Skills for Work Day 1 – Wills Bros Civil Engineering LTD

A massive thank you to Mr Johnston who came out to Lochardil primary school this afternoon to chat to P5/6,P6/7 and P7 about Wills Bros in particular about his role within the company.

Mr Johnston also conducted a health and safety chat for the children as his company have been appointed the role of main contractor on the Inverness West link project. The programme of works encompasses construction from Holm Roundabout to A82 Glenurquhart road and comprising approx. 2.2km of 7.3m wide single carriageway road, 4 roundabouts, a new three span bridge over the River Ness and 2 underpasses.

Whilst Mr Johnston was with us the children were able to ask an extensive range of questions in relation to the skills required to fulfil his job. We learned that a variety of different skills where required including

  • Team Work

  • Problem Solving

  • Good Communication

  • Sequencing

  • Risk Management

  • Organisational Skills

  • Variety of mathematical skills including measurement and angles.

It was a very interesting afternoon and we enjoyed hearing all about Mr Johnston’s career and some of the amazing buildings/ developments he has been part of. A massive thank you again to Wills Bros and Mr Johnston for supporting Lochardil during this event!

IMG_0259 IMG_0263IMG_0262

Mrs Beattie

Marvellous  Masterclass

We are having fun in our marvellous masterclass featuring some fabulous construction!


click on the link!

Work Experience Week P5/6,P6/7 and P7

Next week sees the start of our partnership with local business. Over the course of the week various businesses will be popping in and carrying out various activities with the children in relation to the skills required for work. The children already have a good understanding of why and what they are learning in school and therefore, this provides a fantastic opportunity for them to see these skills in a real life work context.

As part of this we are asking all the children to complete a short quiz which is not only fun, but looks at what their special qualities are and then suggests an animal that they may be. On the right hand side this relates to various different jobs that support those characteristics. It’s great fun and will be used as a discussion focus next week.

Click the link below to access the quiz. Remember to leave a comment below.



Mrs Beattie

Writing Theme this week

This week we are writing an Estate Agent review of a house. We have spent some time looking at Estate Agent chat and how somethines things are not quite as they seem. For Wednesday we have asked the children to look at something in their homes that may need improving and put it in a positive slant. Some common word might include ‘cosy’ meaning no room at all or ‘rustic’ made from sticks and stones.

      Blog Homework for 9/05/16

Research two reviews on the internet for something that is not a film, (book, game etc) then blog the titles of what you have looked at. 

Next write the names of the two things you are going to review. That’s it!

Watch this space for a full Loch Insh blog. We are just gathering editing and collating at the moment!




Welcome everyone to the final term of primary 7. We have such a lot of things on, that it’s hard to know where to begin!

Of course, our fabulous Residential Trip to Loch Insh is nearly upon us. Last minute preparations and huge excitement are the order of the day! Any medicines should be handed in with the medical forms sent home this week. You may hand them in on the actual day of the trip if you wish, but please try to make sure that we have the full details of the administration of the medicines or protocols.

Loch Insh

We really look forward to seeing the children’s Personal Projects. The children will be working on using them as the basis for a class talk. They will be preparing the talks during class time, but are more than welcome to practise at home.

The children will also be going to the wonderful, ‘Safe Highlanders.’ This is a safety day aimed at primary 7 children across the Highlands. Various agencies will be presenting important information about road, rail, internet, water, fire, drug, farm and stranger safety. Every time I go, I learn something new!

They will, of course, be venturing up to the IRA for a three day visit. As far as we know it will still be the old school that they will be visiting, but they will be touring the new school and meeting new classmates and new teachers, so it is still a very interesting and worthwhile event.

We will be looking to put together a class year book. If you wouldn’t mind sending me a baby/ toddler picture of your child, as well as any class year group photos ( eg nursery/p1? ) it would help to enrich the final result. Please send in the picture and I will scan it.

We will be going to see the ‘Opera Unwrapped’ presentation, given by the Mikado cast of the Scottish Opera, in May, as well as taking part in a rugby tournament after training with Laurie Cuthbertson and learning about maps from Miss Baird from the IRA. We will also be watching our own school production of the Scottish Opera presentation- ‘Fever!’


Our main focus of study will be SHaRE (Sexual Health and Relationship Education) We use the LIving and Growing resource from channel 4.  I am more than happy to discuss any issues you may have, and hopefully allay any fears. You are welcome to discreetly borrow the DVD and have a look for yourself. We will issue the information leaflet nearer to the time. This will go hand in hand with the work we have already covered in the ‘Resilient Kids’ series of lessons.

L and G

Our final assembly will be held in the CCC at the end of June. Primary 7 parents are welcome to come along. Bring the Kleenex……

All good fun! Thank you as always for your support.

Anne Prentice

WW2 Comes To You!

A massive thank you to all the parents/carers who came to see our spectacular show this morning. In total we raised £175 which is amazing and will go towards water filters in India! Some pictures of the morning have been added but more will come after the holidays. Once again Thank you and have a lovely Easter.

Important Dates

Open morning for all classes will be on – Thursday 10th March 2016

Time – 11-12 noon

Focus for learning & sharing – class topic theme.

ww2We realise that our WW2 Come to you spectacular show is also soon (Invites to go home shortly) so please don’t worry if you are unable to make it. Although it would be great to see you at both events!

HOMEWORK – As part of the show ALL children require a gas mask box with string to wear . We have discussed this in class and ask that all boxes are in school by Monday 21st March.


School Dress Code survey for IRA

The IRA have asked p7 to complete this survey which will allow them to have a say in their new dress code in the new school. Please complete asap by clicking on the link https://goo.gl/R9CWtw:






BLOG Homework for Monday

Using the site above look for an important tip that will help to keep you safe online.

Post your tip in the comment box.  Remember to use the gaming, Mobile and social – networking sections to help you.



1st Of February Already !

Many thanks to all the parents who braved the cold, icy conditions to attend parent teacher interviews. Thank you also for filling in our questionnaire.


Make sure you have completed your research for annotating our Evacuee pictures for Writing on Wednesday


Haiku Homework!

Write a Haiku poem about your favourite season.


Learning Overview P7 Pupils Follow link for this term’s highlights!

WW2 is coming to you project!

As we prepare for our WW2 day show we have asked all the children to prepare a presentation about an aspect of the war that interests them. This could include coding, leaders of the war or even the Women’s Institute.

Most/all the work should be completed in time allocated within school HOWEVER, we do require the children to use resources at home – Computer or books to find out as much information as they can and bring it into school.

For Thursday 21st January – ALL children should come into school with an idea of what their project will be on and AS much information about it as possible. This could include notes, pieces of printed text from the internet or even books.

P7 Christmas Party!  

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  1. Miriam MacDonald

    Hello you FABULOUS lot! I was telling my staff about how you always present your learning so impressively and decided to look at your blog to demonstrate the point.

    Once again (and as always) I was blown away with the caliber of your assessment tasks. Your teachers are so special and always think of dynamic ways to let you share your learning- you are very lucky.

    Good luck at IRA, miss you all lots!

    Mrs MacDonald xxx

  2. Sandy

    im a seal
    i would be good in hospitality and advice work
    Shakespeare and Jk Rowling are seals

  3. The Andrew Sillars

    Famous Falcons are Barack Obama, Doctor Who and Sue Perkins. Looking at Louisa I could have a job in science ? ????

  4. The Andrew Sillars

    My animal is a falcon and my motto is every thing is negotiable. I have changed from p6 as an eagle but I think as there similar I could be both. My quiz never showed me my job

  5. Mollie

    It said I was a seahorse
    And my jobs would be –
    Advice, Medical/Alternative Therapies, Psychology, Counselling, Social, Languages,Research, Writing, Personnel/HR

  6. Kate Macleod

    I am an eagle
    I would be a good boss and business woman
    Adele and George Clooney are also eagles

  7. Charlotte

    Dolphin motto- i need to feel loved
    As a child-enthusiastic and compassionate. love making friends at school and like being liked by their teachers.

  8. Charlotte

    I am a Dolphin. Famous Dolphins include Johnny Depp, Selena Gomez and Will Smith. Lots of Dolphins work in advice marketing and PR,teaching,training,law,media/journalism,tourism and sales.

  9. kate McCheyne

    I did the quiz and it said that I’m a koala and the jobs it said that I’ll be good at are primary teaching, business administration and health service.

  10. Jack G

    I was a Panther. My jobs are
    Environmental Work
    Protecting People

  11. Emmy G

    I did the thing and i was a Teddy Bear!
    It said most of the teddy bears worked in:
    Health Service
    Hospitality, Catering
    Social Care
    But when im older i want to work at Lush! xx

  12. Kathryn B

    I am a dolphin, my motto is “I need to feel loved!” It said I could do tourism and teaching!!

  13. Helen?

    I was a clown fish
    Here are the jobs:
    Media and Journalism
    Advising and Advocating

  14. Catriona

    I am a Polar bear!!!
    I would like to work in law or be a paramedic. some famous polar bears are Chris Hoy and Angela Murkel!!!

  15. Sam V

    I was a Cat

    I’m most likely to be in
    social care, advise
    Or Craft Work

  16. Mairead

    It said I would be a black bear !

    Motto – I’ll be the boss
    As child -natural leader

    Lots of black bears work in – business,finance,management/law,uniformed services,engieering and construction

  17. Katie

    I am a dolphin and one of the jobs was teaching and being a teacher would be really fun! Also media and journalism

  18. Ava Henderson

    I am a Seahorses

    Advice, Medical/Alternative Therapies, Psychology, Counselling, Social, Languages,Research, Writing, Personnel/HR

  19. harris

    i am a dolphin and most people that are dolphins have jobs like tourism,teaching and training

  20. Tara Calder

    I was a dolphin and one of the jobs were teaching and I want to become a teacher when I’m older ??

  21. Kelly

    I am a clown fish and I would be good as a teacher. 🙂 That is what I want to be anyway! 😉

  22. Jack gannon

    Large Storage cupboard on the upstairs landing. Housing boiler so good drying space for socks.

  23. Emmy G

    I just moved house and one of the downsides is the cupboard under the stairs is quite small.
    A cosy and easy to maintain cupboard under the stairs! Xxx
    Emmy G

  24. Catriona

    I don’t dislike anything about this house but this is about my 2nd house
    The garden would be easy to maintain = soooo small.
    Only 1 hours train journey to London = so far away.
    Front bedroom ideal for a nursery = Bedroom is tiny
    Ideal for a lover of nature = We had mice for 3 days.
    Interesting retro styling = Themed on the 70’s

  25. Liam

    The layout makes it easy to get from one room to another.

    That means the house is small!

  26. Charlotte

    the garden is a bit untidy – it looks like an african jungle waiting to be explored

  27. kate McCheyne

    The carpeting in my room is bright and colorful meaning its got stuff all over it because have dropped stuff on it.

  28. Iona

    We have an old kitchen.

    “The home has a classical kitchen.”

    We have coloured toilets

    “The property has retro WCs.”

  29. Ariana

    My house has four bedrooms and there is six of us but there is a room that was a play room or something before we lived in the house but we use it as my room.

  30. Sam V

    The part of my house that I find annoying is the size I’m describing it as ‘spacious’

  31. Kelly

    🙂 From our house, you can hear the delightful children from Lochardil Primary all day, every day. 🙂

  32. Jamie

    The living room is quite small so in estate agent talk that would mean,
    The living room is very easy to maintain.

  33. Kieran Munro

    Our bathroom is small

    The bathroom is easy to maintain and colourful but there is room for some modernisation which would add value to the house.

  34. Ava Henderson

    The trees provide plenty of shade for those days when it is too hot.
    You never get any sun.

  35. Kate Maceod :)

    My house has 4 bedrooms but my brothers bedroom is quite small

    One of the bedrooms could be used as a study or a childs bedroom

  36. Katie

    My bedroom adjoins a room currently used as a TV den, but could EASILY be converted to a walk in dressing table and ensuite…

  37. Liam

    I’ve been reading James and the Giant Peach and I’m doing my review on that huge novel (suppose to be a bad joke) and my game on the interesting Battleblock Theatre.

  38. Jamie

    I reviewed grandpa’s great Escape and Forza Horizon.
    And im going to do The book, John McGuinness Autobiography and The game, MXGP.

  39. Louisa

    I read a review on Girl Online and The Sims 4.
    I am going to do a review on:
    Book-All the bright places
    Youtuber- Rachel Levin (rclbeauty101)

  40. The Andrew Sillars

    I read a game review on shogun 2 Total War and a book review the northern lights by Philp Pullman. I would highly recommend these and the book is one of my favourite books

  41. Ariana

    For my book review I’m doing USERNAME EVIE it is an amazing book I would say the people that like comic books should read this. If I had to rate it out of 10 it would be 10/10 because u don’t no what is going to happen. I’m doing the Shaytards. The Shaytards is a man and a woman that have 5 kids. The thing I like about them is that they make vlogs about working together to get things done.

  42. Kieran Munro

    I reviewed minecraft and diary of a wimpy kid dog says
    I’m doing EA fifa 16 and horrible histories

  43. Aimee

    I have read the review for Thief by Malorie Blackman and I have also read about Plants.V.zombies

    I will be reviewing Alone on a wide wide sea by Michael Muporgo and Crossy road .

  44. Adam

    I read the review on diary of a wimpy kid and WWE 2K16 and I will be doing my review on Magnus chase the book and the elder scrolls online.

  45. Charlotte

    The book review that i read was on the book summers dream by cathy cassidy and the vlogger review that i read was about the sacconejolys (anna and johnathon)

    The book review that i am writing on wednesday is going to be on Girl Online On Tour (by Zoe Sugg) and the blogger review i am doing is on Zoella AKA Zoe Sugg

  46. Robbie

    I read a book review on final whistle by Dan Freeman. I also read a game review on score hero. I’m going to do my game review on fifa 16 and I’m going to do my book review on foul play

  47. Matthew ????

    dairy of a wimpy kid dog days and snapchat

    I will be doing
    FIFA 16
    And Grandpas great escape

  48. Amy weir

    I reviewed angry birds and charlie and the chcool are factory

    I am going to be reviewing remembrance and instagram

  49. kate McCheyne

    I read a review on the book dork diaries it was a bad review and it got 3 stars and the title was its ok for a younger age group and I also read a review on the game subway surfers it was a good review and it got 5 stars and the title was Download this app! On Wednesday I will be doing my two reviews on the book called The snow sister and the app Instagram

  50. mollie

    i found a review for the B.F.G book by rohl dahl and the game super Mario kart
    and on Wednesday I will be doing a review about zoellas girl online book and
    a review about zoella as a vlogger

  51. Iona

    I read a review on the book billionaire boy and angry birds the app
    For Wednesday I will be writing a review about dork diaries the book and the vlogger zoella

  52. Daisy

    A seven letter word by Kim slater -book review
    Mario cart 8
    I’m going to do Kaspar by Michael morpurgo
    And the akinator app

  53. Harris

    I read the book review for thief and read the game review for ufc 2 and I’m doing my review on Fifa 16

  54. Emma

    my review on Candy floss is – the book candyfloss is very inspiring for children to stand up for themselves
    my review on Kardashian is – I would not recommend this game as it tells you have won something and you end up spending a fortune
    On Wednesday for writing I will be writing about Girl online and Zoella

  55. Cara

    I have read a review for the book, Harry Potter and the Philosopher`s Stone and the game, Mario kart 8.
    I am going to write a review for the book, Welcome to the dead house andthe game, LEGO the Hobbit.

  56. Mairead ball ????

    The book review I read was – girl online on tour
    And the vlogger review I read was – zoella

    The book review I am doing for writing is – girl online
    And the vlogger review is going to be – Sacconejolys

  57. Kelly

    🙂 I read a review on Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Minecraft.
    🙂 I’ll be writing my reviews on Octodad Dadliest Catch and Dark Lord.

  58. Fiona

    I read a review on girl online and minecraft
    I am going to write a review on I am David and Rcl beauty 101

  59. Emmy G

    I read a review on the book Girl on line by Zoe Sugg saying that it is quite romantic!
    The I read about was minecaft which is a popular game but high cost!
    I’m doing my book review on cosmetics to go by Mira Manga and my game on Movie Star Planet! X

  60. Kathryn B

    I’m going to do my games review on music.ly
    I’m going to do my book review on the Empty Frame

    I’ve read a review on Harry potter and the goblet of fire
    I’ve read a review on minecraft

  61. Sam Vincent

    for blog homework i looked at a review for a book -Alex Rider book 1,Storm Breaker for my other review i looked at a video game review-Super Mario amibo challenge for writing i’m doing a review on an app-Cow Evolution, for my book i chose Sputnik’s Guide To Life On Earth by Frank Cottwell Boyce.

  62. Kate Maceod :)

    I read:
    The Hunger Games By Suzanne Collins
    Samsung Galaxy a3 Review – Techrax

    Im going to write about:
    The Art Of Being Normal – Lisa Williamson
    AmazingPhil – British Vlogger

  63. Catriona

    I read a hunger games book review and app review on Instagram.
    I will be doing my book review on The boy who fell down exit 43 and game review on minecraft.

  64. Rhea c

    The book review I read was Girl Online and the game review I read was Minecraft

    The book review I’m going to do is Awful Aunty

    The game review I’m going to do is Zoella


  65. Tara Calder

    Reviews I read
    Scrapbook of live

    Reviews that I am doing
    Girl online

  66. will traill

    The reviews I looked at were black ops 3 and a children’s bank account
    Both got good reviews

    My reviews at school will be of the book Hitlers Canary and the Beano comic

  67. Katie

    I looked at the reviews for a book called Girl online by zoella and Minecraft. It was interesting to see what other people thought! For writing i am going to review… Joe Sugg (youtuber) and The Hunger Games (book)

  68. ava

    I read the review for Summerlost
    I read the review for Koi
    I will be doing my book review on the clockwork sparrow
    I will be doing my game review on familyski

  69. Andrew W

    Julius zebra review by the phoenix book club.
    Ratchet and clank the Lombax, the robot and the arsenal, review by Cassidee Moser.

  70. liam ross

    hey it’s Liam R I’m having brill time at my new school hope you’re having a fab time at lochardil and hope you P7s had a great time at loch inch 🙂

  71. Kathryn :) x

    drinking hot chocolate
    snowflakes falling on my nose
    building a snowman

    flowers blossoming
    easter bunnies and chocolate
    sunshine on my face

  72. Emmy G

    Beaches with warm sand
    Sun out with its lovely hat
    Time to go have fun !!

    Mine is on Summer!?! P.S I did do mine already but I do not know if it posted and my other one was on Winter. Xxx 🙂

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