ELC – Forest Session – Week 4

It was a cold one this morning, but we warmed up by playing ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf’ and carried on our Scottish Dancing. For snack we had brioche rolls and hot chocolate or hot juice. We also toasted marshmallow on the small fires and were aware of safety precautions when doing so.

Our last session before the holidays will be next week, Thursday 10th December. Unfortunately we are unable to have parents join us like we usually do but we will take lots of pictures to show you all.

Friction Ski Jumpers

Both P7 classes have been learning about forces this term. Today, we learned about friction and talked about some activities use friction (bike brakes, hiking boots, car tyres, fingerprints) and others try to avoid friction (skiers, car engine parts, curling). In pairs, we built two ski jumpers – one that would slide first and fastest down the slope and one that would stick to the slope and be the last ski jumper standing. We explored which materials would be slippy or sticky and how we could these materials to slide or stick successfully.

ELC – Slapped Cheek

We would like to inform all parents and carers that we have had a confirmed case of slapped cheek within the ELC. There is no exclusion period for this illness; however Slapped Cheek is rare in adults but can be very serious in adults especially if you are pregnant. Symptoms are red, rashy cheeks, possible high temperature, runny nose and/or headaches. If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to speak to a member of staff.

Easy Fundraising – Turn your everyday online shopping into FREE donations

Did you know you can raise money for Lochardil Primary School and Parent Council, by simply doing your shopping online? When you use easy fundraising to shop with any of their 4,000 retailers, the retailer makes a small donation to say thank you and they send those free funds to us! This will support our parent council and our school to buy a range of resources to continue to deliver exciting educational learning experiences.

Click on the link below to access our code.


We have had great fun in PE this week! We have been learning about our heart and about exercises which can strengthen our muscles!

We have been learning that our spelling words are all adjectives and we have been creating fun sentences with our spelling words to help us remember what they all mean, and what they might be describing!

Rebecca has passed her piano prep test! Congratulations Rebecca! We are very proud of you! We would love to hear you play the piano!
Congratulations Sam! Sam is our Star of the Week for his fabulous maths work! He always works hard and challenges himself! Well done Sam! We are very proud of you!
Sam got creative during lockdown and learned how to make this! Well done Sam!

P5/4 Weekly Post

Primary 5/4 Weekly Blog

Last week’s blog wasn’t working for me as my google account went bonkers. However, I caught up on Monday so last week’s pictures etc will be there if you look at the p5/4 blog.

We shifted topic from ‘time’ this week, and had a look at ‘angles.’ The children are using a right angle measure that they made themselves, to find right angles in the room.

We were looking at Op Art in class, and made an optical illusion of our own.

You will be delighted to read our battle scenes that we have been working on all this week. The children are trying to tick ALL the writing boxes, for this piece of work that’s going home!

Have a lovely weekend!

Primary 5/4 Weekly Blog

Last week’s blog wasn’t working for me as my google account went bonkers. However, I caught up on Monday so last week’s pictures etc will be there if you look at the p5/4 blog.

We shifted topic from ‘time’ this week, and had a look at ‘angles.’ The children are using a right angle measure that they made themselves, to find right angles in the room.

We were looking at Op Art in class, and made an optical illusion of our own.

You will be delighted to read our battle scenes that we have been working on all this week. The children are trying to tick ALL the writing boxes, for this piece of work that’s going home!

Have a lovely weekend!

Guidance from Highland Council – Flu Vaccination

Parents encouraged to ensure children receive flu vaccination

NHS Highland is encouraging the parents and guardians of all children aged between two and five to ensure their child receives the flu vaccination this year.

The flu vaccine is offered to all children in this age group (on 1st September 2020), who are not yet in primary school, through their GP practice.

Vaccination will help protect children against flu which can be a serious illness, even for healthy children.

Dr Tim Allison, NHS Highland’s Director of Public Health, said: “We would strongly recommend that all children aged between two and five living in Highland receive their flu vaccine this year.

“Immunisation will reduce the risk of children spreading flu to their friends and family, and vaccination will help GP practices and hospitals across NHS Highland avoid the additional pressure that a spike in seasonal flu would add on top of pressures caused by Covid-19.

“Practices across NHS Highland have sufficient vaccine available to immunise children. Parents and guardians are encouraged to contact their GP to arrange appointments for their children. Almost all children can have the flu vaccine as a simple, painless nasal spray which is safe and effective.”

Further information about flu vaccination for pre-school children is available on the NHS Inform website at https://www.nhsinform.scot/childflu.

P7B – Skills Development Scotland Sessions

In Primary 7, around this time, we usually visit My World of Work on Church Street to take part in some sessions with Skills Development Scotland. This year we have been unable to do this but I am delighted to share that we will be engaging in some sessions virtually through Google Meets.

As this will be done virtually and digitally, please can you ensure that your child comes to school with their Chromebooks fully charged, especially on Friday’s this term when we will be taking part in our sessions.

So far we have Coding Art taking place on the 4th December and Games Design on the 11th December.

We look forward to sharing our from these sessions learning with you soon!

ELC – Forest Session – Week 3

This week we have been learning our BSL signs for our nocturnal animals. The children were able to demonstrate what animal were which when looking at pictures. We then went to explore the woods, looki for signs of animals and played on the tree swing.

Our next two sessions are scheduled for Thursday 3rd and Thursday 10th December. These will be the last sessions before Christmas.

ELC – Nocturnal Animals

As we have been learning about nocturnal animals, we thought we could try and capture what comes into the nursery garden at night. Mrs Young and Miss Paul put up a couple of cameras in the garden to see if any nocturnal animals visited. When the cameras were checked this morning, unfortunately we didn’t have any night owls, foxes or badgers but we did have a cat come and take a look around. Keep watching to see if you can spot it.

We will have to try again with the cameras!

Muddy weather!

We are aware that some of you have muddy children coming home after school each day.

Every year at this time we have to stop using the field for playing on due to its condition and give it time to recover.  However, at present we need to use it to allow all the children space to play and remain safe within their year group bubbles.

We are currently looking at ways to avoid using/ spend as little time on the grass pitch as we can while still allowing everyone sufficient space to play.  Space within our grounds is a challenge due to our large pupil roll, but with Covid-19 mitigations this is an additional pressure. 

From tomorrow our infant classes will not have access to the grass pitch and will be allocated space in the front playground, in an attempt to support learning to continue smoothly in the afternoons, keep our school clean, and also reduce washing mess at home!

We ask our older pupils to try to avoid mud patches and be aware of where they are playing.  We will keep you posted with updates.

In the meantime, it would be very useful if you could provide your child with a change of clothes in their schoolbag in case it is required, and any clothing that has been loaned please return asap.

Also, we continue to ask that every child comes prepared for the weather conditions and wear appropriate clothing i.e. jacket, particularly as we move into Winter.

Making Christmas Cards

OOSC – 24.11.2020

Hello everyone!

This week, we have spent a little more time inside due to the decrease in temperature. We did manage out to the MUGA last week which the children enjoyed!

We have been doing a lot of pictures, including doing some Christmas cards!

Please remember to make sure that children have appropriate clothing and potentially a change of clothes too. During the day, the field is open to be played on and the children can get (very) muddy while they play.

P5/4 Weekly Post (late!)

I had issues with chrome on Friday, but happily these have been resolved. Photos from the week as promised…

We played a crazy game invented by children called, ‘The Noisy Game.’ (Named by an adult…) Ask your child how to play it. It’s quickfire and funny, and involves frequent trips on ‘The Train of Shame!’

We have been working hard on our imaginative stories. We’re doing them stage by stage, and collaborating with various friends, to get the best use of vocabulary and writing ‘special effects,’ that we can.

The P7 Broom House Captains and friends, gave us a super KAHOOT quiz on Friday which Jack won! Well done Jack!

Finally, we were working on clock times with a very tricky puzzle.

Sorry again for the delay.

P1A – Scottish Book Week

P1A have enjoyed reading the story ‘The Girl Who Stole the Stars’. We learned what an author and an illustrator does and we even made our own versions of the story! We had lots of fun designing a front cover for our story.

Our sounds this week were l and f. The girls and boys did some finger painting to create patterns on fish.

An order form for Christmas lunch went home today. Please return by Wednesday 25th November if your child would like to have a Christmas lunch on Wednesday 9th December.

Scottish Book Week

This week we really enjoyed reading the book, The Girl Who Stole the Stars. The author is Corrina Campbell and she is from Nairn.

The girl in the story had asked for a ladder from Santa and she had used her ladder to climb ‘up and up and up’ to reach the stars and steal them.

When a ladder magically appeared in our classroom we were inspired to write our own stories entitled…’If I had a magic ladder I would…..’

We had some very creative, funny and interesting stories…some competition for Corinna Campbell I think!!!!


Congratulations to Lewis! He is our Star of the Week for his fabulous maths work! He has been working really hard at division and calculating fractions and has really improved his confidence! Well done Lewis! We are very proud of you!

We have been learning British Sign Language and it is great fun!
Here are P5 practising how to sign ‘Do they know it’s Christmas Time?’
Well done everyone! You are doing really well! Keep up the great work!


This week we have started to plan our own warning tales. Some of our ideas are super exciting!

We used a boxing up template to plan out each paragraph.

This week’s resilient kids session focused on feeling left out and included. We discussed how each makes us feel and shared some of our own ideas and experiences. We really enjoyed acting out scenarios of individuals feeling left out and showing ways we could help make them feel included.

In our class novel, Joe Spud’s dad used to make his birthday and Christmas presents out of toilet roll tubes. We got creative this week and came up with our own ideas for presents using toilet rolls. Take a look..

P 7A 20.11.20 Art and Assembly

We tried some topic linked art this week, drawing a bottle, since we have been looking at alcohol as part of our Substance Misuse topic. The line pencil drawings showed our understanding of perspective and shading.

We hope to use the NSPCC online assembly resources next week as part of the “Speak out, Stay safe” campaign. We have enjoyed “live” assemblies with Mr John Darcy from the NSPCC in previous years and we look forward to the “virtual” materials provided for us to cover this important topic. Please see the attached parent information letter for further information.

P3A Weekly Update

Another busy week over in P3A. In maths we have been revising the 2 and 5 times tables. We loved listening to the counting in 2s , 5s and tables songs. In reading we were looking at the difference between a fact and an opinion. We were also looking at the days of the week and months of the year. We enjoyed listening to The Lorax and created some lovely collage pictures based on the story. For PE we are still doing our daily run, circuits and team games. In topic we talked about recycling and the problems that plastic can cause if it gets into rivers, seas and oceans.

ELC – Scottish Child Payment

Scottish Child Benefit is a new entitlement from Social Security Scotland which can provide eligable families with £40 every four weeks for each child under the age of 6 years. Payments are due to start on Monday 15th February 2021.

To see if you are eligable or to make an application, please visit www.socialsecurity.gov.scot

ELC – Positive Parenting Campaign

Parent Club is a digital parent information resource, support hub and online community from the Scottish Government. They offer support and advice for all families across Scotland.

To help families manage the challenges, especially during Covid, Parent Club have launched the Positve Parenting Campaign. If you need any help or advice please visit the following link; www.parentclub.scot/topics/coronavirus/coping-with-parenting to find out more.

Telephone maintenance – Wednesday 18th November

The telephone issues were unresolved yesterday and the system may be unavailable again this afternoon. If you phone the school and cannot get through on the main school number, please hang up and redial the school mobile on 07788 387590.

We can also be contacted on the school email address lochardil.primary@highland.gov.uk

Thank you for your patience and understanding

Pre Loved School Uniform

We have a large selection of pre loved school uniform to sell for school funds at £1 an item.

If you let us know what you require by email to lochardil.primary@highland.gov.uk we can make a bag up to send home with your child.

Bags will be made up on a first come first served basis.

Payment should be handed to the class teacher in a clearly named envelope for the attention of the school office by cash or cheque ( made payable to Lochardil Primary School).

We have the following items available in various sizes ;

White polo with logo

Purple polo with logo

School logo sweatshirt

School logo cardi

Knitted cardi

Skirt/pinafore/girls trouser

Boys trouser/ school shorts

Thank you in advance.

P1A – Scottish Book Week

Did you know that this week is Scottish Book Week? To celebrate, the girls and boys got a Bookbug bag! The bag contains lots of lovely books and activities for you to enjoy at home. We will also be doing some activities in class using a book that was written by a local author.

Homework packs went home today. Please check Google Classroom for more info!

This week in P1B…

…we found out about Remembrance Day and why we wear a poppy. We joined up with P1A to make a fabulous display with the poppies that we made.

We also enjoyed dressing up for Children in Need and taking part in some fun activities in our classroom.

A huge thank you to parents for sending in such generous donations for Children in Need…amazing!

OOSC – 13.11.2020

Hello everyone! Hope you are getting on well.

We have been doing some really amazing pictures with chalks and oil pastels this week which the children have really enjoyed – apologies for any messy uniforms!

Brilliant dolphin picture, Janet!
Working hard!
Kenny! There’s red handprints on your jumper!
Cool building with the plus plus blocks, boys!
“I am doing mummy and daddy”
Lily was pleased to find a woodlouse!

Thanks all, keep safe.

OOSC staff


We have raised a fabulous £533 for Children in Need so far!!! Well done to all of P5 for organising such fun activities today! It was so lovely to see the whole school on our live virtual quiz too! I am so proud of the boys and girls who were such fabulous question masters! Well done everyone! You are all my Stars of the Week this week!!
Thank you to you all for you kind and generous donations!

Blythswood Shoebox Appeal

Thank you so much to everyone who has donated to the Blythswood Shoebox Appeal! Thanks to your kindness and generosity we have collected 61 boxes along with donations of money and gifts. It is really appreciated!

Children in Need

Thank you so much to everyone who donated to Children in Need today! So far we have raised an amazing £533! Thank you so much for your generosity and kindness. We had so much fun and it was really lovely to see our friends in other classes virtually during our school quiz!

P5/4 Weekly Blog

We started medieval weaving this week, which is great fun! The children are able to do the weaving whilst listening to our class book – Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

We took part in a cool class quiz organised by the p5 class for Children in Need. They did a super job of the quiz. It was just so nice to see everyone again!

We have been finding lots of homophones for our Homophone Wall. The children’s suggestions are sometimes interesting….as are my drawings!

Ala made a display of some of our Hallowe’en Kennings:

And Finally, we have really got stuck into our topic about the Scottish Wars of Independence. William Wallace was apparently 6 foot 7! That’s taller than our Mr Grant. No wonder he needed such a big sword!

A lovely parent of ours made this replica of his sword to actual size a couple of years ago. I’ve never had to use it yet…….

Have a super weekend!

P4 learning journey

It has been a very busy week for P4.

We have been working hard on our story maps to help us retell a story. They are looking great!

We are focusing on division in numeracy and spent some time looking at fact families to help us understand the link between multiplication and division

In PE we had lots of fun and laughter with the parachute!!

On Wednesday we had 2 minutes of silence to remember all the people who fought for our Country. We designed our own poppies using pointillism. They turned out great..

As part of our topic we have been learning about different religious beliefs. This week we have been learning about Christianity. We looked at a famous story from the bible called ‘The Good Samaritan’ Take a look at our comic strips that sequence the story in order.

We have been learning about the different types of bullying and looked at how this can affect our emotions. P4 came up with some great emotion words for our display. We know the importance of being kind to each other and including everyone

Finally… We had a fantastic day today for children in need 2020. We watched Joe Wicks this morning as he completed his 24 hour fitness challenge. What an inspiration he is! P5 also worked super hard at creating lots of activities for us to take part in. We LOVED the live quiz!

ELC – Children In Need

What a great effort for our Children In Need day. We loved seeing everyones Pudsey and Blush outfits and yellow items of clothing and even some face painting. We watched a video of how our money can help children that don’t feel very well or dont have enough money to buy food and toys.

Thank you so much to everyone who donated, we are blown away with the amount that was raised just from the ELC. Our ELC total alone was £112.00 !!

Thank you !!

Pr 7A 13.11.20

We have had a great week writing our suspense story. We included lots of techniques to build up the tension and mystery. We took part in the Pr 5 Children in Need quiz which had a range of quite challenging questions. We donated £20.35 for the event today. Thank you for your contributions.

P7B – Week 3 – 13/11/20

Digital Maths

This week we had a go at something a bit different for maths using Google Sheets. We were testing our multiplication and division knowledge and we had to input our answers into a Google Sheet. If you got the correct answer cells on the sheet would be filled with colour. We enjoyed using this digital resource and seeing the picture appear on our screens (which was very fitting for this week).


On Wednesday we marked Remembrance Day by taking part in the two minute silence at 11am.

To help us learn more about why we do this every year we learnt about the story of John McCrae, the Canadian solider, who wrote the famous poem “In Flanders Fields”, after his experiences in Ypres, Belgium, in World War 1.

We read the poem and discusses the imagery that it included. We took some time to choose words and phrases in the stanzas that created a powerful image in our minds.

ELC – Forest Session – Week 1

It was great to be back !!

the children had a great morning, exploring our woods area, looking for animals, talking about the change in the trees, running, jumping and playing hide and seek. When we arrived at base camp we set up and went through the rules of the forest and what we need to be careful of. For snack we had crackers, biscuits and hot chocolate or juice. The children found lots of possible homes for the nocturnal animals we have been talking about at nursery. From the top of trees to dens on the ground. We cannot wait until next week !!

P3B Science

For a little fun I performed a magic trick by making some salt disappear in a cup of water. The children were not fooled and we had lots of discussion about dissolving before we planned and carried out an experiment on dissolving. Here are some photos of the children busy being scientists.