Scottish Exotic Animal Rescue

We had some extra special visitors in P5 today! Nick, from the Scottish Exotic Animal Rescue Centre, came in to speak to us about different animals in the rainforest and the roles they play in that habitat. He also took in some animals for us to have a closer look at!

Nick shared so much information about the animals which he took in for us. For example, millipedes have been around longer than nearly any other animal and cockroaches are a healthy snack!

Nick’s main aim of these talks is to show people that animals, like snakes and spiders, are not that scary and that animals only hurt you when they feel threatened. Nick also shared some fascinating stories about his job.

If you would like to learn even more about these animals, the Scottish Exotic Animal Rescue Centre is located at Cantraybridge College (near Croy). They are open on Sundays from 12pm – 4pm.


Tennis Festival

P5 and P4/5 braved the rain to enjoy some tennis at Bellfield Park! We were joined by pupils from Crown Primary School. All pupils played well and showed good sportsmanship! We even got an ice lolly!

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Open Morning

The school will be holding our next open morning on Friday 2nd June from 11 am – 11:45 am. The class will be sharing their work on the rainforest. We look forward to seeing you then!

Junior Jobs Day

As part of Junior Jobs Day, the class received talks from two different professionals about the skills they require in their profession.

First, we heard from Brian who works as an electrical engineer at Lifescan. He told us about his role in designing and developing glucose monitors for people with diabetes. We even got to test some out! Then we heard from Chloe, who is a dietician. She told us about her role in helping people have healthy lifestyles. Then she let us have a go at looking at someones food diary to decide if their choices were healthy or not!


The class have spent the last few weeks learning about data handling. The had experience of collecting data and displaying this data in different ways. Please see the pictures for some of the things we got up to!





Term 4

Please see the curriculum overview for term 4

Term 4 Overview


Well done to some of the boys in the class who were in the team which won the Cairn Cup!


Scottish Opera Performance

First of all, welcome back! I cannot believe we are starting our last term in P5!

We had a fantastic day with Scottish Opera and the pupils worked very hard to put on a brilliant performance! Well done everyone.

Please see the photos from the rehearsal and performance. If you were with Miss Macdonald’s crew, please check her blog page for more photos!

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The Highland Charge!

Here is the video of the class doing their very own Highland Charge! What a scary bunch!



Culloden Battlefield Trip

The class wrote their own blog post about their trip. Here is what they said!

“We went to Culloden Battlefield for our school trip. We separated into two groups, one group stayed in the classroom and the other group went round the Battlefield.


We were acting as if we were the Redcoats at the battle. We were pretending to shoot in the proper line-up and march like the soldiers. We also looked at the gravestones for 1500 men who fought in the battle. Orin saw his family crest on one of the gravestones. We saw a cottage which was hit by a cannon ball. We then did the Highland Charge!!


In the classroom we did a quiz about important people who were involved in the battle. Some people got to dress up as the important people. Kyle got to wear a dress because he was Anne Mackintosh!

After lunch we played outside and went round the museum we also got to watch a 4-screen film about the battle. We had a closer look at some weapons, battle formations and costumes.

We all really enjoyed the visit!”

Easter Service

The Easter Service will be help next Wednesday at 1:30 pm. Pupils will walk to the CCC and will return to school for 2:45 pm.


Culloden Battlefield Trip

A quick reminder that our trip to Culloden Battlefield is next Monday! Could all pupils come to school with a packed lunch (to be eaten at Culloden Battlefield) and appropriate clothing and footwear.

90kg Rice Challenge

Sold Out!

The class are pleased to announce that all 90kg of rice have been sold!

I would like to say a big thank you to the class for being so helpful with the organisation by designing posters, selling rice at the open afternoon and delivering orders to the classes.

Also, a big thank you to everyone who purchased rice and helped support the education of one child in Malawi.

The class are eager to continue the Rice Challenge and have requested another 90kgs to sell! More info to follow.

Miss Ross


Open Afternoon

The school will be holding an open afternoon on Thursday 16th March (13:30 – 2:10). The theme for the open afternoon will be internet safety. The pupils in P5 will be doing some drama to promote safety online.

There will also be a workshop for parents running in hall from 2:15, where more information on ‘how to keep safe online’ will be shared.



The class had fun making some Jacobite weapons, soldiers and a Glencoe landscape!

World Book Day

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The class thoroughly enjoyed all of the activities for World Book Day, and everyone looked fantastic dressed up as their favourite book character!

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Pancake Day and Fair Trade Fortnight

As it was Shrove Tuesday the class got to make pancakes! As it is also the start of Fair Trade Fortnight, Fair Trade products were used to make our tasty pancakes and toppings. Keep an eye out for the Fair Trade logo while you are in the supermarket!

Please see the photos of us enjoying some tasty, Fair Trade pancakes!

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The class have thoroughly enjoyed learning gymnastics with Mrs Thomson! Here are some great photos of all the adventurous things they have been trying out!

Next week the class will be going outside for P.E on Thursday afternoon, so could all pupils please bring appropriate clothing and footwear.

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Tartan Design

We have been busy designing our own tartan! The class learned how the original dyes for the cloth were made from natural products such as berries and lichen.

Please see some of our designs!

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Scots Words

The class have learned some Scots words. Everyone chose which one they liked best and wrote it in a comic book style speech bubble!

Scottish Opera

The class have been continuing to practice their songs for our performance with Scottish Opera. Below is the link to the website where the songs and lyrics are available:



A big well done to the pupils in the class who took part in the demonstration by the schools gymnastic team! It was a great opportunity for the pupils to show off their impressive gymnastic skills.


A quick reminder that swimming lessons will begin this Friday. Pupils will require a twenty pence coin to use the lockers at Inverness Leisure.

Term 3

Please see the attached file to find information on what we will be learning in term 3. Please get in touch if you have any questions.

Term 3 Overview


Beyond the Panda

The class were very lucky to receive a visit from Sandie, who works for the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland. She gave us a very interesting talk about giant pandas in the wild and the two pandas which are kept at Edinburgh zoo. The class also got to try different activities which included looking at different animal skins and skeletons, but also investigating panda poo!

Please see our photos from the workshop!

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Global Goal 8

Today, the class were learning about Global Goal 8 – Decent Work and Economic Growth.

The class had to consider what it would be like in less fortunate countries, and how some children need to work in poor conditions. The class had to make paper bags to sell to our shop keeper, receiving 1 rupee for ten correctly made bags. If they were not up to standard the shopkeeper did not pay them!

Pupils then reflected on how they would feel they had to work in difficult conditions such as these. Please see the pictures below:

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This week, the class have been learning about volume and capacity! They were very good at estimating the capacity of different shaped containers. Their homework for this week will require them to measure the volume and capacity of different containers at home. Can they tell you the difference between volume and capacity?


P.E will continue to be held on a Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Could all pupils please come to school with appropriate clothing and footwear. Thank you.

Happy New Year!

We have an excellent opportunity to learn about giant pandas, from a representative of the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland. This will link to our learning around the sustainable development goals later in the year. Unfortunately, there has been a slight price increase in order to cover the cost of the workshop. The price of the workshop will now be £1.50.

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Wishing everyone has a lovely Christmas! I will see you all in the New Year.

Miss Ross

Christmas Party!

Wow! What a fun afternoon we all had at the P5 party! Everyone looked fabulous in their party clothes and enjoyed the games and the food. Thank you to everyone who kindly donated food items for us. Please see our photos from the party!

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Christmas Party!

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A reminder that the P5 party is being held on Wednesday at 1:20! Thank you to those who have kindly donated food for the party!

Miss Ross

Christmas Shopping

Today we had a £400 budget to spend on family Christmas presents from the Argos catalogue. Mrs MacLelland thinks she can benefit from the children’s help with her weekly shopping!

It was quite easy because everything I chose was on offer. – Gavin

I went over my limit by £87. It was hard to stay in my budget. – Riley

I was sensible and chose prices that were in the middle.  – Evie

I feel I chose great presents…especially for my Dad….his watch is amazing! – Isla

 Sam and Evie were the quickest shoppers who were within budget. Well done!



Christmas Events

Lots of things happening this week!

Christmas Lunch/Christmas Jumper Day

On Thursday, Christmas lunch will be held in the new canteen! Pupils are also invited to wear their Christmas jumpers.

Christmas Assembly 

It is the Christmas end of term service on Friday 16th December. This will be held at the CCC from 1.15pm-2.15pm. Any parent helpers would be gratefully appreciated.

Christmas Party!

The P5 Christmas party will be held on Wednesday 21st December. The party will be in the afternoon.


Open Morning

A quick reminder that our second open morning is taking place tomorrow from 11:00 – 11:45. The theme for the open morning is the work which has taken place on the United Nations Rights of the Child. Unfortunately, I will not available tomorrow, but Mrs MacLelland will be in class to welcome you .

Topic – the senses

Lately, the class have been learning about the senses. They have carried out a number of experiments to explore how our senses work. Please see the pictures below from our experiments on touch and sight!

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Tennis Festival

A big well done to the pupils from P5 and P4/5, who took part in a the Tennis Festival at the I.R.A on Friday. Lochardil took home the trophy for the second year in a row!! It came down to a nail-biting tie-break in the end. All pupils did an excellent job at representing the school, well done!


Scottish Book Week

As it is Scottish Book Week, the class decided they would like to try making their own books. Today, we started planning the stories and illustrations. When the books are finished they will be given to another class to enjoy. Please see the pictures of the class busy at work!

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On Thursday afternoon, as part of P.E., the pupils will receive tennis coaching. The coaching will be held outside on the MUGA. As the weather is now turning colder, we ask that the pupils come prepared for P.E. outside by bringing leggings/joggers, sweatshirts and hats. Thank you.




Into Film Festival

The class enjoyed a trip to watch ‘Inside Out’ at Eden Court, as part of the Into Film Festival. The festival provides a great opportunity for children to see a variety of films, all for free!

Maths Games

Today, the pupils played the games which were made as their homework task. Everyone went to a great effort to produce their games!

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Children In Need

The class went a bit dotty for Children In Need! Please see the pictures!

Class Assembly

On Friday, the class had their showing assembly and decided to show all of the things they have been learning about growth mindset. The class did an excellent job of making posters, producing a short play and narrating the assembly! Well done everyone!

Growth Mindset

This term we have been learning about growth mindset, and how important it is to have a positive attitude towards things we find difficult. Today we learned that J.K. Rowling was turned down 12 times before her script for Harry Potter was published!

In class, the pupils were given a tricky activity, to find out if they had a growth mindset. The results were interesting! Please have a look at the photos:

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Feis  Rois

We are 2 weeks into a 6 week block of Scottish music, song and tin whistle tuition from Feis Rois. On a Wednesday the talented Josie and Conol join us.  So far the children have been playing Hot Cross Buns using the notes B, A and G. This week they learnt D, E and F and played Old MacDonald! Some of the children knew that 2, or more,  notes played together is called a chord and playing 2 different tunes at the same time is called a harmony.



Curriculum Overview (Term 2)

Please find a copy of the curriculum overview for term 2. This will give you an insight into what your child will be learning about this term.

Miss Ross


Things Happening This Week:

There are lots of extra things happening this week!

Book Fair – Wednesday 2nd November. A great chance to buy some new books at low prices!

Scottish Opera Eden Court Visit – Friday 4th November. All children will receive an early lunch at 11:30. Pupils are asked to bring in a packed lunch that day. We will leave school at 12:10 and will walk down to Eden Court. Please ensure your child has suitable footwear and clothing. We will return to school by 14:45.

Welcome Back!

Today, the class received a talk from a representative of the Royal Highland Education Trust, a charity which educates children about food, farming and the country side. The class learned about dairy farming and different ways to milk a cow. Did you know that some farms use robots to do this job? The cow decides when it needs milked and visits the milking robot! Very hi-tech. The class also got to make butter!

Music Lessons

The class will receive a six week block of music lessons from Fèis Rois. These lessons will be on a Wednesday morning and will consist of Gaelic singing and tin whistle.


Just to confirm, P.E will be on a Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Could all children please bring appropriate clothing and footwear. Could children also bring a note if they are not able to take part in P.E for any reason.

Happy Holidays!

I hope everyone has a lovely holiday. I will see you all on Monday 24th October!

Miss Ross


Thank you for completing the research questionnaire about plants. Today we used plants to enhance the flavour of our food. The pupils prepared the food themselves, in pairs.

The children prepared:

crackers with mozzarella, tomato and basil

melon with mint

  • It tasted like pesto….Toby
  • The basil went well with the mozzarella and tomato…. Laura
  • I preferred the mint on its own…. Rorie
  • The mint tasted stronger than the basil…. Scott
  • The mint was very strong…. Iona
  • Both herbs were very nice…. Chelsie



img_0110img_0123 img_0111



This morning, the pupils took part in a class debate about local and global foods. We had to practice the skill of being able to disagree with someone politely.

The class did a great job! I think we may have some future politicians in the class!

Well done everyone.

Open Afternoon

Thank you to everyone who came along to the open afternoon. It was great to meet you. I hope you enjoyed seeing all of the great pieces of work which the pupils have produced this term.

Open Afternoon

Just a quick reminder that tomorrow afternoon is our open afternoon. Between 1:30 and 2:15 you are welcome to come in to the classroom to look at your child’s work and ask me any questions.

I am looking forward to meeting you all.

Miss Ross



It has been another very busy week in P5!

The class did a brilliant job at showing their persuasive food adverts today in assembly! The head teacher said she was impressed with the work the class had produced and that they gave a very organised presentation. As a result of the brilliant work everyone has put into creating their adverts, the class have received a class privilege card! We will decide how this will be used next week. Please see the photos below.

Well done everyone!

Food Advertising

The class have been investigating the persuasive techniques which are used in food adverts, to persuade customers to buy food products. The class looked at food adverts in magazines and made a collage of the ones they found. These were then annotated with the different persuasive techniques.

The class were then tasked with designing a food advert for a new product… Brussel Sprout Ketchup! The class thought this product sounded disgusting, I think it would be delicious!

The class did a great job of using what they had learned, to design adverts which would persuade children to buy this new product. Take a look at some of the results!


Food Journeys

Today we were beginning to think about the journeys our food makes, before it reaches our plate. We learned what a food mile is, and measured the food miles of different fruits and vegetables. We did this by mapping their country of origin and using an online calculator. The class worked out that if we made a smoothie using the products we had in class, the number of food miles, just for that smoothie, would nearly be enough to travel around the globe once!

The pictures below show which country our different fruits and vegetable came from, as well as the amount of food miles for each product.


Today, as part of our topic lesson, the class measured the amount of sugar in different food products. We were able to find out the amount of sugar in the product by reading the label or looking at the sugar traffic light. The products included fizzy juice, cereals and breakfast bars. We will be using this information to build a display in our classroom.

Here are some photos from the lesson.