Mr Grant and his Chicks!

As part of our learning about life-cycles, Mr Grant, our fab janitor came to visit us last Friday with one of his hens and her very cute chicks. The children were very excited and loved seeing the baby chicks, which were only about 7 days old! Thanks very much to Mr Grant for coming to visit us!

Butterfly Release!

What a lovely time we had looking after our caterpillars and watching them turn into beautiful Painted Lady Butterflies. We were able to see the caterpillars change their skins as they grew and then watched as they turned into a chrysalis. It was a ten day wait until the butterflies emerged but unfortunately we didn’t see them do that as it happened overnight or during playtime! We kept the butterflies fed with sugar water and fresh fruit each day. We decided to set our butterflies free in the quiet garden to go exploring and find some new friends!


Here are some from our trip to Aigas last week. We had a great time as I’m sure you all heard!

A Quick Catch-up

Sorry for the delay in posting some up to date photographs of the learning in P1A this term.

We have enjoyed making toast with a loaf of bread to consolidate our learning about oa and then sequencing the steps involved. Mrs Rodgers was super impressed at how good we were at spreading the butter on the toast.

This week we had a lovely visit from some Nursery children during our Soft Start session. It was great to have them join us!


Term 4

The Learning Overview for this term is posted below. I hope you find it useful. We have lots of activities and learning experiences planned. Fingers crossed for some good weather to help us get out and about!

P1A Learning Overview Term 4

Ambulance Visit

We caused a minor panic among parents on Wednesday afternoon! Fortunately all was well, P1 just had another visitor in school. They all enjoyed seeing inside the ambulance and hearing about the job that ambulance crew do. Many thanks to Daniel in P1B’s dad who brought the ambulance in and told us all about his work. The children loved it!

North Kessock Lifeboat Station

Sorry for the delay in putting up this post- there were just not enough hours in the day yesterday!

We had a great time at the Lifeboat Station as I’m sure you heard. The children learned all about keeping safe in the sea and at the beach then tried on of the life jackets and safety helmets. The best thing about the trip was getting onto the lifeboat, even Mrs Rodgers and Mrs Leitch climbed on! A huge thank you to the lifeboat crew who volunteered in their own time to host us. They were just lovely with the children and made us all feel so welcome.

Book Fair

The Book Fair is coming to Lochardil this week. P1A has booked a slot to go and see the books on Thursday morning. If your child would like to buy a book, please send the money to school in a purse/wallet or envelope on Thursday.

Class Update!

We are really delighted to welcome a teaching student to our classroom. Miss Howarth is a 4th Year Education MA student from Aberdeen University. She has made a very positive impression on us all since she arrived and we are looking forward to working with her during her placement with us. Mrs Rodgers and Miss Howarth are working very closely to ensure continuity for the children.

 World Book Day

We loved dressing up as book characters on Thursday and enjoyed seeing our friends in their costumes. It was a bit strange to be doing our work in our costumes! Here are a few photos from the day.

Police Visit

We all enjoyed a visit from PC Irving and PC Macdonald last Friday to tell us all about their jobs and how they help us. The children had a great time trying out some of their  kit, especially when they got to hand cuff the teacher! It was very exciting to sit in the police car which they brought with them and switch on the blue flashing lights. A huge thank you to PC Irving and PC Macdonald for coming along to speak to the children, we loved having you both.


What fun we’ve had with our gymnastics this term! Everyone has become so much more confident at rolling, balancing and jumping. Here’s what we got up to last Friday during our PE lesson.


Mrs Rodgers and Miss Butler are so proud of how well everyone is coming on with their phonics. The children are learning to write words independently and some people are even trying to write a sentence by themselves. Not all words in  the sentences are spelled properly but you can tell that the children have used their knowledge of phonics to write the words. Well done everyone!


Term 3 Overview

If you’d like to find out more about what we are going to be getting up to this term,  have a wee read of  our Learning Overview below. If you would be able to help with any aspect of our planned learning, please get in touch.

P1A Learning Overview Term 3

Winter Welly Walk

Welcome back to school everyone! Miss Butler and I loved hearing about what you got up to during the holidays. We have been enjoying the snow this week so as part of our learning about our new sound ‘w’ we went on a Winter Welly Walk! It was lots of fun.


P1 Party

What fun we had at our party on Monday afternoon! Great party games, lovely food, amazing dancing and a very special visitor. Thank you parents for your generous donations of party food.

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Music Fun and Games

Here we are last week in our Christmas jumpers having lots of fun with the musical percussion instruments! We enjoyed playing loudly (very loudly!) and quietly.


We all loved performing our Nativity for our families and friends last week. There are definitely a few stars in the making!

 Library Trip

This morning we had a great trip to Inverness Library. Everyone enjoyed hearing the story ‘Six Dinner Sid’ , which was read by one of the librarians. We all got to choose a book to borrow and take home, Mrs Rodgers is going to collect them next week to take back to the library. The Scavenger Hunt was lots of fun too. The highlight of the trip was definitely getting to meet Bookbug who showed us some of his cool dance moves!

Eden Court Cinema

What a lovely time we had at the cinema on Wednesday morning! The film was called ‘Ponyo’ and we all really enjoyed it. Mrs Rodgers, Miss Butler and Mrs Forbes were all super impressed with how well we sat, especially as it was a long film. Our trip in the double decker bus was very exciting, especially when we were upstairs!


Invite to P3/4

On Tuesday afternoon we were very excited to be invited upstairs by Primary 3/4 and Miss Butler to find out what they had been learning about in science. We were amazed by their ‘magic’ tricks but we quickly realised that it was really magnets. One day we hope to invite P3/4 to our classroom to show what we have been learning. Thank you P3/4!

Scottish Book Week

What a busy week we’ve had celebrating books and reading! We have been enjoying the stories in our Bookbug Bags and are looking forward to taking our bags home on Friday. On Tuesday morning the boys and girls came down from P6 to read books with us, we loved seeing them and hearing the stories. Here are some photographs of our shared reading session.

Showing at Assembly

It was our turn to ‘show’ our learning at Assembly on Friday last week. We decided to tell everyone about what we had learned about Remembrance. Mrs Rodgers was so proud of us! We spoke confidently with really loud voices, the only time we are ever allowed to shout at Mrs Rodgers! The photos show the beautiful poppies and poppy pictures we had created and we also recited a lovely poem called ‘Poppy, Poppy’.

Learning Overview

If you would like to find out more about what we will be learning in P1A this term, please read the document attached below. We have a very busy term planned!


My Body

Here is the first post of term 2! We have been learning about the different parts of our bodies and worked in groups to make life-sized posters showing the names of different body parts. We had fun drawing round two people and then labelling the diagram. Look out for the posters at our class door next time you are in school.

We are really pleased with the new carpet in our classroom, it makes such a difference. You will notice the new carpet in the photos and are most welcome to ‘pop in’ and see it for real before or after school any day!


Happy Tattie Holiday!

Just a quick post to finish the term! What a great start we have had to Primary 1. Here are some pictures from our phonics work this week. We have been learning to make CVC (consonant, vowel, consonant) words. I wish you all a great holiday. Keep safe and we will see you all back in school on Monday 24th October for more learning, fun and games.

dscf15781 dscf15791 dscf15801 dscf15811 dscf15751 dscf15741 dscf15731 dscf15681 dscf15641 dscf15631 dscf15621


Thank you!

The boys and girls would like to say thank you to all our visitors who managed to join us this afternoon. They were very excited to see you all and share their learning. Thanks for all the lovely comments which you left. We look forward to seeing you all again next time!


A few photographs from our Numeracy lesson this morning. We were using some of the practical equipment we have in school to show our learning about numbers. Today we were using bead strings, rekenreks, numicon and good old fashioned dice and dominoes!

dscf15561 dscf15581 dscf15591 dscf15601 dscf15611 dscf15571













We have started learning about Graphs in Maths. Here we are making a ‘living graph’ to show the colour of our eyes.

living-graph-1 living-graph-2

Watch out for more ‘living graphs’ coming soon!


We have been busy painting ourselves in school uniform as part of our topic, Ourselves. Miss Butler has made a beautiful display of the paintings beside our cloakroom. Here are some photos of the children with their paintings before they went on the wall. Pop in for a wee look after school one night if you have a minute!

dscf1501 dscf1502 dscf1503 dscf1504 dscf1505 dscf1512


Golden Time

Golden Time on a Friday afternoon is our reward for working hard and behaving well in school all week. It is a time when each child can choose which activity they would like to do. Sometimes Golden Time can be taken away as a punishment but it can also be earned back. Everyone enjoys Golden Time and looks forward to it each week!




We are using a variety of activities to learn our sounds. Here we are painting the backgrounds for the ‘pink pig party cake’! So far we have learned ‘s’, ‘a’, ‘t’, ‘p’ and this week we will be learning ‘i’ and ‘n’ as well as starting to blend the letters to build words.



The boys and girls have become very independent at lunchtime, carrying their own trays,finding a space to eat their lunch with friends and then clearing their trays away. We are delighted how quickly they have learned the lunchtime routines.



New Experiences Galore!

P1A have just been amazing at coping with all the new experiences and activities which school offers. I have put a selection of photos below which show a few of the learning experiences we have had this term so far.

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Our Learning in P1

Each term we ‘post’ an overview on our class blog to let parents know what we are going to be learning about that term. Please find this term’s overview below. Let me know if you have any expertise in any area as visitors in class are always welcome!

P1A Learning Overview Term 1


Our First Day at School

We had a lovely first day at school! Everyone worked really hard and it was great getting to know each other. I hope you enjoy seeing the photos of some of the things we got up to.

DSCF1394[1] DSCF1395[1] DSCF1396[1] DSCF1397[1] DSCF1398[1] DSCF1399[1] DSCF1400[1] DSCF1410[1] DSCF1411[1] DSCF1418[1]

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