P5a – Kakatsitsi performers

We had a wonderful visit from the Kakatsitsi performers this week. They are from the Ga tribe in Ghana, where they speak over 50 languages including English, French and Ga. They taught us a traditional fishing song and taught us how to play the drums and shakers. We learned that when you change the position of your hands, you can change the sound the drum makes. They call this tone, bass, slap and tips. We loved having a go ourselves! Playing the drums was our favourite part.

Olympian Artists in P6B

We have been learning about the Ancient Greek Olympics. It started as a religious ceremony to honour Zeus, the king of the gods. We looked at some pictures of Ancient Greek pottery that depicted scenes of Ancient Olympians and we had a very creative morning making our own. We even incorporated some of the Greek Alphabet into our designs. They show sports such as: athletics, discus, carriage racing, boxing, javelin and wrestling. 

ELC – 19/09/19

School Photographs.

There will be school photographs (individual and sibling photos) Wednesday 25th and Thursday 26th September. ELC children will receive a letter on Monday the 23rd September with a time slot. If your child does not attend on a Monday, please await a phone call with this information. Consequently, if your child does not attend on a Wednesday or Thursday, their allocated time slot will be Wednesday 25th at 9:05am.

P.3 Fundraising Visitor

This afternoon we enjoyed meeting with Ina Davies, Manager at the new Marriott Hotel at Inverness airport. She met with the hospitality team and the book team to answer questions and give advice from both her successful fundraising events and planning functions in hotels.

We are getting very excited about our own event next week!


We are participating in this new promotion and there is a box at reception for any stickers you recieve when shopping at Aldi. We have 2 posters to fill with 300 stickers. The completed posters are then sent away by 18 November. We are then entered in to a prize draw to win £20,000 cash prize. We will receive a sports kit for taking part.

There are lots of suggestions on the poster to encourage us to eat well, get moving and challenge us to try out new things to keep us all healthy.

Thank you for supporting this.

The posters will be on display in the dining hall. Box at reception for the stickers. The ECO team will help to collect and manage the collection as part of the HEALTH AND WELLBEING focus for our action plan.

Lochardil ECO Team (L.E.T.) Thank you TESCO!

We have received more of the items we have ordered using the money we got from the TESCO Bags of Help Scheme. This has been such a help for us to add and refresh our resources.

We have added to our gardening tools and we have a class set of clipboards which are really useful for outdoor learning activities.

Please support our gardening work by volunteering and carrying on the super work established by a great team of parents and community friends over the years. Be part of our team!

ELC – 18/09/19

Last Friday we were lucky to have a visit from Amy from Fit Kids who taught us different yoga positions and all children showed good body control and even the teachers enjoyed themselves 🙂


This week the children are given the opportunity to vote what they would like to learn about next from the What The Ladybird Heart story, choosing from Farmer or police. Children are showing good mark making skills when voting on the mind map.

African Drumming

Today we had the opportunity to listen to African drumming and showed good listening when learning different rhythms.


P1A began the week watching a performance by the Kakatsitsi Drummers from Ghana! They told us all about the different types of drums they played. We had good fun clapping along with the beat of the drums!

There will only be one reading book going home this week and our sound will be e. The number and letter formation homework booklets will be handed out as normal on Monday and Tuesday of next week.

Show and Tell this week will be for the Clever Clogs!

Thank you to everyone who has returned their Learning Pathway. We kindly ask that you take the time to add a short comment to the home learning cog before returning to us.

African Drumming

Today we took part in a fun drumming workshop with a band from Ghana called Kakatsitsi Drummers. Here are some comments from the children and some photos.

“That was awesome” – Antek

“It was exciting!” – Ben

“I Liked the noise” – John Hector

“My hand was hurting afterwards.” – Ioan

“I thought it was really good.” – Nathan M

Pr 7A Kakatsitsi Drummers

We had a loud and exciting start on our return to school today!

A drumming group from Jamestown, Ghana were showcasing their fantastic skills.

“It was cool how they played the instruments and used everyday materials to make them from e.g. cow skin, seeds, grasses” Gold group feedback

“We liked how they didn’t just show you but they gave us something to do and we had to join in.” Platinum group feedback

” Very interesting to find out how the drums were made and learn more about their culture.” Titanmium group feedback

“It was fantastic how they changed the sound with their feet.” Tungsten group feedback

Gardening Group

A message from our diligent gardners, Maria and Karen.

We are looking for new parents that would like to take over the Friday growing vegetable session!

Over the past 2-3 years, we have been running some vegetable growing sessions during the summer season in the small garden with raised beds at the back of the school.  It has been a lot of fun and satisfying to see the kids really enjoy it!  All very informal, no pressure, we just go when we are able or suits.  Now that our children have moved to secondary it would be great to find other parents that we can help get into this fun and relaxing activity.

We meet on a Friday at 12:30 luch break time but of course there is scope to change the day if new helpers wished.  Should you be interested please contact mariadelatorreg@yahoo.co.uk or lochardil.primary@highland.gov.uk .  Many Thanks in advance.

P1A Phonics

P1A have been learning about the sounds c and k. They both have the same action. Please see the link for the songs if you would like to have a go at home.

Today we had lots of fun working together to sort out pictures according to the sound that the word started with!

A quick reminder that the girls and boys are not in school on Monday or Tuesday, so we will see you all on Wednesday morning!

Very busy p5B week!

We were up to loads this week……read on…

We were reading fabulous books, and working on rounding and estimating.

Our art work this week was copying fruit and veg in minute detail. Next week we will colour them in, using a variety of media. Much more successful than our bowls….BUT we do have clay now!

We played netball on Tuesday in our MUGA gym session, which was great fun. Great game netball!

Robbie was such a star. He got this trophy for being the Scottish 8-9 year old Trial Bike Champion! Congratulations Robbie. A lot of commitment and skill, and very dedicated parents!!! We are very proud of you Robbie!

In French we were doing colours in French and BSL. The children had to give me the French and the sign, when they pulled a colour from the feely bag. It has been fun revising french, and adding the BSL sign. It’s another tool to help the memory perhaps?

For Golden Time a lot of the children like to dress up…….here are some of the crazy kids!

Finally, our first winner of the Pupil Achievement Award is…..Keira Robertson. Well done Keira!

I Can – P6B Challenge gender stereotypes

We have been talking about Global goal 5 (Gender Equality) there was lots of discussion about “boys things” and “girls things” and how society categorises activities, hobbies and clothes etc into boys and girls. We spoke about how WE CAN like anything we want to and people shouldn’t be bullied,discriminated or questioned just because some else doesn’t  agree.

P2B – Week 4

It has been a very busy week in P2B with lots of new learning. We have been learning how to count in 2s and 10s, as well as making our own food chains as part of our ‘Moray Firth’ topic. Take a look at some of our work in the pictures below! I hope you all have a great long weekend, ready for lots more hard work on Wednesday!

Miss Cockburn



Congratulations to Cameron, who was our ‘Pupil of the month’ for his fabulous maths work. He puts so much effort into all of his work and has fabulous concentration! Well done Cameron!

P5a are concentrating on invasion games in PE just now. We have been developing our spatial awareness and having great fun too!

Pr 7A 13.9.19

We had a great first session at World of Work. We looked at the engineering and technology around prosthetic limbs. We designed and created our own robotica arm and relected on the skills we used e.g. setting goals, cooperation, problem solving, explaining . Thank you to our parent helpers for their time and support.

We are sending home our first Key Assessment Task. We would appreciate it if we could have it returned by Wednesday 18th September. KAT 1 has a Health and Wellbeing focus. We hope you enjoy sharing our work.

Have a lovely long weekend!

P7B – World of Work: Bionic Arm

Today we visited Skills Development Scotland for our first ‘My World of Work’ session.

The focus of today’s visit was based all around the advances assistive technology related to prosthetic limbs for people with disabilities. We discussed the types of jobs that might be involved in this line of work; these included engineers, doctors and biologists.

We then got to have a go at building our own bionic limb, using Lego and computer programming. It was a challenge but with a bit of team work and imagination we think we did a pretty good job! Thank you to Julia’s mum for assisting us on the trip.

ELC – 12/09/19

Good afternoon, Please find attached the booking, registration and all about me forms to book into the October holiday club at Milton of Leys Primary School. Closing date for the forms to be returned to the MOL ELCC email molelcc@highland.gov.uk by Friday 20th September. All forms must be completed and returned before this date or bookings cannot be accepted. Kind Regards Clare Mackenzie Childcare Manager Lochardil Primary School Lochardil Road Inverness IV2 4LB Tel: 01463 230250 Clare.mackenzie@highland.gov.uk

Lochardil Eco Team 12.9.19

The ECO team went round the school today to find suitable places for our new bins. The bins were funded from part of our TESCO Bags of Help money. We reviewed our Litter Policy and hope to come up with a reward incentive for picking up litter.

We also gave each class a pile of scrap paper from the office. We are all stocked up now for our new term ahead.

ELC- 11/09/19

This week all children have investigating different objects in the nursery discussing what shape they are. We have also introduced talking tubs to encourage the children to discuss what they would like to learn about from What the Ladybird heard story.

ELC – Picture of the week

Molly “My bunny”
Alfie exploring different colours.
Struan “My ladybird has four spots”

ELC – 10/09/19

All Buttercup children enjoyed exploring and investigating the woods on Monday. They demonstrated good listening skills when dicussing the rules for the woods.

“Jumping in the muddy puddles”

The children were excited to visit Ach an Eas for the first time this session. The residents helped us to make our own playdough and participated in singing some songs.

“Thumbs up cause it was good”

P1A What is happening this week.

Homework – We have started giving out the Letter and Sound formation booklets. These are to be completed on a Monday night (1 page) and handed in on Tuesday. The Number formation booklets will go home on a Tuesday night (complete 1 page) and should be handed in on Wednesday.

Show and Tell – It is the turn of the Brain Boxes and the Super Stars this week! We are looking forward to seeing what you take in on Friday morning!

Phonics – We have started our new sound, n. We will be learning the c and k sound later in the week! Please see the link to the n song if you would like to practise at home.

Indoor Shoes

Just a polite reminder to all parents that children should have a pair of indoor shoes, as well as a different pair for outdoor use. Especially with this wet weather, carpets can quickly become damp and covered in grass. Changing our shoes ensures the carpet is kept as clean as possible for us to sit on.

Thanks, Miss Cockburn

ELC – 06/09/19

Another fun week over, learning more about ‘What the ladybird heard’. We have introduced two new makaton signs cat and horse.

A reminder that our Forest Sessions are starting on Monday the 9th September. The group going will be all monday morning Buttercups, please remember to dress warm. Have a lovely weekend 🙂


This week has been a very busy and fun week!

We have been learning how to keep ourselves and each other safe during food preparation. We have created information posters, with our own individually designed mascots, to communicate what we know about food hygiene and safety and we are very proud of the result. We are very excited to put our knowledge into practice next week as we begin to design and create our own recipes!

Congratulations to Maria, who is our Star of the Week for her fabulous information poster. It was really informative and beautifully presented. Well done Maria!

P6B Week 3

Another successful week in P6B. Today we learned the myth of Icarus & Daedalus and we began to design our own labyrinths. This week we used the chrome books to write our own mythical stories including some of the characters we have been learning about and we are enjoying our class novel :Percy Jackson and the lightening thief. 

In maths we have been revising place value up to millions and rounding to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000.  

Everyone completed homework for week one and week two homework was issued on Thursday. 

Have a fantastic weekend and I look forward to seeing everyone on Monday . 

Miss MacDonald 

P6 – Wilderness Wars

This week, Primary 6 started looking at work by 3 Scottish creators – the book Wilderness Wars by Barbara Henderson, art by Kate Green and music by Martyn Bennett. We are creating colourful landscape watercolours, concentrating on use of colour and brush strokes. These landscapes are inspired by the setting for Wilderness Wars. We also listened to Bothy Culture by Martyn Bennett, inspired by the landscapes and culture of the west of Scotland.

P5B Weekly Blog

In art we started doing some papier mache but we may have to abandon task! The original lesson needed clay, and our cupboard clay had gone. It was fun to do, but not as good as the clay. Still, the children did learn how to make and apply smooth effective papier mache! We will do it again when the clay comes in. C’est la vie!

We also decided to make some delicious cupcake pictures with pastels. Real pastels are so lovely to work with, and the children had a (messy) ball.

We were working on chrome books, laptops and pcs to try to find interesting ways to follow up our weekly reading book passages. Robert made a moving animation of Rudolf Nureyev flying through the air in a beautiful jetee in a field using our fabulous 2Simple programme.

Finally this week we were playing a clapping and rhythm game called, ‘Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.’ Ask your child how it’s played BUT you need a lot of people to play!

Pr 7A 6.9.19

Just a reminder for next week…

Packed lunches only for Thursday 12 September please. We leave for World of Work at 11.45 am so need an early lunch. Canteen lunches not available that early.

We require one adult helper for that visit. Please let us know if you can help.

PE – Wednesdays and Thursdays. Full change required.

We have been workiing on our Alcohol leaflet which is part of our Health and Wellbeing key assessment task.

We played touch rugby with Mrs Chisholm and studied areodynamics with Mrs Scotson.

Meet the new ECO Team 2019-20

We had a busy first meeting! We carried out a paper recycling bin audit around the school and delivered some new bins. We hope to find places for some new outdoor bins soon too. We will carry out the ECO Schools Environmental Review and create our Action Plan.

P7B – One Point Perspective Art

This term we as focusing on how to make our art work look more realistic, experimenting with line and perspective. Our first art project has been to create one point perspective pictures. We found this quite tricky to begin with but after a little practise we are delighted with our results so far. Today we worked on adding in the finer details and used watercolours to bring our pictures to life. We are hoping to have our finished results next week. For now take a look at our progress so far!

Friday, Sept. 6th in P1B

Just wanted to share with parents/carers that I will be out of school tomorrow and the class will be covered by Mrs. Farqhuar. Also, Show and Tell will be for the Busy Bees and Clever Caterpillars this week and The Fabulous Frogs and Brilliant Butterflies will have their turn next week.

Thank you and have a super weekend when it arrives!

Mrs. McArthur

P1 – P7 Flu Immunisation Forms

The Fluenz Immunisation forms were issued via the school bag mail last week.

Please ensure that your child’s form is returned to the school office by Friday 7th September.  If you do not return a form your child will not receive the flu vaccine.

If your child has lost their form please contact the school office.

P1A Science

We have been learning all about germs and how we can help to stop them spread by washing our hands properly! To show how germs spread we covered our hands in glitter and had to shake hands with each other. This quickly spread the glitter round the class, the same way germs would be spread! We also practised washing our hands correctly.

P1A Show and Tell

The class will begin Show and Tell on Friday! This is a great opportunity to develop our listening and talking skills.

Each Friday morning a different table will get the chance to bring in a small object from home which they can talk about to the class. We will let you know if it is your child’s turn by putting a note in the homework pack. This week will be the turn of the Whizz Kids and the Bright Sparks!

The object could be a favourite book or toy. We kindly ask that valuable items and electronic devices are not taken in for Show and Tell.

Miss Ross and Miss Munro

Your Parent Council needs you!

Hello and welcome back to school for the year 2019/2020. We hope you all enjoyed the summer break and children, staff and parents are settling back into the swing of things nicely.

The first Parent Council Meeting of this school session is on Wednesday the 11th September at  7pm in the school staff room. We usually finish by 9pm.

All parents and carers are welcome to attend. We try to make the meetings as relaxed and informal as possible. This is your chance to be more involved with what is going on at the school for the benefit of your child/children.

  • Dates for the meetings this academic year:
  • • Wednesday 11th September 2019
  • • Thursday 14th November 2019
  • • Wednesday 22nd January 2020
  • • Thursday 19th March 2020 (AGM) •
  • Wednesday 13th May 2020

If you have any issues you would like us to discuss please make contact via the school office, the Lochardil Primary Parent Council Facebook page or lochardilparentcouncil@gmail.com

Kind regards Amy, Ian and Pauline.

PS There was a typo in the school calendar and the meeting is definitely on the 11th September (Not the 18th).

P2B Show and Tell

Now that we are into our third week of Primary 2, and we are settled into our class routines, we will be beginning show and tell. If your child wishes to take something small in to talk about, we will take time each Friday for show and tell. Please bear in mind that accidents can happen, so it is suggested that fragile/valuable items are not taken in. Items such as a small toy, photograph etc. are perfect.

Miss Cockburn


We have had a fabulous and busy week in P5a. Our highlights have been learning about food hygiene and safety, increasing our heart rates while having a great time in PE, learning about place value and learning how to use our Chromebooks.

Congratulations to Andrew, who was our ‘Star of the week’ for his fabulous reading work. Well done Andrew!

ELC 30/08/19

Our story bags have been confidently explored. The children and parents have worked hard in creating some characters from the story.

Just a reminder to please take a jacket each day as the weather is so unpredictable. Have a lovely weekend 🙂

“These are my paper dolls”

P5B Weekly Blog

A good week this week, with lots of establishing roles and expectations. We were looking at addition and subtraction, with a lot of practice of chimney sums.

In handwriting, the children were looking at basic joins. They are in a state of shock as I threatened to send back again, and again, any non-joined writing!!! Evil!

We were also making a poster designed to point out Health and Safety issues around our project of FOOD.

Short and sweet this week!

Hope you have a super weekend!

Term 1 Week 2 30.8.19

We had a big Lost Property clear out this afternoon. Bags of items had appeared at the end of last term. One of our Pr 7 jobs is to sort Lost Property every week.

Our reading group routine was established this week and we are getting into our new books. Ask us about our unusual group names!

Great start to spelling and getting homework done on time. Keep it up.

The Tungsten group were our group winners this week and we have also had a few successful “Secret Students”.

P1A Homework Packs

Just a note to say that the pupils will not get their homework packs home on a Friday. So do not worry if one did not come home in the schoolbag today!

Phonics – we have had a busy week practising our new sounds s,a and t. Check out the apples and turtles that we have made!

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Ross and Miss Munro

ELC – 29/08/19

We have been exploring the ‘What the Ladybird Heard?’ story by Julia Donaldson as the children have been interested in bugs and insects. This week we have found a ladybird in our garden which we were able to look closer at by using the magnifying glass…”They are red and has black spots”.

Theme Park Budgeting in P6B

Today we were using our maths and problem solving skills to work as part of a team in order to design our own theme park. We were given a budget of £5000 and a cost sheet . We knew the area that each thing would take up(eg a cafe was 4 cm2) and how much each item would cost to run in a day. We all managed to create our theme parks within budget and within the space given. We had some really creative ideas.

P1A Homework Packs

We hope you all enjoyed sharing the reading books that went home yesterday! We ask that pupils take in their homework pack every day, making sure that they include the reading book, word booklets and red jotter. This will mean that we can keep you up to date with the reading activities that you will need to do at home.

We also have a number of items of lost property that have not been labelled. If you are missing anything please pop in to see us or check the lost property boxes at reception.

Many thanks!

Miss Ross and Miss Munro