Term 1 – Week 8

Chocolate Tasting! 

To complete our chocolate topic P.5/6 spent some time tasting a variety of different chocolates with the intention of identifying the correct colour and flavour. I was very impressed with their efforts and all individuals managed to successfully identify at least half of the flavours, great work. Miss Marshall and my two willing helpers, Alice and Imogen, had a great laugh watching the class taste the different flavours, lots of interesting facial expressions were made! The chilli chocolate, despite the pictures, was very popular! 

Parent/carers Open Session

You are invited to our Open Morning on Tuesday 3rd October from 11:00-11:45am. All parents/carers are very welcome to visit our classroom and it would be lovely to see you to share p.5/6 learning so far!

Term 1 – Week 7 Highlights. 


During Listening and Talking we are learning how to show respect for the views and opinions of others. In class we ordered a variety of chocolate bars from our ‘favourite’ to our ‘least favourite’. Following this we found a partner and shared our choices, concentrating on making respectful comments in response to others opinions. Each individual then created a word bank of sentences or phrases they might use to value and respect the opinions of others- thinking carefully about how you might politely disagree!


During Science with Miss Ross this week the class made up their own dance to demonstrate each step of the digestive system to traditional Scottish music. Excellent participation from all pupils, well done!

Term 1 – Week 5 Highlights. 

Star Pupil

A huge well done to Chloe Watt who got Star Pupil of Primary 5/6 this month. Chloe received the award for her determined attitude across all subjects. Chloe is always willing to give it a go and has really been using her growth mind-set, well done!

Daily Weekly Mile

Well done to P. 5/6 for getting off to a fantastic start completing our Friday mile, the class managed to run/jog/walk the sports field 7 times! Special thanks to Toryn for being the class photographer, a job Miss Marshall is yet to master.

Term 1 – Week 4 Highlights. 

Spelling Success 

A huge well done to everyone in P.5/6 for their best efforts in the spelling quiz this week. Everyone who completed their spelling homework achieved 10/10 in the quiz today, well done!


This week we have been exploring the journey of chocolate from bean to bar. Different groups learnt different stages of the process before presenting their information to the class. Excellent presentation skills from all involved!


The class should be very proud of their paintings created on Wednesday with Miss MacDonald. They all look great! The class used inspiration from Scottish Artist Steven Brown to create their colorful and imaginary pieces.

Learning and teaching Overview

Attached is the P.5/6 Overview which aims to share information, daily routines and expectations for learning in Term 1. If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Learning and Teaching Overview


Welcome to Primary 5/6!

We’ve had a great first week spending lots of time getting to know our new classmates. It was lovely to watch the class share personal items brought from home to help them get to know each other.

P.5/6 have a PE slot on Monday with the specialist teacher, outside kit is necessary. 








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