Day 3 – Morrison Construction

Another busy afternoon today for P6! We had a fantastic afternoon constructing buildings from cocktail sticks and mini gummies, making a house from lego (using only photos!!!)  and spotting the skills from a construction site!   It was a super learning experience for all the children.

The children developed their understanding of what makes a good building – looking at different types of 3D shapes and their effectiveness.

They were able to use photographs as a plan in order to construct their house – This was extremely tricky and ONLY 1 group succeeded.  In this task they developed their communication skills and learned the importance of following instructions and good team work.

Finally the children learned all about different jobs that Morrison have to offer.  We even shared some experiences of having joiners, electricians and surveyors in our own houses.


Day 2 – Tesco, Ness Side, Inverness

WOW! What a busy afternoon we have had today with Tesco.  This afternoon the P5/6,P6/7 and P7 rotated around 4 different workshops in order to experience life as a Tesco employee.  Not only did they get to eat pancakes and doughnuts but they found out about the variety of skills required within 4 areas of the store.

A massive THANK YOU to all the employees from Tescos that came along and hosted a workshop.  The children had a fantastic afternoon learning about stock control, Point of Sales, ingredients and allergies within foods as well as how to offer good customer service at the checkouts and how Tesco help to support a variety of different charities in our local area.

Skills for Work Day 1 – Wills Bros Civil Engineering LTD

A massive thank you to Mr Johnston who came out to Lochardil primary school this afternoon to chat to P5/6,P6/7 and P7 about Wills Bros in particular about his role within the company.

Mr Johnston also conducted a health and safety chat for the children as his company have been appointed the role of main contractor on the Inverness West link project. The programme of works encompasses construction from Holm Roundabout to A82 Glenurquhart road and comprising approx. 2.2km of 7.3m wide single carriageway road, 4 roundabouts, a new three span bridge over the River Ness and 2 underpasses.

Whilst Mr Johnston was with us the children were able to ask an extensive range of questions in relation to the skills required to fulfil his job. We learned that a variety of different skills were required including

  • Team Work

  • Problem Solving

  • Good Communication

  • Sequencing

  • Risk Management

  • Organisational Skills

  • Variety of mathematical skills including measurement and angles.

It was a very interesting afternoon and we enjoyed hearing all about Mr Johnston’s career and some of the amazing buildings/ developments he has been part of. A massive thank you again to Wills Bros and Mr Johnston for supporting Lochardil during this event!

IMG_0259 IMG_0263IMG_0262

Mrs Beattie

 Work Experience Week P5/6,P6/7 and P7

Next week sees the start of our partnership with local business.  Over the course of the week various businesses will be popping in and carrying out various activities with the children in relation to the skills required for work.  The children already have a good understanding of why and what they are learning in school and therefore, this provides a fantastic opportunity for them to see these skills in a real life work context.

As part of this we are asking all the children to complete a short quiz which is not only fun, but looks at what their special qualities are and then suggests an animal that they may be.   On the right hand side this relates to various different jobs that support those characteristics.   It’s great fun and will be used as a discussion focus next week.

Click the link below to access the quiz.  Remember to leave a comment below.




Calendar Update

This term is flying in fast however, we have lots and lots of fun things still to do.  Below is a list of useful dates and events.

Wednesday 25th May – Open Afternoon – We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible.  This session the children will be writing a short story or descriptive passage ( They should come to class with an idea of what they are writing!)   Learning Journeys also go out today – Please could we have them back by Friday!

Thursday 26th May – Masterclasses in the afternoon for all children.

Friday 27th May – P5’s from P6/5 will join P5/4 for tennis in the morning followed by an activity about the Scottish Parliament after break.  P5’s will listen to the guest speaker as well as take part in lots of fun, election tasks.  It is a great experence!

Monday 30th – Friday 3rd June – P5/6, P6/7 and P7 will be carrying out a variety of tasks this week relating to the skills required for work.  Tesco’s and Morrisons will be joining us to carry out some fun and exciting tasks!

Thursday 2nd June – P6’s will be helping with their buddies during their Sports Day.

Monday 6th June – INSERVICE

Wednesday 8th June – Sports day @ IRA for P4-7

Friday 10th June – Reports out

Tuesday 14th -Thursday 16th – P7 transition.

I will try my best to add more dates as the diary fills up!

Mrs Beattie

Writing Theme this week!


This week we are writing an Estate Agent review of a house.  We have spent some time looking at Estate Agent chat and how somethines things are not quite as they seem.  For Wednesday we have asked the children to look at something in their homes that may need improving and put it in a possitive slant.  Some common word might include ‘cosy’ meaning no room at all or ‘rustic’ made from sticks and stones.


Scottish Opera – FEVER!

Please see below some of the fantastic pictures taken during our performance of FEVER!   Massive thank you to all the parents/carers who made it along to the CCC yesterday.  The children had a fantastic time and I’m sure you’ll agree the performance was spectacular.


The medics


The Body Group


The delightful Press









Blog Homework for 9/05/16

Research two reviews on the internet for something that is not a film, (book, game etc) then blog the titles of what you have looked at. 

Next write the names of the two things you are going to review. That’s it!


Greek Myths Week

This week for reading we are enjoying Greek Myth stories.  Homework for the week (by Friday) is to reseach and give a summary of another story that we have NOT done in class.

Remember go to the very bottom of this page to add your homework.

Hour Of code

This week P6/5 started looking at computer science – Coding. We had a great time learning the basics and enjoyed working as part of a team to complete the tasks set. Each week we will carry out a set of activities based on computer coding from the ‘ Hour of Code’ website. This week our tasks had a Minecraft theme. Through the tasks we hope to achieve the outcomes set out in CfE. These are below –

developing my knowledge and use of safe and acceptable conduct as I use different technologies to interact and share experiences, ideas and information with others. TCH 2-08a
Using appropriate software, I can work collaboratively to design an interesting and entertaining game which incorporates a form of control technology or interactive multimedia

minecraft 4 minecraft 6 minecraft 7 Minecraft1 codeMinecraft2 minecraft3

Welcome Back to Term 4!

I hope you all had a fantastic Easter break and welcome back to term 4! Please see below for our termly overview for this session.  It’s set to be another busy term.   We will try to keep you updated with all our adventures through the blog so keep your eyes peeled.

Learning Overview term4

Mrs Beattie

WW2 Comes To You!

A massive thank you to all the parents/carers who came to see our spectacular show this morning.  In total we raised £175 which is amazing and will go towards water filters in India!  Some pictures of the morning have been added but more will come after the holidays.  Once again Thank you and have a lovely Easter.

From the Ikea staff- Mrs Macleod, Mrs Prentice and Mrs Beattie

Important Dates

Open morning for all classes will be on –  Thursday 10th March 2016

Time – 11-12 noon

Focus for learning & sharing – class topic theme.

ww2We realise that our WW2 Come to you spectacular show is the following week ( Invites to go home shortly) so please don’t worry if you are unable to make it.  Although it would be great to see you at both events!


HOMEWORK – As part of the show ALL children require a gas mask box with string to wear .  We have discussed this in class and ask that all boxes are in school by Monday 21st March.


BLOG Homework for Monday

Today we were looking at keeping our information safe online.

Using the site below – Find 1 tip that you think will help to keep you safe online.  Rememer to use Gaming, Mobile and Social Networking sections to help you.

Post your tip in the comments below.


1st Of February Already !

Many thanks to all the parents who braved the cold, icy conditions to attend parent teacher interviews. Thank you also for filling in our questionnaire.


Make sure you have completed your research for annotating our Evacuee pictures for Writing on Wednesday


Haiku Homework!

Write a Haiku poem about your favourite season.


Learning Overview P7 Pupils Follow link for this term’s highlights!


WW2 is coming to you project!

As we prepare for our WW2 day show we have asked all the children to prepare a presentation about an aspect of the war that interests them. This could include coding, leaders of the war or even the Women’s Institute.

Most/all the work should be completed in time allocated within school HOWEVER, we do require the children to use resources at home – Computer or books to find out as much information as they can and bring it into school.

For Thursday 21st January – ALL children should come into school with an idea of what their project will be on and AS much information about it as possible. This could include notes, pieces of printed text from the internet or even books.


 Welcome back everyone!

Below is the link to our termly Information Overview.

Learning Overview

 I hope you find the information useful and look forward to any comments/ suggestions you may have about it.

Mrs Beattie – Class Teacher

Just a wee update to keep you all abreast of P5/6’s antics this session.  P5/6 have been working very hard this session and have enjoyed a wide variety of lessons including science, music and some very interesting art sessions.   They attended at fantastic Science event in Eden Court which helped round up our Science Fair updateexperiences!

As we approach the end of term 2 we look forward to returning to our World War 2 topic on Fridays with Miss MacLean.  P6 will have 3 remaining weeks of swimming and therefore the P5’s will continue to join their peers in Mrs Murray’s class.

P5 party is on Thursday morning and Mrs Murray has kindly offered for the P5’s to join her in the afternoon for some fun activities.

Another update will be posted in term 3 but until then Merry Christmas and happy holidays when they come.


Mrs Beattie

International Space Station

The rocket carrying Briton Tim Peake on his landmark flight to the International Space Station has launched from Kazakhstan.

The Soyspaceuz space capsule is carrying Russian Yuri Malenchenko, American Tim Kopra and Major Peake, who will spend six months on the station.

We wish them all the very best and it was very exciting watching the live launch this morning!


It’s Christmas!


We had a super-fun party with the primary six children. They looked sooooooooo Christmassy and were up for a paaaartaaaay!

(Mrs Macleod did not succeed this year with the mistletoe but ………there’s always next year!)






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    Famous Falcons- Barak Obama, Dr. Who, Sue Perkins
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    Jobs I’m Most Likely To Be Working In-
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    Sorry Mrs Beattie

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    Famous Black Bears-Emma Watson,Alan Sugar,Victoria Beckham.
    Jobs-Business,Finance,Management,Law,Uniformed Services,Engineering,Construction.

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  15. Ruby

    one thing I don’t like about my house is the cupboard because it makes the hallway to narrow : )( :

  16. HOLLY ????

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    From our house we have lovely views.

  19. CORA : )

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    Translation – The kitchen is minute and you can only fit one person in at a time.

  20. Rhona

    The great thing about this house is there is lots of wild life near by and plenty area for you the capture the perfect pucture of them on your own garden-There is a lot of foxes and badgers near by so if you have any pets that live out doors the will get killed

  21. Ellen

    Two sets of stairs for exercise.

    Translation: you get tired by walking up and down heaps of stairs.

  22. Mia

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    The cows ,sheep and the cockerel are often making loads of noise!

  26. Eva The Amazing

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  46. Jonah

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    It was after Zeus,Posieden and Hades were barfed out and they needed to hatch a revenge to kill Kronos titan of time.Rhea their mother told them to go to Tarturus to have their brothers the Elder Cyclops’s to forge them a weapon to kill their father but Kampe the demon was watching them but Brontes their brother tossed Zeus a lightning bolt sparking wildly. Poseiden caught a 3 pointed spear or a trident that if he focused whirlwinds flew around the points and he turn himself into water. Hades caught what he thought that was a useless helmet but little did he know that this was the helm of shadows and the blades of pain. Now that they had weapons they could kill Kronos and rule the cosmos so up to Mount Orthynis they went . After they sneaked into the fortress they fought past their uncles to get to their papa they finally killed him and they buried him in Tarturus as for Kronos’s general Hyperion he was punished him to hold up the sky or his grandfather squashing him as for the Bros they divided the land the sky the sea and the underworld Zeus got the sky Poseiden got he sea and Hades got the underworld and all were happy ( except Hades he wanted the sky)

  47. sam irving

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  48. Eva . B

    Demeter and Peresphone

    Peresphone was Demeters daughter. One day Hades captured Peresphone. Demeter was sick with worry and she asked Helios where she was. She found out that Hades had captured her daughter and got angry. For a year she caused all the crops and plants to die. Zeus commanded Hades to release Peresphone. He tricked her into eating some pomegranate seeds from the underworld and knew that this would mean that she would have to return every year. Demeter was delighted about her daughters return but every time she had to return to Hades she mourned again. This is why every year plants and crops stop growing and when Peresphone returns to Earth the land grows again.

  49. Julia!

    Perseus and Medusa
    This Greek myth is set on the island of Argos and the main character is called Perseus. Perceus and his mother went to Argos to find a home but soon they found out that there not welcome by King Polydectes. So the King sends Perseus on a dangerous mission to capture the head of the Gorgon Medusa. He also gets gifts from Hermes to help him on his mission: winged sandals, a helmet of invisibility, and a sword. The goddess Athena gives him a shiny shield for reflecting the Medusa’s gaze because if you look at her you will turn to stone. He completes his mission and he also rescues Andromeda from a sea-monster. Perseus shows King Polydectes the head of Medusa but his keeps his own eyes shut so when the King turns to stone he stays safe. A few years later he falls in love with Andromeda. King Polydectes’s brother becomes King and Perceus and Andromeda soon get married. But Perceus accidentally kills his grandfather with a discus during some games.

  50. Marcus

    Echo and Narcissus

    The nymph Echo is punished by the goddess Hera for misusing her gift of speech, so that she can only echo the voices of others. She falls in love with Narcissus who rejects her and instead falls in love with his own reflection in a pool and drowns trying to reach it.

  51. Lucia

    Perseus was a famous Greek hero. Like Hercules, he was part god and part man. Like Hercules, his father was the mighty Zeus, king of all the gods. His mother was a princess. She lived in Argos.
    Perseus was famous for many things. But he is probably remembered best for killing the horrible Medusa, the Gorgon who could turn men into stones, and whose hair was made of live hissing snakes.

  52. max mo

    zeus was the first of the gods and was a very imposing figure.Often referred to as the fathers of the gods and men.He is a sky god who controls lightning and thunder.

  53. Samu ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ????

    King Midas was a very greedy King and one day he helped a friend of a God and the God granted him a wish and Midas asked for anything he touched turned to gold he went home to try the new power he was granted by the God he was so overwhelmed by this power he went to get his daughter but she wouldn’t come back then he started wondering to self about why she wasn’t coming and then he looked round see why she wasn’t coming and it was because she had turned to gold . By now he did not want this power anymore so he went back to the God and asked for his power to be taken away thank god said he could but you have to wash in a special river and then all the power and everything you have touched that had turned to gold which go back to normal that is the story of King Midas

  54. Ellen

    Goddess Minerva was jealous because Neptune fell in love with Medusa so she turned her into a gorgon. She was banished to a cave on an island. Anyone who saw her turned to stone. So Perseus (son of Jupiter) was sent to slay her. The Gods gave him winged shoes and a shield. He used the mirror to see her so he didn’t turn to stone. He slayed her but her dead reflection was so lifelike that he covered it with his cloak. He flew back to the Gods. On his way home he spotted princess Andromeda tied to a rock. She said she had been put there as a sacrifice to save her people. So Perseus went to he parents and asked if he slayed the beast, could he have Andromeda’s hand in marriage. They agreed. So he slayed the beast and married her. THE END

  55. CORA : )

    Echo was a wood nymph, she was told by queen Hera to find Zeus but instead started to chat too much. Hera got angry and cursed Echo! She could not talk she could only repeat what some body else had said to her. She was so sad she went and hid in the forest. There stood a handsome boy called Narcissus and Echo instantly fell in love. Narcissus said “who’s there?” Echo replied “who’s there?” Narcissus got angry and said “go away!” Echo repeated sadly “go away!” She was so sad she went to the mountains and slowly turned to stone. The Gods were very angry with Narcissus so they cursed him by taking him to a lake and tricked him into falling in love with his own reflection. He jumped in to the lake and was never seen again. When you go to a cave or the mountains you can still here Echo copying what you say.

  56. Eva W

    Theseus and the Minotaur

    Once upon a time, there lived a king called Minos.He lived on the island of Crete. Sometimes king Minos would send his navy to attack the tiny village of Athens. The king of Athens didn’t know what to do so he made a deal with king Minos to send 7 boys and 7 girls every nine years to Crete to be eaten by the dreaded monster,the Minotaur, king Minos kept in a maze. Prince Theseus ,the son of the king of Athens, had had enough with all these children dying so he decided to be the 7th boy. Theseus went to Crete and killed the Minotaur. He was helped in this task by princess Ariadne and in turn Theseus takes her away to the island of Naxos so everyone can see her beauty. Finally Theseus returns to Athens with the children.


  57. Elysia

    APOLLO (uh-POL-oh; Roman name Apollo) was the god of prophesy, music and healing.
    As god of music, Apollo is often depicted playing the lyre. He did not invent this instrument, however, but was given it by Hermes in compensation for cattle theft. Some say that Apollo did invent the lute, although he was best known for his skill on the lyre. He won several musical contests by playing this instrument.

  58. Emily *

    A man with a head of a bull. Held captive by kind Minos in a Labyrinth. The Mintoraur had to be given human sacrifices to eat. He was eventually killed by Theseus with his father Aegeus’s sword. When he returned home he forgot to show a white sail. His father thought Theseus was dead and drowned himself. The Aegean sea is named after him.

  59. Niamh Macinnes

    Hercules was half man half god and his mum was a mortal and his father was a king.Hercules did not know he was half god until he grew up.His mum HATED hercules she wanted to kill him.Ever since he was a baby she put 2 snakes in his crib hercules crushed the snakes he was very strong ever since he was a baby.His dad loved him and was scared in case is wife might kill hercules.So him and his dad moved to earth,but hercules did not fit in he was too big and too strong.One day his father told him he was part god.Hercules once killed a lion with his bare hands and and skinned it and wore it as a cloak.

  60. Ruby

    Echo and Narcissus
    Echo is punished by the goddess Hera , for misusing her power of speech so that she can only echo the voices of others . She falls in love with Narcissus who rejects her and instead falls in love with his own reflection in a pool and drowns. : )

  61. Reece

    Apollo was the God of music. He was also know as the Archer. The God of healing and giving the science of medicine to man, the God of light and the God of truth. But at the same time he could also bring disease and plague through his arrows.
    One of Appolo’s most important daily jobs was to harness his horse chiarot so the sun could move across the sky.

  62. Sam Burnett


    Pegasus was a flying horse in Greek mythology, usually white coloured. His father was Poseidon and his mother was the Gorgon Medusa. He was born with his brother Chrysaor when Medusa had her head cut off by Perseus. Pegasus was captured and tamed by the Greek hero Bellerophon. Later, Bellerophon rode Pegasus to Mount Olympus, but Zeus pushed him off on the way. Pegasus carried on and reached Mount Olympus.

  63. Kate!!!!!

    Acrisius, King of Argos, is told by an oracle that he will be killed by his grandson.So he locks his daughter Danae in a tower. Then Zeus transforms into a shower of gold in order to enter the tower and have his way with an unsuspecting Danae. She bears him a son called Perseus. The King sets mother and son adrift on the sea in a wooden casket, but Zeus protects them and brings them to an island where Perseus grows up.

  64. Lewis

    This is the story of the great Theseus and the Minotaur. At first Theseus was a young not that strong boy. And wants to see his dad king Ages and has to move a giant rock to go see him.

  65. ivan steele

    Hermes & Apollo

    Hermes was just a few years old when he climbed out of his crib and went exploring. He found some of apollo’s sacred cows and thought it would be funny to steal them. while going back to olympus hermes got hungry, invented fire and cooked one of the cows. after that he set of to olympus again. on the way back he found a turtle shell and got an idea. back on olympus hermes created a lyre out of the turtle shell and string. apollo saw hermes playing it and wanted it immediately. hermes and apollo agreed to be at ease if hermes gave apollo the lyre. hermes agreed.

  66. Maia

    His dad is Zeus and his mother is the nymph Maia. He is said to have killed a tortoise on the day he was born and used the shell to make the first lyre. He suddenly appears bringing good luck or a message from the gods,often as a dream. He offen takes the dying and guides them to the underworld.

  67. Rhona

    A long time ago a lion was going around villages killing people but there was a man called Hercules who had challenges to compete because when he was younger he was at an archery club when he boasted that he could shoot an arrow at the sun, which he did.A God saw it and got very annoyed because Gods are only ones ment to do that and one of his challenges was to defeat the ninieam lion another was to catch the golden deer which he did and also to kill a nine headed monster but when ever he cut one of its heads of it grew two back but a boy who had followed Hercules because he looked up to him but he didn’t know why Hercules was doing all these challenges so Hercules told him and the boy said to just forgive your self because we all make mistakes and that you don’t need to suffer and the boy actually helped Hercules defeat the monster by shooting a burning arrow at it and both became smug heroes.

  68. Freya

    Pegasus is a flying, winged horse that no human can ride. However, Greek hero Bellerophon succeeded with help from a magic bridle given to him by goddess Athena. After lots of great adventures together Bellerophon decided he was hero enough to go and visit the gods.This made Zeus, king of all gods very angry. He took Pegasus for himself to help carry lightning bolts.

  69. Jessie

    The story of Medusa
    There once was an extremely beautiful woman called Medusa. She was the most beautiful lady in Greece but medusa took advantage of her beauty and so Athena got very angry and one day Athena turned Medusa’s hair into snakes and if you look at her you would turn into stone.

  70. charlie

    There once was a young man named Perseus. His mother was very beautiful. A evil king stole his mother because he wanted to Marrie her. Perseus had to try get the face of Medusa on a plate so he can turn the King into stone. Perseus knew he needed help, so he went to a wise magician. Perseus said “I need to get the face of Medusa on a plate.” ” What a silly boy” said the magician. the magician gave Perseus a shield and it was so shiny, also the magician gave him a crystal sword. The magician said ” you will need silver helmet that will make you invisible, a pair of sandals that will make you fly and a silver bag to put her head in. “where will I find the list of things you just said” asked Perseus. he pointed at mount Atlas “and there will be 3 witches that share one eye. The witch with the eye could see a young man. “I can see a young man” said the witch with the eye. ” Give me the eye”! screamed one of the witches. “I did” said the witch. But it was Perseus who took the the eye. And then Perseus said ” I will give you the eye if you give me a silver helmet, a pair of sandals and a silver bag”. and the witches gave Perseus what he needed. He flew of to Medusa’s palace turned Medusa into stone and he saved his Mother from the King and they lived happily ever after.

  71. Mia

    1. Never stay logged in ?
    2.Dont put your passcode on your phone
    3.Keep your passcode to something only you now
    so don’t use things like Birthdays or ages
    4.never give any one your passcode
    5.If any one finds out your passcode change it as soon as
    Possible !!!!!!!

  72. The Andrew Sillars

    You need to use a nickname if you want to be safe when playing with people you don’t know online

  73. Will ?????????

    I learned that u must keep ur password in ur head and never write it down anywhere because if u drop someone might find it and hack into ur email account

  74. Jack Gannon

    It is best to use a nickname and not give any information about you.
    like your address
    contact details

  75. Ruby

    I think a good tip to stay safe online is to use a nickname on social media sites instead of your real name : )

  76. Lucia

    I’m going to make sure I will never open fake messages E.g. you have won an iPhone 6 because they could take and use your personal details and information 🙂 🙂

  77. Emily

    It’s always best to use a nickname when you are using gaming sites, rather than give out your real name. Some people who you meet online may not be who they say they are, so remember not to give people you meet on the gaming sites information about yourself.

  78. Daisy

    It’s always best to use a nick name rather than your real name do not give out enemy information about your self.

  79. Ellen

    Don’t give people too much information online, for example, don’t wear your school uniform in photos because they could see the logo and track you down.

  80. Katie T

    How to stay safe online….
    1. Use a nickname for a username on social media
    2. Don’t give any personal information to people you don’t know online

  81. Charlotte D ?

    i learned about the internet that you should have different passwords for your different accounts and that you should keep your password in a safe place

  82. maia

    NEVER PUT YOUR FULL ADDRESS ON YOUR SITE. Its best to leave the space blank, or if you do want to add some imformation make sure you that you make your profile private so only your freinds can see it.

  83. Marcus

    I have learnt that you should NEVER EVER share your personal details E.G
    Email,phone number,address E.T.C

  84. Louisa ??.

    I learnt that you should always have your privacy settings on and you shouldnt write down your passwords you should remember them in your head.

  85. Kelly

    It’s always best to ise a nickname when you are using gaming sites, rather thangive out your real name. 🙂

  86. Jessie

    I think that you should make sure that you keep your password in side your head instead of in your phone

  87. lucy

    i learned to remeber that its only a game it dosent matter if you loose or win if you loose you can just keep on trying.

    by lucy kelly

  88. Emma

    When on social media eg: Facebook or Instagram . Use a nickname not your real name . Also never arrange to meet anyone you have been talking to online that you don’t know ?

  89. Julia Ferguson

    Never reply to a spam text message (a spam message is text sent to lots of people by a company) or a text message from someone you don’t know.

  90. sam irving

    When you log onto a chat room always use a nickname rather than giving your real name .Nicknames are a fun way to hide your identity online but it is not good to pretend to be someone else.

  91. daisy

    I’ve learnt that it’s always best to use a nickname rather than your real name and do not give out eney information about yourself

  92. Lewis

    A way to help is to only be chatting to people who are at your school or a friend . And always log of what ever you are playing on . And keep your password to your self .

  93. Emily

    Some people may get nasty when playing online games as they want to win. Make sure that when you play online games, you don’t upset anyone in order to win or get to the next level. Also remember not to do anything that you know is wrong to get cheats or tips.

  94. Jessica??

    I liked the parts with the liquid noitrogen because it looked really cool when they spilt it on the stage

  95. max morrison

    My favourite part of the science fair was when the ladie set fire to all the balloons and they made a big bang

  96. Stephen

    My favourite part of the science show was the song that started with tuna !!!!! more tuna!!!! And all the Big Bang!!!!!!! StEpHeN

  97. Holly

    My favourite part was at the end when they filled the balloons
    With different gases and lighted them with fire they made a
    Mind blowing BANG !!!!

  98. Ewan

    I loved the bit when they had 15 L of liquid nitrogen. when it mixed with the water it blew up, because I thought it would happen quite slowly but it happend very quickly.??????

  99. Maia

    My favourite bit was the loud bangs at the end because they got louder and louder as thay added more oxygen.

  100. Lewis


    My favourite part was when they mixed some powerful substances to make a really cool gas wave of air which looked like a cloud coming closer and closer I really liked the ministry of sience great fun

  101. Ruby Nicoll

    My favourite part of the show was when they took out the smoke cannon and were firing rings of smoke in different directions.

  102. Emily

    I really enjoyed the nitrogen liquid freezing the roses. Especially when it crept out from the stage to the crowd. I liked it how the girls next to Mrs MacLeod all got ready for all the bangs and the screaming. I loved the ministry of science.

  103. Eva W

    My favourite part was the finale when they had 3 ballons each with different amounts of explosive gases. They made a really loud bang!

  104. Ellen

    I thought it was amazing. I loved the part where they put 15 L of liquid nitrogen into a bucket of boiling water to steam crept over the stage and it was so cold I was in the front

  105. Kate P5/6

    My sister is a crazy ,sparkly afro.
    My sister is a big chubby panda.
    My sister is a stylish short dress.
    My sister is a delicious strawberry ice cream
    with rainbow sprinkles and a flake.

  106. Maia

    My sister She can be a cloud on a sunny day
    she is a sparkly pair of jeans
    she is a roaring lion
    she is a sweet as ice cream

  107. Lewis

    My home

    My home is as warm as toast and as colourful as a rainbow.

    My bed is as comfy as a cloud and my room is always a disaster area!


  108. Carrie

    Metaphor about my Cat Millie

    She is a marshmallow all soft and bouncy
    She is an opera singer who welcomes me home and goes meow meow meow
    She is clouds in the sky all grey and white
    She is chocolate cake and ice cream a sweet delight 🙂

  109. Elysia


    My cat and my dog, I love so much
    They are as soft as snow to touch
    Paws like marshmallows let them run like the wind
    Their eyes sparkle like stars in the sky
    Best friends are my pets and I

  110. reece

    The Bonfire

    The bonfire glows brighter than the moonlight
    The bonfire is warmer than a cosy winter blanket
    The bonfire burns as much as my mums cooking
    The smoke from the bonfire smells as bad as super smelly cheese

  111. Eva W

    MY DAD
    Animal- He is an old, wise goat that scampers across high mountains.

    Food- He is a warm fish supper with crispy chips.

    Tree- He is a thick oak tree that is the king of the forest.

  112. Elliot Burke

    My dog Cooper

    Running:Cooper is an animal version of Usain Bolt !!!!
    Weather:Cooper is a sunny summers day.
    Food:Cooper is a lovely dish of luscious paella.
    Animal: Cooper is the most cutest little puppy dog you will ever meet (He already is)

  113. Jessica

    Metaphor poem about Lucy

    Wether- Lucy is a stomy typhoon
    Food- Lucy is a VERY surgerie cake
    Flower- Lucy would be a red rose
    Hair- Lucy would be a red Mohawk
    Animal- Lucy would be a cute cat
    Clothing- Lucy would be a kaiwi jumper

  114. Ruby Nicoll

    Metaphor poem about my MuM

    Weather:she is a ray of sunshine that brightens my day every time I see her.
    Drink:she is a hot chocolate with extra whipped cream and a cherry on top that makes me calm and relaxed.
    Shoe:she is a black pair of brogues that are so shiny they sparkle in the sun.
    Clothing:she is a warm and fluffy wooly jumper that gives you hugs when you need them.
    Animal:she is a strong but graceful bay mare horse that gallops through golden fields.

  115. Ellen

    My mum ?

    My mum is a lion who roars whenever your bedroom is untidy
    She is a casual pair of jeans that are just right
    She is a piece of toast that is soft in the middle
    She is a recorder that gives away it’s music whenever it sings

  116. Emily : ]

    Food- If Ruby was to be a food she would be a giant jumping margarita pizza

    Flower- If Ruby was to be a flower she would be a lovely cute poppy

    Animal- If Ruby was to be an animal she would be a tiny adorable baby penguin

    Season- If Ruby was to be a season she would be sunny summer

  117. Mia

    she is a swirly colourful lolly pop
    she is a majestic gymnast
    she is a bottle of cola ready to fizz
    she is a fast cheetah

  118. Ella

    Hi guys how u getting on ? i’m getting on fine at my new school. Hope your all OK and working hard. Hope to see soon

  119. Eva W

    NO! It’s just too dangerous.Even if one nuclear reactor blows up the whole of the uk will be covered in radiation for thousand of years and the whole of the uk will be to dangerous to live in! If we had lots of nuclear power stations all over the uk to make up our main power source then there’s an even bigger chance of that happening.

  120. Ellen

    No, because the toxic waste is very hard to get rid of. It takes years and years. Also, if there is an accident the air would be filled with radioactivity and this could kill thousands and thousands of people.

  121. Ewan

    I think that nuclear energy should not be our main source of energy because it costs £24.6 billion !!!!!!!! And think what would happen happen if it blew up the land destroyed and people killed and it sends loads of bad gas into the atmosphere. ?

  122. Stephen

    I think yes because it does not relay on fossil fuels, which produce green house gas like carbon dioxide co2. Stephen

  123. Emily

    I have really enjoyed discussing about nuclear energy and i think it has taught me a lot about nuclear energy

  124. Mrs Rodgers Post author

    Well Done P5/6 I’m so pleased with all your comments. Super learning this week. Keep it up!
    Mrs Beattie

  125. Eva W

    I learned all the different triangles in maths like the equilateral triangle,the isosceles triangle and the scalene triangle !!!

  126. Eva W

    I learned all the different names of triangles like an equilateral triangle,an isosceles triangle and a scalene triangle !!!!

  127. Ella

    This year so far i’ve learn’t about the Christian creation story with Mrs Beattie,
    How to make a newspaper report with all my teachers,
    How to make Autumn leaves with Mrs Prentice,
    About 2 dimensional shapes with Mrs Macleod
    WHAT BRILLIANT TEACHERS I HAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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