Nursery 2016/2017

Comic Relief- Red Nose Day!

The ELCC would like to thank you for your kind donations towards Comic Relief. Here’s some photos and quotes from the children.

“Red Nose Day.” Nathan M

“Sometimes if you have toys you don’t use anymore you give them to charity.” Eve C

“It makes them feel happy.” Archie C


Feis Rois are delighted to have created their first ever app, named ‘Fun Folk’. The app is free and can be downloaded on iPads and tablets from the Apple App Store or in Google Play. ‘Fun Folk’ is set out in the style of a virtural nursery and aims to introduce young children to traditional Scottish music, songs, stories, instruments and ceildh dances through fun, interactive, app activities. Help yourself to an information postcard from the hallway.


Isla, Alex,Logan,Selena and Wiktoria were cake baking this week, learning how to weigh and measure the ingredients.


Yesterday some of the boys and girls spent time making a den in our ELCC garden. They used pegs and sticks to attach the tarpaulin to the fence. Once they were finished they enjoyed a lovely snack of oatcakes and cheese in their den.


Parent Discussion Group

The next parent discussion group with be held on Friday 31st March at 9am. This is an opportunity for you to meet with Miss Mackenzie, childcare manager to raise any matters arising. If you cannot attend but you have something you would like to raise please could you email by Friday 24th March. If you are going to be attending this discussion group please could you let a member of staff know or email Miss Mackenzie.

Thank you,


Stay and Play

We would like to invite you to stay and play with your children for up to an hour during your child’s nursery day. Please write your child’s name under the date that suits on the form situated on the stay and play wall and the time in which you will be joining us. We look forward to seeing you on that day and hope you enjoy your time with us.  More dates will be available throughout the year.   

Our up and coming stay and play sessions are:

Tuesday 28th March

Tuesday 4th April

Wednesday 26th April

Friday 28th April

Wednesday 3rd May

Friday 5th May

Monday 20th March

Today marks the first day of Spring. We look forward to spending a lot more time outside, however please ensure you provide your child with appropriate clothing and footwear as we all know the weather in Scotland can be very unpredictable!! Keep your eyes peeled for lots of outdoor fun on our blog.

We had a visit from Mrs McArthur and the boys and girls from Primary One today. 

They explored our outdoor area, thinking about what they would like to develop further in our garden. We look forward to hearing  all their fantastic ideas. 

Some of the children were planting potatoes in the nursery garden this week working together as a team Poppy said “you need water and sun to make them grow”

**Our New Role Play Area**



This week we have been thinking about what we would like to include in our new role play area ‘The Swimming Pool’. If you have anything related you would like to take in such as old swimming costumes/shorts, goggles, snorkels, and anything else we could use in the pool.

Take a look at what we have done so far.

Red Nose Day Friday 24th March 2017

On Friday the 24th March the ELCC will be supporting Comic Relief by taking part in Red Nose Day. If you would like to take part then come along dressed in something red.  A donation can be made on the day if you wish.


**We need your Junk**

The junk cupboard is starting to look a little empty at nursery. Could we please have your unwanted junk for us to create some lovely models.




Week beginning 13th March 2017!

This week is science week and the nursery have decided to use this as an opportunity to start planting throughout the setting learning about how we grow plants and vegetables and look after them.

We have also been voting in the nursery for what we would like our house corner to become.  After the votes were counted  it has been decided that we will be having a swimming pool in the home corner.  The children are looking forward to this!   If you have any unwanted swimming costumes, goggles and swimming aids this would be very much appreciated.

14/3/17 – Litter!

This week we are looking more closely at how we look after our environment and specifically looking at recycling and the different coloured bins we use!  We have been identifying what goes in our green, blue, brown and grey bins.

The whole week in nursery we have been on litter picking duty.All children have been given the opportunity to clean up the school after break times and lunch disposing of the rubbish responsibly in the correct way.



Mason matched up all 30 pieces of his ‘Under the Sea’ jigsaw to complete his stepping stone. Well done Mason!



This week in nursery children will be exploring their rights during circle time discussions and free play, and how they are able to exercise these appropriately at nursery. Staff will introduce the Lochardil Rights Song which is also sung at the whole school assembly. Any parent who wishes to have a copy please ask and we will be able to provide you with one.

Yesterday was world book day the whole school took part in dressing up as a character from our favorite story we had some great out fits.

The children are learning a new song  at tidy up time, Hi ho Hi ho its off to work we go. This will be used to encourage good care of toys and resources and make the tidy up process more enjoyable.

Today the children made pancakes for Shrove Tuesday discussing what ingredients to use and what utenstils we needed.

Mrs Reed recently attended a French training course which she has shared with all staff.We are now all learning a few French words at circle time .

Learning about the importance of recycling and composting

The children were playing a maths game putting the correct number of fruit on the fruit trees for numbers 0-6

WOW Wall

Well done Murphy and Anthony who have both had their WOW achievements added to the Wall. Murphy received a badge at swimming and Anthony got himself dressed independently for nursery! Fantastic work from both boys we are proud of you!

Has your child achieved something out with nursery. If so bring in a photo and fill in a star (they are next to the WOW wall in a poly pocket) and give it to one of the EYPs. Your child will then have the opportunity to speak about their achievement at circle time and add it to the wall for everyone to see! We know there’s lots of achievements going on from all the children at Lochardil ELCC!

Isla was learning her large numbers for her stepping stone she was able to recognize all the numbers 1-20 .

Today in Nursery we were learning about how to look after our bodies. Keeping them clean and healthy. We brushed all the germs from our teeth. We also discussed why we wash our hands.  


As some of you may know, World Book Day is on Thursday 2nd March and would like to invite our nursery children to come dressed as their favourite book character.  This is completely optional so if your child does not wish to dress up, we would love for them to bring their favourite book to talk about instead, 

We can’t wait to see what great costumes you all have and talk about our favourite books and stories together.

 Image result for world book day 2017

Last week we were learning about shapes and patterns.  The children were given the opportunity to demonstrate their shape knowledge and use these to make their own patterns.



Just a reminder for parents that the school and ELCC will be closed on Monday 20th, Tuesday 21st and Wednesday 22nd February.

Today we had a visit from Mary from Childsmile.

She told us about how to care for our teeth and she read us all a Peppa Pig story about going to the Dentist.   Mary also brought Mojo Monkey for a visit, we all took a turn to brush his teeth, using the special dentist mirror to check to see if they were clean.

Ethan- ” The dentist looks to see if your teeth are dirty”

Mason-“They look for holes in your teeth”.

Shannon- “Sweets are bad for your teeth”.

Dear Parents / Carers
A reminder that parents / carers must drop off and collect at their designated time.  This is vital to the running of our staff / children ratio’s and also for insurance purposes.
Although we appreciate things may crop up at short notice and delays occur, it is becoming a frequent occurrence at both ends of the day for early drop off and late collection.
Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.
Miss C MacKenzie Childcare Manager

This week in Nursery we are learning about what lives Under the Sea.

We have been busy creating our own Under the Sea home corner using different coloured materials and discussing what we know about Sharks and Octopus.

Who needs paper for painting!

We had lots of fun using the paint to create patterns and make pictures on the table.

At gym we have been practicing balancing bean bags on different parts of our bodies.  It was lots of fun throwing the bean bag to our partners and trying to catch it.

Week commencing 6th February 2017

we are learning to explore characters in stories.

we are learning about Pirates and under the sea.

The Band!

The children were playing musical instruments in a band, they built their own wonderful stage and played instruments in time to clapping. They even had their own conductor !






Discussion Group

We have our first discussion group for our ELCC on Wednesday 8th February, 3pm – 4pm. Please meet at front reception. If you are not able to make this discussion group although you have an item to bring to the agenda, then please email Miss Mackenzie (, childcare manager by Friday 3rd February.

Thank you, from the ELCC team.


The children are engaged in learning about pirates and have being using what they’ve learnt in their play indoor and outdoors! They’ve made various pirate ships outdoor and are using pirate language such as scallywag, ahoy, abandon ship and many more. We’ve even built a cave outside.

Indoors we’ve been digging for treasure in the sand tray, playing with the wooden ship and dressing up and walking the plank in the home corner. We’ve been singing a variety of pirate songs maybe we could sing them to you at home! “The pirate song”, “a sailor went to sea sea”, “my bonnie lies over the ocean”.

Enrolling online for Primary 1 and Early Learning and Childcare (ELCC)

(Paper copies will be available through the school office)  

Children born between 1st March 2013 and 28th February 2015 are entitled to be a funded Early Learning and Childcare place. (The new session will start on August 15th August 2017).

We are pleased to announce that for enrolment into school or Early Learning and childcare, a new enrolment process has been developed to enable parents and carers to register children online.

The P1 enrolment week for highland schools is Monday 30th January to Friday 3rd February 2017.

For Early Learning and Childcare Places enrolment week will be Monday 13th February to Friday 17th February 2017.  At Lochardil Primary School we over flexibility between the hours of 8am and 5.45pm. For children returning for nursery 4, they do not have to complete the online enrolment form they are only required to complete a preferred hour’s form along with proof of address and birth certificate.

Once you have enrolled online or through the school office the school will contact you to arrange an induction.

The online form can be accessed from

Robert Burns

We have been learning about Robert Burns, our national poet, the ” Bard ”

” He lived a very, very, long time ago. ” Layla

” He used a feather to do his writing. ”  Poppy

We did some Scottish dancing in the gym hall and then we had a tasty snack n the canteen. Cook had made us some haggis, neeps and tatties !

 Josh was exploring using the keyboard to find pictures of Pokemon on the internet. Great concentration Josh!


Stay and Play Session

Dates for February

Monday 6th, Thursday 9th, Friday 10th, Wednesday 15th, Friday 24th, Monday 27th

Well done Poppy.  You successfully got the Bee-Bot from the starting point to the cave, just as you wanted.  Good Work 🙂


This week the children have been exploring the technology we have in the nursery. Here are a few of the children who were able to navigate the Bee-Bot around the pirates map to the places they wanted it to visit. Well done boys and girls !!!

Today the children spent time painting using their feet. They choose blue paint to create the sea for our pirate ship.

This week we are investigating different sources of technology around the setting.  The children have been exploring Beebot, an electronic machine, which teaches programming and directional skills.

Kenny navigating the Beebot around the treasure map!


May demonstrated great concentration while she created a “Snowy Picture” using cotton reels.

She was inspired by the snow outside. Well done May !


We are very interested in “Pirates “, how they lived, what they wore, and how they found their treasure. We have built a Pirate Ship in the garden and are learning some of the language of pirates. Here are some of the words we know;

” Ahoy me hearties ! ”    Hello my friends

“Ship shape”                    Clean and tidy

” Landlubbers ”                Someone who lives on the land and is not a pirate.

“Scallwag”                         Rascal

We were even pirates during gym today and played some fun pirate games!




Rosie received a Star Moment for her super writing skills. Well done Rosie.


Indi spent time today mark making using paint. She used her Peter Pointer finger to practise writing ‘I’ for Indi.



We will be welcoming Julie from ‘BookBug’ into nursery on Thursday 2nd February. She will be coming in to read the children a great adventure story to link in with our topic of Pirates.

We look forward to seeing her very soon.


This week we are welcoming new friends and settling back into the nursery routine.  We are remembering our nursery rules which include using our kind hands, walking feet and listening ears.

Lucy and Alan showing us their listening ears.


This week we having been building a pirate ship in the garden, hunting for treasure and escaping from the sharks.

Stay and Play Session

Dates for January – Tuesday 17th, Friday 20th, Monday 23rd, Thursday 26th


Parent/Carers focus group meeting Tuesday 17th January at 9:15am, new focus – stay and play questionnaire.


A big warm welcome back to nursery, hope you all had a good Christmas and a happy new year. We have heard that Santa has been busy and very kind to all the boys and girls! 🙂

Snowbell and Larry

Today snowbell and Larry had noticed some really good behaviour and tidying and was writing leaves for our trees!

Yesterday snowbell and larry had wrapped up the hallway in wrapping paper! It looked really good and Larry was very funny where he was stuck!


We would like to welcome Mrs Lesley to the ELCC team. Mrs Leslie had her first day yesterday. She is having lots of fun getting to know all the children. If you have not yet Mrs Lesley please feel free to introduce yourself.

Snowbell and Larry!

Well again on Thursdays night Snowbell and Larry got hold of some wrapping paper. We found the sinks wrapped up, with tinsel round the  taps!


Simpson’s Thursday 15th trip

We all had a great time on our trip to Simpson’s garden centre. Meeting Santa’s reindeers was magical, carol singing was fun, chilling watching a festive film and we even had time to feed the fish. Courage the cat surprised us and joined in with our singing to raise pennies for MFRs Cash For Kids. Photos to follow.

We look forward to visiting again on Monday 19th (am) for another magical experience.

Snowbell and Larry

Last night it looks like the elves found their way into our paint cupboard and helped themselves to paint and paintbrushes! We made sure to telling them today that we painted on paper not the work tops! But we had a good Chat about whether it Was a happy face or not because the elves had forgotton to put a mouth.


Elves Return

Today snowbell and Larry where playing with a cup a and ball wee think they where practising there throwing skills! Santa is really happy with how well we are behaving! Snowbell and Larry also heard it was Christmas lunch day tomorrow for the boys and girls who stay for lunch But we can all were our Christmas colours  or jumper to spread the Christmas cheer!


Snowbell and Larry

This morning we found one Elf flying through the air with a pair of pants as his Cape in the buttercup room. Snowbell however after all the decorating of the tree over weekend felt she needed a rest and we found her in a bath full of marshmallows! She’d also made herself a wee place to hand her towel!




We would like to welcome Mr Edwards to our ELCC team. Mr Edwards had his first day yesterday. The children were delighted to introduce themselves and show him around.


Snowbell and Larry

Over the weekend Snowbell and Larry had plenty time to get up to mischief and we came back to a very decorated tree!  It defiently brought lots of laughs to nursery as the elves had decorated the tree with pants, socks, tights, vest and toilet roll! img_6004

Snowbell and Larry

On Friday Snowbell and Larry were having snowball fights with the animals!


Christmas Sing-a-Long

We are so excited to be able to finally present our Christmas sing-a-long to our families tomorrow !!  The children have been practising so hard, as we are sure you have all heard.  Just to remind everyone, if the children have something Christmassy or even Christmas colours (red, green, gold/yellow, silver or even sparkly) could they please wear them to the show.  If not, please don’t worry as we have a lovely addition for them all to wear… but that’s a secret until tomorrow !!

We look forward to seeing you all there !!

Larry and Snowbell

img_5982 img_5991




Larry and Snowbell


img_5973 img_5974

Larry and Snowbell 


img_5952 img_5953

So this morning we thought the  doors had disappeared but soon realised that they were still there, Snowbell and Larry give it away when we noticed that they somehow managed to get stuck to the door! Which helped us discover who had wrapped our doors up!

ELCC Christmas Performance

Friday 9th December

With our Christmas performance on Friday 9th December we have asked all our Friday afternoon children to attend in the morning from 9am. The children can be dropped off in the gym hall and be collected as normal down at the ELCC building at 12.30pm.

Our all day care will still be available to those who use this service.

Thank you, ELCC team

Larry and Snowbell 

img_5934 img_5935 img_5937So Larry  and Snowbell had a good weekend in nursery! They seemed to have found our change of clothes supply and took out all the pants and socks and vest!  They were also  both tangled in a pair of pants the children thought it was hilarouis! Hopefully they are off sending good reports to Santa again!

What have  yours elves been up to at home?


The Children will be given the opportunity to explore the Nativity story at circle time and on our interactive interest table.

Glass jars

Don’t forget to bring in a glass jam jar with your childs name on it, if you haven’t done so already. Thank you.

Christmas sing along

It’s our Christmas sing along on Friday 9th at 10.15am and the children have been busy practicing their songs at Nursery and home so keep up the good work, and we hope you all enjoy the show.


With the start of Advent, our Santa advent calenders beard is starting to grow nicely. It’s begining to feel alot like Christmas.



Larry and snowbell returned! 

We must have been good on Thursday because Larry and snowbell returned to get up to more mischief!


We told Larry and snowbell we wouldn’t be in nursery for two days so they are going to keep an eye on it for us, and we look forward to finding them on Monday!

We’ve had visitor

The boys and girls had 2 special visitors today in nursery. Who or what might it be so close to Christmas?

Well… it is 2 elves one is a girl called snowbell and one is a boy called Larry! They had left a big mess with some flour today, all the children were very excited and tought it was funny.  They both arrived with a special letter explaining a little about themselves. The teachers read out the letter and they said that the elf had been sent by Santa to watch to see if we were behaving and they fly back to the North Pole each night to report to Santa!

How exciting!!!

Snowbell and Larry had one very special rule which the children all listened to and that is they can’t touch them or there magic will disappear! They also said each day they will do something different so we can’t wait to see what they have planned!

img_5912 img_5918 img_5917 Day 1 of Larry and Snowbell!

St Andrews Day

Children will be given the opportunity to explore a variety of items relating to St Andrews Day. Children will be learning to move their bodies to Scottish music.

Home Link

Santa letters will be sent home with children attending the Simpsons trip, to be completed and returned by 5th December.

Stay and play

Stay and play sessions this week are Monday 28th Nov and Friday 2nd December.



Christmas Singalong

Children will be receiving a copy of the words to the songs we will be singing at our Christmas Singalong. We would be grateful if you could practice these with the children at home.

Level of Engagment through Questionnaires

We had 21.78% that returned completed questionnaires, leaving a large 78.22% that didn’t engage. I would like to gather what parents/carers preferred method of engagement be with questionnaires. Would this be the current paper questionnaires, online surveys for example survey monkey? If you could let a member of the ELCC staff know your suggestions that would be very much appreciated.

Parent/carers and child Questionnaires

We received 22 completed questionnaires responses in helping us to improve our ELCC and partnership with parent/carers. Numerous positive and constructive comments were made.

Some of the positive comments included:

“We have seen a huge improvement with our child, and that is really thanks to all the girls, our child comes home talking about them all”

“Child is very happy”