Primary 1A Week 7

Primary 1A have been working hard both mentally and physically this week! On Wednesday we took part in the sponsored run around our track to see how many laps we could do. The primary 7 buddies looked after us and were great at encouraging us to try our best.
We all had very red faces by the end! Miss Munro and Mrs Irvine were so impressed with how many laps primary 1 managed to do! Well Done!

Primary 1 have also been talking about seasons this week as we have been noticing the leaves starting to change colour on the trees. We talked about the red, orange, brown, red and golden leaves we had seen and we had a go at making our own autumn trees by finger painting.

We have also been continuing with our sounds this week, learning “b”, “j” and “z”.
We made lovely glittery jellyfish to go up on our “j” wall display.

The opening morning will be taking place on TUESDAY 9TH of OCTOBER at 11-11:45am. Mrs Jilly Munro will be teaching the class, as Miss Munro is away on a numeracy course. The Primary 1’s would like to invite you to attend their literacy lesson where we will be learning our new sound “x”.

One more busy week to go before the October holidays. We have lots of exciting things to make and do before we all get our well deserved time off!
Have a lovely weekend and I look forward to seeing you all on Monday.

Miss Munro