P2 End of Term School Trip

We had a fab day on our school trip today! The weather stayed dry and the sun even shone. Everyone enjoyed our three part trip- Old High Church, Open Top Bus Tour and a picnic at Bellfield Park. Mr Nimmo, the minister at Old High Church was a fantastic host, giving us a great tour of the oldest church in Inverness and even taking the children into the ‘workings’ of the church organ. We had an impromptu organ recital from Mr Nimmo and one of the church organists. The children really enjoyed the bus tour, especially when we went passed some over-hanging trees at the side of the river! We were all amazed by how windy it was on the top deck. Bellfield Park was a lovely location for our lunch and games. The children (and adults) enjoyed playing some games like Duck, Duck, Goose and What’s the Time Mr Wolf. We walked back to school with some very tired boys and girls- it was a lovely day out, everyone behaved beautifully and you were a credit to our school. Thanks very much to our lovely parent helpers, Mrs Gillespie, Mrs Bradley, Mrs Bulloch and Mrs Finnigan. I think we will all sleep well tonight!

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Show and Tell Talks (Part 2!)

Many apologies for the delay in putting up the rest of the photographs from the Show and Tell Talks on the blog. The second week of talks was every bit as good as the first. We thoroughly enjoyed listening to the talks and I think everyone learned something new.

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Show and Tell Talks

What interesting things you have all been bringing in to show us! Creativity has certainly been in evidence in room 4 this week. We have had some fascinating items and some really informative talks. Well done to everyone who has brought something this week, you were all brilliant. I am really looking forward to seeing more interesting objects next week and hearing more talks. Here are some photos from this weeks talks.

DSCF1114 DSCF1119 DSCF1122 DSCF1126 DSCF1129 DSCF1132 DSCF1133 DSCF1134 DSCF1135 DSCF1136 DSCF1137

Symmetry Work

We have been learning about symmetry on Friday’s recently….drawing lines of symmetry and matching pictures, shapes and patterns to their other half to make them symmetrical. Today we created our own patterns and pictures using different media…..paint, construction, dominoes etc.

Here are are a few of our creations. Can you see where the lines of symmetry should go?! 




Welcome Back For Term 4

We have had a lovely first week back! I am convinced that the children have all grown over the holiday. It certainly sounds as though everyone had a great time. We have made a good start on our learning for this term. I promise to get back to ‘normal’ blogging next week, so watch out for more photos of the children at work here!

Please find our updated Learning Overview for Term 4 below.

Learning Overview Term 4

P2B Easter Activities

We have had a busy week learning about Easter and making some things to take home. The children have enjoyed making Easter Bunny baskets, Easter cards and chocolate nests. I was amazed at how much the children’s cutting skills have improved and how their attention to detail has progressed. We hope you enjoy seeing the things we have made when they come home.DSCF1045[1] DSCF1046[1] DSCF1047[1] DSCF1049[1]

Mr Paul the Butcher

We were delighted to have a visit from Mr Paul from A&I Butcher on Thursday to the class. He was a very welcome visitor and the children loved hearing all about different kinds of meat and his job as a butcher. The children had lots of questions to ask and enjoyed seeing all the things he had brought with him. Many thanks to Mr Paul for giving up his time to come to talk to us and for bringing us all the presents!

Bread and Butter!

While we had our visitors last week, we were busy making bread and butter. They were both turned out really well. The other classes in our area were certainly impressed with the delicious smell of baking bread wafting up the stairs and along the corridor! Here are some photos of us enjoying our home made bread and butter. Most of us thought that it was delicious.

DSCF0967 DSCF0968 DSCF0969 DSCF0970 DSCF0971 DSCF0965DSCF0966 DSCF0964

Open Morning

Many thanks to everyone who managed to come along and share our learning about our topic for this term, ‘Fabulous Food and Farming’. It was lovely to see so many mums, dads, grannies and grandpas in our classroom. We hope that you enjoyed our fair trade banana loaf.

DSCF0953 DSCF0954 DSCF0955 DSCF0956 DSCF0957 DSCF0958 DSCF0959 DSCF0960 DSCF0962 DSCF0963

Marvellous Maths!

Our learning in Maths at the moment is all about Multiplication and Shape. We have been learning about the concept of multiplication through games, written work and ICT games. This is a vital step in our learning and the activities we have been doing in class should help us to really understand what multiplication is and help us to learn our times tables more easily later on.

Mrs MacLelland has been helping us to learn about shapes. We have looked at 2D and 3D shapes. The activities have been very popular and lots of fun, especially the creation of our new classmate, Freddie!

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We have been thinking about what we will be doing in 2028. This is the year that our Primary One pupils will leave school. We worked out that we would be 18 or 19 by then. Read our stories to find out what we hope to be up to! Photos are here at last, sorry for the delay!


Farm to Fork at Tesco

We had a brilliant visit to Tesco to find out where our food comes from. It was such fun to see behind the scenes. We watched the Bakery staff in action making pancakes and rolls and everyone got the chance to sugar their own doughnut to take home. The visit to the fish counter was a tiny bit gory but we enjoyed seeing the squid and oysters, ‘oy’ is our sound this week! Going into the freezers was a big hit as the temperature was -20 degrees. The highlight for all was the amazing snack of pancakes and fresh fruit served in the staff canteen. Back at school, we made a list of all the different jobs we had seen in Tesco, it was a long list and gave us all lots to think about for the future.

A huge thank you to all the staff at Tesco Inshes for making us so welcome and a special mention to the Community Champion, Shona who made the trip possible. I hope you enjoy seeing our photographs. I think the children look like little minions in their yellow tabards!


Tennis Week 2!

What a difference a week makes! Everyone’s tennis skills really improved this week. We even got to start playing mini games. Have a look at the photographs to judge for yourself!



We have been very lucky to get some Tennis sessions on a Tuesday morning for 3 weeks.  Our second session is tomorrow and the last one after the February holiday. We have learned how to hit a ball, catch a ball (like a crocodile!) and balance a ball on the racquet while walking, very tricky! It has been great fun and we have all learned new skills. Andy Murray had better watch out, the future opposition is here at Lochardil!

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What fun we had with the ‘magic’ soap and lightbox. First we put the sparkle gel on our hands and then looked at them under the light. After that we had to wash our hands before having another look. Oh dear, our hands were not as clean as we thought!

We learned that it is really important to wash the backs of our hands and inbetween our fingers too. It was a really important lesson to learn before we start baking later this term!


Term 3 Overview

Please have a read of our termly overview to find out what we are planning to get up to in Term 3 in class. Thanks for all your great ideas for our new topic, we are going to discuss our ideas in class on Monday.

Click on the link.

Learning Overview Term 3

P2B Makeover!

I thought that you might be interested in seeing some before and after photos of the P2B classroom! We were very lucky to be painted in the holidays and what a huge difference it has made to learning environment. The classroom is not quite back to normal yet, but we are slowly getting there! Pop in for a wee look next time you are free.

DSCF0731DSCF0739 DSCF0740

























Merry Christmas!

Many thanks to all the P2B parents and carers for all their support this year. It has been a pleasure to teach your lovely children and I look forward to lots more fun with them in the new year. I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very happy and healthy 2016.

Watch this space early in the new year for news about what we will be getting up to next term!


P2 Christmas Party

What a great time we had at our party on Friday afternoon. I hardly recognised everyone, we scrubbed up so well in our party gear! Everyone joined in all the games and we had some spectacular dancers! The food was enjoyed by everyone, many thanks for your kind donations. We have enough food left to give everyone a treat on Monday afternoon too.

What a busy week!

Just a wee note to let you know a few things that are going on this week as there isn’t a ‘Homework Sheet’.

There will be no homework or reading homework this week so please don’t panic if the folder didn’t come home!

Our first two performances were super today! Despite a few ‘technical hitches’ in the morning the children carried on regardless- what professionals they are! This afternoon’s performance was thoroughly enjoyed by our guests and even better than the morning performance. The children are really excited about performing for the ‘mums and dads’ tomorrow.

Remember our Primary 2 Party is on Friday afternoon. The children can bring their party clothes to school with them and we will help them to get changed after lunch. Many thanks to everyone who has donated food for the party so far!

Please ensure that your child has some gym shoes/indoor shoes to change into and wear inside school while the weather is so wet and slushy!

If you have any questions please ask!

Christmas Lunch

We had a lovely day yesterday! Everyone looked great in their Christmas jumpers and hats. There was such a lovely atmosphere around the school and lots of excitement! The lunch was really tasty and thoroughly enjoyed by all! Thanks to our fab cooks for all their efforts. Here are a few photos of P2B pulling their crackers and eating their lunch.

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P2B have been learning about the weather over the last week. We have been talking about measuring and recording our weather. Everyone in the class is in the process of making a windsock to help us to tell the direction of the wind and we are going to make a rain gauge to measure how much rain we get. We are taking it in turns to record the weather on the class weather chart.


Children In Need 2015

Today we remember those children who don’t have their needs met as well as we do.

Like us, they too have the right to “a standard of living that is good enough to meet their physical and mental needs” (Article 27, from the Rights of the Child).

We had great fun wearing crazy hair to raise money for Children in Need.

Thank you at home for your help!

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ICT Football Coaching

We had a super football coaching session from the ICT coaches this morning. Everyone worked really hard and tried their best to master the skills. We all hope that they will come back again soon!

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Nick Martin’s Visit

We had a great visit from Nick Martin and his ‘friends’ on Thursday morning! The children really enjoyed meeting all the animals as you can see from the photographs below. Nick brought Rosie the Tarantula, Peanut the West African Royal Python, Walter the Tortoise, Albert the Pygmy Hedgehog and Sam the Python, along with some Hissing Cockroaches and Giant Millipedes. What an  exciting morning!

If you fancy seeing more of Nick’s collection of animals, he is based at Cantraybridge College near Croy. His Scottish Exotic Animal Rescue Centre has a wide selection of rescued animals. He is open during the first week of holidays from Wednesday to Sunday, 12- 4pm.














Hi Folks! Welcome to our P2B Blog. We hope to keep you uptodate with all that is happening in our class through this page. We’ve made a great start to Primary 2 so far. Here are some photos to show what we have been up to!