank you all for the very thoughtful gifts; I am overwhelmed by your generosity and appreciate it very much. Hope to see you all soon.

Thank you

Miss McLean

Pr 7 Lifestyle Survey 2021

We ask P7, S2 and S4 pupils to complete our Highland Lifestyle Survey every 2 years. We have been using the Lifestyle Survey since 2009 and so have a good amount of trend data. This year in particular it would be really helpful to have the survey completed by as many pupils as possible. It will give us good information about the impact of COVID as we will have comparative data from 2 years ago.

The survey isn’t compulsory and pupils can opt out. However, it is helpful if they are encouraged to participate and we have as full a return as possible. S2 and S4 pupils can make the decision about taking part themselves. Parents/carers have the option of withdrawing their child from the survey and to enable this the attached letter should be sent out a week before the P7 pupils are to complete the survey.  

The survey is lengthy (80+ questions covering many aspects of lifestyle and wellbeing) and some pupils who have literacy or learning difficulties can be supported to complete it if appropriate. However it does require a reasonable level of understanding and so may not be suitable for pupils with severe learning difficulties.

The survey can be completed during the school day or the link can be provided to pupils to complete in their own time. Ideally, completion will be during the school day as questions can be clarified for those pupils who may require help.

The survey is anonymous and no pupil will be identified from the data they provide.

Please complete the attached form if you NOT wish your child to take part in this survey. Thank you for your help with this.


Thank you for all the uniform orders. Unfortunately I have two orders that were paid in cash with no name – could they be yours ? Please email lochardil.primary@highland.gov.uk so we can check and get the order to it’s rightful owner when it arrives.

There is still time to return the order form tomorrow Friday 7th May 2021 for delivery June 2021.


Trust walks!
We have been working on team work and communication skills in PE and it has been great fun! The boys and girls did a fabulous job of giving clear instructions and showed brilliant listening skills too!

Congratulations to Daniel and Harry! They were both ‘Stars of the Week’ for their brilliant hard work, concentration and effort in Numeracy!

Politics in P6

Our class political party campaigns are well underway. Each group have written their own manifesto (check them out on google classroom), recorded a political party broadcast and have started to create campaign posters and badges. Our next step is to create some information leaflets that summaries our priorities before our Election Day on Monday.

P6 Active Schools Tuesday

I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend. We are lucky enough to have our active schools coordinator visiting our class each Tuesday this term to help us keep active.

Our scheduled time is 0850-0930. It would be great if pupils could arrive at school in their PE kit (if possible) and bring their uniform to change into afterwards.

Miss M P6

Primary 5/4 Weekly Blog

We have been having a lot of fun with the Scottish Opera’s ‘The Last Aliens!’ as the choreography is fab. We can still only whisper sing though!

There was a terrible crime in our class this week, Ziggy the monkey was kidnapped! Fortunately he had time to leave us some clues as to whodunnit!

We were looking at ‘Greater than’ and ‘Smaller than’ in Algebra.

The children showed off their magic skills this afternoon. Superb!

Finally I have attached the Termly Overview for you to have a wee look at.

ELC – Transition Classroom

All children who are ill be moving on to P1 in August should now have received their invite to the transition classroom. Please check that you have accepted the invitation as we will have important information being shared and activities starting from next week.

If you have not received an invitation or are struggling to log in, please drop your child’s key worker a message and we will be able to help.

Thank you.

ELC – The Future Vision of Early Years in Highland

Early Years Vision are holding sessions for parents to help build the vision for Early Years going forwards. These sessions are being help on Wednesday 12th May at 3:30pm and 7 pm.

Please register your interest prior to these sessions using the link supplied on the attached poster.

If you have any questions, please speak to a member of staff. Thank you.

OOSC – 28.04.2021

Hello everyone, and a warm welcome back to OOSC!

As you may already know, we now share our OOSC room with the Blossoms, so there have been some slightly different toys to play with. We have enjoyed building army bases and pirate ships, as well as doing our usual crafts, drawing and playing outside.

Please can we remind everyone that cancellations are to be made 48 hours in advance so we can free up a space for someone else who may need it. Thank you

School Uniform Order for Session 2021/2022

Your child will come home with a school uniform order today for next session. Should you require to place an order please return a completed form with a cheque made payable to Lochardil Primary School. Exact cash will be accepted but in this instance cheque is the preferred method of payment.

The uniform will be ordered week of 10.05.21 and estimated delivery time is four weeks. When it arrives it will be distributed in June prior to the holiday’s ready for starting back in August.

Wildlife Art for Local Mural 26.04.21

We were invited by Mr and Mrs Dowling to submit drawings of our favourite Scottish animals and birds. Mr and Mrs Dowling had commissioned 2 artists to create a mural for their garden on Green Drive. They wished to include the pupils’ ideas of which creatures they most associate with a woodland scene. The mural is now ready to be put up and we are delighted to see our input recreated by the artists. The Dowlings have kindly donated some prizes for the classes who took part. We have enjoyed community links with the Dowlings for many years and we appreciated this further opportunity to support this local project. Make sure you take a walk along Green Drive to see the mural in place! Well done everyone!


Welcome back everyone!!! It has been so lovely to be back! We have had a great first week back. We are particularly proud of our work on fractions this week! Everyone has worked so hard and we are feeling so much more confident about identifying fractions and finding fractions of quantities.
Huge ‘Congratulations!’ to Isla! She is our ‘Star of the Week’ this week for her fabulous Literacy work. Her effort and enthusiasm for writing, reading and spelling tasks is consistently brilliant! Well done Isla!

We are very excited to have Miss Mcleod join us for 9 weeks. She is joining us from UHI and we are really enjoying having her with us!

P4 learning overview

Just like that, we are finished our first week back! We have had a very busy and fun filled week.

If your child wants to split your pizza into equal parts this weekend, don’t be surprised! We have been busy working on our fractions using pizzas as a tool to help us (and make us feel hungry of course)

I have attached a copy of our learning overview for Term 4. This will provide you with some useful information about the learning that will take place.

ELC – Sun Protection

Now that the sun has appeared and the weather is getting warmer, could we kindly ask that your child brings sun cream to nursery with them and ideally stay within the setting so that we could apply throughout the day. Sun creams will be named and only used for your child.

We also request that a layer of sun cream is applied before they arrive to nursery so we can straight out to play the mornings.

Thank you in advance.

P5/4 Weekly Blog

What a fun week back it has been in p5/4.

We were looking at Information Handling or Statistics in maths.

We firstly collected leaves and put them together to make our ‘Raw Data’ collection, but soon discovered that this was not ideal for getting information easily or quickly.

The p5s made Tally Charts or Frequency Tables to make some order out of various raw data scenarios. They took pictures of their work…and got a bit carried away with the camera!

We were working out direction as well. Using our direction finders and some chairs and cuddly toys, we worked out instructions that we will be able to use when we are coding this term.

We are able to access Scottish Opera using our ipads. The online show this year is called, “The Last Aliens!” and we are going to be doing this each week for the next wee while. Then we do a performance of the piece along with the Scottish Opera professionals. We are not allowed to sing or do movements in class yet…but we can whisper/sing AND do movement if we are outside!


I will post our Termly Overview here and on Google Classroom next week.


ELC – P1 Transition Classroom

We have now set up our Primary 1 Transition Classroom.  Parents of children who will be moving on to P1 in August should have received an email from their key worker with details of how to access this.  Could we kindly ask that you follow the link to accept the invitation to the classroom.  On the classroom we will be sharing transition activities, transition information and other information relating to the school during this time.

If you have any problems logging in, please speak to a member of staff.

Thank you in advance.

ELC – Tempest Photography – Class Photos

Tempest Photography will be visiting on Wednesday 28th April and taking pictures of the children for their end of term class photos. Timings will be as followed;

Rainbow – 10am
Buttercup – 10:30am
Blossom – 11am

Children who do not normally attend on a Wednesday should have been contacted by your keyworker for arrangements to drop them off to have their pictures taken. Please contact your child’s keyworker if you are unsure.

Thank you in advance.

Egg Hunt

lots of our classes enjoyed taking part in a virtual Easter egg hunt this afternoon. Putting their problem solving skills to the test, pupils had fun in the sun this afternoon. Thank you Mrs Scotson for organising.

P5 update

We have had such a busy exciting time in P5! Tristan was our Star of the Week for his fabulous Literacy work. He has put in so much hard work and effort into his reading, writing and spelling. Well done Tristan! Rudi was nominated for a special award at our Virtual Easter Assembly. Rudi was nominated for being really hard working, being great at maths and for being a fabulous kind and caring friend. Well done Rudi!

We have been learning about our emotions with regards to Lockdown. We have made a display using words to describe our emotions, the effect our emotions had on our behaviour and the strategies that helped us to feel better.
We created Egyptian Good Luck charms out of clay too!

Primary 5/4 Weekly Blog

What a long, hard term this has been for all concerned….BUT we made it. The fabulous primary 5/4 have risen to every challenge and we should all be so proud of them.

This week we were finishing off the marvellous Charlotte Holmes mystery. We have had such fun with this resource that I bought the next adventure from this imaginative and resourceful puppet theatre company (The BigTiny) called,’Balthazar Snapdragon!’ We have looked at the welcome video, and we can’t wait to discover the rest of the mysteries next term.

Mrs Scotston made us a challenging Easter Trail round the school with QR codes. What a lot of fun the children had finding all the eggs.

We had great fun with drama today. The children had various drama activities to get them loosened up, (not that they need it, as they are lovely, confident children I’m happy to say!) then we reenacted some of the scenes from the Charlotte Holmes adventure. Very imaginative!

Finally, congratulations to Nathan who got Pupil of the Month. Nathan is such a hard worker. and he always has a smile! (or half a one like this photo…..blame the photographer!)

Have a fabulous holiday!