A huge THANK YOU to all the parents who joined P2 and P2/3 on our trip to Abriachan on Wednesday and helped to make all the fun and learning possible. Ask us about the tree planting, leaf finding, insect home building, real tools, nature bingo trail, climbing, swinging, balancing and (for some of us) if we had a wee snooze on the bus home! More photos to follow.

Congratulations to this week’s stars and for another fantastic achievement for our Wow wall.

Could you help us with our walk to and from Culduthel Christian Centre for the end of year assembly on Thursday from 9am? Please drop an e-mail to helen.mudie2@highland.gov.uk if you are able to join us and help out.

It’s the time of year when some of you might be thinking of getting a small gift or card for teachers. The thought and generosity that goes in to these is always much appreciated however this year I would be very grateful if you might consider making a small donation to a charity that I support instead. Association Bayti support the most deprived children in Essaouira, Morocco with a hot meal each day and enable them to attend school. You can find out more and make a donation via the link below organised by Edinburgh teacher, Lynn Shepherd. A small amount goes a very long way to make a difference to the children there. Thank you for considering this.



All children were given their report card to take home today.  We hope you are very proud of all they have learned and how hard they have worked so far this session! Please complete the reports comment slip and return to school.  Many thanks!

Tuesday 20th June is moving up day when the children will be able to spend a day getting to know their new teacher, classmates and classroom.

Wednesday 21st June is our whole day trip to Abriachan. If you haven’t yet sent in your £6 please do so asap. Many thanks.

We will be holding our P2 heats for the Lochardil’s Got Talent show on Thursday 22nd June. If your child would like to enter they need to prepare a short performance ready to show P2 on Thursday. The winners will go through to the final show on stage in front of all classes on the afternoon of Wednesday 28th June. Can’t wait to see all of their talents on display!

We will stop sending home reading books next week. In class our reading will focus on poetry and reading for enjoyment. Please return all reading books on Monday.

We are also having a library book amnesty! Please send it any that are hiding in your house. Many thanks!

P2 showed a fantastic sporting attitude on Sports Day – trying their hardest, supporting each other and cheering everybody on. Well done! Thank you to all the families who came along to support us.

We have been developing our confidence with o’clock and half past times this week. See if you can spot them on the clocks and watches at home.

Congratulations to our stars of the week and month and a HUGE well done to our Baillie Cup runners!

Finally a HUGE thank you to the kitchen team who prepared a delicious picnic today! The sun didn’t join us but that didn’t dampen our smiles or spoil our appetites for the ice cream.


P2 children are welcome to wear their sports day clothes to school tomorrow:

– outdoor trainers if you have them, shorts/leggings, t-shirt, sweatshirt, bring a jacket

If the weather is wet please check the main school blog for updates on whether sports is going ahead.

We hope you can join us for a 1.30pm start on the open grass area behind the school playing field.

Hoping for some sunshine!



P2 have been showing some very impressive team working skills during maths, literacy and free play. Here we are working together.

A HUGE thank you to the Housing Alliance and the UHI librarian who came in on junior jobs day to help us find out about what they do at work.

At assembly last week we had lots of laughs with Out Of The Box whilst they taught us about God and love.

Thanks to all the friends and family who joined us for Open Morning. We enjoyed seeing you all and were proud to share our learning.

Well done to our recent Stars Of The Week and everyone who has shared their special achievements from outside school for our Wow wall!


Well done everyone for writing such super sentences with your spelling words in last fortnight’s homework! Please find this fortnight’s homework below.

We are still short of a few  2ltr plastic bottles without a handle. If anyone can send any extra in they will be much appreciated.

Final slips to request the school Picnic Lunch need to be returned by this Friday 9th so the kitchen staff can order the food. No money is required for P1-3. Children can alternatively bring a packed lunch on Friday 16th to join the picnic fun.

Homework 07.06.17



We need more tins and bottles please!

If you haven’t sent in a clean empty tin can for our planting or a 2ltr plastic bottle without a handle please could you send them in tomorrow.

We need 13 more of each to get going with our experiments!

If you’ve already sent yours but have any extra going spare for a friend who’s not having beans tonight please send your extra ones in tomorrow. We’ll make sure they all get well used! Many thanks.


What have we been learning this week?

As part of our learning about growing we turned 1 apple tree into 17 through our role play as birds, apple trees and seeds. Can you tell someone at home how the bird poo helped to spread new apple trees around?

We were super scientists when we each studied our own flower. We dissected them very carefully. We touched, smelled, looked at and sorted all of their parts. Can you tell someone what dissect means?

We found stamens and carpels inside the petals. Can you remember which are female and which are male? How do bees help the flower to make seeds?

We worked together in teams when we made our own designs for the skittles experiment. We had to listen, agree and create a design to test. Can you remember why the water changed colour? What happened to the skittles?

We had great fun on the new fitness trail in the sunshine this morning. We enjoyed developing our balancing, climbing, turn taking and risk assessment skills as we travelled along!

Tomorrow is Junior Jobs day. I wonder who’ll be visiting us to tell us about their job?


Dates For Your Diary!

Fri 2nd June – Join us for Open Morning 11-11.45am to share our work.

Wed 14th June – Join us for Infant Sports Day from 1.30pm

Fri 23rd June – School Picnic lunch

Wed 28th June – Lochardil’s Got Talent – children can start preparing a talent or ‘party piece’ if they might like to try out for the competition


Please find the homework for this fortnight below. Many thanks.

Homework 24.05.17


Please find the homework for this fortnight below.  Jotters containing your child’s spelling list will come home tomorrow.

Homework 09.05.17

Coming soon ……We have a wee build up of photos since the blog was out of action. I’ll get them uploaded as soon as I can.



Many thanks to everyone who offered to help with the walk to Culduthel. Brooklyn and Ava’s Mums got there first yesterday afternoon so we have enough now. Hopefully the children have passed my thank you notes on to everyone else who had offered. Next time…..

Children should come wearing jackets and shoes suitable for the walk tomorrow.

Gym kits and the contents of trays should all have made it safely home by today. There are still some unnamed gym kits in the cloakroom if anyone is missing theirs? Reading bags will be kept in school until after the holidays.


Urgent Plea For Helpers!

We don’t yet have any helpers for Wednesday afternoon to accompany P2 to our school Easter service at Culduthel Christian Centre from 1.15pm – 2.40pm?

If you are able to lend a hand please email me on helen.mudie2@highland.gov.uk or catch me at the end of today, Monday.

Thank you!


A Plea For Helpers!

Could you help out on Wednesday afternoon by accompanying P2 to our school Easter service at Culduthel Christian Centre from 1.15pm – 2.40pm?

If you are able to lend a hand please email me on helen.mudie2@highland.gov.uk

Many thanks!


Ooops!….Many thanks to those of you who have pointed out that I’d posted last fortnight’s homework in error. So sorry! Here’s the correct one. Enjoy preparing for the personal talks.

Homework 14.03.17


‘Onesie’s and Relax Day’

So how did we all spend our chosen treat day? Playing together, having Show and Tell, dancing, cuddling up to listen to a story CD, doing our yoga, reading with our feet up while we listened to some Chopin, having a little snack (thanks Mrs Reid!) and learning the bible story of Zacchaeus the tax collector at assembly  (thanks Out Of The Box). Along the way we were developing skills including co-operation, turn taking, listening, talking, movement and reading. We hope everyone enjoyed relaxing whilst we learned! See pictures below.



Over the last few weeks we have been having lots of fun practising our balancing, rolling and travelling skills in the gym.























A HUGE thank you to parent Mrs Knight who works at Scottish Water and came in to teach us about the water cycle today as part of Science Week. Can you tell someone at home why we still have the same water that was around when the dinosaurs were? How did Mrs Knight clean the dirty water?

This week we used our creative skills to mix colours with watercolours and create our own rainforest scarlet macaw paintings. We all concentrated very hard!

Wear something red and bring a donation (if you can) next Friday to support Red Nose Day and join in these fun activities.


Please find the homework for this fortnight below. Many thanks.

Homework 14.03.17

Internet Safety Open Afternoon

To make it easier for you to join in with the events in sibling’s classes and in the hall tomorrow we will be sharing our Internet Safety learning in our P2 classroom from 1.50 – 2.15pm. We hope you can join us!

The school open afternoon begins at 1.30pm. It will be followed at 2.15pm by an RSPCC workshop on Internet Safety for parents in the hall.


Our Can Collection





Could everyone please bring in 2 very clean used tin cans with smooth edges (the kind with a ring pull as pictured) by Thursday next week for a project we’re making. Many thanks!

Brilliant Bean Collectors!

This term our class have been earning a bean or two each time we are spotted trying our best, working hard, taking responsibility and caring for others. Yesterday we reached our class target of 1000 beans….Wow! Well done everybody! Here’s what 1000 beans looks like….





We’ve suggested the treats that we’d like each time we reach 1000 beans and yesterday we each voted to decide on the first treat….So next Friday 17th we’re having a ‘Onesie’s and Relax’ day together. Please could everyone –

  • wear something comfy – your onesie, pyjamas, joggers or leggings (don’t go to any trouble)
  • bring a cuddly toy
  • bring a book to enjoy

It’s going to be fun!

Open Afternoon

The school open afternoon on Thursday 17th, on the theme of Internet Safety, begins at 1.30pm. It will be followed at 2.15pm by an RSPCC workshop on Internet Safety for parents in the hall.

To make it easier for you to join events in sibling’s classes and in the hall P2 will be sharing our Internet Safety learning in our classroom from 1.50 – 2.15pm. We hope you can join us!



Book Fair 

We will visit the book fair tomorrow afternoon. Details of the books available are in the leaflet sent home last week. If you would like your child to buy something they can bring in some money labelled in an envelope. You can use the £1 World Book Day voucher to pay for part of  a book! We have been enjoying a peek at these great books from the fair in class…..








Guess The Mum!

We have all been using our creative skills to make a collage of our Mum for the  Eastgate Centre Mother’s Day competition.

We hope you like your portraits! If we are lucky you might see them on display around the Eastgate Centre from next week. Fingers crossed!

Can you guess which Mum is which?


Congratulations to our latest Star Of The Month!

A HUGE thank you to PC Watson who brought police dogs Yogi and Whisky to visit and show P2 and P2/3 the important work they do to help keep us all safe. We learned about how they are trained and why the dogs like their work.






P2 had lots of fun celebrating reading and enjoying books in our class yesterday! We also visited Miss Butler, Mrs Rodgers and Mrs Sutherland for even more story fun!

Here we are dressed as some of our favourite book characters. We brought in favourite books to share with the class so if you look closely you might spy some new titles or authors to look out for the next time you are at the library or bookshop……

….remember to use your £1 book token!


P2 have been busy learning together over the last few weeks. Have a look at us at work and showing our special achievements!


Please find the homework for the next fortnight and information about World Book Day below. We’re looking forward to lots of reading fun on Thursday!

Homework 28.02.17


We will be sharing our Amazon Rainforest learning with the rest of the school next Friday.  We will be singing, showing our artwork and some children will be speaking. We offered a speaking opportunity to all of the children who have not spoken on stage or at assembly before.

Speakers have their words home in their reading bags. If you could help your child to practice saying their words clearly in a loud voice it will really help their confidence to enjoy their moment on Friday. Many thanks for your support!


Homework 14.02.17 – 27.02.17

Due to the February break Mon 20th – Wed 22nd this week’s homework is due back on 27th February.

Your child will have their own current spelling words list in their homework jotter. The words highlighted in orange are the ones to focus on at home as your child is not yet confident to spell them. You can practice the others sometimes too though.

Try at least two of these activities:

Objects:  On a flat surface, make your words using items from around the home/outside – try toy cars, buttons, stones, sticks, grapes.

Pairs:  Write each of your words on two different colours of paper.  Turn all the cards face down and mix them up.  Lay out your cards in rows and flip over two cards at a time.  Read each card aloud to see it they match.  Keep them if they match or flip over and try again!

Spelling Tennis:  For each word in your spelling list play a game of ‘spelling tennis’ with somebody at home. Player 1 says the whole word. The player 1 says (or writes) the first letter then player 2 says (or writes) the second letter and so forth until the whole word is spelt correctly.

Writing On Your Back:  Take it in turns to write a word on each other’s backs. Can the person being ‘written’ on say the letters they can feel and guess the word?

Outdoor Writing: Write your words on the ground in chalk/mud/sand/water.

Enjoy your break!


Term 3 Learning Overview

A copy of the overview for this term is coming home in reading bags today.


Home Learning


Have a shape hunt around your house to find as many items as you can which are spheres, cubes, cuboids, cones or cylinders. Take photos or draw and label them in your jotter. What can you tell an adult about these shapes?


We are revising these four sounds in class which are the ones we were finding most tricky.

ai       oa       ou       oi

This week’s sound is ph   (as in photo).

Look out for them when you are reading at home and listen out for them in words and songs you hear at home?

The Jolly Phonics diagraph songs are available here if you would like to practise them at home https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yjKq8s8154s

Health and Wellbeing

We are learning about being responsible in class. There are lots of ways we can show it – looking after our own belongings/class resources/the cloakroom, helping friends, doing our best work and helping at home.

Is there something new that you could take responsibility for at home this term? Tidying something, putting dishes away, looking after a pet etc.


Happy New Year!

It’s been lovely to see everyone back after the holidays and hear about all the fun you’ve had in the break.

A huge thank you for all of your kind and thoughtful Christmas cards and gifts which were very much appreciated by Mrs Reid, Mrs Armstrong and myself.

This week we have begun revising and assessing some of our learning from last term to check what we each remember. There is therefore no written homework. The challenge instead is to revise our recent sounds. Please check the homework link below for details.

Homework 10.01.17

Many thanks for your ongoing support.


We’ve been enjoying lots of special Christmas treats to celebrate the festive season and learn what and how Christians are celebrating.

We had a delicious Christmas lunch and we say thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make it and serve it to us!  Sorry most of our packed lunch children had already enjoyed their lunch by the time Mrs Mudie had helped with enough lunches to make it round to their table!

We learned more about the Nativity story at Culduthel Christian Centre.  Thanks to Out Of The Box theatre company and all the Mums who helped us with our rather soggy trip there and back!

We put on our party outfits and had great fun dancing and playing party games with our P2 friends from P2/3. We had a lovely spread of party food thanks to your kind donations and our Mum helpers.

We hope you like our cards and calendars and the birds like the little feeders we’ve made them for Christmas. We should be able to tell you the best places to help us hang a feeder.

Many thanks to all parents for your ongoing support this term.

Have a wonderful festive break !


We will have some Christmas makes to take home tomorrow, and it doesn’t look like the weather is going to improve!

If each child brings in a carrier bag there is more likelihood of our beautiful creations making it home safely – it would be a shame to have them squashed in a schoolbag.

Thank you in advance!


Reading Homework

There is no formal reading homework this week. Enjoy cuddling up for some Christmas stories instead! Being read to really supports our reading skills and language development. Please send the reading bags in each day in case we have any notes etc.

Jumper Amnesty

Please could you check your jumpers and cardigans at home and send in any that don’t belong to you. Many thanks.

Gym Kit

Gym kits will be coming home today or tomorrow and we won’t need them back until January. Gym shoes will follow at the end of the week.

Christmas Party

Thank you so much for all of your food donations and to our fantastic Mum helpers who laid ot the food this morning. We had a great party! Photos coming soon.


We hope you enjoyed our 4 superstar performances of The First Nativity this week. The children did a fantastic job of singing, dancing, acting, learning lines and supporting one another during rehearsals and on show days.  We had lots of fun learning along the way! Thanks to Mrs Reid for the stage costumes and star which looked amazing.  Thank you to everyone who helped with costume items.  We hope you got them all back safely. If you are missing anything or have anything extra please let us know.  Here we are all excited before and during the show.











Christmas and all the fun and excitement that goes with it has well and truly arrived in P2 this week.  We have a Christmas fairy who is keeping an eye on us each day and delivering surprises to one of our advent calendars. Today we had a Santacam. Yesterday we all helped to decorate the Christmas tree with a bauble each. Here it is.



Our Christmas party is this Monday morning. Children can come dressed in their party clothes and must bring a change of clothes for after it. We don’t want any special outfits getting painty or muddy during the rest of the day. Children should wear gym shoes for the party to keep them safe during the games in the hall. Thank you to the two Mums who have volunteered to lay out the food. Your help is much appreciated.

Donations of refrigerated party food need to come in on Monday morning but other items may be sent in tomorrow.  Thank you for your spport with donations.


This Thursday 16th is our school Christmas lunch day in the new dinner hall. If you have a Christmas jumper, top, hat, headband or tinsel please wear it to school that day!

We need more helpers this Friday 16th from 12.45 – 14.40 to walk with us to Culduthel Christian Centre and accompany us during our ‘Out Of The Box’ Christmas assembly. If you can spare some time to help please drop me a line at helen.mudie2@highland.gov.uk or send in a note that your child knows to give me when they come in to school. Thank you!


A huge well done to our latest Stars Of The Week! We are very proud of you.


We wrote our weekend news this Monday. Well done to our four fabulous Star Writers.


A big cheer for the girls who did so well at their gymnastics competition at the weekend. Great achievement girls!


Christmas Helpers

We need helpers this Friday 16th from 12.45 – 14.40 to walk with us to Culduthel Christian Centre and accompany us during our ‘Out Of The Box’ Christmas assembly.

We also need helpers on Monday 19th December from about 9.10 – 9.40 am to set out the food in the dinner hall ready for us whilst we are playing our party games.

If you could spare some time to help with either of these please drop me a line at helen.mudie2@highland.gov.uk or send in a note.


We have been practicing super hard for the Nativity show and we can’t wait to share our story of the first Christmas with you! We look forward to seeing you next week.

Christmas Party Food Donations

Thank you to everyone who has already sent in their food donations.  Chilled savoury items or cakes should be sent in on Monday 19th but long life items may be sent in before then. Please remember to avoid items containing nuts. Many thanks for your help and generosity with this – the children will be delighted!


Open Morning

The children were delighted that so many of you were able to join them today to share some of our learning about Islam and see their work. Thank you so much for coming!


As we all get busier enjoying Christmas fun and activities the  special Christmas homework for the next two weeks is to –

Look and listen out for the diagraphs we’ve been learning in class this term when you are reading, writing, singing or out and about……   wh    oo     oy    oi    ee    ea    ck

Practise your best handwriting by writing some cards and gift tags.

Help a grown up to cook or bake something tasty.

Try to find out the 3D shape names for some of your items when  you are shopping or wrapping presents.

Try to keep your toys extra tidy at home….remember Santa’s robins could be looking out for you being helpful to everyone at home.

Have fun!


We used an animation of Oliver Jeffers’ book ‘The Way Back Home’ as the inspiration for our writing today. P2’s challenge was to write their own ending to the story. How would the boy save the alien?

Everyone’s stories were fantastic and it was very tricky to choose our 4 star writers below!

We hope you’ll enjoy reading our stories on open day!

We are currently busy practising for our nativity show so we are adapting our usual reading routines and will have slightly less reading homework…..A great opportunity to enjoy your own books or school library book together!


The homework for this week is attached below. Many thanks.



P2 enjoyed a super trip to Eden Court to see Ponyo this morning. We all looked after our partners on the bus and in the cinema. The film had amazing animation which inspired fantastic drawings this afternoon.

Congratulations to our recent P2 ‘stars’ on their well deserved awards!


We have been exploring how we can use different combinations of coins to pay the same price.


Mr Josie is back with us on Mondays to develop our singing and music skills. We love moving and grooving when we’re learning with him!


We all enjoyed getting spotty and supporting Children In Need on Friday! Thank you to the P6 organisers and all the parents who helped us with our donations to enable the school to raise over £600.



We’re all very excited about our trip to Eden Court tomorrow, Wednesday, morning to see Ponyo!  Remember that everyone should wear school uniform and bring a small snack (which fits in their pocket) and water to enjoy during the film.

We only have space for one P2 parent helper this time – Mrs Reid has spoken to them.  Many thanks to the other kind parents who volunteered – hopefully the slips made it home to you last week – another time perhaps!

I’ve been having problems uploading photos over the last few weeks. Hopefully this will be resolved so you can see us in action in P2 again soon.

Some children are currently struggling to fasten their own winter jackets and/or tie shoes with laces when they are getting changed for outdoors or gym.  Please ensure that your child is able to independently fasten the jacket and shoes that they wear to school.  We do not want any of our children to be cold outside or trip over.  Many thanks for supporting their independence.

Here is our homework for this week:



I noticed while posting the homework that this term’s learning overview hasn’t posted. Either blog gremlins or I dreamt doing it….my apologies! Here it is below.



Please find this week’s homework below. Many thanks.



Please find this week’s homework below. Have fun in your ‘shops’!



P2 visited the book fair today. If your child saw a book they liked we have sent the title and price home on a post-it to allow you to discuss with them whether you would like to send in the money to buy it or not. Many thanks.


Please find our homework for this week below.


A HUGE thank you to all the parents who kindly gave up their time to help us on Friday’s Tesco trip!  We learned lots about what happens in Tesco, the jobs the staff do, the countries the food comes from and how they make and store the food.  Photos to follow…..

We have each brought our November learning journey home tonight and hope you enjoy talking with us about our Expressive Arts learning.  Please add on an achievement from home (eg. learning to tie your laces, learning a new dance, helping to paint a bedroom, helping a charity, a new badge at Rainbows etc) and bring it back by this Friday.


We have been learning about the transient art created by Andy Goldsworthy, an artist who works in Scotland. We used one of his leaf pictures as an inspiration to go out collecting beautiful autumn leaves and create our own leaf pictures. It was pretty tricky in the wind so we brought some inside too!

Can you tell someone at home what transient art is? Maybe you can create more art when you are outside with your family and friends.








Trip helpers required !

On Friday 28th October from 9.20am to 11.40am P2 will be visiting Tesco to learn more about how our food gets from ‘Farm To Fork’ and what part the supermarkets play in the process.

Permission slips will follow next term and that’s when the children will find out too so please keep it quiet for now!

We need 5 adult helpers to accompany us on the trip and support small groups of children with the activities in the store. If you can help out  on the morning of Friday 28th October please drop me a quick e-mail on helen.mudie2@highland.gov.uk

Many thanks!


We hope you can join us tomorrow for the first open afternoon of the year. At 1.30pm we’ll be performing our Fairtrade assembly in class. You’ll then have the chance to look at your child’s work with them and leave a message for them on your favourite piece of their work. We know that some of you will have other classes to visit but if you have time you can try playing a numeracy game with your child. Open afternoon finishes at 2.15pm.


We are going to taste some well known Scottish speciality foods in P2 tomorrow – strawberries, raspberries, oatcakes, shortbread, porridge and tablet. Please keep this a surprise for the children! If for any reason you would prefer your child not to taste any of them please send a note in tomorrow morning. Many thanks!

Please find our homework for this week below.


A reminder that children are allowed to bring water in to class to drink to aid their hydration and concentration but should not bring flavoured water or juice. If they have juice as part of their packed lunch could they please bring a separate bottle of water in to class. Many thanks for your support with this which is much appreciated.


Please find our homework for this week below. Enjoy the break on Thursday and Friday!



A reminder that your homework jotter needs to be handed in on a Monday morning for marking. There were a few missing in class today. Remember you don’t need to bring your homework jotter in to school any other day of the week. It can stay safe at home for you to work in until Monday. To enable you to access weblinks  and to help save school paper the homework is posted on the blog on a Tuesday unless you are unable to access it and have requested a paper copy. Due to  the INSET closure this week there will be no reading homework for most reading groups. We are assessing our phonic reading skills in class and seeing just how much we’ve already learned!

Congratulations to our latest Star of The Week and our four Little Red Hen story Star Writers!  Well done all of you!

Remember that if you’d like to order any Christmas cards your completed forms and cheque need to be handed in to class by  this Wed 21st since school is closed to pupils on 22nd and 23rd. Please see the copy of the Parent Council letter here.






Great Primary Two Bake Off!

As part of our Food Glorious Food learning all of our star bakers did a fantastic job of weighing, measuring and kneading ingredients today to make our very own bread rolls!

Can you tell someone at home what ingredients are in bread? Show them how to knead the dough and what part of their hand to use. Can you tell them what the yeast does and whether it likes to be warm or cold to work?

We though hard about where butter comes from and mindmapped our ideas. None of us knew and we were all very surprised to discover how it’s made! Can you tell how how we made ours?

After a delicious smell wafted through the school we all enjoyed our warm rolls and butter at the end of a busy day……just like our friend the Little Red Hen!

Thanks to Mrs Reid, Mrs Aitchison and, our work experience student for this week, Miss Hamilton for all of their help with our fun food learning today.

Maybe you could use our easy rolls recipe to bake for someone at home!





As you can see above P2 have been very busy developing our literacy and numeracy skills through a range of games and paired learning activities.

We’ve also enjoyed improving our basketball skills and investigating the food journey from wheat to bread.

We hope you enjoyed sharing in some of our Health and Wellbeing learning in the Learning Journey we each brought home last week. The next one will have a Numeracy focus.

Congratulations to our recent Stars Of The Week below. Who will impress us all next?




Well done to all those children who tried super hard with their homework last week. It is really helping your spelling and number recall!

Please find this week’s homework below.



Here are our P2 class reps. All interested children nominated themselves to represent us and we chose names in a class draw.  We look forward to hearing how our reps are helping us all to improve the school and helping us to be the best we can be. 

image image image


Learning Overview

Please find a copy of our Primary 2 Learning Overview for this term below.

Learning-Overview P2 Term-1 2016-17



Reading At Home

P2 have been working hard to remember all the reading words they knew before the holidays. We have now established our initial reading groups and we’re all excited that the first reading books have gone home today.  Our reading groups will evolve over time as each child’s reading develops.

You will find some guidance about how best to support with the reading books at home inside your child’s new reading record. Please sign each day to let us know that your child has read with you at home. You can also add well done messages, stickers and smiley faces etc to the record to praise and encourage your child and tell them what they have done well during your reading time. The more they enjoy and have fun with reading the better they will progress.

All children also have a dated set of words to practise each week. To begin with many children are revising words, before they move on to a new set, as they had forgotten a few from last term. Please don’t worry if the list that they have this week looks a bit familiar!

Sharing a bedtime story with your child also has a huge part to play in developing your child’s love of books, reading skills and vocabulary. If you’d like more information about supporting reading at home you can find it here – http://www.readwritecount.scot/

Many thanks in advance for supporting your child’s home reading.

Mrs Helen Mudie


In our second week in P2 we have been learning lots! In numeracy we practised our numbers to 100, counting up in 1’s and 10’s and starting from different numbers. We have been practising counting to a rythmn with 2 or 3 actions like a clap and a ‘slap’ of our partner’s hands. Have a try at home.

image imageMr Josie, the music teacher, came to teach us some new songs which had action rhythmns too.

image image image

We begin every morning with soft start activities. This helps to develop our co-operation skills and independence. We have all learned how to select our own lunches on the smartboard during soft start time. This week the soft start activities had a literacy focus – developing our listening and talking,  phonics, writing and finger control for writing.  In literacy we also had our first four fabulous ‘star writers’ when we wrote about our weekend. We have been revising our reading words and reading books will come home next week.imageimageimage

image image

Our topic this term is Food Glorious Food! We will be learning about where our food comes from, making our own food and tasting it. We began by discussing and looking at foods that grown in our gardens (thanks to everyone who brought in food or photos).  We wondered if potatoes come from seeds, as we’d never seen any in our potatoes. Half of us thought yes and half no. We watched Auntie Mabel to find out and to see how crisps are produced from potatoes. We shared our ideas to mind map where we think the foods in our packed lunch come from and we’ll be investigating further!


If you have any story or reference books at home on a food theme we’d love to borrow them. 



We have had a brilliant first week together and the children have been amazing.  We have had fun indoors and out including learning about our new classmates, practising our number and writing skills, learning to retell The Little Red Hen with actions (ask us to show you at home!) and making our class charter.

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Have a wonderful weekend and we’ll see you all ready for more learning on Monday.

If you’re visiting the beach or woods please remember to collect lots of lovely shells, smooth pebbles, smooth sea glass or pinecones for our classroom.


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  1. Mrs beattie

    Wow P2 you have all been working so hard. All the photos look great especially the bread making ones. YUMMY! Keep up the super work !

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