16th January 2018

Please find click on the link below to have a look at the learning we aim to cover in the term ahead.


15th January 2018

Our Reading corner!

We have spruced up our reading corner with a lovely bright green tent!  Many thanks to the Parent Council for donating this money to help all of our classrooms. The children have already been  reaping the benefits of a cosy place to read their favourite books.

11th January 2018

Number Rap!

We were getting our groove on in maths today when we were learning our number rap! It was helping us to link number numerals to their number word form. We enjoyed it that much that we even asked for some more at home time!!

10th January 2018


This morning P1A were practising their letter formations and as you can see by the pictures they were concentrating really hard. Well done boys and girls!

8th January 2018

Reading Comprehension

We have been busy sequencing stories and putting the events into the correct order in which they happened in the stories. Here we are working hard in our groups to get the story of ‘Three Little Pigs’ into the correct sequence of events.

20th December 2017

Christmas Party Time!

We all had a ball at our Christmas Party this afternoon! Everyone looked so lovely in their party gear and frocks too.

Santa Claus in P1A!

We heard a jingle of bells and a Ho Ho Ho! Then we started singing Jingle Bells and who should appear but Santa Claus with a sack full of presents for us all!

19th December 2017

Book Bug Session

Julie Corcoran, a local librarian came to visit P1A pupils this afternoon. to give us a bookbug session. we really enjoy ed singing all the songs and the story ‘Shark in the Park’ had us all shouting with excitement!

Christmas Pattern Work

P1A have become quite the experts in completing patterns this term.  They really enjoyed completing the Christmas pattern tasks today. Well done boys and girls!

Christmas CVC Words

Mrs MacIver set P1A a special task today and that was to make some CVC words that are linked to Christmas. They sounded out the letter sounds and then found the word and the picture to match!

18th December 2017

Happy Hanukkah!!

We learned all about the Jewish Festival of light called Hanukkah today. Here we are cutting out our menorahs.  We also read the story of ‘Schmelf the Hanukkah Elf’ by Greg Wolfe.  The story was funny and the children learned about a lot of the Hanukah customs like playing Dreidels, and eating Latkes! The children found it interesting to know that not all children celebrate Christmas at this time of year and some children around the world and in our own community may be celebrating Hanukkah instead!

15th December 2017

Pupil of the Month!

Well done to Layla who is our December pupil of the month! Layla was very confident when performing our school nativity and set a good example to other pupils.

Parent Helpers Needed!

We are having our annual end of term Christmas Service on the morning of Thursday 21st December and we are in need of some parent volunteers to help us escort the children of P1A safely to the Culduthel Christian Centre.  If you are available and would like to volunteer can you please let Mrs MacIver know as soon as possible?  You can get Mrs MacIver at the beginning or end of the school day when you are dropping off or collecting your child from the school and you can also phone the school and leave a message for Mrs MacIver too, if you would rather.  As always your help and support is much appreciated and hopefully hear from some of you soon.

14th December 2017


The children thoroughly enjoyed all the Christmas activities that happened in school yesterday and had lots to write about in their story writing this week.  Some children wanted to write about the P7 Pantomime that we saw just before lunch.  Whilst others wanted to write about the scrumptious Christmas Dinner we had and some children wanted to write about the Christmas Talent Show that we all watched in the afternoon.  Some of the children are managing to underwrite instead of overwriting and are making good progress.

W, w, w, wall!

After all our Christmas activities this week, it was time for our new sound which was ‘W’ and here we are making colourful walls by cutting our colourful rectangles out of gummed paper.

13th December 2017

Look who has finally arrived!!!

In a whirlwind of tinsel and messing up Mrs MacIver’s tidy classroom our elf Alfie has arrived!  We are so excited and hope he will help us with our work and tidying.  We have also promised to be on our best behaviour as Alfie will report back to Santa on how good we are as we all want to make sure we are on the ‘Nice List!’

Christmas Jumper Day 2017!

Not only did we all get to wear cosy Christmas jumpers to school today but we also ate a yummy Christmas Dinner made by our wonderful cooks.  Thank you so much ladies for making our dinner so delicious!  A very big thank you to our Parent Council too who provided us with Christmas crackers which we pulled with a partner in our classroom.

11th & 12th December 2017

P1 & P2 Nativity Performance

All the pupils in P1 & P2 performed ‘Whoops-A-Daisy Angel’ beautifully.  It was lovely to see such a wonderful turnout from the senior citizens on Monday and parents/carers on both performances on Tuesday.  Your support is very much appreciated, so a very big thank you to all!  A total of £288.88 was raised in aid of MFR Cash for Kids and The Highland Hospice, thank you all for being so generous.


The children looked magnificent in their costumes and of course P1A made super snowflakes!  Well done boys and girls you have worked hard throughout the practices for the nativity and performed brilliantly!  What talented youngsters we have in the infant end at Lochardil Primary!


11th December 2017

A Very Special Visitor is Coming to P1A!

Mrs MacIver and the children of P1A received a letter today from a little elf called Alfie!  He was saying thank you for our lovely letters to Santa and said he couldn’t wait to meet us all.  He apologised for being so late but he had been busy taking part in a competition set by Santa.  Alfie also sent us a book to show us what competition he was taking part in and wanted us to read it.

The book had lots of rhyming words in it for us to find and sound out and we all really enjoyed it!  Alfie hoped to arrive at the school during the night and be ready to greet us in time for Christmas lunch….!  Here we are developing our fine motor skills by using our scissors to cut red and green coloured card.  We are also using our knowledge of 2D shapes that we have been working very hard on this term, to create elf hats ready for Alfie coming.  We cut out circles for the main part of the hat and triangles to make the red rim of the hat.  We cut out small red circles for a bobble on the top of our hats and finally added some pointy ears!

Lets hope Alfie doesn’t get lost on the way to Lochardil from the elf workshop in the North Pole!

30th November 2017

Letters to Santa

P1A were writing very important letters to Santa today, asking him if he would kindly send us an  elf to look after our class.  Some of us want a boy elf, whilst others want a girl elf!  Thankfully most of us would like our elf to be good and help us tidy our classroom!  Mrs MacIver is super proud of all of you boys and girls, look how hard you are working at your writing and you are achieving super results!

Jiggly Jelly Fish!

We have been very busy learning our latest phonics sound which you can probably guess from our fabulous pictures is ‘j’.  Look at the super jelly fish we made today!

29th November 2017

Books and Buns Morning

What a wonderful morning we had in P1A this morning!  We received our P1 Family Bookbug Bags and had some of our mums, dads and even child minders in to share some of books and activities in our book bug bags.  The mini muffins we had to celebrate were very tasty too!  A huge thank you to everyone who came to visit us and supported the children in creating a love for reading!

Horse Riding Awards

Hollie came to school today to share her trophy and medal that she received at a horse riding competition!  We certainly have some sporting talents in P1A!  Well done Hollie!

28th November 2017

Our Phonics Work

Our phonics work so far this week, has been focussing on the latest sound ‘ai’ and today we have been making snails to show our learning.  It was also a good chance for us to further develop our fine motor skills when we were cutting our snails out carefully and making our snail shells really colourful with tissue paper.

Judo Star!

We have a Judo Star in our class today.  Liam came in to school today with a massive smile on his face and a very trendy trophy!  Liam received this trophy for winning his Judo Competition at his Judo class yesterday.  Well done Liam we are all so proud of you!

Liam:  “I was very very shocked as I have not even been Judo that long!  I can only keep it a week though and then someone else has to get it.”

Scottish Book Week 2017

We are delighted to announce that Bookbug will once again be gifting a Bookbug Primary 1 Family Bag to every P1 child in Scotland during Book Week Scotland 2017. The Bookbug P1 Family Bags are produced by Scottish Book Trust in partnership with Education Scotland and the Scottish Government as part of ‘Read, Write, Count’ which is a literacy and numeracy campaign aimed at children in P1 to P3.

P1 children will be receiving their ‘Bookbug Bags’ which help to create a lasting link between reading at school and at home on the morning of Wednesday 29th November at 9.45-10.15am. All P1 parents and carers are welcome to attend our ‘Books and Buns’ session where you can share what is inside the Bookbug P1 Family Bags with your child whilst also having a taste of some of our lovely buns!

A local Bookbug Librarian will also be visiting our P1 classes to give us a Bookbug Session later on in the term on Tuesday 19th December.


National Into Film Festival

The children are getting very excited about their upcoming trip to Eden Court Theatre as part of the National Film Festival.  We will be going to see ‘My Neighbour Totoro’ on the morning of Thursday 23rd November.  Thank you to all parents who have volunteered to help us on this trip and for all of the monies towards the cost of transport, it is very much appreciated.

Children In Need!

It is that time of year again and all the children will be busy participating in Children in Need activities on Thursday 16th and Friday 17th November.  Activities include Face Painting, Guess Pudsey’s Birthday, Beat the Goalie, Hoopla, Baking Stall, Guess the Number of Sweets in the Jar, Nail Painting and Pin the Bandage on Pudsey!  Many thank to all the children in the older classes for creating such wonderful activities!

Friday 17th November is also a ‘Dress Down Day’ so children do not need to wear school uniform and can wear whatever they like, for a small donation towards the Children in Need charity.

Writing Important Letters in P1A

Over the next few weeks P1A will be writing important letters to the man with the snowy white beard and red suit!  One letter will be asking Santa to send us an Elf to watch out for all the children who are on Santa’s ‘Good’ list.  The other letter will be asking Santa some questions about what he gets up to in the lead up to Christmas Eve and what we would like to get for Christmas if we have been well behaved all year.

Remembrance Day Poppies

As part of our work on Celebrations and Festivals this term, we have been learning about Remembrance Day and why we wear beautiful red Poppies.  The children have been making wonderful Poppy pictures which are still drying and we cannot wait to show you!  We are able to show you our fabulous scissor cutting skills that we used to make our Poppy badges yesterday afternoon.

Partner Work in Numeracy

The children were working extremely well with a partner in our numeracy lesson this week.  They were taking turns at drawing objects in the range of 0-20 and then they were getting their partner to count how many object they had created.  Fantastic teamwork P1A!

Smashing Key Words!

The children were so proud of their achievements in remembering their key words from their Reading books on Monday that they said it had to be shared on the blog for all to see!  Well done boys and girls and keep up the good work!

Blending Sounds

We have been working hard blending our sounds that we know to make three letter CVC words.  See all the fun learning we have been having making them!

Term 2 Learning Overview

Please click on the link below to have a look at what the children in P1A will be getting up to in Term 2.  We will be learning lots of new things and our topic is going to be taking a closer look at Winter Festivals and celebrations that happen at this time of year.


Fireworks Pictures

Fireworks celebrations are nearly upon us and we decided to make some fireworks pictures to mark the occasion!  We started by completely covering a piece of art paper in coloured wax crayons.  We had to push down really hard and make sure no white bits were showing.  Then we painted over the colours with black paint.  The next afternoon we started scraping away at our black paint to make our artwork look like fireworks lighting up the night sky!  We are very proud of our work.


Clever Phonics from home!

One of our phonic sounds this week was ‘o’ and Alex was obviously thinking about this sound after school and decided to bring in his Otter teddy from home to show the starting ‘o’ sound!  Well done Alex this is super learning and I encourage any pupils in our class to do the same. 

Human Number Line!

P1A were working together as a team to make a human number line using the numbers 0-20.  They managed to do it forwards, so Mrs MacIver set them the challenge of trying to make the number line go backwards….and of course the P1A superstars managed to do that too with a little help!  

Welcome Back!

The children have had a great first week back and have adapted well to having a new teacher in their class, Mrs MacIver.  You are a lovely class boys and girls and I am looking forward to working with you all during the rest of the school session!

We joined P1B today to tune into ‘Authors Live’  with the Scottish Book Trust.  A favourite author of ours, Kes Grey, was performing live in the studio and was able to share some of his well known books such as ‘Oi Frog!’ and he gave us a sneak preview of his latest book, ‘Oi Dog!’  The children enjoyed hearing about all the fun characters and joining in with some of the actions!

I hope you all enjoy the Halloween Disco tonight!  The Nursery and Primary 1 classes have their disco at 5.00-5.45pm.  I believe it is £2 to come and this includes a snack.  We saw the spooky spiders at lunch time today in the canteen so I am sure you are in for a happy Halloween evening!



I thought I had taken some lovely photographs of the children this week, showing how far they had come on with their phonics. We have been working on blending cvc words and some children are beginning to be able to write cvc words independently. Unfortunately, there is a problem with the class camera and the photographs have not saved!

I would like to thank everyone for their good wishes and very generous gifts, I am very touched and have been completely spoiled. I have had a fabulous time working with the class and wish the children and all their families every success in the future!

Have a great holiday!

Mrs Rodgers

Cosmic Yoga

The weather was making it very difficult to allow us outside for our PE lesson last week so we had a yoga session in the classroom using the Smartboard. Everyone loved this so much that we all wanted to do it again on Friday! Hopefully we’ll manage out side this week as well as having another yoga session.


Everyone is making good progress with learning their phonics. We love our ‘phonic disco’ where we use our Jolly Phonic actions to dance along to the music. The Jolly Phonic songs are hot favourites too! Google Jolly Phonics songs if you’d like to have some extra practice at home. We are now learning to sound cvc words (Consonant Vowel Consonant) such as pin, cat, tap, net etc and blend the letters using our ‘robot arms’ so that we can read the words. This is a challenging skill but we are making good progress.

Can you guess the sounds we are making in the photographs?

Class Visitor

We were delighted to welcome Dr Rutherford and his ‘friend’ Harry to our class to tell us more about our bodies. Everyone was really interested in the skeleton (Harry) and we were fascinated to see the bone which one of our class mates has broken in his arm. Mrs Rodgers had her blood pressure taken- definitely more running and gym visits needed! We all loved the video of a heart beating too. Thanks very much to Dr Rutherford for giving up his time to come and talk to us on his day off, we really appreciate it.


We have been learning about our bodies. Everyone enjoyed making diagrams in small groups showing the main parts of our body. Look out for our diagrams next time you come into the classroom.


What fun we had with Miss MacDonald last week! We had some lovely activities to help us remember our ‘n’ sound and letter. First we made some chocolate nests, then we joined up with our friends in P1B to make some nests outdoors.

Numeracy in P1

Mrs Rodgers was so impressed with our independence skills during Numeracy today that she took some photographs to share with you. We have been learning important skills like sharing, taking turns and listening to others while we play our games. Today we were learning to

  • play Dominoes with Mrs H
  • match numbers to the Numicon independently
  • play Dice Bingo independently
  • learn numbers before and after to 10 with Mrs Rodgers

Everyone is making progress and we love singing the number songs, especially the ones which get us up and moving around!

Storytime with our Buddies

We were all missing our buddies so we decided to have a storytime with them. The Buddies came over on Friday afternoon to read us a story which we loved. It was a great session so we are hoping to have them in class again soon to do something else with us and share our learning.

House Groups

Everyone has been allocated to one of our school house groups. I have attached a list so that you know which house your child is in as some of the names are tricky to remember. In class, I usually say the colour and the name. At lining up time, we have been learning to make two lines, a blue and yellow line who stand on the right as you look at the door, and a green and red line who stand on the left. Hopefully everyone will have the hang of it by the end of the week!

House Groups

Week 2

What a great week we’ve had! Two new sounds introduced, lots of storytelling, writing and numeracy work along with art, PE and singing. Everyone has tried really hard and we are becoming very confident with our school routines. We sat beautifully in assembly today and had a great photo session with the Courier photographer this morning.

I have added our Learning Overview for this term below. This gives you a snapshot of what we will be learning about this term. Our topic is Marvellous Me, if you are able to offer any help with this topic, please let us know. We would love a nurse or doctor to come in and talk to us about our body. If you have any other ideas, please share them!

P1A Learning Overview Term 1

The First Week

Everyone did so well in their first week at school. There were lots of yawns on Friday as the week caught up with us. We had a taste of most curriculum areas in class with all the children participating well. There was phonics, reading, numeracy, PE, Golden Time and lots of socialising with our new friends. Mrs Rodgers is looking forward to another positive week! Keep following the blog for more photos of our exploits!


Our Very First Day of School!

We all had a lovely first day at school. The time passed so quickly and we had lots of fun getting to know each other a wee bit better. We learned our first sound (s), were introduced to our reading book characters who are called Biff, Chip and Kipper and sang a counting song. Our Buddies looked after us really well at break and lunch. After lunch, we had a story and went on a mystery tour of the school- we got to meet Mrs MacDonald and Mrs Fraser who work in the office and met the cook, Mrs Jones. After that Mrs Rodgers took everyone into the staffroom for a sneaky look at where the teachers go at playtime and break- don’t tell anyone,  but we had a wee sit in the teachers’ seats!

Here are some photos of our exploits today!

Welcome to the P1A blog!


First Day of School

The first day of school

Can be hard for Mum and Dad.

Part of you feels excited,

The other part feels sad.

For many years you’ve held their hand

And have been their loving guide

Now you know the time has come to leave them by my side.

But it is only for a little while

As your child will learn and grow.

And at the end of every day

They will share with you all they know.

So as you walk away

Don’t worry anymore.

I’ll take care of those precious gifts

When you leave them at my door.

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