Safety on the Way to and From School

A reminder to be very careful on your way to and from school especially if you are cycling or using your scooter. We have had reports of some children not cycling safely or using using their scooter safely. Please ensure that your child knows how to be safe to avoid accidents.

2 thoughts on “Safety on the Way to and From School

  1. Mrs Rodgers Post author

    Thanks for your reply. I hope you don’t mind us posting it on the blog for others to see. We can never be complacent as far as our children’s safety is concerned.

  2. An alarmed father!

    In response to this post (and previous observations of unsafe behaviours), I decided to take a ride around the local streets at school finish time to see how the kids are doing with their riding/scooting. Some were good but I also saw a child on a bike ride across a road without looking at all. I saw another ride along the middle of a road. I even spotted one of my own sons cross the distributor road traffic lights before the lights had changed to orange for the cars. He had pressed the button but decided he had enough time to cross before the cars reached the lights. We have told him to always wait for the lights to be red and wait for the cars to stop. Needless to say, we have had words with him and given a firm warning about any future reoccurrences.

    We discuss road and bike safety often with our kids so I was quite disappointed. Let this be a heads up to other parents who think their kids are aware of, and diligent about, the dangers. Our hopes and good intentions do not always translate into reality. It highlights the need for our own ongoing vigilance.

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