Star Writers

Here are our Star Writers with their fantastic posters.Well done Ayla, Erin, Lily and Lilly.

Last Day Lunches.

Please complete and return the slip if your child needs a lunch on the last day of school. A form went home today to let you know the arrangements for that day.

End of Term Service

The service will take place on Thursday 29th June and we are looking for parent helpers to accompany the pupils to the CCC. Please return the slip that  went home with your child today if you can help.

Friday 23rd June

Just a reminder to come in your PJs and bring some pennies if you want to take part in the charity fundraising activities.

Open Morning

It was lovely to see you at the open morning. Here is a reminder.

Garden Designs


Open Afternoon

Just a reminder that there is an open afternoon on 2nd June  from 11.00 to 11.45 am. The children are looking forward to showing you what they have been learning in their topic.

Shoe Box Gardens

The gardens are due in on 1st June and we are looking forwards to seeing them. Remember you can use any materials and any box if you don’t have a shoe box. You can have a veg plot, flower beds, trees, greenhouses, patios, barbecues, seating areas, play equipment and any thing  else you would like in your garden.

Floral Hall School Trip

What a brilliant time we had on our school trip to the Floral hall. The weather was lovely and the children were fantastic. We were so proud of them.Our day started with a cool walk down to the Floral hall and a rest for snack.


After the children used a map of the Floral Hall and their knowledge of co-ordinates to follow a route and complete the activities.One group fed the fish too!


As a surprise we had lunch at Whin Park.


Then a little rest in the shade before the walk back to school with lots of ideas for their shoe box gardens!


Floral Hall Visit-26th May

Just a reminder that we are walking to the Floral Hall on Friday 26th May . Pupils should bring a packed lunch with them as we will be out all day. The forecast is good so remember to take a sun hat, water and put plenty of  sun cream on!

Gardening Groups

Our class is helping to plant  some vegetables and seeds in our school polytunnel. Here are some photos of them busy at work.

Star Writers

Well done to Lewis, Lily, Tyla and Ryan for the great work on their science investigation report.


Friday 19th May

Well done Ross! You are Star Pupil of the Month

P3 Activity

The P3s had written some sense poems to read to us and we had to guess what they were describing. We met outside to enjoy the lovely weather.

Learning about Herbs-18/05/17

The children enjoyed our visitor this morning. Joy from Asda came bringing lots of wonderful smelling herbs. We then used our senses to describe how they looked, smelled and felt.


Great Work

The children are really proud of their number work and word building with the new letter cubes we have in the classroom.

Star Writers 12th May

What scary monsters the children described today. Here are our Star Writers, Maria, Erin, Callum, Lilly, Alana and Amy. Well done !


Thursday 11th May

The pupils are enjoying consolidating their learning with the soft start activities. Look at how focused they are!


Erin was a ‘star’ today in Maths.Look at all the prices she made with the coins all by herself!


This terms topic is ‘Wild about Gardens’ and the children enjoyed planting sunflowers seeds and helping in our polytunnel today. We are looking forward to tasting some of the fruits of our labour in the near future.

Learning Overview

P2-3 learning overview term 4

Holiday Monday

Just a reminder that it is a holiday on Monday 1st May. Also, the school is closed to pupils on Thursday 4th May due to the elections.


Thank you very much for your donations to Highland Hospice. The children looked lovely in yellow and our classroom had such a bright, sunny feel to it. The children really enjoyed the surprise visit from Booby the Bee and cheering on Mrs Kellacher in her ‘Custard Dunk Challenge’


The children have been revising money in their maths lessons this week. P2 have been practising using coins to pay amount up to 50p and £1 and P3 are working out the coins to give change from 20p by adding on. They will be a great help when you go shopping!

Term 4

Welcome back to school everyone! I enjoyed hearing all about the lovely things you got up to in  your holidays. It’s going to be a busy term again and no doubt will pass in a flash.


Star Pupil

Well done Andrew! You are the Star Pupil this month for your brilliant reading.


Star Writers

Our star writers last week were Layla, Lewis, Isla and Erin. What great ideas you had for your stories !


 Class Talks

We have been entertained by all the wonderful talks by the children this last two weeks. What a brilliant job they did and such interesting facts. Well done! Here are some of our photos.

Cheerleading Competition

We are so proud of Olivia, Sara and Erin. They all won 1st at the school Cheerleading Competition on Thursday at the Aquadome. Well done girls!

Class Visitor

On Friday Ania’s mum came in to talk to us about Poland. She told us all about some of the things she used to do as a child in Poland and taught us some Polish words and a song in Polish. We really enjoyed the Polish sweeties she brought in for us as a little treat too.

Red Nose Day

Here we all are dressed in red.

Star Writers

Our Star Writers last week were Olivia, Sara, Ryan and Callum. You wrote wonderful fact files on polar bears.

Class Talks

This week we have had some fascinating talks about ‘Amazing Animals’. Layla brought her pet tortoise in to show us and Amy brought in an alligators head.


Last week we had ‘Out of the Box’ performing a bible story with puppets. The children loved it, especially when the baddies tried to climb up on the children to see over the crowds head.

Open Afternoon

How lovely it was to have the children’s families visiting our classroom. The children were brilliant at sharing their learning about internet safety and really enjoyed having you with us.

Have a look at our photos.


Science Week

On Wednesday we had a visitor explaining about energy efficiency and renewable. The children enjoyed the solar experiments.

Open Afternoon

Jut a reminder that you are invited to P2/3 on Thursday 16th at 1.30pm. The children are excited to be sharing all that they have learned about using the internet safely.


Also , a reminder that the children’s class talks are starting on Tuesday 21st March. I have spoken to the children about this and explained that we do not expect them to memorise their talks. We are quite happy for them to read from a prepared sheet.

Star Pupil Award-3rd March 2017

Our star Pupil this month is Olivia for being so helpful to everyone in the class.Well done Olivia.


World Book Day

The children had a fantastic afternoon moving around the classes and having lots of different stories read to them by the different teachers.There were some brilliant costumes and what effort had been put into coming up with original ideas.Here are some photos of the class.

Star Writers 2nd March

This week’s Star Writers are Lilly, Andrew, Kieron and Ayla for their lovely reports on PC Watson’s visit.

Special Visitor-2nd March

On Thursday 2nd of March PC Watson visited our class to talk about his job as a dog handler.The children thoroughly enjoyed his visit and learned all about the senses dogs use to help find people and objects.They were enthralled by Yogi and Whiskey , the two police dogs he brought with him. Have a look at some of the photos taken by the pupils.



Over the last few weeks the children have been learning time. They really enjoy playing time bingo and a time board game  to practice what they had learned.


Star Writers-24/02/17

This week the Star Writers are Lilly, Andrew, Thomas and Ania for their stories about My Loose Tooth.


Just a reminder that pupils return to school on Thursday 23rd February. I am looking forward to hearing all about what you get up to in the holiday. I hope you all have a lovely time.

Star writers

Last week’s Star Writers were Callum, Maria, Ryan and Lewis. You used great openers and joining words!


I was really proud of the class at assembly today. Their little faces were beaming and they really enjoyed showing all they had learned to the other classes.


Next week P2/3 are ‘showing’ at assembly. I have put a note of what they are saying in their homework bags to practice but there is no need to memorise as they will be able to read off the piece of paper on the day.Some children have chosen not to speak but there is always an opportunity to change their mind right up to the day of the assembly.

Golden Time

The boys were enjoying the construction activities this week. What a great marble run Thomas and Ross designed together. Ayla made a gorilla to climb up Lewis’s tower. He had to  come up with some good ideas to stop the tower falling over! While I thought Alex’s tower was going to reach up to the sky! Isla was working hard carefully writing capital letters.


This week we have been learning about food chains and the words herbivore, carnivore and omnivore. We thought about all the food we eat and whether it came from animals or plants. We decided that humans  are omnivores.


Our Star Pupil this month is Erin Anderson for always doing her best in tasks. Well done Erin! Congratulations to Thomas and Olivia for moving up a swimming group too.


Lewis has been a really hard worker this week and wrote these during his choosing time. Well done Lewis.

Class Talks

On Monday you will find a letter in pupil’s homework jotter about preparing a class talk. Please support your child to find interesting information about a chosen animal and bring any props they want to show the other children. We have been reading books about the different groups, foods they eat, senses, adaptations and habitats. We will hear the talks near the end of March as noted on your child’s letter. Many thanks.


This term we are practising kicking a ball with the correct technique and improving our aim. First we had a warm up then we practised our skills.


The P2s enjoy their phonics lessons. Here are some of the words they  suggested for words beginning pl.

Star writers

The Star writers are Ayla, Sara, Alanna and Thomas. Well done for some lovely stories about getting stuck up a tree.

Chinese New Year

The children really enjoyed moving around the classes and completing  activities to learn about Chinese New Year. First they listened to the story of how the years got their animal names. Then they learned to say Happy New Year in Chinese. After they made some red envelopes for luck and some dragons. Finally the P3s created and  performed a Chinese dragon dance for us to watch. It was great!


Parent Interviews

Just a reminder that a form to notify us of your preferred day for  a parent interview was sent home with your  child last Monday. Please spread the word as an  uncompleted form was found on the classroom floor on Friday and one parent might be unaware that parent interviews are being held soon. If you are missing a letter you can pick up a duplicate from the school reception.

Star Writers

Our star writers last week were Alex, Maria, Ania, Freya, Kieron and Ross and this week’s star writers are Olly, Amy,Andrew and Tyla.


Welcome back to P2/3. We have a busy term ahead and hope you are all well rested from the holidays. Here is this term’s learning overview.

P2-3 learning overview term 3

Christmas Wishes

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and hope you all have a lovely holiday. We look forward to seeing you in the New Year when school resumes on 9th January 2017.


Our Star Pupil for December is Maria Hamilton for excellent listening and working to the best of he abilities.



The children were disappointed when Nessie disappeared from our classroom so you can imagine their faces when postcards started to arrive from Nessie. She went on holiday to London and had tea with the Queen then ended up in Bath where she had a swim in the Roman Baths. Sadly, she has decided to go home to Loch Ness but perhaps she might drop in to the classroom for another visit.

Nessie’s Travels

Nativity Outfits

We have some extra shirts brought in for the Nativity which no one has claimed. If you recognize any in the photo as belonging to you then please drop in and collect them from the class.

21st December

This morning we had some fun making jigsaws and we all played a part in making them. We all took turns and got on well together.



Yesterday our P3s had their Christmas party and they all looked very pretty for the occasion.


Layla said, “I  enjoyed Pass The Parcel.”

Lilly said ” I liked the music and dancing with my friends from the other class.”

Olivia said “I liked all the music and winning Pass The Parcel.”

“My favourite part was when we were dancing for best dancer,” said Ania.

Sarah said, “I loved al the games.”

It sounds like the girls all had a great time and they all agreed that the food was lovely.


20th December

Today we managed to finnish our Christmas Cards and we are looking forward to bringing them home for our Mums and Dads.

We made our own Cards.

We made our own Cards.

19th December – P2 Christmas Party

We all had great fun at our party yesterday playing lots of games,  doing lots of dancing  and eating lots of yummy food. A great time was had by all.

Enjoying our party.

Enjoying our party.

All dressed up for our party.

All dressed up for our party.


Christmas Lunch

We had our party hats on and enjoyed a Christmas meal in our lovely newly refurbished canteen.

dscf1931 dscf1933 dscf1934 dscf1935 dscf1936 dscf1940 dscf1941 dscf1942 dscf1943 dscf1944


We hopes the P2’s families enjoyed the Nativity. The whole school viewing was on Tuesday and we thought they were brilliant! Unfortunately it was a little dark for taking photos so we only have a few of the Nativity but here are some of the pupils in the classroom getting ready.

dscf1906 dscf1907 dscf1908 dscf1909 dscf1911 dscf1912 dscf1915 dscf1916 dscf1918 dscf1919 dscf1920 dscf1921 dscf1922 dscf1923 dscf1925 dscf1926 dscf1927 dscf1928 dscf1929 dscf1930

P2 Nativity

Just a reminder that all P2 pupils should bring one of Dad’s shirts, a tea towel and a tie or hairband (to hold tea towel) by  Monday for a costume Everyone is going to be a villager. If you have a speaking part you may already have a different costume.

Also, we need two volunteers to supervise the children on Friday 16th, walking to the Culduthel Christian Centre for our end of term service. We leave the school at 12.45 and will return about 2.30.

Many thanks

Mrs Sutherland

Open Morning

It was lovely to see you all this morning. The children were so excited and loved showing you their hard work and explaining all about children’s rights. Here are some pictures of our time together. I think you would agree that the children really enjoyed having you visit our classroom.

dscf1873 dscf1874 dscf1875 dscf1876 dscf1877 dscf1879 dscf1880 dscf1881 dscf1883 dscf1885 dscf1886 dscf1887 dscf1888 dscf1890 dscf1891




ASSEMBLY 2nd December

There was a special visitor at assembly this week. Everyone was so excited to see Pudsey.


dscf1863 dscf1867 dscf1869


Just a reminder that open morning is on Wednesday 7th December and the children enjoyed  preparing invitations for their families.


We have looked at measuring length and weight in maths and have now moved on to capacity and working with water and containers. The children are thoroughly enjoying it.dscf1846 dscf1847 dscf1848 dscf1851

Book Week

The boys and girls were really excited to receive their book bags this week. I hope you enjoy reading the stories and playing the games together.


To celebrate book week we have been reading stories all week and acted out a fairy tale. Have a look at how well the children did.


Dancing has been our focus for P.E. on a Friday and this week the children enjoyed learning The Grand Ole Duke of York . In maths they have been busy learning to weight different objects using balance pans and scales.

dscf1826 dscf1827 dscf1828

They enjoy practising their adding by rolling two dice and adding together.


We have been looking at Article 2 of the UNCRC his month. Here is a lovely display the children created.dscf1837

Kodaly Lesson



This morning we had a visitor who taught us some songs and verses. We had to concentrate hard to keep in time. We enjoyed the lesson.

Ross showing us how to to the actions.

Ross showing us how to to the actions.


Freya learning the moves.

Freya learning the moves.

This afternoon  we also did some art work. We finnished painting our weather pictures, we coloured in our Autums leaves and also started making one of our Christmas surprises.1-005


Show and Tell

The pupils are keen  to bring something to show the other boys and girls, so we are having a ‘Show and Tell’ time on Thursday 24th November.

This weeks Star Writers are Mhairi, Olivia, Savannah and Maria. They wrote wonderful reports on our science experiment to find out what happens when water is heated up and cooled down.Our Star Pupil award goes to Layla for wonderful listening and great ideas.



Children in Need

We had a great day raising money for Children in Need. Have a look at our spotty outfits and painted faces and nails. The bake sale was yummy too.

dscf1788 dscf1789 dscf1811 dscf1812 dscf1813 dscf1814 dscf1815 dscf1792

Look at how hard the children are working on their reading and writing tasks.

dscf1783 dscf1785 dscf1796 dscf1803

Ready to go for lunch in our temporary lunch hall.

dscf1809 dscf1810


16th November

We have had a very busy day in P2/3. We all enjoyed some story time. In the afternoon we looked at Andy Warhol paintings and tried to copy his style.

We were very busy but we managed to have a short time to play.

15th November

Today at gym we were learnng how to do yoga. It was good fun as we had to learn how to breathe properly when we were doing our exercises.


We did our exercises.

Some 0f the girls trying very hard!

Some 0f the girls trying very hard!

We did some stretching

We did some stretching


10th November

Today the children enjoyed looking for words beginning with ‘s’ and finding a word for every letter of the alphabet. Look at the fantastic work they did.

As we are on a trip tomorrow, we had Golden Time today and the children enjoyed using their imagination in their activities. Its lovely to see how  considerate they are towards each other;  sharing the resources and taking turns.

dscf1728 dscf1729 dscf1730 dscf1737 dscf1743 dscf1750 dscf1752

dscf1762dscf1766 dscf1771 dscf1768 dscf1767 dscf1765 dscf1763

9th November

This morning the school had a visit from Hop Scotch Theatre Company.  P2/3 thoroughly enjoyed their performance of Aladdin  and this is some of the quotes the children gave:-

Lily said,”I thought it was outstanding and I liked the bit when Aladdin got stuck in the cave.”

Ania said, “I was shocked when Aladdin married Jasmine, they kissed.”

“I liked the pantomime because it was funny especially the bit when Aladdin spun her Mum around and let her go and she fell,” said Sarah.

Ross said, “I liked the evil man because he had an evil laugh.”

“It was funny when Aladdin through the giants pants in his Mums face,” said Layla.

P2/3 enjoying the pantomime.

P2/3 enjoying the pantomime.

Aladins Mum dancing

Aladins Mum dancing

Aladin trying to escape from the cave.

Aladin trying to escape from the cave.

Aladin running away from his Mum.

Aladin running away from his Mum.


The evil man trying to trap Aladin.

The evil man trying to trap Aladin.

A good time had by all.




As we are coming into the cold, wet, Winter months please can you insure that your children are dressed suitably with warm, waterproof jackets and boots. Please make sure their names are marked on them as many of the jackets are the same! Inside shoes would also be an advantage. We would also like to encourage the children to bring in a puzzle or colouring book that they could use to amuse themselves with if we require to have wet weather intervals,


4th November

P2/3 have been measuring and using capital letters to write names.They are enjoying our topic and have been learning where rain and snow comes from.When Mrs Sutherland said they were going to make rain, they wished they had brought their umbrellas.Just like real scientists, they did an experiment to find our what happens to water when it is warmed up and cooled down.

Our Star Writers are Ross, Ryan, Alana and Tyla with their Bonfire Night poems.

Here are some photos of what we have been doing this week.
dscf1635 dscf1639 dscf1640 dscf1641 dscf1642 dscf1644 dscf1647 dscf1648 dscf1649 dscf1651 dscf1654 dscf1657 dscf1659 dscf1662 dscf1668 dscf1669 dscf1671 dscf1672 dscf1673 dscf1676 dscf1677

Wednesday 2nd November

P2/3 were busy today.  We were discovering more about our reading books.

In the afternoon, we started our beautiful winter scenes.  Don’t they look amazing?

Star writers

Our star writers this week are Ania, Amy, Alex and Layla. They wrote scary Halloween poems.dscf1624


This term the pupils are learning about measurement in maths.They had a fantastic time measuring in the classroom today.


dscf1619 dscf1620dscf1621 dscf1622


Learning Overview


World Smile Day

The children had lovely smiles today for World Smile Day.





We hope you have a lovely holiday and we will see you all on Monday 24th October.

 Star Pupil and Star Writers

This month our Star Pupil is Freya because she is always polite and is hard working.

Our Star writers are Maria, Savannah, Ollie and Freya. Well done!

dscf1617 dscf1618

7th October

Remember it is dress down day on Friday. You can come to school wearing what you want. Though remember no football strips !

6th October

The children have been working hard. Carol came to visit us today and the children listened well as she told us about the work of the SSPCA.

dscf1562 dscf1563dscf1566dscf1564

Open Afternoon


Here are some photos of the children’s families visiting our classroom and looking at all their brilliant work.

dscf1609dscf1608 dscf1610 dscf1611


Primary 2/3

Today Primary 2/3 shared a class assembly about their topic.


Working Together

On Friday afternoon we took advantage of the good weather and put up our class tepee. The children worked well together and had great fun working out how to put it up.We are looking forward to using it as an outdoor classroom for whole class and group work.

dscf1529 dscf1530 dscf1534 dscf1535dscf1540


Star Writers 16th Sept

This week we were using our imagination to write about where a flying carpet would take us. Sara, Callum, Ayla and Erin were our star writers this week.


Star Pupil Award

Our star pupil awards go to Lilly and Callum for always working dscf1520so hard and doing her best.

Star Writers 9th September

What super stories  Layla, Maria, Olivia and Lewis wrote this week about  being at the beach.


September 8th

The children have been enjoying having Nessie in  class and always look forward to seeing her in the morning. Today, she was a bit naughty and was stuck on top of the display lines. Then the children noticed she had eaten Mrs Sutherland’s apple. Have a look at our photos.dscf1517 dscf1518


This term we will be looking at the different types of farming in Scotland and contrasting it to farming across the world. We will be focusing on the farmers working day and the different conditions and way of life.

Learning Overview

Here are the routines and learning we will be following this term.

P2-3 learning overview term 1


Welcome to P2 /3 everyone.

We hope you had a super summer break and are ready for a busy term ahead. The class is settling in well and getting use to new routines and learning activities. Mrs Fraser will be teaching the class on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Mrs Sutherland will be teaching on Thursday and Friday.

Pupils should keep their P.E. kits in the school all week with a pair of gym shoes ready for P.E. which will usually be on a Tuesday and Thursday.

Homework will be set weekly on a Monday to be returned on a Thursday. The jotter should be signed by parents. Instructions for the tasks will be in the homework jotter and explained to pupils in the class.

Should you have any queries or concerns please do not hesitate to contact the school via the office.

We look forward to meeting you all during this session. Remember to check the school blog for school events and information.

Thank you  for your  support.

Mrs Fraser and Mrs Sutherland