Homework for Thursday 21st December

In class we have been learning about Christianity and Christmas. Christmas is a special time of year where everyone is encouraged to be:

  • Kind
  • Loving
  • Giving
  • Caring

These are some values (like our school values) that we have been learning about.


 Think about a way that people show these values at Christmas time. Research using the internet or by speaking to people and type a post about what you find out on our class blog, on the school website. You may use videos, writing, pictures etc.


You can choose what you want to do this task about but if you are stuck, here are some ideas:

  • Food banks that help people at Christmas
  • Local Charites that help people at Christmas
  • MFR Christmas Appeal
  • The Giving Tree in Eastgate Centre
  • The Salvation Army
  • Social Bite
  • Edinburgh Sleep Out
  • A local Church
  • Community Support
  • Volunteers
  • Personal Experiences.


Some of you have asked about resources you can use at home to support revision of maths. Here are a few ideas. I hope they are helpful :
Oxford Owl includes a range of activities, top tips and eBooks to help your child with their maths at home.

Maths 4 Mums and Dads explains some of the milestones children make between the ages of 3-and-11-years-old.

Nrich. A range of maths games, problems and articles on all areas of maths. Parents of children in first level (P2-4) should select ‘stage 1’ and parents of children in (p5-7) or those requiring a challenge2should select ‘stage 2’.

Here is a list of maths websites that your children may enjoy:



Please click on the link below to access our learning overview for term two:

P4 term 2 blog overview





Don’t forget our open morning is tomorrow (03/10/17) at 11:00 – 11:45. You are welcome to come along and look and discuss your child’s writing! Hope to see you there! 


Pupil Representatives! 

Our P4 pupil representatives are as follows: 

Eco Committee – Savannah – Louise Johnson 
Junior Road Safety Officer – Finn Munro 
Health Promoter – Cian McAllister 
Uni Kid – Lilly Fergusson 
Pupil Council – Lyla Bain and Kian Calder 

Our Pupil Council Reps have made a great start, they have attended 3 meetings and and represented P4’s thoughts and opinions on  what is good about Lochardil Primary and what could be improved, what makes a good teacher and what makes a good pupil. Keep up the great work you two!


P4 have been learning about the skeleton. Today, we went outside to build skeletons using items we had found in the playground!

I think you will agree that they did a great job!

Miss Ross

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Pointillism in Primary 4!

Over the past couple of weeks primary 4 have been learning about Pointillism and George Seurat, the famous artist responsible for the artistic technique. We have been learning about his method of using small dots of pure colour to create an image. First of all, the class drew a simple landscape and added dots of colour using felt pens.

Today, some of the class finished their landscapes and were able to move on to using paints to re-create Seurat’s famous painting “The Eiffel Tower.” The class were only allowed red, blue and yellow paint as Seurat only used pure colours. This meant primary 4 had to mix their own colours if they wanted, green, purple, orange or brown! Challenging at first but we got the hang of it!




Happy Thursday everyone! Please find below a link to our learning overview for term 1.

P4Learning Overview Term 1 2017-18

Welcome to P4! I hope you all had a wonderful Summer break and are excited about being back at school in your new class. We are going to work hard, learn new things and of course have lots of fun along the way!

This week we created “encouragement bunting” to display in our classroom. The class came up with encouraging statements that they thought would make someone feel better if they were feeling down or finding something difficult. We are pleased with the results, they really brighten up the room! Here are some examples…




We have also written letters to our future selves. The class thought about what they would like to improve on this year and what they would like to learn. They wrote letters to themselves that they will open at the end of P4! Everyone wrote a lovely letter with ambitious yet achievable goals! Well done everyone!



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  1. Mrs Rodgers Post author

    This is a great thing! You’re right, it does show kindness. Can you find out some more about it? See if you can do some research and tell us some interesting things about the MFR Christmas appeal. For example when did it first start ? How many people did they help last year? Where do you donate the gifts to? How do the gifts get delivered to the people?

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