Lochardil Gymnastics Quiz

Gym Quiz!

Fab prizes!                                                      £1 donation

Lochardil School Gymnastics Team are raising money to purchase new leotards to wear when representing the school.  We would love you to enter our Gym Quiz and bring your answers in to school with a £1 entry fee by Wednesday 7th October.  Prizes will be awarded at assembly at the end of term.


Write your answers on a piece of paper, clearly labelled with your full name and class.  Seal your answers and £1 donation in an envelope marked Gym Quiz and bring to school by Wednesday 7th October.

Winners will be announced at assembly on Friday 9th October.


  1. Which six apparatus do men compete on at the Olympics?
  2. Who is the current Olympic champion for Women’s Artistic Gymnastics?
  3. How many moves are in a trampoline routine?
  4. Who was the first gymnast to score a perfect 10 in the Olympics?
  5. Unscramble these gymnastics moves
    2. KABC IPLF
    4. IRANBA
  6. What is a Rudi?
  7. When was the first ever World Championships for Gymnastics held?
  8. What discipline of Gymnastics uses ropes and ribbons?
  9. What substance do you put on your hands before a bars routine?
  10. Who is the current men’s World Champion (all around)?
  11. There are three parts to a TeamGym competition – what are they?
  12. How wide is the balance beam?
  13. Why was a piano required for gymnastics competitions in the past?
  14. How many medals can a male gymnast win at an Olympic games?
  15. Which team are the current Women’s European Champions?
  16. How many medals did GB win in gymnastics at the 2012 Olympic Games?
  17. What colour of medal did the Scottish Men’s team win at the Commonwealth Games 2014?
  18. What does FIG stand for?
  19. What major gymnastics event is coming to Glasgow in October?
  20. Which primary school are the current Highland Schools Gymnastics Champions?

Tiebreak – think of a caption for this photo!


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