Blog Homework for 9/05/16

Research two reviews on the internet for something that is not a film, (book, game etc) then blog the titles of what you have looked at. 

Next write the names of the two things you are going to review. That’s it!

Watch this space for a full Loch Insh blog. We are just gathering editing and collating at the moment!

School Dress Code survey for IRA

The IRA have asked p7 to complete this survey which will allow them to have a say in their new dress code in the new school. Please complete asap by clicking on the link https://goo.gl/R9CWtw:

1st Of February Already !

Many thanks to all the parents who braved the cold, icy conditions to attend parent teacher interviews. Thank you also for filling in our questionnaire.


Make sure you have completed your research for annotating our Evacuee pictures for Writing on Wednesday



P6’s remember your kit for Friday!



Haiku Homework!

Write a Haiku poem about your favourite season.


Learning Overview P7 Pupils Follow link for this term’s highlights!

WW2 is coming to you project!

As we prepare for our WW2 day show we have asked all the children to prepare a presentation about an aspect of the war that interests them. This could include coding, leaders of the war or even the Women’s Institute.

Most/all the work should be completed in time allocated within school HOWEVER, we do require the children to use resources at home – Computer or books to find out as much information as they can and bring it into school.

For Thursday 21st January – ALL children should come into school with an idea of what their project will be on and AS much information about it as possible. This could include notes, pieces of printed text from the internet or even books.

P7 Christmas Party!

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81 thoughts on “P6/7

  1. Lucia

    I’m an eagle
    My motto is I’ll be in charge
    Only 3% of the U.K. Are Eagles
    Eagles are symbols of power ,leadership and strength. We’re often soaring high to generate new ideas and New ways to do things and we have determination to make things happen.
    One of the jobs an eagle is good at is law I quite like the idea of working in the courts or the police.

  2. Elliot Burke


    I read a review on The Boy In The Dress by David Walliams
    And I read a review on The Guinness world records 2016 block busters!

    I will do a review on Diary Of A Wimpy Kid The Long Hall and The Secret Seven number 1

  3. ivan

    i read a review on a book called slaves of the mastery and an app called minecraft

    i am going to write a review on the heroes of olympus series and i shall do an app called instagram

  4. Sandy

    I reviewed The Kill Order by James Dashner and The Half Blood Prince by J.K Rowling
    On Wednesday I will review The Last Wild by Peirs Torday and Eleven by Tom Rodgers

  5. Max mclachlan

    I read one about demon dentist and fifa16and I’m going to do mine on George’s marvellous medicine and Black ops 3

  6. Jack Ganonn

    I read the reviews on Amazon of Adventure time and terraria

    The book I am going to review is diary of wimpy kid hard luck and the game is minecraft

  7. Lucia

    I have read the review on:
    * The Maze Runner by James Dashner – Book
    *Pixel gun 3-D– Game

    I am going to review:
    *Best fiends- game
    * Shine by Kate Maryon- Book

  8. Helen?

    I read my technology review on musical.ly and my book review on diary of a wimpy kid dog days

    I am going to do my technology review on color(the app) and my book revie on Tom gates yes no mabey

  9. Helen?

    When Helen was 12 she got kidnapped by a guy called Theseus .he planned to make her his wife! He took he to an attack in Greece and his mother took care of her. Helens brothers castor and pollox rescued her while Theseus was away.

    Some people say she gave birth to a baby girl called Iphigenia.

    I hoped u liked it!!!!!!????????????????

  10. Niamh Macinnes

    Medusa is a winged lady with a horrible face and venomous snakes in place of hair.Aparently she can turn you into stone if you look at her.She is the daughter of phorcys and ceto.She lived and died on an island called sarpedon.She was beheaded by Perseus who then hung her beheaded head to turn lookers into stone,until he gave it to athena the goddess to put on her shield.

  11. Jonah

    I really liked the part when Mike said all the elements in a song.I also liked the bit when they made us hear the song when it had Mondegreens.

  12. Julia

    I enjoyed the part of the science show where they set the bubbles on fire. I liked it becaue it burst into flames and gave everyone a fright. I also liked it when the liquied nitrogen made steam and a loud noise when it was mixed with boiling water.


  13. Iona

    My favourite part was when they had the liquid nitrogen with the flowers and when it travelled in to the audience

  14. freya :]

    I enjoyed the song and when all the smoke came pouring off the stage but I enjoyed the whole performance and I`m really glad we had the chance to go.

  15. Sam Irving

    I enjoyed when they shot the foam balls and plastic bottles out of the cannon , I thought I was going to get one but the guy behind me got it ? It was a really good show I would recommend it

  16. Lucia

    My favourite thing about the science fair was the liquid nitrogen that swept off of the stage also I really enjoyed all the humour 🙂 🙂

  17. Niamh MacInnes

    My best friend rhona

    she is a cheeky monkey always laughing and gigging.

    she is 2 blonde bunchies light and fair.

    she is a pomegranate full of seeds each seed is a personality.

    she is a sunny day and is never gloomy.

    By Niamh Macinnes p7/6

  18. ivan steele


    she is a burning chilli shooting out of a cannon.

    she is a curly sleek mop of hair with springy tufts.

    she is a tropical typhoon destroying villages as well as being a tourist attraction.

    she is a wrecking ball of joyfulness cuddling anything in her path.

  19. Rhona

    My sister is
    Crazy like a monkey
    My sister is
    Bubbly like Coca Cola
    My sister is
    Fast like a cheetah
    My sister is
    Loud like a roaring dragon?

  20. Charlie Eaglesham

    Animal- He is a crazy Baboon!

    Weather- He is a bright summer.

    Dance- He is an angry person doing the Haka!

    Food- He is a sloppy piece of pizza.

  21. Sam Irving


    He is as quiet as a mouse

    He is as strong as a house

    He is as loud as thunder

    He is as fast as lightning

  22. Lucia Ireland


    My Mum is a piping hot chocolate fudge cake,
    Delicious and sweet.
    She cuddles me with her blanket arms
    from my head to my feet.
    My Mum is a majestic, colourful butterfly
    soaring in the sky
    She loves to tell me stories
    that can make me laugh so much that I cry

  23. Sandy

    My Brother
    He is a skyscraper towering over everyone else but
    He can be a dragon at times
    sometimes he can be an angel but most of the time
    He’s a lion.

  24. Kate Macleod

    My cat Emmy

    She is a panther searching for the nearest prey’
    She is a spiky Mohawk all different colours.
    She is a jar of spicy cinnamon.
    She is a ball of soft wool.

  25. Marcus



    1.Fraser is hungry he could eat a horse!

    2.Fraser is tired he sleeps like a log!

    3.Fraser is thirsty he drinks like a fish!

    4.Fraser is fast he runs like the wind!

  26. Julia Ferguson

    My Sister

    My sister is a big noisy elaphant
    My sister is a cheerful dancing snowflake with spiky edges
    My sister is a mixed-up bowl of spagetti
    My sister is a pretty dress with a sparking necklace

    From Julia

  27. Katie T

    I am describing Miranda Sings

    She is a ginormous Afro with multi coloured stripes
    She is a crazy chimpanzee
    She is a spicy pepperoni pizza
    She is a loop-ta-loop roller coaster
    Her mouth is a lipstick river

  28. Helen?

    My best friend

    She is a lovable monkey that can’t stop laughing.
    She is a magnificent curly Afro which shines a light.
    She is wriggling spaghetti with sauce.
    She is the bright sunshine gleaming on everyone.

  29. Freya Murray

    Her fur is a blanket to keep me warm
    Her smiles a sunshine pushing back the storm
    Her bark is lightning
    Her howl is thunder
    Her eyes are lights
    Her tails a propeller.

  30. Jonah

    I think we should use nuclear power because they are trying to make it less dangerous and it’s cleaner.

  31. Julia

    I think that nuclear power is a bad idea because the planet does not need bad waste. We need to be more energy efficient and have more renauble energy.

  32. Marcus

    I think that it should be half wind turbines and half nuclear power because there might not be enough energy coming from the wind turbines so we will need a bit of nuclear!

    By Marcus

  33. Max Mclachlan

    I think nuclear power is a bad thing because it pollutes the world and kills flowers and plants??

  34. Max Mclachlan

    I think nuclear power is a bad thing because it pollutes the world and kills flowers and plants??

  35. Sam irving

    I don’t think that nuclear power should be used because it pollutes the world and it’s not as Eco friendly

  36. Lucia Ireland

    I think nuclear power is both good and bad. It is good because you can get a lot of energy from it 🙂 but the waste from the power plants are poisonous to the planet . 🙁

  37. Freya Murray

    I don`t think we should use nuclear power because it could blow up and it costs too much money. Solar or tidal energy would be better for the environment!!!

  38. Helen?

    It should definitely not be because even though the energy takes longer to generate, the nucular power is more dangerous and could explode and then we wouldn’t be able to go to the place for 200,000 years!!!!!!!!!!! And they’re trying to build the towers in England and that they could secretly be planning to put them in Scotland ??????


  39. Kate Macleod

    I do not think that the nuclear power station should be build because it is bad for the environment and the money could be used in more useful cases.

  40. Sam Urquhart

    Yes and no because if nuke power was our main power there would be to much waste for the world to handle.But it would be more efficient for the world if we used wind,solar and wave. but there is also a downside for the renewable energy I.E it cost a lot of money to set up,wind turbines lifespan is only 25years.
    That is why I think it should be a bit of both

  41. Rhona

    I don’t think nuclear power should be use because it pollutes the world to much and the Eco way is better?

  42. Charlie

    I think that nuclear power should not be the main energy in the future because it is a waste of money.

  43. Freya Murray

    I learned the names of some of the capital cities in Europe such as Brussels and Bern which I didn’t know before.

  44. Niamh Macinnes

    When the dolphin lady came, i learnt that our dolphin’s at the Moray Firth can grow to 4 meters long. {Thats big} – Niamh Macinnes

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