‘Fortnite’ Resources & Information for Parents

It has become apparent in a number of classes across the school, that there has been a significant increased interest in the online game titled, ‘Fortnite’.  As a school we are keen to promote digital safety and encourage our pupils to stay safe whilst online, at both school and home, by making responsible choices.  This also encompasses our core values as a school and we therefore aim to promote and encourage our pupils to develop their creativity and imagination through imaginative play in the playground  amongst many other methods.

Many parents/carers will be fully aware that this is a game which is well on track to become one of the most immersive and addictive fictional games of all time and is sweeping the gaming nation worldwide.

Below are some links to some useful articles/guides that we have received from the local authority for you to peruse, in order to become more familiar with what this latest gaming craze is all about:

We hope you find all of this information useful in supporting your children and all our pupils and ultimately keeping them safe online.

The Lochardil Team.