ELCC 2018 (Jan-June)

National Pre-School Vision Screening Programme

The Scottish Government has recommended that all children should have their eyesight checked before they start school. This allows any eyesight problems to be treated as soon as possible. This will be carried out by an Orthoptist who is specially trained to assess children’s vision and to detect a squint. The rest includes naming pictures and matching letters and will be an enjoyable experience for your child.

Please make sure you have completed the consent form from the staff in the ELC.

The Orthoptist has been in touch and have a space available and will be in on Thursday 22nd February, if your child does not attend on this day then you can speak to a member of staff so we can arrange a time for you to bring your child in for the appointment and you can wait with them throughout the appointment. The 3rd block of forest sessions will be taking place this day, so again if you would like to bring your child in at a suitable time in the afternoon then please speak to a member of staff.

Thank you from the ELC Team


The school and ELC will be closed Monday 19th February, Tuesday 20th February and Wednesday 21st February. See you all back on Thursday 22nd February

Have a lovely long weekend everyone!


We are very lucky to have Drum fun visiting us on 27th February. They provide individually tailored hands on interactive drumming programmes, and  their workshops are designed to engage and motivate. We are very excited for their visit!



We are celebrating world book day on Thursday 1st March and invite our children to dress up for the day in their favourite book character. This is just for fun, I wonder what the teachers will be?


The children are excited to be playing in our new puppet theatre, we have been seeing some great show performances!


Forest School

We are now well into our 2nd block of Forest School and the children have been having great fun during our wintry weather. Learning how to keep warm whilst we are on our adventures. We have been cooking hot chocolate and learning how to safely build our fire. We have been creating journey sticks, searching for special pieces of nature that we can talk about.

During our 3rd week the children really enjoyed exploring the mud and created a mud party!!  We also found “mouse house” in the woods, “the Gruffalo mouses’ house”.

All the children have been so well behaved and really aware of safety rules also showing lots of kindness to their friends. The children are growing in confidence and relishing the opportunity to explore nature.

 Childcare Statements

You should all now have received your childcare statements. They will have been sent to your email address that you have provided, therefore if it is not in your inbox please make sure to check your junk mail. If you have still not received a statement by the end of the week then please let us know.

Thank you all very much for your co-operation and patience with us while we have been working on getting these statements out to you.

Gym Time

We have been having a lot of fun during gym time, making use of our now vacant gym hall as well as the canteen space. The children have been learning ball control and we are going to continue to develop this.

Robert Burns

This week in Nursery we have been learning about Robert Burns and have been celebrating his birthday.

The cooks very kindly made  Haggis, neeps, and tatties for the children to enjoy at snack. Some had never tried this before and some children had seconds and even thirds! 

We did some Scottish dancing and made some Scottish flags and tartan patterns during art. We have lots of lovely photos to share which will be added here very soon. 



New Term

Our new children to nursery this term are settling really well into the fun and routine of our day. It is great to see them having fun and making friends.

Our older children have been great at helping this transition as easy as possible. They have been extremely kind and helpful by showing the new children their trays, assisting them with jackets and coats and making sure they have someone to play with. They have also demonstrated to the new ones our Nursery rules, eg kind hands, walking feet & listening ears. We are very proud of them all. 

Welcome Back

It’s great to be back up and running again, we are so sorry for the lack of updates due to technical difficulties! 


Primary 1 / School Enrolment week

Monday 29th January – Friday 2nd February 

Your child should have been issued with an information sheet within their tray. This should be checked, updated and returned to the school office at the time of enrolment.

Parents should enrol their child at the school office, between 9am and 10am or between 2.30pm and 3.30pm

Welcome to our new blog page, unfortunately we have had to create a new page as we were having some technical problems so please find our future posts here.

Thank you for your patience.