June’s Newsletter

             Lochardil Primary School

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Acting Head Teacher:

Mrs M MacDonald




Newsletter 10– June 2015


Dear Parents/Carers,


Still a whole month of learning to go before the holidays, so we are still at full steam ahead! Lots of exciting things coming up this month. Don’t blink or you might miss something!

Mrs Miriam MacDonald

Acting Head Teacher


Parent Consultation

The recent Parent Forum consultation was a great success. 71% of families responded which is a huge percentage for a poll of this type. Thank you for your interest. Of the respondents, 2/3 of families were in favour of a more flexible approach to forming classes from an educational perspective. There will be lots of planned opportunities to discuss this in more detail over the next session.


Parent Focus Groups

In the spirit of having opportunities to discuss plans and share ideas, I have encouraged parents to contact me at any time. Many parents have and from this has developed a number of Parent Focus Groups. These are informal chats where I can gather parental opinion on school developments.


Eco News

Tuesday 9th sees a visit from an Eco Inspector. There can be no doubt that the inspector will be most impressed with the developments led by Eco Team and Mrs Murray and we will soon be celebrating our 3rd Eco flag.


Parking – Our Responsibilities to Pupils and Residents

A very upset parent came to see me as a result of anti-social and dangerous parking on the corner under the big tree. We have asked for a Police presence to inform drivers of the dangers of parking there. Please DO NOT park on that corner


Caley Thistle

What a great day we had on Friday 29th dressing in Red White and Blue and raising money for The Red Cross. Around £500 was raised by your children. Very well done!


Parent Helpers

Thank you to the parents who are able to transport pupils to sporting events, accompany then on learning visits,

help in classrooms and with resources, help in our school garden. Staff really appreciate it. Thanks also to Rebecca Traill for her role as co-ordinator.


Dates for the diary

June 8th P4-7 school sports at IRA (10.00am)

P1-3 school sports at IRA (1.45pm)

June 9th Tennis Competition

June 10th School Meals Summer Picnic

June 11th P1A Pupils to visit Inverness Museum

Group of older pupils to visit Lego exhibition

June12th Reports to be issued

Golf Competition for pupils

June 15th Group of P1-P4 pupils to attend athletics event

June 15th Drumfun for all nursery pupils

June 16th Parents Information Meeting- Improving

Attainment in Numeracy in Lochardil 630-730pm

June 16-18th P7 transition to IRA

June 17th-18th Pupils spend 2 days with their new

classmates and our new P1s spend the

mornings in their classrooms.

June19th Choir compete in Local Mod

June 23rd 930-1030 Ladybird AM sports

June 24th P3/4 go to Glachbeg Farm

930-1030 Butterfly AM sports

130-230 Butterfly PM sports

June24th P5 P5/6 and P6 are going to Findhorn

June 25th 145-230 Come and watch Lochardil Numeracy in

Action as demonstrated by pupils!

June 29th School Discos (see flyer issues this week)

July 1st P7 Leaver assembly

Last day of nursery for pupils

July 2nd School closes at 1200pm. Holidays!!!!


Thanks to the staff who make all this exciting learning possible!

Miriam MacDonald Acting Head Teacher