Egg Hunt

lots of our classes enjoyed taking part in a virtual Easter egg hunt this afternoon. Putting their problem solving skills to the test, pupils had fun in the sun this afternoon. Thank you Mrs Scotson for organising.

P5 update

We have had such a busy exciting time in P5! Tristan was our Star of the Week for his fabulous Literacy work. He has put in so much hard work and effort into his reading, writing and spelling. Well done Tristan! Rudi was nominated for a special award at our Virtual Easter Assembly. Rudi was nominated for being really hard working, being great at maths and for being a fabulous kind and caring friend. Well done Rudi!

We have been learning about our emotions with regards to Lockdown. We have made a display using words to describe our emotions, the effect our emotions had on our behaviour and the strategies that helped us to feel better.
We created Egyptian Good Luck charms out of clay too!

Primary 5/4 Weekly Blog

What a long, hard term this has been for all concerned….BUT we made it. The fabulous primary 5/4 have risen to every challenge and we should all be so proud of them.

This week we were finishing off the marvellous Charlotte Holmes mystery. We have had such fun with this resource that I bought the next adventure from this imaginative and resourceful puppet theatre company (The BigTiny) called,’Balthazar Snapdragon!’ We have looked at the welcome video, and we can’t wait to discover the rest of the mysteries next term.

Mrs Scotston made us a challenging Easter Trail round the school with QR codes. What a lot of fun the children had finding all the eggs.

We had great fun with drama today. The children had various drama activities to get them loosened up, (not that they need it, as they are lovely, confident children I’m happy to say!) then we reenacted some of the scenes from the Charlotte Holmes adventure. Very imaginative!

Finally, congratulations to Nathan who got Pupil of the Month. Nathan is such a hard worker. and he always has a smile! (or half a one like this photo…..blame the photographer!)

Have a fabulous holiday!

P7B – Anderson Shelters

Since returning to school we have been working really hard on creating our very own Anderson shelters. We used a range of different materials, from cardboard to moss, to construct our models and make them look as life like as possible.

We demonstrated excellent team work, communication and planning skills while building our models and our efforts certainly paid off as they look great! Well done to Layla and Olivia, who the class voted for as the winners of the Anderson shelter challenge.

Have a look at our impressive creations below.

ELC – Online Survey

Early Learning and Childcare (ELC) online survey

Parents and carers of young children in Highland can provide feedback on the Council’s ELC childcare settings via an online survey.

The purpose of the survey is to collect views on services provided in Highland. The responses gathered from the survey will help to support delivery of 1140 hours in the most appropriate way to meet the needs of parents, to plan for the future delivery of the service and highlight any changes required.

The deadline for collecting responses is 18 April 2021.

Thank you.

The Pines Support Sessions – Virtual Q & A – Chaotic & Confused – Thursday 29th April 2021 – 1030-1200

Dear All

Our next Virtual Pines Session with Karen Kelbie from Thriving Families and Alison Footitt from the National Autistic Society is on Thursday 29th April 2021. 

Does your child struggle with change, organising themselves, following rules and solving problems?  This is probably due to issues around something called “Executive Functioning”.

Rachael Geddes our Autism Practitioner has produced a short film all about this with loads of handy tips to help you support your child.  You can watch this film before the session, then you can submit your questions and join us on the 29th for a Q&A.  You must book on to the session by emailing  Please let us know if you are booking as a parent/carer or professional.  All questions should be emailed through to the same email by 23rd April 2021.

Kind Regards

The Pines Team

    Virtual Pines Session   Thursday 29th April 2021      10.30am-12 noon  Chaotic and Confused Does your child struggle with change, organising themselves, following rules and solving problems? This is probably due to issues around something called “Executive Functioning”. Our Autism Practitioner has produced a short film all about this with loads of handy tips to help you support your child. You can watch this film before the session, then you can submit your questions and join our us this morning for a Q&A.  

The Pines

Drummond Road, Inverness IV2 4NZ

P6/5 – March

P6/5 have had a busy couple of weeks back in the classroom. We have been spending time catching up with our friends and continuing our learning about Ancient Egypt and properties of 3D shapes. We have enjoyed taking our learning outside to make the most of the fresh air and space. We have started looking at a text called ‘The Egyptian Cinderella’ and are in the process of creating a story map before we have a go at writing our own stories.

P5/4 Weekly Update

Another week! This one went quickly for me. We made a Lockdown emotion wall this week. A great idea from Miss Macdonald, who is very good at this kind of thing…

The trigger of the emotion was Lockdown 2 and this is represented by the sun. The flowers are the children’s emotions, and the blades of grass show the behaviours that these feelings made them show. Finally the clouds have the children’s coping strategies on them. Clever!

Our Charlotte Holmes mystery is cracking along at a fair old pace, and all the children have their own theories about who did the crimes. Ioan was the hero of the day when he worked out the solution to the mystery of who stole Sir Jeremy’s favourite ring. Alice the Maid was able to walk free! We had to decode morse code and work out a shift code too.

The Charlotte Holmes information display looks better and better, as we add more clues.

We were working on coordinates revision too, with some fairly complex Bart and Lisa Simpson coordinate grids.

Have a super weekend!

ELC – Storage

We are on the look out for anyone that might be having a clear out and has some storage draws/boxes that are no longer required.  We are looking for storage boxes like the ones pictured below (although anything similar would also be apprecaited) for extra clothes/changing equipment.  If you can help at all, please speak to a member of staff.

Thank you in advance.

P5/4 Weekly Blog! We’re Back!

So lovely to see the children again! We have had a very full week of activities, and because of this, especially the baking, I didn’t manage to get the usual post up on Friday. But here it is on Monday. I hope you will keep looking at our page, as it’s a good record of all the shenanigans we get up to in class. (That’s if I remember to take the camera….or then remember to take photos!)

Firstly we had a fabulous treat from Mrs K on Monday, to celebrate us all being back together again. MMMMMMMM! Mieles!

The children were really enjoying just simply being with each other, so they made names for their groups, and worked as a team to colour them in. Compromising and making sure no one got left out……very important!

We went outside to make 2D shapes. The triangles are all three different types, as well as some attempts at 3D building! I don’t really know why Cameron has such a HUGE stick!?

During lockdown I came across a fantastic resource from the Batley Theatre Company in England. People are so resourceful! This company has started making mystery boxes for families in lockdown. A box arrives in the post, and you and your family have a brilliant 7 day adventure with our intrepid hero Charlotte Holmes. It is such a fabulous resource, I ordered it for us!

We have been learning card games with Charlotte……

And baking! This is what’s called EXTREME TEACHING! 24 children 3 different recipes! And I didn’t do any of it. The children were BRILLIANT!

That’s all for now, but keep looking each week!

Red Nose Day and more…

Thank you to all those who took part in our ‘Superhero/Wear Something Red’ for Red Nose Day. Lots of smiles below…

Since being back in school, we have been reading lots of stories about feelings and we have discussed how we feel when certain things happen to us. One of our favourite stories has been ‘The Colour Monster’ and we enjoyed making our ‘feelings jar’ wall display after reading this story.

We have also been learning about rhyme this week and have had great fun reading some Dr Seuss books including ‘The Cat in the Hat’ and ‘The Cat in the Hat Comes Back’.

We also had our own ‘Cat in the Hat’ to help us make sure we placed our rhyming word on the correct hat during our rhyming activity !

Finally we made our own cats with rhyming hats!

OOSC – 19.03.2021 – Welcome Back!

Hello everyone!

We wish to welcome back everyone to a more “normal” OOSC! While we have been open to provide key worker childcare, it is nice to have a larger group of children back with us. More friends for everyone to play with!

We have been enjoying the nice weather outside this week. The children have been using chalks to draw on the slabs outside, and others have been doing some ‘gardening’ up at the hedge.

Some lovely artwork!
What a lovely afternoon!


There are a number of outstanding documents still to be received by the office to complete the enrolment process for the next session at Lochardil ELC. Please provide any council tax statements or hours preference forms as previously requested to by Monday 22.03.21. Allocation of hours will begin next week. Thank you in advance.


ADHD – Virtual Q&A Session – Microsoft Teams – Friday 23rd April 2021 – 1330-1430

We would like to invite you to watch the Pines YouTube film, ‘What is ADHD?’ and then attend a virtual Q&A session with Lesley Soffe, Advanced ADHD Nurse Practitioner on the Friday 23rd April 2021 via Microsoft Teams at 1.30pm-2.30pm.  This will be open to all Parents/Carers and professionals and numbers are very limited.

Lesley has been working as an ADHD specialist for 10 years and will be happy to answer any questions you may have after watching the film or any questions about ADHD in general.

To book a space please email or go through our website Education staff should book through the CPD Calendar.

We look forward to seeing you then.

Kind Regards

The Pines Team

The Pines

Drummond Road, Inverness IV2 4NZ

P7B – Anderson Shelters

Today we made a really great start on constructing our model Anderson Shelters. While we were at home we learnt about how Anderson Shelters helped protect the people of Britain during the air raids.

We have been working hard in our pairs and threes to design and create our own scale versions of the shelters. Have a look at what we have done so far. And look out next week for pictures of the finished products!

Pr 7A It’s great to be back! 19.03 21

We have settled in well and enjoyed some partner and group tasks. We celebrated the arrival of spring with some daffodil art. Our hoodies came yesterday! We are working on our Yearbook ideas already.

We helped with a litter pick as part of a survey for our data handling for maths. We drew pictures of Scottish Wildlife for a mural which is being commissioned by Mr Dowling on Green Drive.

We look forward to welcoming Miss Munro on Monday to take us when Mrs Murray has her management time. Congratulations to Mrs Paterson who has given birth to a boy last week.