What do you want to be?























Some of our boys played in a football tournament on Saturday. Ellis was man of the match.








Guide Dog Visitors

We had Rob and his guide dog Kirsty visiting us this afternoon

We found out lots of information.









Meet Fuzzy Wuzzy!

Today in Kodaly with Mrs Muir we were playing some “keep the beat” games with Fuzzy Wuzzy.








Emotion Characters

As part of our Resilient Kids work we created characters showing lots of different emotions.

Can you guess the emotion?



Abriachan Trip

We all had a fabulous day at Abriachan. We went on a minibeast hunt and caught slugs, centipedes, spiders and more! We also went pond dipping and found lots of different water minibeasts. Take a look at some of our pictures from today.

DSCF0977 DSCF0978 DSCF0980 DSCF0979 DSCF0981 DSCF0983 DSCF0984 DSCF0985 DSCF0986 DSCF0987 DSCF0988 DSCF0989


A sunny afternoon at the opera

We enjoyed being audience members when the P5 & 6 children perfomed their opera “Fever”



We made symmetrical hearts to record some of the fascinating heart facts we have found out.

Did you know a child’s heart is the size of a fist?

Did you know your heart has four chambers?


We are exploring the senses this term as part of our topic. On Thursday we were investigating our sense of taste. We did some blind taste testing where we also held our nose to see how our sense of smell affects our taste. We had the opportunity to try some more unusual fruits such as dragon fruit, papaya and passion fruit.

DSCF0929[1] DSCF0933[1] DSCF0939[1] DSCF0945[1] DSCF0948[1] DSCF0950[1] DSCF0954[1] DSCF0959[1] DSCF0962[1] DSCF0970[1]

A surprise visitor!

A model skeleton has now appeared in our class. We will be finding out lots of information about him in the next few weeks. Any suggestions for a name welcome!


Symmetry is everywhere. What can you see?

As part of our maths experiences we are finding out all about symmetry. Our Fact Finders homework this week is to find symmetry around our houses.

Good luck and happy symmetry hunting!



We have started work on our Springtime display. Just looking at our display makes us smile!



Our topic this term is called Fit For Life.

We have come up with lots of interesting questions that we want to find out about. If you have anything to offer then please let P4/3 know.


Welcome Back!

Please take some time to click on the link below and check out all the exciting things we have planned for this term.

P4-3 Learning Overview Term 4

Sport Relief

P4/3 made £18 for Sport Relief and were out dancing in the mist this morning!



P4/3 Smile File

Check out out Smile File by clicking on the link below

P4-3 Smile File

Our P4 boys enjoyed their Health and Safety activities with Stobart Rail





Measure Detectives

Today we had the challenge of finding objects around the classroom that measured different lengths in centimetres. We enjoyed being Measure Detectives and tried to remember where to start measuring from on the ruler!





Spectacular Egytian Exhibition!

A huge thank you to everyone who attended our Egyptian Exhibition today!










More Egyptian Queens

Meet the rest of our Cleopatra girls









World Book Day

We had an amazing World Book Day with lots of fab book experiences. Check out some of our costumes. Can you guess who we are?









Tennis Fun For Everyone!








Egyptian Exhibition

P4/3 will be holding our Egyptian exhibition as part of the Open Morning on Thursday 10th March. It will be held from 11-12 in our classroom.

Please let us know by replying on the blog if you are planning to join us







Anyone for Tennis?

We will be starting a 4 week block of Tennis Lessons tomorrow Tuesday 1st March in the afternoon. Please remember to take gym clothes to school.

Will there be any budding Andy Murrays in P4/3?

Meet our two Pharaoh queens – Elleopatra and Aliceopatra!





Kodaly Kids

We have Mrs Muir back with us for some more Kodaly experiences. What a great way to start another busy week





Our Amazing Display!

We have just finished an amazing wall display!









Class Talks -The Grand Finale!

We finished our class talks this afternoon. Toryn showed us an amazing Tutankamen mask he had made as part of his talk. Aidan spoke about the pyramids using cue cards to help. Michael spoke about Tutankamen as well- did you know he died aged 18? James used the computer to tell us about hieroglyphs. James suggested in his power point presentation we look up  http://discoveringegypt.com/egyptian-hieroglyphic-writing/hieroglyphic-typewriter/









More Class Talks

Scott and Mackenzie told us all about the pyramids. Scott spoke so clearly and Mackenzie designed an amazing pyramid picture. Ellis told us about Egyptian life – did you know they invented toothpaste?  Mia spoke about the pramids with an amazing detailed poster while Henry told us all about those fearsome Pharaohs!

Are YOU Internet Safe?

Today we had two police officers talking to us about Internet Safety. We found out how important it is not to share personal and private information with others.





Egyptian Information









We heard some interesting Egyptian information this morning. Aiden told us all about Egypt with his exciting poster. Riley had an amazing drawn picture of Tutankamen to go with his talk.

Rhu had written his name in Hieroglyphs and spoke so clearly to us all. Lily had a model pyramid to show as part of her exciting talk.

Well done!



Special Speakers

Alice spoke about Eyptian life and had a true/false quiz at the end. Elle told us all about how to make a mummy and had body parts to feel in jars e.g cold cooked spaghetti for the intestines. Rowan showed us amazing pictures of the River Nile as part of his talk. Lucas had an amazing model of the pyramids for his class talk.








The Talks Continue!









Our talks continued today and once again we heard lots of great information. Ava told us all about Egyptian gods using her detailed notes. Ryan spoke about the Pyramids and showed us amazing pyramid made of sugar cubes. Chloe also told us about the pyramids and had a model of Tutankamen hiding underneath. Michael told us all about the Pharaohs and had a quiz at the end. Ruairidh had made a model shaduf and showed us how the Egyptians took water from the Nile.

Absolutely Amazing!

Class Speakers

Today we started our class talks. Ciara gave a very well organised talk on Hieroglyphics and Orin used amazing expression for his Egyptian God presentation.

For next week Ciara and Orin gave the class lots of good advice. Ciara said “have your notes written on cards with numbers in case you get mixed up” and Orin suggested we “practise in front of an audience to give you confidence”

Good job Ciara and Orin!









This month we are looking at the right to have access to information. We talked about how we found out information about the importance of clean water. We then wrote information reports that others could read called “Clean Water For All!”


Our Time Machine is nearly ready for us to begin using. A big thank you to Alice’s mum for the huge box and to Kat for her help with the designing.





Parent Teacher Interviews

A huge thank you to all the parents/carers who were able to come along for parent teacher interviews. The support from home is always much appreciated and it is great to hear how we are working together to support the learning of our children.

Please remember if you have anything to offer or any concerns then please let me know.

Puppet Pals

As part of our preparation for our class talks we have been practising talking clearly and using expression. Today we used an App on the ipad called  Puppet Pals. We had to make up our own mini story using the puppets and then record the story. If you have time then have a go at home.

Talking Tins


We were using talking tins today to record some facts. It was funny to hear what our voices sounded like but good practise for our class talks!




Our PE day with Miss McArthur has now changed to a Monday morning instead of a Tuesday afternoon.

Please try to remember

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