I’m so proud of everyone for a super first term of learning in Primary 1. Well done! It’s been lovely getting to know you all and I’m excited to see what we’ll learn together next term. Many thanks to our student Miss Mackintosh who has helped us all with our learning for the last 4 weeks. Have a happy holiday and remember to ask someone at home to wash your gym kit ready for term 2!

Here are some photos of our busy last couple of weeks….

Taking part in the Scottish schools reading together challenge, looking muddled on dress silly day and making magnificent monkey masks.

Designing our own r for rocking robots, practising accurate counting and numeral recognition and forming huge letter shapes at the finger light disco.

Exploring and learning about our senses of touch and taste with Miss Mackintosh. Can you tell an adult if you made a pongy potion or a perfect perfume when you worked with your partner?

Learning about h and using our sounds to blend cvc words e.g. hen, hip, net. As part of our Marvellous Me topic Mary came to tell us how sugar harms our teeth. Can you tell an adult at home why you should only have sugar at mealtimes and never in your snacks? Why should you not have dried fruit, biscuits, cereal bars, fruit juice or sweet yogurt for your playtime snack? Can you remember why fresh fruit, cheese & crackers or sugar free crisps are better snacks for your teeth?

Making a living graph of our eye colours, learning about children’s rights through the theatre group visit and learning about the sound e for elephant.

Challenging ourselves and co-operating with each other on the trim trail.


What an super week of listening and talking learning we’ve had! We’ve been telling everyone what is special to each of us by sharing our special boxes. It’s been really interesting to find out who is in everyone’s family and what we all enjoy doing and eating! We have all done an amazing job of looking at our audience, using our big voice and listening well. Fantastic work P1B!! Thank you so much to your families for all their help with this project.

We were also very lucky to have an fantastic talk from Dr Rutherford who brought his skeleton, Ryan, to help us learn more about the inside of our body. Can you remember what the heart does and the sound it makes when it’s working properly? Can you tell someone at home where your lungs and kidneys are? Which part of your body makes the poo? A HUGE thanks to Dr Rutherford for helping us with this super learning!

Have a lovely long weekend and see you on Wednesday!


Can you spot any familiar faces in our portrait gallery? We have been developing our understanding of parts of our bodies, inside and out. Drawing round some of the class was great fun!

We are getting quicker at ordering the numeral sequence 0-10 and counting backwards, starting at different numbers. To develop our understanding of graphs we made a cupcake birthday graph.

When we went to the muga for PE we managed to get changed into our gym kit and back without mislaying any clothes! Please continue to practice changing skills at home, especially buttons. We are controlling our bodies well during yoga time.

Our ability to notice rhyming words is developing. We really enjoyed hearing our volunteer, Cameron, read us some rhyming stories. We are also trying really hard to blend the 7 sounds we have learned to make words. With s a t p i n c we found we can make words like nap, cat, pit and even pants!

When we were learning the n sound we made yummy chocolate nests and had to co-operate in teams when we created nests for nightingales outside with P1A.

A HUGE thank you to our P7 buddies who have helped us so much during our transition to P1. We still get to play with them in the playground when we see them and they joined us to read us stories on the 1st.


We have been developing our understanding of number sequence, dice and domino patterns and sharing our ideas for our Marvellous Me topic. We enjoyed our lovely relaxing yoga session.

We have been learning about the sound p and using our sounds to create letters and words. Can you share our Rhyme of the Week with someone at home?

You will find our Term 1 Learning Overview below. Take a look to see what learning we have planned for the rest of the term.



Wonderful Week Two

Primary 1 have been superstars in week two, developing their confidence, helping new friends and having fun during our tasks and playing times. In our week 2 maths we explored quantities, numerals and dice patterns.

We learned two more sounds – and t.

We spotted words that begin with the sounds, including our tongues and teeth starting with t. We ‘wrote’ the letters on our friend’s hands and backs and around the room with the finger lights.

We created terrific tortoises using our creative and cutting skills.

We had lots of opportunities to develop our fine motor skills. These increase our control of our fingers and make them stronger which helps us for lots of activities including drawing and writing. We used paper clips, painting pegs, tiny tweezers, counters, playdough, beads and threading this week. I wonder what you can manipulate at home to develop these skills?

We enjoyed having stories read to us and reading by ourselves. We learned some new songs and rhymes and we had assembly in the dinner hall with nursery.

Can you teach someone at home our rhyme of the week? Can you spot anything at home that starts with t or a?

Congratulations to our new class reps who will join the reps from other classes at meetings and activities to help to improve our school!



We’ve been busy learning a bit about the people who will help us around the school and the jobs they do, exploring some more of the school spaces, getting to know each other, using our movement and fine motor skills and having fun! Here’s a wee peek at some of it…..

Welcome to the P1B blog!

What a fabulous first day we all had! We did a super job of being friendly and caring with our new classmates and were all very confident to explore our classroom and some of the school.

Here we are enjoying some of our new class toys and having a tasty lunch with our brilliant buddies from P7.

Looking forward to more fun tomorrow!


First Day of School

The first day of school

Can be hard for Mum and Dad.

Part of you feels excited,

The other part feels sad.

For many years you’ve held their hand

And have been their loving guide

Now you know the time has come to leave them by my side.

But it is only for a little while

As your child will learn and grow.

And at the end of every day

They will share with you all they know.

So as you walk away

Don’t worry anymore.

I’ll take care of those precious gifts

When you leave them at my door.

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