Eco Activity Days

June 13th – 16th 2016

Monday 13th June – ECO themed Treasure Hunt (Biodiversity/Litter theme)

Tuesday 14th June – Fill a class bag for Blythswood. (Sustaining Our World) Bring in one item from home which can be put into the Blythswood Recycling Bank at the car park.  The more we give the more children we can feed.

Wednesday 15th June –Transition day ECO activity in your new class eg newspapers and bin bags.  Have a recycled fashion show. Take photos of your ECO fun.

Thursday 16th June – Recycled playground games. (Waste Minimisation) Come and join us for


Ring Toss

Catch the ball

Tyres – Target Practice

Hit the cans

Bubble blower fun

Assembly Thursday 16th – ECO quiz and Litter play

Friday 16th June – Fruity Friday. (Health and Wellbeing) Bring fruit (or veg) only for your snack. Extra playtime if you do!